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  2. Ab-mus memories

    I was known as Elwood in real life for years, purely because of my username on here. Some people still call me it to this day, and it hasn't even been my username since about 2008.
  3. Ab-mus memories

    Hahaha yeah, the same! Although I've just had flashbacks to licking the board outside Dr. Drakes because apparently it tasted of lemons. Sigh. More memories - - Ben Weapon getting involved in some ridiculous flamewars over incredibly petty things, yet being a nice guy in the flesh - Plenty of veiled references on here to who was sleeping with who, including one of the most brutal references ever - Everyone being known by their name here rather than their real name Funny thing is, despite everything that went on here, there's only one person that I could genuinely say was an absolute prick in real life because of what happened on here, and it wasn't anyone connected to Ben or Ben himself.
  4. Ab-mus memories

    I don’t think I was going out with Emma at that point but I may have been there (there are a lot of parts of that era that are very hazy!)
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  6. Another thread resurrect Had the Supra resprayed in Aston Martin AST5052D Storm Black back in 2016. At the same time I fitted new custom order CCW LM5T 3 piece wheels; fitted carbon fibre Ridox sideskirts; fitted new Recaro SR5 seats; fitted BC coilovers and lowered it a bit further; changed to a U.K. spec rear bumper (removing the carbon diffuser in the process) and re-fitted the standard spoiler. Much better: It is still putting out around 700bhp. Good fun (when weather allows, which isn’t often!).
  7. Ab-mus memories

    Oh man, where to start. It's hard to imagine that it's been over 15 years since I started posting on here :/ This thread for a start: Still never got hit by anyone for that, despite several threats. Hahaha, no way! I mean, I'm not surprised It's amazing to think how this forum was the centre of everything at one point. Something would happen on the forum, and then everyone on Friday night in Moshulu or Exodus would be talking about it. You'd then get vague references on here to things that happened in real life, such as Bob Knight's adventures. I can't believe no-one here mentioned Camie's party, and THE HORSE. Christ. The Balmedie Beach Party, featuring a shocking amount of booze, people throwing up and more. I remember sitting on the back of the bus drinking with Emma and listening to Sugarcoma while clearly failing to be in any way cool. @Alkaline, were you there? What else... Hmm. Starfall and the "headlining" controversy. Milner winding up everyone in sight without actually anyone realising it Taking the absolute piss out of Ewan Cameron constantly, even to the point where people were recording songs about him and 'leaking' them through MSN There's more, I just need to think about it.
  8. Peter, I think it's time we asked the more relevant questions here. When was the last time a female (a real one that was breathing by herself, not an inflatable one, or a printed one) crossed the threshold into thy parlour of urban decadence?
  9. Opinions on new Irn Bru recipe :

  10. until
    Click here for more information on this event.
  11. @leepg I have my first one, October 1981, stored on my Sky Box for nostalgia :)

  12. Ab-mus memories

    Forgot all about Crabcore and Colon Open Bracket. Jake's financial decisions have always amused me
  13. New Blues Jam.

    The long summer days beckon. Not this weekend, obviously...... Sunday, at 3pm. I'm thinking Blind Willie Johnson, Magic Sam, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, ....... Sing us a song, have a few pints. Your garden's too cold to do anything in, except load music gear into the car.
  14. Flynn Custom JTM45

  15. Ab-mus memories

    A wild Milner PoO appears
  16. Ab-mus memories

    Nostalgia fun pack
  17. Ab-mus memories

    Great memories include Gordon Duthie (I actually bought his signed CD from one-up when they were closing down. Never been listened to but I still haven't chucked it out), Milner being milner, that boy that moved to LA and my former bass tutor sticking up for him, Toxic Distortion, Tea-bag's many doppelgangers and of course the thread of folk saying the girl from Chvrches should have thicker skin in the face of rape threats.
  18. Ab-mus memories

    I wasn't Little Green. I wish I was though. My old job was boring as fuck. Still don't think twice about it. "main" was a substitute for "santa" when i grew out of believing. I'm still often asked what I want for xmas, implying that a main present will be bought. This year my main present from my parents was a pair of Stefan Janoski SB Nike Air Max's. Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us. Also I'm sure it started out of a thread of me asking what I should get for my birthday. Which was just a badly worded way of saying "reccomend me films/music/books to see if there was anything out there I should cop, but knowing my birthday was round the corner, would be a waste of money for me to cop when I can get someone else to get it for me. (Case in point, two christmases ago while out shopping for other people, I bought myself the Stranger Things OST on vinyl and then found out my girlfriend spent the night hurriedly cancelling her order of the same thing) Come from a family of great gift givers and traditions. Like when I was about 6/7, and still believed in Santa, I couldn't sleep for excitement. It got to the point where I was in tears because I was so tired. My parents let me open a present to calm me (if memory proves right, it was a Mankind wrestling video and some goosebump-esque books). From that moment on, every year my sister and I would be allowed to open a gift on xmas eve. Now, my mum makes "Christmas Eve Boxes" filled with stocking fillers - deodorant, holiday themed socks, chocolate etc and a dvd. She does them for my sister and I, my brother-in-law and my SO (ages ranging from 23-28) I also always get a gift from my dad. Now, my dad still spends money on gifts, but it's always up to my mum to buy them, so years ago he started gifts from just him where he'd find something we like. I'm sure the first one I ever got was LOTR: The Two Towers extended DVD. This year he got me Twin Peaks The Return blu-ray. Again, Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us.
  19. Ab-mus memories

    Fuck haha I must admit I joined a reincarnation of that band under a different name. fuckin hilarious cringe fest. though it lead to opening for Towers of London and subsequently getting into a fight with the one that was on Big Brother I still wear my girlfriends jeans.. old habits eh
  20. Ab-mus memories

    I can't remember much about writing that post ahem. I don't think I genuinely meant to suggest I disliked you.
  21. Last week
  22. Ab-mus memories

    Site is lit, yo.
  23. Ab-mus memories

    I don’t even remember this. Can’t remember ever having a problem with you either. I think I gave as good as I got in the heyday of this site though. Glad people think I’ve “calmed” a bit though, not that I was particularly un-calm but I sure loved a good verbal joust. Wizened Anal Sage was probably one of my personal highlights. Lowlight was calling Ewan an odious little cunt (not that I like him at all of course, just that I let him bother me enough to comment on it). The response was ridiculously OTT for something so innocuous though. I always respected Stripey even though he could be insufferable, Ben was/is a good guy and despite the odd tête-à-tête on here I generally got on well with most folks in real life. This site is real shit now.
  24. Ab-mus memories

    Best thing about Jake's main present meme was the fact you can tell he didn't even think twice about it, like it was totally normal for a grown adult to get one.
  25. Ab-mus memories

    That thread about The End is great. What a mental thing to get uppity about. Then a mod steps in - remember those? - and pisses on the fun. Booourns.
  26. Ab-mus memories

    Just been flicking back through the General Discussion forum, cool1 / Thinker really did start a lot of pish threads (and I closed them all). I wonder what ever became of Little Green? That was just JakeBassist pretending to be a female, right? Jake's main present is one of the great Aberdeen Music memes.
  27. Ab-mus memories

    Photos that make you actually laugh out loud (or something) was good fun. Enjoyed the 'om nomm nomm' thread too. DJ Jo D handiwork too.
  28. Ab-mus memories

    On a less dramatic and more amusing note, this thread contains some great gags. And many more questionable ones as well, of course.
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