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  3. Yeah I’m good freinds with mike the singer we all used to go and see them every Thursday night at the tappit hen last song of the night was always “the king of the swingers” by that time we were all drunk n stoned(yeah we were young n daft) GREAT TIMES thanks guys for the amazing memories. Cooski
  4. Mid 30's guitar player, looking for others to jam with. Enjoy 70's/80's rock, but open to most genres. Not looking for anything overly serious - just others to jam with.
  5. Hello, welcome to the forum. I have not stayed in any of those unfortunately. Just wanted to welcome you as we haven't had anyone new in many years.
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  9. Not expecting a reply seeing as this is over 10 years old but you never know lol Hope i do and really hope its the reply i am looking for. Has anyone ever stayed in either Beechwood Court, Castleton Court, Woodhill Court or Oldcroft Court If so can you hear neighbours Thanks
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    Levellers @ The Lemon Tree

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  11. Hi Icaruscloud, are you still looking for musicians? i play guitar, so just let me know if you're interested my mobile 07538 642422 rgds Daz
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  13. (types into the void...) Turns out Ephilexia put out another one at the start of the year (as well as one in 2019 that I'm yet to give a spin). Busy guys, whoever they are (indeed Hungarians). "Melancholia"... you get a lot of post-y, math-y albums with references to melancholy but I think could've picked a more original title: it's pretty, chill and upbeat; and also more straightforward than all the aforementioned. Unless one is totally allergic to anything instrumental (ah... have I mentioned that. Well) it's lush; very nice. GBOL.
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  15. Mine so far is probably Pink Elephant by something called Ephilexia. I think it's Hungarian; Youtube's algorithm told me about it. Bit math-y, prog-y and post-rock-ish but has songs rather than soundscapes; if you like that kind of thing. Chon's album from last year is the recent one that I've played most this year. See above but Chon is the bestest of the bestest.
  16. A problem I seem to get a-lot is restaurants that are in so much of a rush that they forget parts of my order. Yes, I can get a refund through Deliveroo but it's frustrating because I was looking forward to it.
  17. We have Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, although Deliveroo are on my shitlist at the moment as I tried to get a Burger King delivered a few weeks ago when I was hungover to bits and badly craving some greasy food. I got a notification that the fuckhead was outside and my phone rang for maybe 1 second then cut off. I looked out the window and couldn’t see him so I looked on the map and he was about 3 streets away. So I tried to ring him but he never picked up. About 5 minutes pass and I get a notification saying Your driver can’t wait much longer please go down and meet him. But he still isn’t picking up the phone and I can he hasn’t moved. Then I get another notification saying “Your driver has left, he’s left your meal with number 138 or 142.” I live at number 20..... plus he didn’t even appear to be on the right street. It just said 138 or 142. So I message Deliveroo and tell them what’s happened and they ask their stupid questions then say “I’m really sorry about that, I’ll arrange a refund”. And I say “I don’t want a refund I want my food. Can you just send me out another order?” And they say “no sorry we can’t do that” and I say “but that’s ridiculous” etc and that goes back and forth for a while. And then just to top it off they message me with and say oh sorry about this but we tried to process the refund and it’s been referred to our anti-fraud department or some shite, so they need to review it, they’re not back in until Monday (this was a Saturday) and then it will take 48-72 hours to be processed. So I’m like, you throw my food over a hedge then I have to wait 5 days for a refund. Amazing. Then I ordered the exact same thing from the same restaurant with Just Eat and it arrived within 20 minutes. Chili cheese bites, onion rings, Whopper, the lot. Basically fuck Deliveroo forever.
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  19. I can't quickly figure out how much GrabFood specifically is worth (unlike Deliveroo, apparently; it is definitely profitable) but Grab is worth $10-$20 billion (like between 2019 and this year). It bought and subsumed Uber in SE Asia.
  20. With it being nearly August, thought it would be good to get other's suggestions for their favourite album/release of 2020. Looking for music I've maybe missed out on and the like.
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  22. Yeah, next time your in Aberdeen you should check out Fresh Mex. They are on Schoolhill and are really good. Started by two students from University of Aberdeen who started it as a stall but now have premises. The archival knowledge of nightclubs in this forum belongs in a museum.
  23. I love Mexican food. Neil has said in the past that with the traffic the site still gets (i think it’s still quite high on the Google results) the site basically pays for itself and doesn’t cost anything to run, so he’s no intention of taking it down. I hope that’s still the case. The archives are gold. It’s a shame all the images in the posts are gone and a lot of the posts are just blank. But still.
  24. Do you like Mexican food? To be honest the decline of this forum has made me fear that if it goes offline we may lose the archives forever.
  25. I’ve had McDonalds delivered. The food is pretty much the worst food to be fair. Burger King is miles better. Bigger, meatier burgers that are actually hot, ace chips, onion rings, and Chili Cheese Bites with nothing at McDonalds can even come close to. GTFO with your mozzarella dippers McDonalds. I’ll give McDonalds the McFlurry. Ok and the apple pie. None of Burger King’s desserts are good. I’ve re-read most of the thread, it took me several hours.
  26. Testicals on toast!
  27. Fuck Yeah! Ahead of my time. I was 15 when I posted that. Should have did it. Bet you they have all had McDonalds delivered. Bunch of cunts. I'm still pretty shit at grammar.
  28. I know there ain't much life left in this forum but I thought I would say it anyway. The Bon Accord centre has become a dead mall. There I said it. Proper Dan Bell style. What a turn up for the books. 20 years ago in this forums heyday this was the main shopping centre. Pretty full of shops a food court with tons of footfall. I went through the other day and honestly. Pretty much everything had 'permanently' closed. Lile gutted with empty windows. All 4 units behind Costa in the main circle closed. New Look closed, Menkind, Thorntons, Hawkins Bazaar all gone. Aberdeen's Wellgate!
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