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  1. Noo album news. NME Live: Weezer’s new album ‘Pacific Daydream’ is coming this year. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwtr6z4DU
  2. Running is cruel. Knocked a 5k out of the park on Saturday and had to tap out after a measly 1k today. Don't know what I did wrong.

  3. I'm not going to read through this thread again but I remember voraciously supporting Trump and his golf course (and arguing with lepeep, who I still think is a cunt). Yeah I backed the wrong horse here.
  4. Latest coffee news. Bought an Aeropress. Makes nice coffee. Currently enjoying Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I got a tip a few weeks ago from a mate, when you get an exceptionally strong / bitter cup of coffee, add a pinch of salt to it. Thought he was talking pish but I got a horror strong cup of coffee in a cafe today (double shot of espresso in an Americano about the size of a teacup) and tried it out, completely neutralised the bitterness, really brought out the flavours of the coffee and made it really smooth. Turned in to one of the best cups of coffee I've had in ages. Don't know the science behind it but it worked. Give it a try.
  5. @kevinbridges86 Here's me with the man himself when I had a shit beard. https://t.co/9OcuKOVvXn

  6. RT @JackIfc_: Lmao why does the Kim-Jong and Trump face swap look like Louie Van Gaal https://t.co/TVzS6xliaj

  7. I take date of birth, date of death and cause of death from Wikipedia, for everybody. It's kind of an unofficial rule. I know it's not the most reliable but it keeps everything uniform. Can't budge on this I'm afraid. I guess it's the risk of having people on your team who are at risk of being obliterated into parts so small it leaves them unidentifiable (and also in a war zone)
  8. Points for me and Bigsby. I'll try and update this week.
  9. Yer boyfriend listens to Wet Wet Wet and cries in the dark.

  10. I hear Berlin can really take your breath away.
  11. Excellent. I forgot to buy Tony's to take home, I meant to buy at the airport but I was running a little late and it slipped my mind. I bought a few while I was there but my missus kept getting baked and eating them all. Someone brought me some back recently. They didn't last long.
  12. FTR my opinion on Dons matters pre-Calderwood don't count because it was during my dark period. So consider the above as being from 2004 onward.
  13. I brought a bunch back, then discovered that the greengrocers at the bottom of my street sells them.
  14. Best moment : beating Rangers 3-2 at Pittodrie in 2005 after something like 20 games without a win against them. When Jamie Smith's winner went in (I remember it as a 30 yard screamer but it probably wasn't) I've never felt euphoria like that at a football match before or since. I literally dropped to my knees in the stand. Beating them again 2-1 later that season was the icing on the cake. Worst moment - probably 9-0 but I didn't actually watch that game so I can't really count it. It would have to be something in the Mark McGhee era though. Sitting freezing through some drab midweek draws in that awful winter when it was like -10 outside. Not good memories. Favourite player - Russell Anderson. A class act on and off the pitch.