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  1. Lemonade

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    I actually went to the bother of writing out a reply to you explaining my original post, but I then I remembered that trying to have a sensible conversation with you is about as worthwhile an endeavour as eating soup with a fork, so I didn't bother posting it. Biz-R. is my hip hop name.
  2. Lemonade

    Ab-mus memories

    Yeah post it. I'm sure Benson's rap career has been discussed on here. Was the song all about weed?
  3. Lemonade

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    Cool, OK, thanks for the contribution.
  4. Lemonade

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    Which part of it is bizarre?
  5. Lemonade

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    Escape To Victory as well, fuck they were excellent.
  6. Lemonade

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    Point of Origin, I wasn't keen on them when they were skate punk but once they found their niche they were absolutely excellent. Really catchy songs, gorgeous harmonies, smart lyrics. Bob Knight is a bit of a Marmite character but there aren't many better songwriters in Aberdeen. Radio Song is still an absolute beaut.
  7. I have a pair of camo shorts which I love and I've never been in a metal band. Camo shorts are for everybody man.
  8. Lemonade

    Ridiculous News

    Gardai rush to scene after suspicious 'ball bearing device' found on Luas tracks - turns out it was a sex toy "When the device was examined under torch light it was determined that it was in fact a Rampant Rabbit dildo."
  9. Lemonade

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    A combination of mob mentality and online anonymity, plus the fact that most Rangers fans are pricks to begin with. It's mental how much they just close ranks whenever anyone dares call out their fans on their shitty behaviour. Hiding behind nonsense like this "Anti Rangers agenda" that everyone who blames them for anything immediately gets accused of having (including Dave). It doesn't even occur to them that's its possible that one small group of their fans might just have been acting like drunk dickheads that one day. Just "nope, didn't happen". They really are the worst fans in existence.
  10. Lemonade

    Breaking Bad final episodes (contains spoilers)

    I couldn't get in to Better Call Saul at all. I got about halfway through series 2 and lost patience waiting for something to happen. It was very slow I thought.
  11. Lemonade

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    The abuse poor Dave is getting on his twitter over it is pretty disgusting tbh.
  12. The OP really lit the fuse then just fucking vanished into thin air didn't he/she.
  13. Lemonade

    Ab-mus memories

    Glad to hear you're doing well
  14. Lemonade

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Ha ha 70s sitcom actor Peter Blake died last month. I'm presuming that's not who you meant?