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    Nina is renton's cousin who he tries to chat up if I am not mistaken. It has a central story line which has ended when Renton run away to Amsterdam. The book is amazing and made me to think a lot . I know there is also a movie but unfortunately they made it worser that I have expected. I used to write the essay which is connected with this book but my vocabulary list and correct grammar sentences are not pretty acceptable, so I just simply used the site https://www.essayskills.com/ where I bought the essay and get the good mark of my subject. I still have to improve myself to write quality essays without any help but at that moment it was inevitabity. Wish you good luck. Hope you would write it in a perfect way.
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    So very sorry to read this Kevin, I knew your dad fairly well from back in the 60s when he played with The Strollers. Last saw him at a gig in The Lemon Tree a few years back, he still looked about forty even then, we remarked on how little he had changed. Yes, an extremely talented drummer and all round nice guy. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your sad loss.
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    It's my favourite Conan thing by far. I always thought they were aaaaalright but adding that handful of Fast Bits stops it feeling as much of a slog to get through than the old stuff could be at times. I'm listening to Capdown because it's 2006.
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    The landlord of the above property should be liable, but some will try to fob you off and tell you that it is you that needs to make a claim. That is bollocks IIRC. It's a tricky situation for the tenants above though, if the landlord is not playing ball. They might not be in a position to pay for an emergency plumber, and if they were, they'd need an agreement with the landlord to do that, otherwise they could be a few hundred quid in the hole with the landlord refusing to reimburse. They'd have to go down a small claims court route and jeopardise their tenancy etc. If the landlord keeps avoiding the issue, the tenants could claim for it via the Housing and Property Chamber, but that would be their prerogative, and if the leak isn't directly affecting them, they probably won't. Letting Agents claiming they don't manage a particular property when work/money is concerned tended to be a tactic that some of the shadier agents would use (like AM-PM, who should be avoided as a tenant or a landlord, proper shysters. APL are a load of bastards n'all). It was incredible how many times we'd contact agents when I worked at the council, they'd confirm that they managed a property, and when I'd mention leaks or repairs the tone immediately changed to "oh, actually, we no longer manager that one", like clockwork. Who is the letting agent in this instance? I believe you've spoken to my old colleague Joe Lamb before. He should be able to give you some advice (if he still works there, if not, someone else in Private Sector Housing will be able to help. Ally Thain is the manager and he's a super good chap, super helpful.). The council can step in and force works to go ahead and then bill the landlord in instances where the landlord isn't cooperating to essential works, and this should certainly qualify as such. They've changed the number on the ACC site to a single number which greets you with loads of confusing menus but 522299 is a direct line to PSHU.
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    if you like cover bands and acoustic nights you're in luck
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    Quick search and this site has been reconmended - https://3ds.hacks.guide/
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    Remember ringtones? Anyone rememba ringtones?
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    just got round to checking out Greta Van Fleet. the Robert Plantyness of his voice at first made me dismiss them as a Zeppelin rip off, but its earwormed its way into me liking them, even if they are a Zeppelin rip off
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    Come to the jam, on Sunday. There are a bunch of very capable drummers, who play regularly. You may meet a heap of folks that you know....and possibly the solution to your problem will emerge?
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    That is such a stacked line-up...and to think it was only less than half the bands actually booked.
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    Confession - After living off Paisley Road for three years I'm no longer a Rangers fan. You were all right, they're a bunch of total cunts. I'm moving back to Aberdeen shortly.
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    Good afternoon to introduce myself my name is steve and in the lead investigator in a group called the Buchan paranormal investigators we are a team of amateur investigators based in Peterhead we all share a passion and interest in the paranormal we have carried out a few investigations in the Aberdeenshire area and we are always looking for new locations I have been reading some of the posts on this feed and would be very appreciative if you could make contact with us if you have any strange things or sightings you would like us to investigate Buchan_paranormal@hotmail.com
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    You could have checked that yourself at this link. https://www.aberdeen-music.com/profile/69920-peter-dow-aberdeen/content/ It seems to be the only Aberdeen or North East of Scotland online political forum, that I know of, that I can post in. Well now you know.
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    Well thanks for being the only one to bother. Having a Queen at all, having a kingdom at all, is overwhelmingly against the public interest, because the incompetent abusive state that the Queen is head of, is causing harm to the public interest - causing death, disaster and missed opportunity with lots of incompetent, bad state decisions. So it is in the public interest to support and to promote republicans like me who oppose the Queen politically, in every way possible. Not only should republican tweets be allowed, but republicans should be on TV, often. It would be in the public interest to have a regular - "Republicans against the Queen" show on TV, to replace the BBC promotions of the Queen and royal family which are all against the public interest. Well we need to get rid of the Queen and elect a president so that we get a helpful head of state who can make sure the state can distinguish between harmless political rhetoric and genuine threats to public safety.
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    My email from 2014. Andrew Shanks (HM Witch-hunter) -v- Alastair Peter Dow Nearly 2 years ago, (on the 9th November 2014) I sent an email to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, which set out in great detail my response to the first charge made against me by Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal's Office, by Andrew Shanks, in July 2014, when I had been raided and arrested by police regarding my tweets. Subsequently the prosecutors replaced the first charge with others, but my political defence to any and all charges arising from my political tweets would be much the same, so that's why I think it appropriate now to publish that email in full. Subject: Andrew Shanks (Her Majesty's Witch-hunter) -v- Alastair Peter Dow. Andrew Shanks c/o Procurator Fiscal's Office Aberdeen Dear Mr Shanks, I write personally to reply in detail to your petition of 28th July 2014 wherein you libel a charge and accusations against me, for the purpose of prosecuting me in the Sheriff Court at Aberdeen for posting political comments on the Twitter social networking site. It is not in the public interest to prosecute anyone for their political tweets - such an oppressive prosecution can only be the result of what may be described as a "politically-motivated witch-hunt" by my political opponents. In whose political interest then does your prosecution petition serve, if not the public interest? The answer is that your petition serves the political interest of, in your own words from your own petition, "Her Majesty the Queen" - specifically, the Queen's political interest to sustain her monarchy against the political opponents of monarchy, such as myself, a republican. Your petition justifies my nickname for you, Mr Shanks, of "Her Majesty's Witch-hunter". Your petition serves the Queen's interest and the Queen's interest alone undemocratically to silence republican political criticism of the monarchy. It is in the Queen's own selfish interest to prosecute me for expressing my republican political opposition to monarchy here in Scotland. But such a prosecution would not be in the public interest. One may serve the public interest or one may serve the Queen's interest. Either one puts the public interest before the Queen's interest, as I do in my political activities ... ... or one puts the Queen's interest before the public interest, as your petition does. Whilst it is a worthy declared aim to seek to serve the public interest, you merely claiming that your petition is in the public interest does not make it self-evidently so. The point which your petition misses is that the two conflicting interests - the public interest versus the Queen's interest - should not be confused with each other nor conflated together in error as your petition does. Your error arose because your education was deficient to that which is required for appropriate and efficient decision-making in the public interest. The responsible course of action for you now is to undertake a course of study to remedy those deficiencies in your education which I have identified. The irresponsible and reckless action for you now would be to proceed on the basis of your petition - in ignorance of, oblivious to, or in denial of the inherent contradiction at the heart of your petition. To assist with their education all of those in Scotland who wish to serve the public interest, I am pleased to present the study resource of my internet publication of "The Scottish National Standard Bearer website" at the web address SCOT.TK Detailed in some 50 plus web-pages, the Scottish National Standard Bearer website explains how the Queen and the officials of the kingdom with allegiance to her have historically denied democratic political freedom in Scotland, resulting in a consequential damning record of severe damage to the public interest, including tragic deaths, disasters and missed economic opportunities, all of which were avoidable had only democratic political freedom been defended by officials rather than denied. As a solution to the deleterious effects of monarchist officialdom's oppressive acts against the public interest, I recommend in my Scottish National Standard Bearer website urgent political action with the aim of disentangling the monarchy from the constitution of Scotland to establish a republican form of democratic government of the people, by the people and for the people. The political issue which my website addresses is the habitual yet inappropriate criminalisation by the police of socially-responsible political activity. Police and prosecutors in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK act against political activity be that communication by the distribution of leaflets, by hand, by post, publishing of pamphlets and books, displaying of posters, carrying of flags, protesting, public speaking, shouting, using a megaphone, marching and now in recent years, use of the internet - politics in all its forms. Typically, "socially responsible political activities" may be directed towards the worthy aims of personal or community health, safety, improved terms and conditions of employment at work, or with respect to desirable changes to the delivery of private or public services, changes to government decisions, policy and regulations, election of candidates, legal, political and constitution reform or other political matters. It follows therefore that if and when such socially responsible political activity is criminalised then it is most likely that the politically intended benefits to society are frustrated, with possibly highly damaging, dangerous and tragic consequences. It should also be mentioned that a similar process can occur in the civil courts where political activity can be interdicted against and a breach of interdict can be treated as contempt of court and effectively criminal punishments imposed. To give an example which I have studied in detail, when the police issued Thomas Hamilton with a fire arms certificate, which allowed him to keep guns with which he later killed the children at the Dunblane Primary School Massacre, there was the ever-present deterrent of the likely criminalisation of the needed political action with a view to taking Hamilton's guns from him to prevent a tragedy. Thus political activists did not have the freedom they needed to pre-empt the massacre and save lives. Concerns about Hamilton could not be published in newspapers because of the fear of a defamation action by Hamilton which could lead to a financial loss in court damages awarded to Hamilton against any newspaper which could not prove the fears about him having guns were proved to the satisfaction of the judge. Anyone protesting the police's decision to grant Hamilton a fire-arms certificate could have been arrested, prosecuted and punished for a breach of the peace. There was not enough political freedom to save the lives of the Dunblane children because of the habitual inappropriate criminalisation of socially-responsible political activity which deterred live-saving political action. I have published further examples of avoidable deaths, disasters and missed economic opportunities and a detailed examination of the harm to society caused by the denial of political freedom in my Scottish National Standard Bearer website at SCOT.TK and the For Freedom Forums for bravehearted debate at FIGH.TK I sincerely recommend that all staff at the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service should read my website and forum so that you all may begin to learn how the kingdom's habitual criminalisation of socially responsible political activities has had and is having profoundly anti-social consequences for the people of Scotland. My website argues that Scotland would be better governed with a democratically elected president as head of state, empowered and obligated to insist that police and prosecution services must have leadership, policies and performance which never criminalises socially-responsible political activity. Mr Shanks, in Scottish history misguided state officials in jobs like the one you are employed to do have routinely denied political freedom oppressively, harming the public interest in so doing. Officials like you can harm the public interest because the constitutional monarchy has never placed constitutional obstructions in the way of officialdom arresting, prosecuting, jailing and even martyring politically outspoken men and women whose conscience would not allow them to remain silent. The written constitution of a democratic republic, however, should, in addition to abolishing any place for a monarchy, solemnly task the democratically elected president as head of state with the constitutional authority and duty to halt politically oppressive prosecutions like the one your petition has initiated, setting free the accused innocent men and women to continue to serve politically the public interest as viewed by the light of their own conscience. This is what it means for the president of a democratic republic to swear an oath to the best of his or her ability to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of a democratic republic - the duty is to preserve, protect and defend those human rights and those civil and political freedoms of the people enshrined within the text of that constitution. Your "summary of evidence" text identifies that my website refers to my "anti-monarchist" views but your summary neglects to mention that my website explains in detail my positive pro-republican political views. Republicans are not merely anti-monarchy and anti-kingdoms but are by definition positively pro-elected-presidents and pro-republics. It is like a good prosecutor is not merely anti-criminal but is positively pro the victims of crime. Incidentally, you have not identified any victim of my tweets. Who exactly has been harmed by my tweets? I do not think you can imagine that the Queen has been a victim of my tweets? How have my tweets harmed the Queen? In no way whatsoever. Or perhaps you think the police who knocked down my door, took my computer equipment, handcuffed me, took me to a police station and held me in custody for more than 24 hours are the victims of my tweets? Such a claim would be absurd because it is I who am the victim of the police's violent actions. The police did not merely threaten violence against me. The police did violent acts against me. If the police are victims of a waste of police time then they only have to blame their own foolish police commanders who authorised this over-the-top response to a couple of political tweets. Your "summary of evidence" neglected even to mention the many constructive proposals detailed in my website with a view to the establishment of a modern Republic of Scotland to modernise the outdated and dysfunctional Kingdom of Scotland. Republicans propose that elected presidents replace monarchs as heads of states. In your "summary of evidence" which extends on to a third page of text, for you never to mention once that I have republican political views is not only careless it is misleading to any reader of your summary. Even in the very brief text Twitter allows for the description of my @peterdow twitter account, I highlighted that I am republican, a "republican socialist" if I remember to quote accurately. So considering that the police investigation has not even recorded my republican political affiliation then it suggests that the substantial deployment of police manpower employed - at my count: 4 detective constables, 1 detective sergeant, 1 inspector, 4 additional constables to search my flat and 1 police photographer - has failed utterly to detect and to report the blatantly obvious relevant facts in this matter which are the published facts about my republican politics which I have gone to great lengths to publish in detail on the internet for all to read and which facts are not to be found by an intrusive heavy-handed top-to-bottom search of my home! One does not efficiently detect the full facts about an author's politics by focusing on a small number of tweets and then rushing to arrest that author and to seize that author's computer. The police have failed to detect at the earliest stage of their investigation that which only a bunch of fools could fail to detect, that I am a republican author. It should be part of the basic education of any police officer that the political views of republicans are in part defined by an opposition to monarchy and that as surely as a dog will bark, a republican will surely from time to time express anti-monarchist views. Arresting republicans for expressing their anti-monarchist views is as absurd as arresting Christian preachers for expressing their anti-sin views. As would it be absurd to prosecute the producers and distributors of the South Park cartoon which features the Queen committing suicide. South Park 'kills the Queen'   An episode of South Park featuring the Queen committing suicide is provoking outrage. But if the show is famous for anything, it's for going too far. If one wishes only ever to listen to views of the monarchy which are only respectful and deferential views then one can tune into the reports of the royal correspondents which are broadcast by the BBC, ITV, Sky and other TV broadcasters. However if one wishes to be sure never to read disrespectful views of the monarchy then one should never read the tweets of a self-declared republican such as myself because therein one must expect to read views of the monarchy which are very far from respectful. If one can't handle the heat then one should not go into the kitchen. Neither should one wander into a kitchen, misunderstand the heat therein and then foolishly call the fire-brigade because the fire brigade has better things to do than to attend to the heat of a kitchen. As do the police have better things to do than attend to political tweets. Your "summary of evidence" refers to the earliest stage of the police investigation as as "intelligence received by Police Scotland". However, it is apparent to me that the raw information received about my tweets has not been handled in anything remotely approaching an intelligent manner by Police Scotland. On the contrary, the police officers involved have plodded through their protocols and established procedures routinely, somewhat hastily, forcefully and destructively, devoid of the influence of any intelligent senior operational command of the police. The actions of the police and the conditions for bail imposed by the Sheriff Court are violations of my human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, specifically those human rights described in ECHR articles such as Article 5 - liberty and security Article 8 - privacy Article 9 - conscience and religion Article 10 - expression Article 11 - association Article 14 - discrimination To add to those police and bail condition violations of my human rights, you propose what would amount to a show trial of myself, a republican, for my anti-Queen comments, in the court of a Sheriff who has given an oath of allegiance to the Queen. Assuming the Sheriff has not recanted his or her oath of allegiance to the Queen, such a Queen's Sheriff cannot be impartial while presiding over a case where the Queen's interest is at issue. Since the Sheriff would not be impartial it follows that the trial cannot be fair. It could only be a show trial. So you propose no less than a kangaroo court where my anti-Queen comments are to be given a show trial before a Queen's Sheriff presiding in a Queen's court. In a Queen's court, the expectation must be that the Queen's interests will be given a prejudicial priority by a Queen's Sheriff and the scales of justice weighed heavily against any party whose interests are opposed to the Queen's interest. My interests in defending against your charges certainly are opposed to the Queen's interest. So my interests cannot be given a fair trial in a Queen's court. There is a public interest to have political freedom which is also opposed to the Queen's interest to suppress political criticism of the Queen and her officials. So this public interest cannot be given a fair trial in a Queen's court either. A fair trial of your petition and my defence to your charge can only be had in a court which is not a Queen's court. Therefore if you wish to insist on prosecuting your charge against me, I have a human right under the ECHR to be afforded a fair trial before a court other than the Sheriff Court, a court which must not be a Queen's court and which must be seen to be impartial. I would be prepared to come to another genuinely impartial court so that justice may be carried out. I would be prepared to respect the judgement of a genuinely impartial court, though as with all defendants, I would reserve my rights to appeal any judgement which was against my interests or against the public interest to a superior genuinely impartial court. However, I expect, Mr Shanks, that you may be a one-trick pony, meaning that you either prosecute in the Queen's courts or you do not prosecute at all. That being so, I would suggest that you drop your charge against me or pass the matter to your superiors for their consideration. The Lord Advocate has at times been heard in the Scottish Parliament so if the Lord Advocate or his deputy wishes to take your charge against me to Holyrood, I would be prepared to attend a court or committee established at Holyrood comprised of Members of the Scottish Parliament for trial when requested to do so. Whilst MSPs too are pressured into swearing the oath of allegiance to the Queen, I would be prepared to accept at face value any statement by an MSP that his or her true loyalty is to their constituents whatever oath they may have given to the Queen. Such a statement of putting the interest of constituents first and foremost before any Queen's interest would, in my view, qualify an MSP to sit in judgement on any matter where the Queen's interest is a consideration. Another genuinely impartial court for consideration would be the European Court of Human Rights. Otherwise if your petition is dealt with by the Sheriff Court, there would be a violation of my human rights described in the ECHR articles such as Article 6 - fair trial Article 13 - effective remedy Having made the case against the impartiality of the Sheriff Court in this case, I do wish nevertheless to record my thanks for the bail, if not the conditions for bail, which was granted to me by the Sheriff and my thanks also to Mr McLeod, my solicitor for applying for bail on my behalf. I value my freedom above all so I would not willingly remain in police custody or inside HM prison in preference to seeking bail from the Sheriff Court. Indeed it was not until my release by Aberdeen Sheriff Court on bail that there was demonstrated any official behaviour in this matter which was informed by "intelligence", unless one counts my own intelligently stoical approach during the police raid and my arrest and imprisonment. Since I have gotten onto the subject of "intelligence" it perhaps is appropriate at this stage of my reply to introduce myself as someone blessed with higher intelligence than many. Mine seems to be the type of intelligence which is not always apparent to all considering the scrapes with the police and courts I have got myself into over the years. Being so blessed with higher intelligence, I feel a moral obligation to volunteer myself for political leadership duties where I think that I can make a difference for the better. Considering the trials and tribulations it seems I must on occasion endure as a consequence of my leadership activities, the misunderstanding of which is the bane of my life, sometimes higher intelligence does not seem to be an unqualified blessing but nevertheless I would not choose to have been born any other way nor would I seek to avoid my obligations to society to lead when the leadership which is needed appears to be in short supply. Specifically, I cannot in all good conscience fail to offer my leadership in opposition to the monarchy and in support of the better republican alternatives.
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    Good question. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh from the early 1980s and I taught mathematics and computer at a Glasgow College in the late 1980s. I came to Aberdeen in 1990 to do a one-year post-graduate course in Information Technology (Medical Physics). The first problem was that the Department of BioMedical Physics and BioEngineering didn't want to offer me the Master of Science I was studying for (only a diploma) and didn't want to offer me a chance to re-sit the exams for the M.Sc. The next problem was that the same Department excluded me for complaining at their public meetings. The next problem was that the managers of the whole university excluded me for complaining at their public meetings. The next problem was the the lawyers for the university got court orders from the Sheriff court to enforce the exclusions. The next problem was that the lawyers for the university got a court order from the Supreme Court in Edinburgh to stop me giving out leaflets criticising my exclusion and took contempt of court proceedings against me to threaten me with imprisonment if I didn't stop my campaign. So then in about 1995 I was excluded from university with the worst reference ever "We don't even allow him on the campus" and I had no legal way to take legal action about it or campaign. Then in 2002 I did a Higher Biology at College and then was admitted to Robert Gordon University but was then excluded after one term because of my political outspokenness. The fact that Aberdeen University had previously excluded me I think made it easier for RGU to think they could do the same thing to me no bother - nobody cared about what happened to me, so if Aberdeen University could put me out like a dog then so could RGU. There is simply no way to get a science type job without a good reference and I have the worst reference. I am of course very dissatisfied with what's happened. If the courts had simply butted out and allowed me to argue my case in and around the university, I believe I could have got them to agree to allow me to resit my exams. But because the university lawyers could get court orders to shut me up, that was the end of it. So my dispute is with the courts and the university authorities and with the kingdom, the fact that we have a rotten head of state who allows the courts to terrorise people into silence, denying campaigners the right to campaign about their issue, denying us civil liberties and legal human rights such as freedom of expression.
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    I once spoke on the same BBC radio Scotland election phone-in question and answer programme as Salmond. 2007 I not for "whining and moaning" as Salmond implied there but for fighting back against the Queen's officers who don't allow protests by BANNING THE QUEEN (and Windsor royal family) from Scotland. 2009
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    a) dressed up, past tense, years ago. Not had that kit on in years, since about 2008 I think. The last time when I went out street campaigning (in June 2016 for the EU LEAVE/REMAIN referendum) I wore one of the official campaign t-shirts, which the organisers had had printed for their campaign volunteers to help them get noticed as a campaigner, rather than thought to be somebody at random trying to accost passers-by. The campaign gear is all part of the street theatre. Then again everyone knows that, except you. b) my "Standard Bearer" outfit was in the military style but it was a one-off, nothing like it worn by anyone else, not even the Salvation Army, not even the boy scouts. I was a one-man band with that gear on. In no way was it a "uniform" because it wasn't uniformly the same as anybody else's outfit. Here's a nice picture of me in a suit. Calm yourself down man.
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    I have already discontinued my attempts to flirt with the lady concerned. There is no need to tell me to do something which I have already done willingly. My interest in women is perfectly normal and no cause for fear and alarm. There was no abuse and no threat and so there was no crime. I should not pay heed to any such false order to "admit" to something which is not true. What there was, was a miscarriage of justice. Teabags, your contribution to the political debate is not helpful.
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    This is the bloke from my works account... I boguth Euro Truck Simulator 2. And it's chill as fuck. Reversing a trailer into a spot first time after a 200km drive without any speeding fines is great. Fuck games, I'm a Dutch trucker now.
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    OK, Here are my ghost stories... sure I've posted these before but what the hell? The ghost turns off the gas cylinders at the valves. You're in the bar yourself, working through the day, no other staff, nobody has access to the gas. Suddenly the beer stops pouring so you go downstairs and there no CO2 pressure, you think this is weird because you only changed the cylinder the day before, so you check and sure enough it's turned off. If was clearly on earlier because the beer was pouring then. This also happens with the mixed gas, but not with the fizzy drinks machine. It also turns off the gas feeds to individual drinks. All of a sudden the Guinness or whatever will stop pouring and you go down and the keg is full, then you notice the gas pressure to the Guinness is down, and that the valve has been turned off at the cellar buoy. This can happen with pretty much any product, Pretty much all the full time staff (the ones who change kegs and cylinders) have experienced this at least once, and some of us have had it happen many times. It gets worse when there's building work going on. *** After the bar is shut, you can hear people walking about down in the cellar, this is very common. If you go down there you can hear people walking about upstairs. It's usual to hear the keg cellar door slam shut, a noise we're used to, but a bit creepy if all the bar tenders are upstairs... *** Glasses quite often jump off the shelves. I've seen this happen and it was like the glass was pushed/knocked off. *** Once the duty manager and myself were in cleaning up at around 2am. Nobody else was in the building. Back then the mop bucket used to live behind the bar. It's a sturdy little thing on wheels. I was up at the dance floor sweeping and Dougie was cleaning tables down near the door. We were both sober. There's this rumble rumble noise then a thump, then rumble rumble rumble, then the mop bucket appears at the bar hatch, then a thump and it rolls off the step onto the floor. Then it rumbles a couple of meters forward into the middle of the floor, a good 10 yards away from either of us, and then it tips over onto it's side which should be fucking impossible as it has 4 wheels. It was empty BTW. So this bucket had rolled forward 12 ", negotiated a perfect 90 degree right turn, rolled forward 3 feet, negotiated another perfect 90 degree to to bring in in line with the hatch, rolled neatly through the hatch barely wider than itself, down a step, another couple of meters then fallen onto it's side. *** One evening I was the only person in the bar and finishing up in the cellar. I was in the office which is roughly under table 4/table 5. It was around 2.30 am. Earlier in the week the police had been in with a missing persons form. This woman who was a regular customer of the bar had gone missing and nobody knew where she was. We had to call a number if we saw her. This woman had been drinking in the bar since the 70s. Anyway I started to get the chills, and feel a thumping in my head. Suddenly this little piece of paper fluttered down from the cellar roof and landed face up on my desk. It was a little B&W passport photo, and old photo of a woman. Now the chills really intensified and I broke out in massive goosebumps. My head was absolutely pounding and it felt like the pressure in the room had intensified. My focus as directed completely at this picture and I was feeling a rising sense of panic. I turned it over and on the back in said "Anne 1976". It was an old photo of the missing woman. I bolted up and out of the cellar, upstairs then out of the bar. I stood outside for 20 minutes to scared to go back in and lock up. Later on we discovered than Anne had died. I don't know the full circumstances. I've never seen the photo again, but later found a similar one, from the same set, in some old bar documents that I had at home. That was creepy shit. *** Once I came up from the cellar and a small knife flew past my head. It was a harmless bread knife. I just assumed that someone had hidden after closing and was playing a joke on me - there was nobody there. *** A few weeks back I went downstairs to get my jacket to leave, I heard Amy and Chris should goodnight but Teabags was still upstairs. I could hear him moving about. I did my end of day shit, got my jacket and headed back up. There was no sign of him so I thought he must have gone for a piss or a wank as I could hear noises from the gents. I waited for ages and eventually went into the toilets looking for him. Turned out that he'd left with Chris and Amy. BTW you are all cunts for leaving me alone in there