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  1. A new arrival! The public has been waiting with baited breath for months for this moment, what a proud day for all… https://t.co/XPllwkMK0q

  2. Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    2010 - TigerfromMars 2011 - jf9tp2wd40 2012 - Scorge 2013 - Bigsby 2014 - Delboy1969 2015 - Bigsby 2016 - Scottyboy 2017 - Scottyboy 2018 - ???? Year 9 of the Aberdeen Music Celebrity Dead Pool is now open for entries! THE RULES: Pick 20 different celebrities who are alive, but who, in your opinion, will no longer be with us by 31st December 2018. Nominate one of them as your "joker". For each celeb demise that you guess correctly, you'll score points, and if your joker sadly passes away, your grief will be alleviated by the fact that you'll score double points. The team with the most points at the end of the year will be deemed the winner. In the event of a dead heat on points, the winner will be selected according to the following criteria, applied in this order: -The most picks -The youngest average age of picks. OTHER RULES: All of your chosen celebs must be: -Human. -At least 18 years old at time of selection. -Not on any form of "Death Row" or scheduled for execution. -Actual real-life people, not characters out of soap operas and the like. -Notable enough to have their own Wikipedia page (if they were part of a band, mentioned on the band's Wikipedia page). It's your responsibility to check this. I'm not looking up 300 people on Wikipedia. -Date of birth and date of death must be verifiable. -Named individuals, not just "Pope Wotsisface" or "the oldest person in the world". All times and dates will relate to local time at place of death Teams to be submitted to me via PM on here, or you can email or Facebook message me if you so desire. CLOSING DATE - JANUARY 21ST. Any teams submitted after the closing date may be considered but may be subject to a penalty. You will start earning points from the day your team is submitted, so best be quick. SCORING: The value of the basic death depends on the person's age: 18-29 years: 12 points 30-49 years: 10 points 50-59 years: 9 points 60-69 years: 8 points 70-79 years: 7 points 80-89 years: 6 points 90-99 years: 5 points 100-109 years: 4 points 110+ years: 3 points On top of this, bonus points are awarded as follows: Unique pick: +3 if you were the only competitor to pick that person. Unlucky 13: +2 for a celeb who dies on the 13th of any month. Unnatural causes: +3 for murder, suicide or accident (but not State executions). Party pooper: +5 for a celeb who dies on their birthday or Xmas Day. Joker: Take the total of all the above and double it. LAST YEAR'S POINTS SCORERS: NAME AGE UNIQUE UNLUCKY 13 UNNAT PARTY Jimmy Snuka 73 Y n n n John Hurt 77 N n n n Joost Van Der Westhuizen 45 Y n n n Chuck Berry 90 N n n n Emma Morano 117 Y n n n Ian Brady 79 N n n n Roger Moore 89 Y n n n Peter Sallis 96 N n n n Adam West 88 N n n n Smith Hart 68 Y n n n Dina Merrill 93 Y n n n Keith Farnham 69 Y n n n Mao Kobayashi 34 Y n n n Glen Campbell 81 N n n n Bruce Forsyth 89 N n n n Jerry Lewis 91 N n n n Bobby "The Brain" Heenan 72 Y n n n Hugh Hefner 91 N n n n Gord Downie 53 N n n n Tony Booth 85 Y n n n Charles Manson 83 N n n n King Michael of Romania 96 N n n n Gulmurod Khalimov 45 Y n y n Abu Muhammad al-Shimali 37 Y n y n AND FINALLY This year's competition will be run concurrently on this forum and in the newly-formed Facebook group. The Facebook group is hidden so no-one is able to see any thing unless they're in the group. You'll have to request to join it. Please feel free to invite anyone else who might want to play (but no knobs).
  3. Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Nobody had Troyer, one had Dale Winton. No word on cause of death yet, tho I'd imagine the tabloids know and they're all hinting at suicide with Winton without actually saying it.
  4. @The_Haps Good effort though. I laughed anyway.

  5. Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    BARBARA BUSH HAS DIED. Age 92 - 5 points. No further bonuses apply. With a unique pick bonus that's 8 points for Team mezzosophano -------- BRUNO SAMMARTINO HAS DIED Age 81 - 6 points. No further bonuses apply. That's 6 points each for Team Annewolves and Team Camie. -------- Player Points Number of predictions Average Age 1 Lemonade 31 2 78 2 Delboy1969 21 3 88 3 Kirsten 16 1 60 4 cahinton1 15 2 68 5 Adam Easy Wishes 13 1 36 6 Bigsby 12 2 102 7 mezzosophano 8 1 92 8 Alan Cynic 8 1 90 9 AVB 7 1 76 10 annewolves 6 1 82 11 Camie 6 1 82 12 colb 5 1 99 13 Flights 5 1 99 14 Graham Knight 5 1 99 15 Becca 0 0 0 16 ca_gere 0 0 0 17 Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI 0 0 0 18 FSDanmac33 0 0 0 19 iAmanda91 0 0 0 20 iron_odin 0 0 0 21 James Broonbreed 0 0 0 22 Jim McGymersun 0 0 0 23 Kai 0 0 0 24 Long Haired Mackem 0 0 0 25 Lucius 0 0 0 26 Mr_Itch 0 0 0 27 Scottboy 0 0 0 28 Scubby 0 0 0
  6. Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    She's stone cold Bush.
  7. Oh right. That's what. It's a shame he's such a cunt, it makes it really difficult to listen to The Smiths. https://t.co/Fx2NTqd4EB

  8. Ab-mus memories

    Forums are yesterday's news sadly, for the most part, although I'm still a member of a few that flourish. I guess Facebook groups replaced them but I don't find them nearly as engaging. Thousands and thousands of members so you never build any kinship, and no structure, organisation, no topics etc, just a thousand people arguing all at once. Maybe I'm just old but I prefer the old forums. No doubt social media played a huge part in the demise of Aberdeen music but I feel like there were a number of factors. Firstly people just grew up, all us passionate 20 year olds who used to post here are in our late thirties now, with families and careers and probably don't go to nearly as many local gigs, and don't have the time nor the inclination to argue with people about it on the Internet. For some reason as the older generation faded out we just never managed to attract the next generation. I think we lost a lot of users a few years ago at a time when, without mentioning any names, there were a lot of pretty annoying posters on the forum, who also tended to be the most active, and that didn't make using them a very fun experience, when all the threads were clogged up with crap. I take some of the blame myself too, when I first became staff I was an absolute tyrant and waded in and shut threads left and right and that pissed a few people off and they stopped posting. Sorry for your loss by the way.
  9. Ab-mus memories

    It's kind of a cliche that gets made fun of on here, but it really did feel like we were part of something special for a while. There were so many great bands on the go, and people were so passionately in to it, and everyone helped each other out, which was great. And because it was such a small tight-knit community, you kind of knew everybody. In like 2001, 2002 you could wander in to any gig in Drakes or Lava and know half the crowd and probably half the guys on the stage too. I remember going in to Moshulu every Friday and heading for our spot (everyone had their spot) and it would take half an hour to get to it because you had to stop and chat to everybody. I know I'm looking at it through rose coloured glasses, most of the bands were probably shit and most of the gigs were empty, but I maintain it was one of the best times of my life. I made friends for life, and met my wife. Joined a band with this nice gentleman (I can't delete the YouTube vids for some reason) and she was his girlfriend at the time, she used to come down to all our gigs and support us. Many years later he was the Maid of Honour (you're reading that right) at our wedding.
  10. What are you currently listening to?

    KISS, KISS and more KISS.
  11. You were doing so well up until this point.
  12. Just completed a 4.97 km run with @Runkeeper. Check it out! https://t.co/Nakjvofik3 #Runkeeper

  13. Last film you watched?

    Doesn't have to be new, just tell us the last film you watched and what you thought of it. Last night I watched "Girl With A Pearl Earring". I knew nothing about the movie, knew nothing about the painting (in fact I didn't even know it was a real painting until it tells you at the end) and I really only bought it because it's got Scarlett Johansen in it. And would you nae? Anyway, despite some of the dialogue being pretty old fashioned and occasionally difficult to follow it was a pretty enjoyable movie. It built up a lot of chemistry between the dowdy but beautiful maid (Johansen) and the great painter (and master of the house) Vermeer (played by Colin Firth) without actually showing anything happen between them apart from the most subtle of things. It's visually stunning, set in the wintertime in Holland in the 1600s, and though the story moves a little slowly it was still one of those movies that you can't take your eyes off. Really enjoyed it. thumbs up
  14. Two separate mentions of MySpace Tom a few tweets apart on my timeline.... What are the odds? https://t.co/yYye6QTJ7Y

  15. Ace-ic....

    I post on Facebook most days, it's pretty much just a way of life now. It's a good way of keeping up with friends and family that aren't in my immediate life, though I find the timeline so heavily skewed in favour of pages, groups etc now that I barely browse the newsfeed at all. There's almost nothing on there from friends and family, which is what I want to see. CBA going through unfollowing all the pages though. I have Twitter and I like it, but they seem determined to ruin it. It gets worse with every update, I can't even look at the timeline anymore so literally all I do is tweet, and it's maybe one or two a day. Insta I can take or leave. I have it but I'm not very active.
  16. Ace-ic....

    NXT Takeover New Orleans, specifically Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa. One of the best wrestling matches I've ever seen. 6 man ladder match was astonishing too.
  17. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    Wow look at those face tats. Love the Lisa Simpson line drawing on his Adam's apple.
  18. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    Was he the one that commited suicide? Literally the only thing I know about him.
  19. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    I had a laugh at this today. Tulisa has successfully sued Britney Spears and Will.i.am for not giving her songwriting credit on a song she worked on with them, specifically a lyric she wrote: "Tulisa maintained that she wrote some of the track’s key moments, including opening line, "when you hear this in the club, you’d better turn this shit up" If I'd written that shit I'd be suing to get my name taken off it.
  20. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    I was saying this to my missus the other day. All rap seems to be now is people mumbling over whompy bass sounds and occasional autotune. I keep hearing this piece of shit everywhere at the moment and it's fucking nads. The guy is just talking and they've added autotune.
  21. I don't understand how these two things are related. https://t.co/6ulPKbot9k

  22. Top Fives

    We'll change the topic every now and again. First, Top 5 Simpsons characters. Go.
  23. What game are you currently playing?

    I've hit a weird bug where no one in the Prydwen will talk to me. I was running back and forth doing the mission where you persuade farms to give you their crops. And I used to have this issue every time I did it where the guy would give me his closing line, let me know if you want any more missions or whatever, and the camera wouldn't cut away, there would just be 10 seconds of us gazing into each others eyes not talking (we're still nae spikkin'). But it would normally reset and I could initiate another chat and get another mission from him. Only this time it didn't, it hung for ages then when I tried talking to him again it was like he was ignoring me. "Proctor Quinlan." Silence. "Proctor Quinlan" Silence. Now no-one else on the Prydwen will talk to me either so I can't do any of the Brotherhood of Steel missions. I'm carrying around all these technical documents like a dick.
  24. In the vein of "Last Film You Watched" / "Your Current Read" / "What CDs have you been buying recently?" etc. I finished up Marvel: Ultimate Alliance last night (though still need to go back through and get some of the unlocks). I picked it up second hand in HMV for a fiver and it was well worth it, got a good month of casual gaming out of it, though being 5 years old it looks kinda dated. Got a start on Batman Arkham City this morning. Initial impression is that everything seems a bit smoother and quicker than the first game, but the menus etc are more complicated. It's going to take a bit of getting used to. I LOVED the first game... So, what are you playing?
  25. Top Fives

    I don't have the knowledge to do a top 5 90s goalie shirts, but I'll do top 5 Scotland strips. 5. The Italia 90 "leisure shirt". I didnt have it but I wanted the purple version so bad. It would have gone nicely with my shell suits and LA Gears. 4 - 1988 - 1991 away. Had this. Glorious. 3 - 93-95 away. Didn't have it. 2 - Euro 96. Purple and tartan. I loved it. Didn't have it. 1 - 91-92 away. Classic. Had it.