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  2. is Cellar Door a Weather Barn cover band?
  3. Annual Cobra Kai mention.
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  5. Hey guys, We've put up a song on our Soundcloud, please check it out and let us know what you think our debut EP will be available soon cheers
  6. I get stung £140 for two Massive Attack tickets last year, and they were shite. £100 markup is pretty fucking diabolical though.
  7. Yeah, I'm all in on Code Orange. I see where you're coming from with the transitions being clunky as heck but I can get past that because I don't know any better and that they're there at all is pretty cool plus it makes me want to throw bricks at piles of other bricks. I'm excited to see how it works live when they support Gojira next month. Maybe I'll go to the front and throw some young people around*. New albums out TODAY: Power Trip - Nightmare Logic. It's a thrash metal album that's up there with the best from the NINETEEN EIGHTIES Hark - Machinations. It's yr man Jimbob from Taint, back once again with a bag full of RIFFS to smash up yr ears. *I will not do this, I will watch respectfully from a safe distance as I am a mild-mannered family man
  8. New Sun Kil Moon & Jesu/Sun Kil Moon albums will be awesome. Hopefully will make it to Melbourne this year! New Swans doco 'Where Does A Body End?' in production. The Damned/Patti Smith still rockin'
  9. Just found an old photo of a band I used to be in (Bulb). We were definitely not boyband material, so won't attach! I formed babydolphinkiller with some loons fae Ellon. We didn't get a record deal. Geneva/Coast did. The other Bulb guys became One God Universe. Paul Fyfe (from Coast) still making music in Berlin/London. Andrew from Geneva still releasing albums. Don't know about the OGU guys.
  10. Touts. 30 quid for Depeche Mode/Unkle DJ Set at the Barrowlands, now £130.
  11. New Grails. Lovely.
  12. The ruckus
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  14. Honestly, for the love o' fuck.
  15. Ambitious, Hardworking songwriter/guitarist looking to join or start up a new band with the intention of gigging and recording regularly. Ideally looking for an originals band but wouldn't close off to the idea of a covers band depending on the volume of interest. I have loads of gigging and recording experience and am ready for a new challenge after some time away. My influences are mainly indie rock and there are too many to mention but I listen to all sorts of stuff so they all probably influence me in some way or another. If your interested then drop me a private message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks
  16. Well don't miss out the videos.
  17. For anyone looking for the gold without adding another click to the inevitable geocities hit-counter, here it is (from the 'Q&A Section on the blog): Dave.S said...Haha that smirk isn't of a guilty man, relieved? What a joke - wasting public resources, pursuing this over two years for such a paltry sentence... Peter Dow said... @Dave.S No, that photograph of me was taken on 26th January 2017 the day I was found "guilty" and when I was bravely looking down the barrel of up to 1 year in prison and a perhaps even my death in custody because I may have been murdered in custody as some prisoners have been to the terrible shame of this United Kingdom. So that is the smirk of Braveheart looking death in the eye but not flinching, as per William Wallace, when as an innocent man he was martyred and executed by Longshanks for doing his duty as Guardian of Scotland.
  18. 'Pareidolia' is the first full-length album by Lock Howl. It contains 8 songs of "reverb-drenched gothic post-punk". For fans of Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative, Opeth and Agalloch etc. 'Pareidolia' Track Listing: 1. The Seventh Room 2. Echoes from the Chemical Void 3. Nephilim 4. Into the Darkness, Into the Unknown 5. Graveless 6. Lost in the Static 7. ...And She was Found by the Lake 8. Her The album is available to stream/download via bandcamp and CDs are also available:
  19. There was an story in the P&J and one in the Evening Express reporting on the sentencing. You can read them both plus the BBC story plus a couple of Q&As at this link on my blog.
  20. Hello! I am organising a charity band night, in aid of Aberlour Children's Charity, on Saturday 11th March at The Tunnels Aberdeen. This cause provides support for vulnerable children, young people and their families. The Ruckus, M.I.N.E, Freeline and Cara Jo Ross will be playing, as well as having a raffle during the evening, with some pretty awesome prizes! If anyone is interested in coming along and supporting this great cause, tickets are only £7 and are available via the links below, or you can pay at the door on the evening of the event.
  21. Tonight at @Woodend_Barn Slow Motion opens, 6-8pm #Aberdeenshire #printmaking #workshops #talks…

  22. 2x tickets for 2manydjs at area51 in the tunnels. 15 quid each.
  23. Science in motion
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