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  2. James Broonbreed

    Pet Hates!

    I now know that it's potentially dark.
  3. Teabags

    Pet Hates!

    It's only me and AGFW in the office today. Usually he constantly talks to others in the office during the day and not so much to me, since we work on different projects. Though he does occasionally make a HILARIOUS quip about me not being part of the conversation like "Oh yeah, Dave agrees, lol". But now that it's just me and him he feels the need to fill the silence by talking to me. With this level of fucking shite. "Have you checked out Titans on Netflix." "No." "It was, I dunno, much darker than I thought it would be. It's.... I don't know really. Might be worth checking out." How fucking informative.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Calendar Bot

    Bez @ The Assembly

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  6. Chuck Milne

    Musicians wanted

    Hi Emma. I am a Bass Player with strong backing vocals. I have a lot of experience and have my own gear and transport. I loved your track and feel I could fit in quickly and easily if you are looking to start performing/recording soon. I'd love a chat on the phone if you're interested. 07786 876361 (anytime as I'm self employed).
  7. Last week
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    Hugo One @ Hillhead Main Building

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    The Fauves @ Cafe Drummond

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  10. E.C

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    This is still definitely going to happen.
  11. Alkaline


    Please call the next Before Stories song that.
  12. Jaaakkkeee


    Yeah I have more memories from the past year and a half years than the 4 years before. Stopping smoking has been the best decision i've made. Still, I worry that i've done some long lasting damage. Plus I've read depression can fuck your memories. I feel like quite a few times during my low moments have just been blocked out completely. Not that I want those memories back. But still, sucks to have gaps in your life.
  13. colb


    I remember more since I stopped drinking a couple of years ago, and I remember things that were previously a blur, definitely much better with people's names and bands i've done gigs with - on the other hand I hate everyone and I don't ever want to go out.
  14. Calendar Bot

    Leftfield (DJ) @ The Tunnels

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  15. Jaaakkkeee


    inb4 do u remember yr memories
  16. Jaaakkkeee


    I've lost memories. I don't remember much of 2013. And 2015-2017 is mostly a blur. People bring up stuff that I did or stuff that happened and I can't remember. I get that you would only remember key points from childhood the older you get, but this is only a few years ago. And I can't remember much except big things that happened. Kind of worrying. But at the same time, I was drunk/not sober for most of that time.
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    2manydjs (DJ Set) @ Music Hall

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  18. E.C

    What are you currently listening to?

    I like this guy.
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  20. Soda Jerk

    Your electronic productions

    The above breakbeat thing became an EP/double A-side whatever, and the excellent Sun Hole Records has released it. Its a cool pay-what-you-want digital release label, but there's a ton of great stuff on there, if horrible electronica noise is your bag. https://sunholerecords.bandcamp.com/album/shr048-hospitals-manufacturing
  21. James Broonbreed

    JakeBassist's Main Present Bonanza!

    A magnetic thing-ma-bob is the choice of a true adult.
  22. Calendar Bot

    Modern Error @ The Tunnels

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  23. Soda Jerk

    JakeBassist's Main Present Bonanza!

    Blockless knives, blades out in the drawer? I'm nowhere near adult enough for that.
  24. James Broonbreed

    JakeBassist's Main Present Bonanza!

    Real adults don't fuck with knife blocks.
  25. Soda Jerk

    JakeBassist's Main Present Bonanza!

    My Dad gave me money Christmas before last. It didn't feel right, especially as I earn more than he does. I bought a knife block with it, because I'm adult as fuck. I guess you could say it was my main present.
  26. MattJimF

    JakeBassist's Main Present Bonanza!

    I still get money at 39. Tbf fair though it's about all i get (apart from a Broons/our wullie annual) due to not having a fucking clue what I want.
  27. Reduced price of £150
  28. James Broonbreed

    JakeBassist's Main Present Bonanza!

    To be fair, I reckon you're too old to be getting that much presents altogether. If I can get by with 3 or 4, then so can everyone else. Secretly, I'm just envious of the linen spray.
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