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  3. Discover the Wide Range of Refurbished Medical Equipment at Optima Equipments In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, medical equipment plays a pivotal role in ensuring accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and improved patient outcomes. However, the high costs associated with purchasing new medical equipment can be a significant challenge for healthcare providers, especially for smaller clinics and facilities. Enter Optima Equipments – a revolutionary online platform that offers a diverse selection of top-quality refurbished medical equipment at affordable prices. The Optima Equipments Difference Optima Equipments is a leading provider of refurbished medical equipment, dedicated to bridging the gap between healthcare providers and advanced medical technology. The company's mission is to make high-quality medical equipment accessible to all, regardless of the size of the healthcare facility or budget constraints. What sets Optima Equipments apart from the competition is its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety in every product they offer. They meticulously refurbish and test each piece of equipment to meet or exceed industry standards before making them available for purchase. This rigorous refurbishment process is overseen by a team of experienced biomedical engineers and technicians who possess an in-depth understanding of medical devices and their functionalities. Wide Range of Refurbished Medical Equipment Optima Equipments boasts an extensive catalog of refurbished medical equipment to cater to various medical specialties and applications. Whether you need equipment for radiology, cardiology, surgery, or any other medical field, you can find a diverse range of options at Optima Equipments. Some of the popular categories of equipment available include: 1. Imaging Systems: From digital X-ray machines to ultrasound systems, Optima Equipments offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging equipment, empowering healthcare providers with accurate and reliable imaging capabilities. 2. Patient Monitoring: Vital signs monitoring, electrocardiograms (ECGs), and other patient monitoring devices are essential for patient care. Optima Equipments provides fully refurbished, top-of-the-line monitoring equipment to enhance patient safety. 3. Surgical Equipment: Surgeons and operating room staff require precision and efficiency in their equipment. Optima Equipments offers refurbished surgical tools, operating tables, and anesthesia machines to support surgical procedures. 4. Laboratory Instruments: From blood analyzers to centrifuges, the laboratory is the backbone of medical diagnostics. Optima Equipments offers a range of lab equipment to ensure accurate and timely test results. 5. Therapeutic Devices: Optima Equipments provides refurbished therapeutic devices like defibrillators, ventilators, and infusion pumps, essential for critical patient care. Quality Assurance and Certifications When purchasing refurbished medical equipment, ensuring its safety and quality is of paramount importance. Optima Equipments understands this concern and goes above and beyond to provide assurance to their customers. All their refurbished equipment undergoes comprehensive testing and calibration to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Additionally, the company adheres to strict quality control measures and complies with relevant industry standards and regulations. Optima Equipments takes pride in providing the necessary certifications and documentation for each piece of equipment. This includes certificates of calibration, service reports, and compliance records, ensuring transparency and confidence in every purchase. Customer-Centric Approach At Optima Equipments, the customer is at the heart of everything they do. The company is known for its excellent customer service and a dedicated team that assists healthcare providers throughout the purchasing process. Whether you need advice on selecting the right equipment for your facility, technical support, or post-purchase assistance, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Optima Equipments is always ready to help. Conclusion Optima Equipments is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers acquire medical equipment. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and affordability makes them the go-to destination for refurbished medical equipment. By choosing Optima Equipments, healthcare providers can access advanced medical technology without compromising on quality or breaking their budget. Discover the wide range of refurbished medical equipment at Optima Equipments today and take your healthcare facility's capabilities to new heights. Embrace the future of medical technology with a trusted partner that puts your patients' well-being first. Visit www.optimaequipments.com to explore their catalog and join the growing community of satisfied customers who have embraced the Optima Equipments advantage. Add: 5 Cable Walk, London SE10 0TN, United Kingdom TELEFON +1 (318) 995-1380 E-POST info@optimaequipments.com 24/7 Technical/ Installation Support Website: https://optimaequipments.com/ Buy Mri Scanner Buy CT Scanner Optima Equipments Inc medical imaging machines medical imaging equipment Refurbished Medical Equipment GE Vivid E90 Ultrasound Machine Eighteeth Medical Nanopix RVG Sensor Vatech EZRay Air Plus Portable X-Ray Machine Optima Classic Dental Chair Endoking Dental RVG Sensor Portable Ultrasound - GE Logiq E PHILIPS HD 15 Cardiac Vascular Ultrasound GE Voluson E10 OB GYN – Vascular Ultrasound PHILIPS HD7 XE GE Voluson E10 BT16 OB GYN Ultrasound GE Voluson S10 BT16 OB GYN Ultrasound PHILIPS IU22 E Ultrasound GE LightSpeed QXi 4 Slice - CT SCAN TOSHIBA AQUILION 128 CT Scanner - CT SCAN GE Voluson E10 BT17 - Ultrasound TOSHIBA AQUILION 64 GE QX/I 4-SLICE SIEMENS SOMATOM EMOTION 6 SIEMENS SOMATOM EMOTION 16 SIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 16 GE LIGHTSPEED ULTRA 8 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 16 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 64 TOSHIBA AQUILION 16 TOSHIBA AQUILION 32 TOSHIBA AQUILION PREMIUM TOSHIBA AQUILION 64 SIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 64 PHILIPS GEMINI 64 PET/CT SIEMENS SOMATOM SCOPE 16 SIEMENS BIOGRAPH 64 PET/CT SIEMENS SOMATOM EMOTION 6 SIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 64 SIEMENS BIOGRAPH 16 PET/CT SIEMENS SOMATOM SENSATION 16 SIEMENS BIOGRAPH 6 PET/CT GE HISPEED NX/I DUAL GE LIGHTSPEED PLUS PHILIPS GEMINI 40 PET/CT 2004 Philips Gemini GXL 16 PET/CT GE LIGHTSPEED VCT XT 64 SLICE GE DISCOVERY ST GE LIGHTSPEED RT 16 GE DISCOVERY 4 PET CANON-TOSHIBA ASTEION 4 CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION LARGE BORE CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 8 CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 16 CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 32 Rigid Flexible Endoscope Sonoscape Hd System Endoscopy Equipment CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 64 Stainless Steel Reusable CV-190 Olympus System For Hospital & Clinics GE BRIGHTSPEED EDGE SELECT Refurbished Olympus Gastroscope Olympus CV 70 Endoscopy Gastroscope GE DISCOVERY CT750 HD GE HP60 (2004) GE LIGHTSPEED QX/I QUAD SIEMENS SENSATION 16 SIEMENS SENSATION 64 SIEMENS EMOTION 16 SIEMENS SOMATOM DEFINITION 64 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE CT BIG-BORE-ONCOLOGY PHILIPS INGENUITY CT SIEMENS DEFINITION 128 (DUAL SOURCE) Refurbished Olympus CV-150 Endoscopy Processor SIEMENS SENSATION 40 2006 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 40 2008 GE BrightSpeed Elite GE LIGHTSPEED ULTRA PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 6 Olympus Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 64 CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION ONE CANON-TOSHIBA AQUILION 64 CFX GE LIGHTSPEED VCT GE LIGHTSPEED VCT SELECT GE Optima MR360 1.5T MOBILE PHILIPS INTERA/ACHIEVA 1.5T NOVA MRI SCANNER SIEMENS SYMPHONY 1.5T GE SIGNA 3.0T GE SIGNA HDE 1.5T HITACHI AIRIS II PHILIPS INTERA 1.5T PHILIPS INTERA 3.0T PHILIPS PANORAMA 1.0T SIEMENS MAGNETOM AVANTO SIEMENS MAGNETOM SYMPHONY SIEMENS MAGNETOM TRIO GE SIGNA HDX 1.5T GE LX HIGH-SPEED 1.5T GE SIGNA HD 1.5T GE SIGNA HDXT 1.5T GE SIGNA OVATION 0.35T GE DISCOVERY MR450 1.5T GE SIGNA EXCITE 1.5T GE SIGNA HDXT 3.0T GE SIGNA PROFILE GE ECHOSPEED PLUS 1.5T GE SIGNA EXCITE 3.0T GE SIGNA HDI 1.5T GE SIGNA MR750 3.0T GE SIGNA VIBRANT 1.5T PHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5T PHILIPS ACHIEVA 3.0T TX PHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5T SE PHILIPS ACHIEVA 3.0T X-SERIES PHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5T XR PHILIPS PANORAMA 1.0T HFO SIEMENS MAGNETOM AVANTO 1.5T SIEMENS MAGNETOM ESSENZA 1.5T SIEMENS MAGNETOM C 0.35T SIEMENS MAGNETOM SYMPHONY 1.5T SIEMENS MAGNETOM ESPREE 1.5T SIEMENS MAGNETOM TRIO 3.0T SIEMENS MAGNETOM VERIO 3.0T TOSHIBA EXCELART 1.5T TOSHIBA VISART 1.5T TOSHIBA EXCELART VANTAGE 1.5T TOSHIBA TITAN XGV 1.5T TOSHIBA EXCELART VANTAGE ATLAS 1.5T TOSHIBA VANTAGE TITAN 1.5T 16-CHANNEL HEAD COIL HEAD COIL MIRRORS 32-CHANNEL HEAD COIL — 3 TESLA DUOFLEX® COIL SUITE GE 1.0T LX GE 1.5T LX 9X GE LX HIGH-SPEED 1.5T MOBILE GE 1.5T ECHOSPEED PLUS 9X GE 1.5T EXCITE HISPEED 11X GE 1.5T EXCITE II 12X GE SIGNA EXCITE 1.5T 16X PHILIPS PANORAMA OPEN 1T HFO PHILIPS 1.5T INTERA PHILIPS ACHIEVA 1.5T MOBILE SIEMENS 1.0T IMPACT EXPERT SIEMENS 1.5T SYMPHONY SIEMENS MAGNETOM ESPREE 1.5T MOBILE GE Logiq e BT11 Ultrasound Machine GE Logiq S7 with XDclear Ultrasound Machine GE Logiq P6 Ultrasound Machine GE Vivid E9 Ultrasound Machine GE NextGen Logiq e Ultrasound Machine Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine Philips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Machine Philips EPIQ 5 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson S2000 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson S3000 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson X300 PE Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson X300 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Machine Siemens FreeStyle Ultrasound Machine Samsung Accuvix A30 Ultrasound Machine Samsung HS60 Ultrasound Machine Samsung WS80A Ultrasound Machine Canon Aplio 300 Platinum Ultrasound Machine Canon Aplio 500 CV Platinum Ultrasound Machine Canon Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Machine Canon Aplio i800 Ultrasound Machine SonoSite M-Turbo Ultrasound Machine SonoScape E1 Ultrasound Machine Sonosite EDGE Ultrasound Machine Alpinion E-CUBE 5 Ultrasound Machine GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound Machine GE Venue 40 Ultrasound Machine Philips EPIQ 7 Ultrasound Machine Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound Machine Philips ClearVue 550 Ultrasound Machine Philips Affiniti 30 Ultrasound Machine Philips ClearVue 350 Ultrasound Machine Philips ClearVue 650 Ultrasound Machine Philips ClearVue 850 Ultrasound Machine Philips CX30 Ultrasound Machine Philips HD5 Ultrasound Machine Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound Machine Philips HD9 Ultrasound Machine Philips Lumify Ultrasound Machine Philips Sparq Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-N3 PRO Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-8 Exp Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-70 Exp Ultrasound Machine Mindray DigiPrince Ultrasound System Mindray M8 Elite Ultrasound Machine Mindray M9 Ultrasound Machine Mindray M5 Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-70 Ultrasound Machine Mindray M7 Ultrasound Machine SONIMAGE® HS1 SONIMAGE® MX1 Siemens Acuson NX2 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson NX3 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson P300 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson P500 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson S1000 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson SC2000 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acuson X150 Ultrasound Machine Samsung SonoAce R7 Ultrasound Machine Samsung Accuvix V10 Ultrasound Machine Samsung Accuvix XG Ultrasound Machine Samsung MySono U6 Ultrasound Machine Samsung SonoAce R3 Ultrasound Machine Samsung SonoAce R5 Ultrasound Machine Canon Aplio 300 CV Platinum Ultrasound Machine Canon Aplio 400 Platinum Ultrasound Machine Canon Aplio i700 Ultrasound Machine Canon Artida Ultrasound Machine
  4. Emaar EBD 83 SCO Sector 83 Gurgaon offers an array of lifestyle amenities within the development, including fitness centers, recreational areas, and landscaped gardens. These amenities enhance the overall well-being of occupants and provide opportunities for relaxation and leisure.
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  6. Scoot Airlines Cebu office offers travelers a seamless experience in planning their next adventure. With friendly staff and efficient services, booking flights becomes a breeze. Whether you're jetting off to exotic destinations or exploring nearby islands, Scoot's Cebu office ensures a hassle-free start to your journey.
  7. Emirates Airlines MLE terminal operates from the modern and efficient MLE terminal in the Maldives, offering travelers a seamless and comfortable experience. The terminal boasts state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring smooth check-in, security procedures, and boarding processes for Emirates passengers. With spacious lounges, duty-free shops, and dining options, passengers can relax and enjoy their pre-flight time. The MLE terminal reflects Emirates' commitment to excellence in customer service and convenience, providing travelers with a convenient gateway to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Maldives. From arrival to departure, Emirates Airlines ensures that every journey through the MLE terminal is a pleasant and memorable one.
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  9. Hey every person! ?? I've just lately stumbled on the enchanting globe of Kawaii vogue, and I can not support but be fascinated by its exclusive allure! ?? For people who might be asking yourself, "What is Kawaii style?" – let us embark on this vibrant journey collectively! Kawaii, a Japanese term meaning "lovable" or "adorable," has advanced into a cultural phenomenon that extends outside of its linguistic origins. Kawaii vogue is not just a style it truly is a celebration of all items sweet, playful, and charming. ?? From oversized bows to pastel colors, Kawaii fashion is a whimsical blend of innocence and creative imagination. The important aspects contain: Pastel Palette: Feel pinks, blues, lavenders, and mint greens – pastel hues dominate the Kawaii fashion palette, creating a dreamy and delicate aesthetic. Playful Prints: Sweet characters, animals, and whimsical motifs adorn Kawaii fashion parts. Iconic figures like Hi Kitty and My Melody are frequently showcased, introducing a touch of nostalgia. Lovable Add-ons: Kawaii outfits are typically complemented by charming equipment this kind of as bows, ribbons, and lovable animal-themed jewelry. Components engage in a essential position in reaching the general search. Layering and Blend-Matching: Kawaii fans usually embrace layering, mixing designs, and combining unexpected pieces to create a exclusive and personalised type. Cute Hairstyles: The fun does not end at apparel! Kawaii vogue often extends to hairstyles, with buns, braids, and playful add-ons enhancing the total appear. One of the best things about Kawaii style is its inclusivity – any person can embrace and adapt the style to match their choices! Whether or not you're into everyday streetwear or aiming for a head-to-toe Kawaii transformation, there is certainly place for absolutely everyone in this whimsical planet. ?? I might adore to hear your ideas on Kawaii vogue! Have you experimented with incorporating Kawaii factors into your wardrobe, or do you have preferred Kawaii brands and influencers? Let's share the cuteness! ??? https://notes.io/wyVuR https://www.openlearning.com/u/mackenziewoods-s7181r/blog/HowYouCanMakeKawaiiAnimeWinterClothing https://notes.io/wy5SY https://anotepad.com/notes/e986qyaq https://www.openlearning.com/u/edvardsenboyd-s76h7n/blog/2022IsThe12MonthsOfKawaiiClothes
  10. Hey absolutely everyone! ?? I have just lately stumbled on the enchanting globe of Kawaii style, and I are unable to assist but be fascinated by its unique charm! ?? For these who might be asking yourself, "What is Kawaii vogue?" – let's embark on this colourful journey together! Kawaii, a Japanese expression meaning "lovable" or "lovable," has advanced into a cultural phenomenon that extends over and above its linguistic origins. Kawaii fashion is not just a type it truly is a celebration of all factors sweet, playful, and charming. ?? From oversized bows to pastel colours, Kawaii vogue is a whimsical blend of innocence and creativity. The key aspects incorporate: Pastel Palette: Consider pinks, blues, lavenders, and mint greens – pastel hues dominate the Kawaii fashion palette, making a dreamy and comfortable aesthetic. Playful Prints: Lovable figures, animals, and whimsical motifs adorn Kawaii vogue parts. Iconic people like Howdy Kitty and My Melody are typically showcased, adding a contact of nostalgia. Lovable Equipment: Kawaii outfits are often complemented by charming components this kind of as bows, ribbons, and lovable animal-themed jewelry. Add-ons perform a critical part in reaching the general seem. Layering and Combine-Matching: Kawaii fanatics typically embrace layering, mixing styles, and combining sudden items to develop a distinctive and personalized type. Cute Hairstyles: The enjoyable isn't going to cease at clothes! Kawaii trend often extends to hairstyles, with buns, braids, and playful equipment maximizing the general appear. One of the greatest items about Kawaii trend is its inclusivity – any person can embrace and adapt the type to fit their choices! No matter whether you might be into casual streetwear or aiming for a head-to-toe Kawaii transformation, you will find space for absolutely everyone in this whimsical entire world. ?? I would adore to hear your views on Kawaii vogue! Have you attempted incorporating Kawaii components into your wardrobe, or do you have favored Kawaii manufacturers and influencers? Let's share the cuteness! ??? https://industrious-peach-h2d0tm.mystrikingly.com/blog/watch-them-utterly-ignoring-cheap-hot-fashion-clothes-and-be-taught-the-lesson https://emerald-watermelon-h396tc.mystrikingly.com/blog/beware-the-keyword-rip-off https://anotepad.com/notes/h8cgfppw https://www.openlearning.com/u/huynhhollis-s718pv/blog/TheUnexplainedMysteryIntoBestModernClothingLosAngelesFashionMartUncovered https://www.openlearning.com/u/drakejohnsen-s6tnld/blog/ClothingFashionInColumbiaStatsTheseNumbersAreReal
  11. Data science encompasses a variety of functions and techniques to extract insights and knowledge from data. Here are some important functions used in data science: Data Collection: Gathering relevant data from various sources, which could include databases, APIs, web scraping, and more. Data Cleaning and Preprocessing: Dealing with missing values, outliers, and ensuring data is in a format suitable for analysis. This involves tasks such as imputation, normalization, and encoding. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): Analyzing and visualizing data to understand its characteristics, patterns, and relationships. This step often includes the use of statistical methods and graphical representations. Visit : Data Science Classes in Pune Feature Engineering: Creating new features from existing ones to improve model performance. This involves selecting, transforming, and combining variables. Model Development: Building and training predictive models using machine learning algorithms. This step includes tasks such as model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and cross-validation. Visit : Data Science Course in Pune Model Evaluation: Assessing the performance of models using metrics like accuracy, precision, recall, F1 score, ROC-AUC, etc. This helps in choosing the best model for the given problem. Model Deployment: Integrating models into production systems or making them accessible for end-users. This involves considerations for scalability, latency, and monitoring. Data Visualization: Creating meaningful and insightful visual representations of data using charts, graphs, and dashboards to communicate findings effectively. Visit : Data Science Training in Pune
  12. Java, since its inception, has been a driving force behind innovation in software development. With its robust features, versatility, and extensive ecosystem, Java continues to empower developers worldwide to create cutting-edge applications across diverse domains. Visit - Java Course in Pune 1. Platform Independence: Java's "write once, run anywhere" mantra revolutionized software development by allowing applications to be deployed seamlessly across various platforms without modification. This platform independence empowers developers to reach a broader audience and maximize the usability of their applications. 2. Rich Ecosystem: Java boasts a vast ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and tools that accelerate development and streamline workflows. From enterprise-grade frameworks like Spring and Hibernate to versatile tools like Maven and Gradle, Java offers developers a comprehensive toolkit for building scalable, maintainable, and high-performance applications. 3. Scalability and Performance: Java's scalability and performance capabilities make it ideal for developing mission-critical, enterprise-scale applications. With features like multithreading, garbage collection, and Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation, Java enables developers to create efficient, responsive, and scalable solutions that meet the demands of modern businesses. Visit - Java Classes in Pune 4. Security: Java's built-in security features, including bytecode verification, sandboxing, and security manager, make it a trusted choice for developing secure applications. These features help mitigate security vulnerabilities and protect against malicious attacks, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data. 5. Community Support: Java benefits from a vibrant and active community of developers, enthusiasts, and contributors who continually innovate, share knowledge, and collaborate on advancing the language and its ecosystem. This strong community support fosters learning, collaboration, and the exchange of best practices, driving innovation in Java development. In conclusion, Java stands as a stalwart engine driving innovation in software development. Its platform independence, rich ecosystem, scalability, performance, security features, and robust community support make it a preferred choice for building a wide range of applications, from web and mobile to enterprise and cloud-based solutions. As technology evolves, Java remains at the forefront, empowering developers to create tomorrow's groundbreaking software solutions. Also Read - Scope of a Java Developer in Future
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  14. Discover the epitome of sophistication and style with our exquisite range of blinds in Dubai. From sleek roller blinds to elegant Roman shades, our collection offers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship to elevate any space. Enhance privacy, control natural light, and add a touch of opulence to your home or office with our customized blinds. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or timeless elegance, our expert consultants will guide you through the selection process to find the perfect solution for your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Transform your interior design with the finest blinds Dubai has to offer and create a space that exudes luxury and refinement.
  15. Looking for skilled carpenters in Dubai to enhance your living space? Look no further! Our team of experienced carpenters specializes in providing top-notch woodworking services tailored to meet your needs. Whether it's custom furniture, precision woodwork, or renovation projects, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, we ensure every project is completed to perfection. Contact us today for reliable carpentry solutions that transform your home into a masterpiece. Carpenter Dubai
  16. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant can significantly enhance your business by leveraging their expertise in Microsoft's powerful suite of business applications. Here's how: Optimized Implementation: Consultants ensure smooth deployment and integration of Dynamics 365 tailored to your business needs. Customization and Configuration: They configure Dynamics 365 to match your unique workflows and requirements, maximizing its effectiveness. Training and Support: Consultants provide comprehensive training to your staff, empowering them to utilize Dynamics 365 efficiently and effectively. Business Process Improvement: They analyze existing processes and recommend enhancements to streamline operations and drive productivity. Data Management and Insights: Consultants help you leverage Dynamics 365's robust data management and analytics capabilities to gain valuable insights for informed decision-making. Scalability and Growth: By designing scalable solutions, consultants help future-proof your business, enabling seamless expansion and growth. Continuous Improvement: Consultants stay abreast of updates and best practices, ensuring your Dynamics 365 environment evolves with your business needs.
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  18. P.u.M.a.J.a.W, Adrian Crowley, and Gareth S Brown at The Tunnels in Aberdeen sounds like a musical journey not to be missed. P.u.M.a.J.a.W, the dynamic duo of John Wills and Pinkie Maclure, brings a unique blend of outstanding vocals, hypnotic guitar, concertina, lyre, and pagan rhythms.
  19. What a fantastic musical journey Pinkie Maclure and John Wills have had.
  20. Sadly the picture was taken down already.
  21. Bass guitarist, percussionist and keyboard player required for live gigs this spring / summer 2024. New band from Alford creating a mini storm after achieving over half a million views on Facebook for its latest video ‘Pot Noodle Xmas’ . Also recently featured articles in Press & Journal and Evening Express as well as live interviews on Original 106 and BBC radio Scotland. Anyone interested can search ‘Bistro Choir’ on Facebook or check the 6 released singles on Spotify which would make up most of the set for the gigs. Best regards - John
  22. I’m still here, just quietly deleting spam off a website that nobody uses any more. They’ll all come back one day. Aaaany day now.
  23. Sounds like an epic night ahead! The mix of comedy, music, magic, and poetry promises a wild and entertaining evening. Scott Ironside's return after leaving a mark a couple of years ago adds to the anticipation. And who can resist the allure of Banjo Boy?
  24. The BDE from Edinburgh sounds like a mesmerizing musical journey, especially with that eclectic lineup. The combination of banjo, cello, fiddle, harp, and more must create a rich and unique sonic tapestry.
  25. Have you tried yousician or learning in youtube?
  26. We're glad someone with that variety of banjo share their experiences on each one.
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