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  2. FS: Basses, Amp, Hardware, Misc

    Gone I'm afraid.
  3. OHIG @ Blue Lamp

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  4. Yesterday
  5. Nah - I've got him. also Tony Booth who died last month and I think forgot all about...
  6. FS: Basses, Amp, Hardware, Misc

    Is Little Bastard still available?
  7. I thought a couple of others had him. JB: it's the only bit of forward thinking I ever convey. Sad, though, I definitely thought he'd maybe be around for longer as I think he said he'd been given six months last May.
  8. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

    Oh aye, picking terminally ill folk for your team, eh? That's low...
  9. Captain and a unique pick. Getting off the mark in style.
  10. Oh, Gord... http://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/gord-downie-obit-1.4359906
  11. The thousand fingers of _johnnyrichards from ls6 last night https://t.co/4Mhg87Q7s1

  12. RT @PeacockVisArts: Spaces left for Chiaroscuro Workshop Sun 22 Oct, book online here https://t.co/4SlzZMoEfP #creativitymatters https://t.…

  13. Last week
  14. @MJMcKean Happy birthday Michael!

  15. @JimGrange you may find this interesting: https://t.co/wcEQ2WakPZ

  16. @feclarkart Thanks, you too!

  17. Podcasts

    The 90s Football Show is ace-ic. Lots of good guests - unsurprisingly mostly 90s football people. Matt le Tiss, Darren Anderton, etc. I'm up to 5 football pods now: Totally Football, Guardian, The Game, Football Ramble and this one. It's leaving very little time for anything else but i'm also currently listening to Dirty John which is great so far.
  18. The newest series was a lot better. Not as good as the heyday but definitely a lot better than it's been recently. was the 10th season. snoop, doug benson and Tom arnold show up and are in it for a few episodes.
  19. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

    I don't remember any Snoop. Sebastian Bach was fucking magic though.
  20. What happened to J-Roc? I gave up after the Snoop Dogg episode. Quite possibly the worst bit of TV ever. I feel compelled to finish it but that episode put me right off.
  21. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

    Aye. J-Roc was the fuckin' boi like.
  22. Teetotal too, so not even a hint of method acting. Seriously impressive drunk acting. It might even be better than Phil Mitchell's. Massive shame. Took me a while to get into TPB, but once it clicks, it's brilliant. It's really struggling without J-Roc, so I can't imagine how bad it could be without Lahey. Hopefully this puts an end to it.
  23. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

    Mahey rest in peace.
  24. Mr Lahey from Trailer Park Boys has been kicked out of Sunnyvale for good. Best drunk-acting actor ever hands down.
  25. The Killers @ GE Oil & Gas Arena

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  26. New Blues Jam.

    Hi where is the blues jam held and I am 14 would I be able to play ?
  27. Strawberry Wine are delighted to present an evening of Psychedelic Confessions with legendary Primal Scream tambourine player Martin St John. Psychedelic Confessions is Martin St John's memoir of his time as Ace Face in the jingle-jangle morning of Primal Scream. Evoking the mid-80s psychedelic punk rock vibe in all its technicolour glory, the show includes a maelstrom of film clips, lights, sounds and readings of far-out tales from the tongues of truth! Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1511210388922792/
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