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gigs of the year

Guest stuartmaxwell

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Guest stuartmaxwell

10 to put down etc

1. laeto + SEA -dr drakes - september

2. explosions in the sky, bikini attoll - drummonds - febuary

3. craig b, kathryn sawers, deadloss acoustic - drakes

4. grails, the holy sons - sleazys - er october?

5. desalvo - drakes - summer

6. aereogramme - cottiers- october

7. stand up guy - drakes - summer

8. pelican + jesu - august

9. eska, el hombre trajaedo, road to siam - sleazys- october

10. cayto, deadloss - drakes (fudge do)

i have had to miss out heaps of great gigs

most notably death from above in stereo, staccato set in drakes summertime, seafood in barfly, laeto/senator, spyamp in edinburgh, eric euan (feverdream night) etc, shellac, oxes, macrocosmica

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Chris TT, Thomas Truax, Sgt Buzfuz (Drakes, December) *****MY GIG OF THE YEAR***

Schwervon, Vermont (Drakes, September)

Damo Suzuki's Network(Drummonds)

Lach (Lemon Tree)

Charley Parr, Haley Bonar, Chris Carroll (Drakes September)

The Seeds (Drummonds)

Snood (Drakes, May)

Michael Marra, Le Reno Amps (The Sanctuary, Queen's Cross, November)

Black Forest/BlackSea (Drakes, April)

Amy Rigby, Astrid Williamson (Wild Boar)

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1. t in the park, sunday, july

2. the libertines, barrowlands (with pete) march

3. razorlight, barrowlands, october

4. 22-20s, king tuts, october

5. hope of the states, glasgow garage, october

6. kasabian, barrowlands, december

7. the black keys, glasgow garage, october

8. franz ferdinand, glasgow qmu, april

9. zutons, barrowlands, october

10. datsuns, glasgow qmu, september

but the true number one will be tomorrow night- KINGS OF LEON, CARLING ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!

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1.Poison The Well - G2 (Glasgow)

2.Poison The Well - Liquid Rooms (Edinburgh)

3.18Visions - The Venue (Edinburgh)

4.18Visions - Garage (Glasgow)

5.Converge - Reading Rooms (Dundee)

6.Thrice - Liquis Rooms (Edinburgh)

7.Beecher - Kef

8.Dead Poetic - Kef

9.Halloween at Kef (yes...true story...was awesome)

10.Can't think of one more ace show...anything could go here i guess...


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In no order whatsoever:

Shellac: Liquid Rooms

Sonic Youth: Barrowlands

Feverdream: Dr Drakes

Pixies: T-In the Park (thought they werent that great, but hey, got to see the pixies)

Mono: Dr Drakes

Mountain Men Anonymous: Dr Drakes

Politik: Bannermans/Lemontree/Dr Drakes/Gavfest'04 (they are always fucking great)

Masamune: Lemontree/Dr Drakes/Moorings/Gavfest'04 (same reason as above)

Hg#1: Drummonds/Gavfest'04

Fuck-OffMachete: Dr Drakes

Wu Tang Clan: T in The Shit Hole crap weekend

Dedalus: Bannermans/Gavfest'04 (it really was a drunken shambles and made me laugh!!)

Vomitus: Dr Drakes/Moorings

Cant think of anything else right now, but they were all good nights etc....etc.....etc.....

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Guest neil ex

I'll no doubt miss out some..

In no order..

Chris TT, Thomas Truax, Sgt BuzFuz (Dr Drakes)

Shellac, James Orr Complex (Liquid Rooms)

Schwervon, Vermont, Kitchen Cynics (Dr Drakes)

Trans Am (Drummonds)

Black Forest/Black Sea, 67, Kitchen Cynics (Dr Drakes)

Feverdream, Mono, Politik, Eric Euan (Dr Drakes)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Silver Ray (Carling Academy Glasgow)

Pixies, Republic of Loose, Chemical Brothers (T in the Park)

Craig B, Kathryn Sawers, Deadloss MF Superstar (Dr Drakes)

Part Chimp, James Orr Complex, Errors (Nice n Sleazys)

Heaps of other stuff including, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Locust, Sonic Youth, The Fall, Wire, Aereogramme, Clor..

I've no doubt missed out a heap of other stuff, I've seen heaps of good music this year.

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PJ Harvey - Glasgow Academy, September

Sons & Daughters - Lemon Tree, August

The Zutons/The Dead 60s - Lemon Tree, April

Ordinary Boys/Kaiser Chiefs - Kef, May

NME Awards Tour 2004 - Glasgow Academy, Jan

Bloc Party - Lemon Tree, October

Simple Kid - Drakes, Feb

BRMC/Cooper Temple Clause - Glasgow Academy, Feb

Those gigs stand out for me. I've probably forgotten some other great ones. Didn't include glastonbury, TITP or Reading festival but all were great.

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The Wildhearts and Therapy? at the Liquid Rooms even though everything started early so we only got to see one Therapy? song.

The Supersuckers in Glasgow

Neil Leyton, Radio Lucifer, The Cherrykicks and Deadenstereo in Glasgow

AKA The Fox at Drummonds when they won the battle of the bands although the other bands that night were shit.

Wish I'd had the money to go see Therapy? at Moshulu although it was nice meeting Andy Cairns at Air Guitar afterwards.

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1) The Monks @ the Wild Weekend in November in the Casino Mediterraneo outside Benidorm.

2) The Stags @ the Wild Weekend

3) Palookaville @ The Wild Weekend

4) The Facefull @ The Wild Weekend

5) Fuck it, everything else at the Wild Weekend

6) The Seeds at Drummonds (March)

7) Andre Williams, and The Needles at Drummonds (May)

8) Man Inc, and Bill Ely & The Catnips at Drakes (October)

9) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the Carling Academy in Glasgow (November)

10) Motormark (minus whoever they were supporting) at Moshulu (October(?))

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