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    Editors @ Beach Ballroom

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    Diamond Head @ Krakatoa

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  4. Last week
  5. AVB

    Ab-mus memories

    SAME! Put Rosa on there too
  6. Adam Easy Wishes

    Ab-mus memories

    Let's try and keep Peter Dow away from this thread, at least for the moment.
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    The Cutkelvins @ The Garage

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  8. Lemonade

    What game are you currently playing?

    I can't figure out Fortnite at all.
  9. Teabags

    What game are you currently playing?

    It's matchmaking. So if you're getting put in matches with people who are bad, it's cos you are bad too.
  10. Lemonade

    Ab-mus memories

    Let's be inclusive. Less conventionally attractive people you find attractive.
  11. Lemonade

    Ab-mus memories

    It was Kat Von D, Sarah Silverman and the racing driver Susie Wolff. I did not use the words bird, pummel, smash, pump, LADS or back-door. Less conventionally attractive women you find attractive, that's more my style.
  12. Dan G

    Music! 2018!

    Will Tool finally get round to releasing an album this year? I'd bet more on Rune having his ban rescinded and popping up on here again. Is it too much to ask for both?
  13. Dan G

    Ab-mus memories

    I'm now interested in who your recommendations are for the latter category? (off the top of my head, I'd put in a vote for Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99...)
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    Van Susans @ Unknown venue

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    July Jones @ Grampian Pride Village

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    Beyond Elements @ Unknown venue

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  17. James Broonbreed

    Fender guitars

    Both of these are now sold.... I'll shortly be selling a 2009, I think, USA made Fender Strat also - if anyone's interested.
  18. scottyboy

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Entertainment/wireStory/philip-roth-fearless-celebrated-author-dies-85-55370680 Um... Exit Roth's Ghost? Edit: The Ghost Writer!
  19. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    Yeah, if you could see if it's a job he'd be up for, that'd be cool. Understandable if he isn't, as I've read re-housing digital pedals is much more fiddly and difficult than it sounds, and would probably go against him doing it for fun.
  20. scottyboy

    Quick Questions

    Gaffer. That's how it's spelt; someone from down sawff would pronounce it without a discernible "r", natch. Gaffer and duct tape are different things, apparently; I think the average non-plumber is more likely to be holding gaffer tape.
  21. Adam Easy Wishes

    Quick Questions

    Ricky from The Deportees has started making his own pedals - just for fun/him, I think - but he might be able to help! Let me know if you want me to check/pass on details.
  22. Adam Easy Wishes

    Quick Questions

    Duct tape.
  23. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    I see Paul Jones has finally passed the baton of his Radio 2 Blues show to someone (much) younger....namely Cerys Matthews, best known for her Radio 6 Music sunday morning work- and previously, her singing, with Catatonia. Monday nights, starting at 8pm. A radical shift....probably a couple of decades later than it might have been. The Smiddy Jam will be next Sunday afternoon. Frosty will be bringing his drum kit. Trikelops will sing something by Howling Wolf and /or Sonny Boy Williamson 2. Guaranteed. The safest bet you'll find, this side of England exiting the World Cup, after the group stage......
  24. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    By all accounts, the circuits are decent. Naff build quality though, and the case feels like it's made out of lego. It's not broken yet, but I feel it's not going to be able to take many actual stomps. Sounds identical to the HM-2 though, so can't scoff for £18, rather than the £100+ that second hand HM-2s go for. I have the UM300 too, which is a Metal Zone clone of sorts, but way better. That just sits on my desk and gets switched by hand. That one will probably live a bit longer.
  25. Lemonade

    Quick Questions

    Is it gaffer tape or gaffa tape?
  26. Lemonade

    Quick Questions

    When Cobra Kai started out I was using a Behringer OD300 (Overdrive / Distortion, Boss OS2 clone) and a TO800 (Tube Screamer) and they were both good pedals. But like yours the casing broke. They were both held together with gaffer tape before I just went and replaced them with a DS1 and a Big Muff. That doesn't help with your question at all, I just felt like a chat. Bye then.
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