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    I posted this on Facebook yesterday. It's not exactly how I feel, but pretty close to it and a great article. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/14/scottish-independence-referendum-snp-vote-brexit Things that I hope for this potential referendum: -People against it stop claiming that the last one was a 'decisive no', because there was 10% in it. -They can also stop acting as if nothing has changed since the last result and this is just the SNP wanting to hold a referendum every few years until independence is achieved. Anecdotally, my parents who reluctantly voted no in 2014, both said on the day of the EU referendum result that if there was another Scottish referendum, they'd vote yes this time around because they want to remain part of the EU. This time around we have an unelected Prime Minister who is making plans (what plans? lol...) to leave the EU. Bit of a change in circumstances since 2014. -Both sides should stop citing poll numbers to further their cause. By 8am today I had already read an article called "Setback for SNP as Scots reject independence in fresh poll." and another, "Support for independence soars to all-time high." It's almost as if we won't find out for sure what the majority of the country was feeling until the date of the result or something?! Also, polling for the last few big elections has turned out to be bollocks. Remember when Cameron and Miliband were neck and neck and Labour were going to have to do a deal with the SNP to form a majority? And when the UK definitely was not going to vote to leave the EU? And Clinton was going to trounce Trump by about 20%? -People are able to differentiate independence from the SNP. That was the biggest hurdle for me last time and turned me from a "probably not" to a "heck yes". -There's more certainty to what the Scottish government and yes campaign want. Other than coasting on the whole WE LOVE THE EU AND HATE THE TORIES thing, which a number of people in Scotland obviously do not, this time around, they need to have bigger and better arguments in favour of an independent Scotland and also give definitive answers about currency, etc. Don't just Salmond it. -In fact NO SALMOND INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER would be nice.
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    I voted 'yes' last time round, although for a long time I was convinced voting 'no' was the right way to go, in fact it was the couple of days prior to the referendum date that swayed me. Of that I am glad. I will still be a 'yes' unless something drastically changes between now and the date of the second referendum - and I am more convinced than ever. Scotland has its very own, and nuanced political identity which stands aside from the rUK, but cannot ever hope to allow that to flourish whilst ruled from Westminster. Aside from anything else, it could take actual decades for there to be any true opposition to the Tories which presents a viable alternative, and well...fuck that. There is a lot about the SNP that I dislike, but once Scotland has its independence its people will begin to form its own political spectrum - I guess crucially the difference is that how individuals vote will actually matter for a change.
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    Alright, Peter Dow...
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    I was on the fence last time. I wanted independence, but the Better Together campaign did put the fear in me. Currency, EU membership, Top Gear. All things we might have lost if we were to vote yes. I was so on the fence, come the day of the referendum, I didn't vote. I sincerely didn't know. If it went tits up either way, I didn't want to have to say "I voted that way, soz pal". Cowardly, I know. But I felt I wasn't educated enough to make the decision. A large part of me not voting Yes last time was EU membership. Then we get dragged out anyway. I agree that people should realise that something like being dragged out the EU when Scotland voted remain is definitely indy2-worthy. I was on the fence, then voted remain, all to stay in the EU just to have that lush comfy EU rug pulled right from underneath me. Now I'm sitting on an old, chipped laminate that needs a good sweep and mop but the Tories won't go to Home Bargains to grab me the tools essential to make where we now are more comfortable. I'm not a fan of SNP. I think they really do tend to neglect us up here. But to be fair, if you live north of Aberdeen next day delivery is at least 2 days away. SNP are like the Royal Mail. But they steal less birthday money. Like others have said, we get independence, then we can get the SNP tae fuck if we so desire as a country. But just because independence has been SNP's long term goal as far as I can remember, doesn't mean a Yes vote is an SNP vote. I'll be definitely voting Yes this time around. With the hopes of retaining some sort of relationship with EU. Kind of like when you and your mrs have some really great mutual friends, then your mrs takes a disliking to them and demands you stop talking to them too. Nahh, dump the mrs and hang out with yer cool mates. We need to dump England before it's too late to send EU a cheeky facebook message asking to grab a coffee and a catch up. UKIP and Tories seem like an unstoppable force down south. And with those silent Tories in Aberdeenshire during the last Scottish election, we need to distance ourselves from the "red white and blue hard brexit" austerity mongers. Scotlands voice is definitely unheard in westminster. We definitely have a very different political stance to rUK, but it is going completely under-represented. I see loads of videos of SNP folk "demolishing tories" but in most of those videos, the place is empty. And folk like Mhari Black seem to be talking to the few brick walls that HAD to turn up that day. Any time SNP put a question to May, she sort of swats it away. No real answer, and most of the time, her and her tory cronies just laugh as if to say "haha check Jock trying to bring his scotch politics down here. this is england, fuck off" then continue on with cutting benefits, privatising the NHS, Trump-ing immigration and storing Nukes, when scotland seems to be very much against all of those.
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    Oh man. Being a full time FMer would be grand. You could watch the replays of full matches of upcoming opponents. Not just one game, but several, scout how they play, assess weaknesses, adjust your tactics to go at their weaknesses, shut down their most effective players. Smash them to pieces. Imagine having that time to invest in it. Instead, I only get a couple of hours a night to go at it, so it's just: Spacebar Spacebar Spacebar West Brom (a) Team Talk > Calm > You should be winning this match with no problem at all 1-3 W Spacebar Spacebar Fakename Regenovic wants to discuss personal matters with you Give us a game boss, yeah? Nah, you're not that good Wait 'til the press hears about this Move to > Reserves Spacebar Spacebar Best player injured 3 months out Crystal Palace (h) 0-1 L Repeat until I hate myself and turn it off.
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    I enjoyed this post. You're the Metaphor and Simile Champ. But I did read the above quote in the voice of Barry Shitpeas.
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    On the plus side women can use bathrooms free from fear that ol Chuck is watching them wee.. Every cloud....
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    He's about to be Chuck Buried - and I'm about to get some fuckin' points.
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    "The coldness...takes away...the badness..."
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    I don't have back pain
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    Took me ages to remember where this is from. Pilkington classic
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    Camie :-( Here we go: https://depeche-choad.bandcamp.com/album/i-hate-cats-dead-mole-party
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    That cheeky Woodsinho scamp got me in the mood for all kinds of nutty thrash metal, so I fired-up the new Kreator record - GODS OF VIOLENCE. It's an absolute hoot. Pretty dumb, of course, particularly with song titles like Satan Is Real, World War Now, and my personal favourite - HAIL TO THE HORDES - but tonnes of fun. Pretty nuts that these guys are cranking out the best music of their career 35 years after forming. Freddie Gibbs' comeback record is out on the 31st too, for those of you interested in men who do hip-hop.
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    I would have to say... The Best of The Beatles.
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    My band finally released an album and you can listen to it here. xxx
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    Ace-ic - ArcTanGent in August. Great line up. CONVERGE! Going. Double Ace-ic - ArcTanGent is 15 minutes from my house. I can walk there. Fuck camping.
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    Yeah, I'm all in on Code Orange. I see where you're coming from with the transitions being clunky as heck but I can get past that because I don't know any better and that they're there at all is pretty cool plus it makes me want to throw bricks at piles of other bricks. I'm excited to see how it works live when they support Gojira next month. Maybe I'll go to the front and throw some young people around*. New albums out TODAY: Power Trip - Nightmare Logic. It's a thrash metal album that's up there with the best from the NINETEEN EIGHTIES Hark - Machinations. It's yr man Jimbob from Taint, back once again with a bag full of RIFFS to smash up yr ears. *I will not do this, I will watch respectfully from a safe distance as I am a mild-mannered family man
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    Occasionally I will switch the wingers for inside forwards depending on the player. You need strong wing backs going forward - Cyrus Christie has been absolutely brilliant for me at RB. In the Prem I normally play on a counter mentality, but if I'm at home against a weaker team or a team in poor form I will start on control. I'll screenshot my team instructions later if you're interested. There are a few player instructions but not too many. Bradley Johnson scores a bucketload from distance in the BBM role but since my last post I've signed Lewis Cook in the hope that the Hughes/Cook CM will exist until the end of time. Probably need to win something soon or at least get Champs League, otherwise Hughes will moan.
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    'pro life' pricks protesting at the Maternity hospital.. get tae fuck! shame their mothers never aborted them
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    We got travel cards last time we were in Holland. We used them on trains, trams and buses. You just top them up and scan them when you get on and off the public transport. But, when we were heading back to the airport we didn't have the minimum 25 euros of credit on them even though the fare is only 5 or something and the guard tried to charge us 55 euros for the privilege! We politely declined and ended up being escorted by transport police from the train at schipol with our 2 year old on a gruffalo trunks thinking it was the best thing ever as daddy was goin to jail! In Amsterdam I've done the stadium tour, heinekin tour and a canal boat tour. All very good. Also stayed in The Hague and done madjuredam and went through to Rotterdam for a day mainly for the zoo!
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    Rijksmuseum and van gogh museum Vondelpark Jordaan area for wandering about and getting good munch Never got much further than that in terms of non hooker/drug activities. Tram is the bomb. Most likely day/week passes available. I'm pretty sure you can use the same ticket for both bus and tram.
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    The proto guitar hero, knowing, witty lyricist and Rock and Roll legend has passed. One of the most widely influential musicians of any era. Here's the obituary from his local paper..... http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/rock-legend-chuck-berry-dies-at-police-report/article_ff0a2a77-8b25-5573-868c-dcbf7674372e.html
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    There was lots of behind the scenes negotiations between the British government and the Provisional IRA since the 1980's, but it only really got going when John Major was Prime Minister. From the militant Republican side, a combination of the political gains from the death of Bobby Sands and the British deployment of the SAS in Ireland - who were operating a shoot to kill policy - pushed towards a political rather than armed solution. The Good Friday Agreement has been in place since 1999 and was the culmination of peace talks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Friday_Agreement Crucially, it is dependant on both Britain and Ireland remaining in the EU, so that an open border between the north and south can remain.
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    Thanks very much, Graham. Great work by the sound crew from Captain Tom's- including the Skipper, himself- who made sonic sense, from that difficult space. Great DJ, too..... loads of appropriately vintage tunes for us to dance to, after the show.
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    This is good. I dig the spoken word style vocals in the first half. Sounds like The Van Pelt + loads of delay, which is neat. Righteous jam.
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    Loosely linked to the above; going to see Sunn O))) in a church in July. Mega!
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    Really like that article. It'll be interesting to see how this thread fills up. There was definitely a tendency last time around for Yes votes to vent their frustrations about the SNP's lack of clarity at No voters, rather than criticizing the campaign for fear of damaging it. I kept trying to remind myself that both "Yes voters" and the "fucking cunts" all want the same thing - the best possible future for Scotland xx
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    Mhari Black is dissillusioned already with parliment and is not sure she will run again! Must be pretty frustrating in general but even more so if you are in her situation.
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    @Adam Easy Wishes shouldn't be chucking about Pilkington quotes willy-nilly-ly.
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    All of this. Plus I'm still upset about the rugby score.
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    Watched The People vs OJ thing, and now I can't feel feelings anymore.
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    I'm ripping off the joke but shouldn't they have changed their name to Stairlift by now?
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    Steps have a new album out next month and will be playing Aberdeen.
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    I saw Brian Wilson in 2007 or 2008 and he was great. I was fully expecting to feel really sad because his voice obviously isn't what it used to be and he seemed quite fragile, but it was so much fun. He's a little awkward, but the songs are still a joy to hear and his band is usually really tight. The Wilsons aren't on good terms with Mike Love, which would make me feel hesitant to go and see that iteration and would take Brian Wilson over him any day.
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    You can also vote here: http://fudgeaberdeen.polldaddy.com/s/the-fudge-awards-2017-celebrating-aberdeen-s-music All votes will be combined to find our glorious victor. Facebook Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/148195125663805/
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    The Guest Action Thriller starring that unbelievably awful Dan Stevens. He was nominated awards for this film, which really is quite astonishing, because this film was absolutely woeful, and Stevens is the biggest reason. His performance is so terrible that it becomes hilarious. He would be bang-on as a Hollyoaks villain. Y'know, those over-egged sinister gazes behind the back of the person(s) he is due to perform some sort of evil upon. There's fuckloads of that going on throughout. Amazing film. Just so awful. So awful it becomes incredible. Watch it if wonderfully horrible films are your bag.
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    Just finished season 1 of Better Call Saul. Gave up on it after a few episodes originally but it gets really good in the second half of the season. Just pressing play on season 2.
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    Most of Nirvana and some of the The Melvins and Mudhoney come from Aberdeen..... http://www.ranker.com/list/aberdeen-bands-and-musical-artists-from-here/reference
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    FORMER 'BEST ROCK ACT' WINNERS: 2001 - TAR 2002 - Liber8 2003 - Liber8 2004 - Deadloss Superstar 2005 - Deadloss Superstar 2006 - Deadloss Superstar 2007 - Fiction/Action 2008 - Snake Temple Kings 2009 - Snake Temple Kings 2010 - Cobra Kai 2011 - Which Way Now 2012 - Evil Demon Theory 2013 - GutterGodz 2014 - Deadfire 2015 - Dear John 2016 - UNF 2017 - ? ? ? ? ? ?
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