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  1. Ab-mus memories

    I was known as Elwood in real life for years, purely because of my username on here. Some people still call me it to this day, and it hasn't even been my username since about 2008.
  2. Opinions on new Irn Bru recipe :

  3. Ab-mus memories

    Just been flicking back through the General Discussion forum, cool1 / Thinker really did start a lot of pish threads (and I closed them all). I wonder what ever became of Little Green? That was just JakeBassist pretending to be a female, right? Jake's main present is one of the great Aberdeen Music memes.
  4. Ab-mus memories

    I found it! Classic stuff. Becomes an all out flame war on the first page. Personal highlights : ------- "I also wrote a short story that features both bands: You are a Tool. The End" ---------- >"Maybe you should look further into the actual truth assholes before looking at second rate sources and trying to make me look small when in reality your the ones who are talking shit" "What are these "truth assholes" of which you speak? Are they some kind of wizened anal sages?" ------ And the age-old question : "Do you not seriously not know what scenecore is?"
  5. Ab-mus memories

    Excellent rant from Tam O'Shantie within the first 10 replies. Sets the tone.
  6. Ab-mus memories

    This. Toxic distortion - Aberdeens most know HAIR METAL band
  7. Ab-mus memories

    I'll tell you she looked about 16.
  8. Ab-mus memories

    Jake Wifebeater was always a laugh. DJ Jo-D was good. Tam O'Shantie although i seem to recall arguing with him a lot. Waltz. Stephen Dedalus. Lester Burnham. "You know a thread is ruined when Rainbow Slutface starts posting in it." The picture of the emo girl in the galleries that everyone used to spaff over (I think she was someone's sister) That time some wee scrote from like Portlethen made the EE because he'd moved to LA to record an album (in his uncles studio) and everyone took the piss then his mum joined the forum to defend him. Milners impassioned defence of some girl band from Bridge of Don who were on Britain's Got Talent. When that SIDCA guy got banned then kept making new accounts just to log in and call me a racist (I'm still not clear on why). Neubeatz rage quitting and accusing everyone of picking on him because he was disabled, when nobody knew he was disabled. "Stop using these boards to try and get laid." YoungA buying and selling gear every 30 seconds. The poker chip. The Deadpool game. The football threads. I love this website.
  9. RT @CynthiaNixon: “When I announced yesterday that I’m running for gov, one of Cuomo’s top surrogates dismissed me as an “unqualified lesbi…

  10. Ab-mus memories

  11. Ab-mus memories

    I do not recall this. (although I haven't seen it so I may have missed it) In a similar vein the constant references to The Thong Song were pleasing. Oh and thread tags. Nefarious Cock.
  12. Ab-mus memories

    I've absolutely no idea who he is. He's kept his true identity a mystery admirably.
  13. Ab-mus memories

    2002 I think I signed up initially (Hi, Brother Elwood here). 16 years. Christ. My account shows signed up 2005 but it was definitely 02. Did we have to re-sign up at one point?
  14. Ab-mus memories

    The summer of $hutt£r$p££d was cruel but excellent. I went to that gig at the Tunnels. The infamous "For fans of Tool" thread where someone suggested a band called "The End" and it caused a flame war which led to Rune being permabanned, and climaxed with my favourite post of all time: (from memory because I can't find it) "I've written a story with both band names in it. You are a tool. The end."
  15. You know what Grafton Street needs? More acoustic guitarist / singers doing Ed Sheeran songs..