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  1. Fuck that, have all the bassists you want.
  2. Since moving to Dublin 7 years ago I've had exactly one band on the go, it was just me and one other guy, he played the guitar, but he only had one arm and one little stump and no-one had ever had the heart to tell him he was a terrible musician (not because of the arm, he just had no talent). That's what happens when you move to another city. I say stay in Aberdeen.
  3. My wife is a bit of an arsehole but I have an Atari 2600 and a burger blog. Have i made it? Edit - AND I'm a moderator on Aberdeen Music.
  4. Lemonade

    Last film you watched?

    Another wrestling documentary recommendation. Andre The Giant. It's available on Sky Atlantic on demand at the moment. Brilliant, and Vince McMahon cries in it.
  5. Lemonade

    Your current read?

    I'm reading Dreamcatcher by Stephen King (my 50th Stephen King book) and boy did I pick a bad one. What a piece of shit. Almost unreadable.
  6. http://eduncovered.com/10-aberdeen-gig-venues-wont-remember-2014-07-08
  7. Dr Drakes was my home from home. I lived 5 minutes from it and at that time was still young enough that I could stagger home pished at 1am and still be up for work at 8 the next morning without a bother on me. I played there a lot, hung out there a lot, must have seen hundreds of bands there. Losing Dr Drakes was a huge blow for the local music scene imo.
  8. Lemonade

    Last film you watched?

    Brad Pitt was in it? And yeah agreed, the mid-credit sequence tied up the whole film AND had the biggest laugh. I agree with everything you've said here. Once the trailers are done, doors locked.
  9. Lemonade

    Last film you watched?

    Guardians of the Galaxy - Don't get the hype with this one at all. I liked the characters and there were some funny lines but overall I found it really boring and difficult to follow. 2/5 Deadpool 2 - My favourite film since the last Deadpool. Pretty much every line is funny, the action is awesome and it's full of heart. Must-watch. Must stay and watch the scenes during the credits, which a bunch of people in the cinema walked out and missed. 5/5
  10. Portishead, Massive Attack, Ian Holloway.
  11. Is the Tunnels still a thing? Been to many an empty midweek gig there. People talk about the early 2000s music scene as being amazing, which it was, I was there and part of it, but although there were loads more bands and a lot more enthusiasm, the same problems existed then too. I played to half-empty Dr Drakes or Lava plenty of times in 2001/02.
  12. Lemonade

    Your current read?

    Like I said I've only read a few. I'm going to try and get through a few more this year though. Sourcery was my favourite so far.
  13. Lemonade

    Your current read?

    I've read a few. My wife is a mega fan and has read them all multiple times. She always recommended reading them chronologically but the thing with Discworld is there are a few different story strands going on, all with their own jumping-off point. See diagram. You can start with any of the orange ones. I started with the Rincewind Novels. The Colour Of Magic can be a tough read, it's dry and full of long descriptive passages that can be hard to read. They do get a lot easier after that one. My wife loves the Witches Novels and thinks they're the best arc, so maybe consider that but she says just read them chronologically for maximum enjoyment.
  14. I use a thing at work called the DMAIC Methodology, which is top-level, grade-A bullshit, but there's a part of it called the Five Whys which is used to find root causes and solutions to problems and could almost apply here. So here's our problem in the left box. >The Music Scene is dead< Why? 1.People aren't going to gigs. Or 2. There aren't enough gigs. Why? 1.1 People don't know about the gigs. 1.2 Bands on the bill aren't good. 1.3 People don't want to go to gigs on Tuesdays. 1.4 People are bored of watching the same bands. Why? 1.1.1 Lazy promotion 1.1.2 Nowhere for them to practice 1.1.2 No-one told Dave he can't play the fucking drums. 1.1.3 Shows are lackluster and TV is a better option. 1.1.3 Love Island is on. 1.1.4 There aren't enough bands. Etc etc etc. All just examples obviously but eventually you're meant to come to your root cause(s) and can thus come up with solutions. Yeah I hate my job too. Out of curiosity, what is lacking at the moment? Is it lack of bands, lack of venues, lack of promoters? Or still just the age old problem of getting punters through the doors?
  15. Guys, guys, hold on. I think you're all forgetting about Sandi fucking Thom.