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  1. Dagnabbit, Del! I had Wilko too...glad he denied us his points. Still time for a late death or 2 though! Bigsby usually comes strong at the end of the year (unless he photoshopped those selfies!).
  2. Happy to see the evil old git deliver me some points on his journey to wherever.
  3. Shite! Mid season slump for me, after a decent start.
  4. I often use a phono fiddle live (one string, with a brass horn) Sometimes play a ukelin (32 string US depression-era thing) Various zithers and autoharps (bugger to tune) Dulcimer (gets a live outing on occasion) Psaltery (as above) Lute guitar (scalloped frets) Bell harp (12 string instrument which you swing while you play...used it a couple of times with'mickel mass') Cuattro 12 string mandolin VL-Tone & PT20 keyboards Clarsach French horn etc
  5. I approve of 'revelled'....my granny used it to mean confused.
  6. Alan Cynic

    Glad it's gone to a good home! Once I've had my facelift & a personality transplant you'll have to introduce me to your mum
  7. Alan Cynic

    Thanks...will be bad and keep fingers & toes crossed.
  8. Project Slogan did do a few small-but-ace gigs, but it's now Photoghost.
  9. Alan Cynic

    If not, I'll go for it. Was once asked to join Mrs Gerrard's Accordion Band!
  10. Apparently Paul had reached the stage where he couldn't stand the sight of her face, although the reasons behind it are complicated. Think it's known as an Edie-puss complex.
  11. I think I could take him in a scrap now!
  12. God's taken the Mickey....point taken!
  13. This looks like one of those cases of love!! All the best!
  14. I would say...just dinna! It'll save all the divorce hassle a few years down the line. But if you absolutely have to...go for the simple registrar's office wedding, book Cellar 35 or Downstairs, Tunnels etc and have a cool evening. Use the cash saved on wedding shite for a grand honeymoon! If the wife-to-be objects to the lack of grandeur don't invite her along.
  15. Nae cheap...but the helicopter tours are impressive, obv!
  16. I second Katz's deli. Ride the Cyclone & Wonder Wheel at Coney Island (grab a Nathan's Hot Dog). Check out the East Village live scene (Cake Shop, Sidewalk Cafe etc) Loads of galleries, but less obvious ones are the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Cloisters and the Folk Museum beside MOMA. One time I was there in summer, and it was unpleasantly clammy...had to stagger from one air conditioned coffee shop to the next. I know it's obvious, but don't miss the best freebies...Brooklyn Bridge & the Staten Island Ferry. There used to be plenty happening in Williamsburg, but spmewhere
  17. I liked these, in the Nat. History Museum... http://www.academia.edu/1104932/J.D._Sigwart_2008_Crystal_creatures_context_for_the_Dublin_Blaschka_Congress._Hist._Biol Gallery of Modern Art Hugh Lane Gallery Not being a conoisseur of good food I enjoyed the Beshoff fish & chips. http://www.beshoffrestaurant.com/
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