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  1. @mrkrisrobertson I was the Rock though. No-one kicks out of the Rock Bottom.

  2. For the record, the hangover never came. Apart from a spell of extreme tiredness about 5pm I was absolutely fine. R… https://t.co/w8KVTYvALY

  3. Pet Hates!

    The gobby cow in my office who repeats things like "they've been told they can't put up Christmas decorations any more in case they offend non-Christians" and it's "CHRISTmas, the clue is in the name" and "its merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays" on a stupid loop for the past month. She has also said more than once that you can't say blackboard any more or sing baa baa black sheep, and I got caught in the crossfire of an anti abortion rant recently too. She talks shit, all day, very loudly.
  4. @stonefish100 https://t.co/iRHiVdf6GC

  5. Coffee Wankers

    Essentially its a plastic pipe with a plunger on the end that goes inside another pipe with numbers on it. The standard method of brewing in it is to add scoop of coffee (you get a scoop), fill it with water to the 2 mark (half way), stir for 10 seconds, leave it sitting for 20 seconds, then put the plunger in and push it down, pushing the water through the grounds. You have to push quite hard, so it's actually using pressure to extract the coffee instead of the water just sitting in the grounds. This gives it a different flavour to standard cafetiere coffee or drip. You've then got an espresso and you can add hot water to your taste. You can use two scoops and fill it to four, and make two espressos, but that's your limit. That method is fine and it makes a great coffee in under a minute. However people soon discovered there's loads of different methods that each produce a drastically different flavour, depending on the grind or flavour of your coffee, or what kind of coffee you're actually making, there's a few things you can change, including turning it upside down and letting the coffee soak longer, wetting the filter (there's some debate over that), pushing for longer and with less pressure etc. There's honest to god recipes. https://handground.com/grind/66-recipes-for-amazing-aeropress-coffee My method is to start with it inverted, and the plunger at 4. Add coffee and add water up to the 2. Start a timer, stir it and let it sit and let the crema form. At 40 seconds top the water up to the 0 mark at the top of the chamber. Stir and let sit again. Screw on the lid and the filter. At 1.20 put it on the cup and push slowly for 40 seconds. Each step takes 40 seconds and I get a nice medium strong coffee. It seems to extract more bitterness the longer you brew it for, the standard 20 second method is amazingly smooth, but I like a little acidity. I'm no coffee / Aeropress expert, this is just my experience with it. They cost < 30 quid, you can't really go wrong imo
  6. What game are you currently playing?

    Fuck them. I do everything for those people.
  7. What game are you currently playing?

    Fallout 4 quite a lot.
  8. Coffee Wankers

    I've never used a stove top so can't compare, but I am a fan of Aeropress. It makes a really tasty, super smooth cup of coffee, and in under 2 minutes. No spitting out coffee grounds. It's excellent for bringing out the flavours in coffee and cuts out a lot of the bitter flavours. Super easy to clean too, just a rinse under the tap. Cons are inconsistency (though that might just be me) and it only makes one cup at a time.
  9. Coffee Wankers

    Just a guy who really likes flan casing.
  10. What game are you currently playing?

    Mystery solved. That's been annoying me for ages.
  11. Coffee Wankers

    Current brews.
  12. I'd like to tell you all about the time my wife rang Setanta Sports to cancel our subscription, and the guy wouldn'… https://t.co/VUvVaBMhgs

  13. Your current read?

    I've actually recently started dabbling in short stories and creative writing. I doubt I'll ever let anyone read them but it's nice to have a creative outlet since I gave up music. I'm not very good yet, turns out there more to it than just writing down your thoughts, there has to be things like plot and conflict and the protagonist has to want something. I'm getting better though.
  14. Your current read?

    Hemingway ands a lot. It's a little distracting to begin with. The sea was green and the grass was warm and they sat on the blanket and she poured him a glass of wine and the wine was cool and tasted nutty and he thanked her and they touched glasses and she drank hers in one swallow. That was me not actually Hemingway if you couldn't tell.
  15. Your current read?

    Not much, I've only read The Old Man And The Sea. Great book. I had For Whom The Bell Tolls on my bookshelf for years but never opened it and it went to the charity shop. I'm going to read a few more tho. This one is about a newly married couple who are on their honeymoon, she seems to be transgender and they both fall in love with the same woman.