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    Complications from concussion... caused by years of being hit on the head by a wooden spoon, I heard. Only Badger knows the truth and tbh his silence on the matter speaks volumes.
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    Be a GBOL and donate or set up a box in your office/work etc for collection. http://imgur.com/a/QFwgR [/img]
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    I'm gonna be rich when I open a gentleman's barber that sells siphon coffee stout in a viking horn and a gourmet burger that drips beard oil into your face muff as you bite into it cos it only has a top bun.
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    Yeah. That was me. Let's fight. My beef is more with Amazon Logistics. Amazon have somehow put together their own courier service that is worse than Yodel ever was. They keep delivering my stuff to a similar address a mile down the road. It's a different post code, and a different street name. They both just have St Peter in the name. I have to keep going to the guys house to get it, and he's getting pissed off with me. But what can I do? I keep getting on Amazons case about my address. I even screenprinted Google maps of where I live and emailed it to them asking them to stick it on the packaging, so their shithead driver can find me. But it still gets sent to the wrong house. I have to get everything sent to the Amazon lockers now, and they're ages away. Recently, an Amazon driver knocked on my door and gave me a parcel. (They can find me when it's not for me!!). I wasn't expecting anything. I looked at the address and it was not for me. The address wasn't even similar. I have no idea why he was here. I told him where the street was. "Oh ok" he mumbles, and he leaves. The next day, the same driver comes back with the same parcel. I tell him again that it's not for here, and where the street is. He says "Can't you take it there?". I shit you not. A delivery man asked me to deliver a parcel for him. I said no and told him again where the street is. It's just down the road, right on the main road. He leaves again. About half an hour later, I go to take my recycling out. I open my garden gate. What is on the floor on the other side of the gate? The fucking parcel. I phone Amazon and told them that their shithead driver is shit. I ask them if the guy is going to come back and get the parcel. They say "No. you can just keep it". That was their solution. They don't even want to recover and redeliver it. I didn't keep it. I walked down the road and gave the woman her parcel, because I'm a great guy, much greater than Amazons customer service. Me > Amazon. The woman didn't seem very grateful though. I should have kept it. That crabby little shit.
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    I always go to the same barber. Local, €12, in an out in half an hour. Minimal shitchat. Last year I decided to go to a trendy barber that opened nearby for a change of scenery. You get a free beer and they have PlayStations. There was someone in the chair when I arrived so I waited a while. I noted the guy was unusually chatty and it was taking a while, but nothing could have prepared me for what was coming. As soon as I sat in the chair he started with an absolute blizzard of bullshit. Like Jay Cartwright levels of bullshit. Here's a few of the tales he spun me. He was the brother of a famous Irish international footballer. He (the hairdresser, not his brother) used to play for Arsenal. He'd played alongside Vieira, Henry, Pires etc. He'd made 1 or 2 appearances in the first team, was loaned out to Aston Villa, but fell out with the manager there and never played a game. Had his career ended after a training ground tackle by an Arsenal teammate who had a grudge against him (I can't remember who but it was someone famous). Moved back to Ireland, starting playing for League of Ireland teams, was the all time highest scoring player in LOI history (he had only recently retired, he was a young guy, maybe about 30). Got 1 Ireland cap while playing in LOI, missed a free kick by inches. Had since become a qualified barber, owned this place (he didn't), had won Irish barber of the year so many times they wouldn't let him enter the competition any more. (I Googled all of this when I got home and it was all bullshit, every word). Claimed to be a very very rich man who owned a string of businesses but was wearing a tracksuit. I'm not saying he was definitely off his face on drugs, but he was slurring his words, his eyes were half closed and at one point he tripped over my foot and ended up sitting on my lap. Gave me comfortably the worst haircut I've ever had and spent so long talking (he couldn't cut hair and talk shit at the same time apparently) that the whole thing took an hour and half. Took 25 quid off me for the privilege. I went back to my usual place after that.
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    It's only horrifying if you're not a white, straight, protestant terrorist with a literal belief in the old testament, a fear of catholics and a complete lack of understanding basic scientific principles....
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    whatever that means. This is a project called LOV3 MOT3L a few of us have been working on. It started off as a synthy dream poppy thing then went off in various directions. Our album is here: https://lov3mot3l.bandcamp.com Hope you like it.
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    True. It was a standard "this is all the characters" script, but still better than most. Especially as none of the characters dramatically changed after 6 episodes, like a lot of sitcoms. They jump right into the weirdness in Episode 2. The Jeff/Pierce montage in Spanish class is probably in my top 5 favourite bits from the whole show.
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    I was reading some Tweets from Mackems earlier in the week, being annoyed that their 'big' club can't attract anyone of a higher calibre than McInnes, yet their supposedly smaller, inferior neighbouring club have a manager like Benitez, how they're doomed and destined for a consecutive relegation and that McInnes will be gone by Christmas. The same folk are now all raging that the McInnes deal has gone to pot. That does please my irrational and rather baseless dislike of Sunderland. Shit club with shit fans who leave in droves as soon as they concede a goal. I hope they're right. A consecutive relegation would be a right laugh.
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    You make this face, pay and walk out without saying a word:
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    Tell me more, tell me more. (Like, does he have a car?)
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    I am enjoying the music of Prince today, now available on Spotify.
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    Can't find a forum on here anywhere for this so thought I'd start one! starting off here was my first bike; 1983 Honda cm custom 125, lovely japnese bike most comfortable thing I've ever ridden shame it could barely do 50! Second bike; 2007 Honda cbr 125, possibly the fastest 125 with a few cheeky extras on it, especially the carbon black widow exhaust, top speed 105, which is fairly impressive for a 125. As for now im building a cafe racer from a 2006 Chinese bike, currently getting the; engine, forks, suspension, alloys and rear swing arm powder coated black, after that awaiting new headlight, indicators, chain and sprockets, plus throttle and clutch cables then all I need to do is put it back toghether! So is is there anybody else here who owns a motorbike?
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    I've been pretty content with my lot for a while but I hear that Yamaha are about to revamp my favourite of their basses, the BB series. Gone are the fussy chromed pickup rings, the inlays are more streamlined and modern, but it still retains the familiar but not body shape and I think these are the best looking BBs in a while. My favourite which I wouldn't mind picking up is the BB734A. First bass in a while which has said "buy me". I'm also getting old so I think the burst looks best. Kill me now.
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    Heaps of The Warlocks. Going to see them on Thursday to in fucking Sleazy's.
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    I'd never listened to Justice before, as I often saw their name lumped in with commercial dance music, assuming it was just cookie-cutter nightclub dance pop. The 1st album, Cross, is nasty as fuck. All chewed up, grimy bass, an auditory headache, but also so damn catchy. Also, loads of Har Mar. He who is tired of Har Mar is tired of life. Definitely in the Top 5 of Greatest Human Beings.
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    Long post ahead - don't read it. I'd really love them to do a Portsmouth - tumble all the way down the pyramid, then just rot down there forever. Not go out of existence entirely, as I'm sure there is a section of their support that isn't comprised entirely of dopes and weirdos, but for enough away for us to never have to play them in a league game again. They're a shambles, and I don't even take joy in their plight anymore. They issued this mess of a statement the other day: https://www.safc.com/news/club-news/2017/june/update-on-manager-position Ellis Short has been terrible for them, and any incoming board would obviously want "their guy" in the dugout, but the timing of this is just crazy to me. Entering a months-long takeover process during the most pivotal period of time in your club's recent history - a time that demands strong, assertive decision-making? Cool. They're sleepwalking themselves into oblivion. I remember in January, when the board revealed there'd be no significant transfer budget, and Moyes said they wouldn't sign anyone who'd "make a difference." It's like they're perfectly cognisant of their situation, but don't want to do anything about it. Moyes had an air of defeat about him from the moment he walked in, and it got worse throughout the season. Now, the seemingly outgoing board are in the process of completely botching their new season, and if they stick around, there's no chance of the next manager being given a decent transfer budget. Anyone, enough about those wretched cunts. Interesting season ahead for Newcastle. Our squad isn't even close to good enough (personally, I don't even think we had the strongest group of players in the Championship last season), but we can't afford to do what we did last summer and turn 40-45 players over. We made a slow start to the league campaign as a direct result of that, and those lost points will be much harder to reclaim in the Premier League. I feel like Rafa's brand of football will fare better against the PL's superior opposition, though. Last season's greatest struggles came when teams parked the bus and shut us out. Our system is quite reactive, and relies on staying disciplined while opposing teams attack, before moving forward and capitalising on any holes the leave behind. Obviously, teams will be more inclined to do that against us in the Premier League, which will probably see the squad overachieve somewhat. Think we'll finish somewhere between 12-15th. For my money, we need a goalkeeper, centre back, left back, central midfielder, attacking midfielder, and left winger, plus a couple of extra bodies for the squad. A left flank of Dummett and Atsu/Gouffran won't cut it at this level. Shelvey needs a beefy partner who'll sit back during his forays. Happy to give Gayle a shot up front, as he was averaging a goal every 95 minutes (or something daft) in the Champ. As long as we don't get relegated again, I'm happy tbh.
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    TICKETMASTER. Shower of cunts
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    That's me firmly on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. I watched the first few episodes back when it was first on and couldn't get into it but decided to stick it out this time. Totally won over now. Fantastic show. Only onto S02E08 so plenty episodes to go, which is ace. Gave an audible 'YASS!' when Joffrey took a turd to the coupon. It's unlike any show i've ever watched really - you've got to let it wash over you in a way, rather than look for characters or storylines to hook onto. The closest thing to a 'main' character is probably Arya so far but there's not really a main storyline, which I really like. Everything that happens is portrayed as both hugely significant and inconsequential in a weird way. Good shit like.
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    Secretly? I think it's fucking awesome! xx
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    any one else secretly love RuPauls Drag Race? yeah, nah.. me either
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    https://www.facebook.com/events/1504045156282427 Great night of heavy blues rock/ stoner at Musical Vision on saturday 24th june . £8 entry, but it's bring your own booze, so it's a cheap night out. Go to Facebook event page and get your name down to guarantee a spot as it's a limited crowd.
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    Knowing, as I do, exactly fuck all about NI politics even I can see aligning with the DUP is madness. Remaining impartial when it comes to Ireland is critical to the peace process surely. Also, if I was a Conservative supporter I'd be raging that my party was now aligned with such backwards beliefs. I mean, I just hate poor people, i'm not mental!
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    It's in Dublin. Like most on this site I don't live in Aberdeen any more Let me know if you're ever coming over I'll point you towards it!
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    Stealing that for my WhatsApp group chat. Not giving you credit. I'll applaud the pun though.
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    Truth. Trendy barbers can do one. They kit it out with some retro decor, and then charge £30+ for a trim. Nah. I'd rather go to a grotty one in one of the units at the end of a bus station. It's just a hair cut. Walked in to one the other week in Bath. Looked at the price list and quickly walked out. No need to pay that amount for a no.6 up the back and sides and a bit of a scissor on top. Went around the corner to a less kitschy sort of place, payed a third of the price for the same job, whilst talking about holidays and why I'm not at work - standard. If I stayed at the other place, they'd have probably wanted to talk about craft beer, vinyl, and cats. Urgh.
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    As if something like an international agreement could stop May from a power grab.
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    The DUP claim the world is only 6000 years old, but if you cut May in half and count the rings in her cunt, she has been around longer than that.
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    Clip2net.com sounds like something my granny would accidentally install
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    Who Framed Roger Kimmett?
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    Not an actual stalk, but a virtual one. Cloud is still alive. Unbelievable.
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    Tory and DUP alliance. Fuck me that's a horrifying thought. xx
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    Amusing result on the whole but also kind of annoying to now be living in a Tory seat. I didn't come to live in Scotland to have to put up with that kind of nonsense.
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    My issue with 'newer' Simpsons is the amount of guest voices they cram in to an episode which kind of forces it to be based around that person(s). The better and more watchable episodes in Season 20-somethings are the ones where they stick to the basics. They still tell good stories and jokes when they're not trying to shoehorn guests in. There are a lot of good episodes that they don't really get credit for, because of the widespread opinion that Post-S8 is terrible, but the ratio of bad to good episodes in S20 onwards is in favour of bad, and that ratio gets larger with each passing season. They still put in some pretty cringey jokes too though. Like when they just decided the Rich Texan was going to be obsessive compulsive. What's that about? Awful joke that they keep bringing back. That's just one I can think of off the top of my head. There are others. And Lisa. Lisa episodes are always terrible, apart from the Jedidiah Springfield/Hans Spungfeld episode, though she's not the reason that episode is good, but she manages to be bearable. She seems to have become the main character in S20 onwards. When they make Lisa sing, with that voice, it has to get switched off.
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    Not an actual stalk, but a virtual one. https://www.facebook.com/rothgarion.kimmett Roger Kimmett is still alive. Unbelievable.
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    I think they make it a clearer in episode 3 or 4 - they straight out say what is happening and who is who, whereas in the book (soz) it isn't as explicit.
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    It was Badger who loved mashed potatoes, noob. Can't believe he was 67 tho.
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    Bodger no longer enjoys mash potatoes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodger_%26_Badger
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    fuck thats grim! haha George street is really bad for barbers and tattoo shops these days but ive not seen a combo yet! no doubt that ll be spewdogs next endeavour
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    CM was my first one as well! Got a Bonnie now and an old project bike that isn't getting anywhere!
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    It's going ot be called "The Craftsman Company" it has the windows done with the decals etc and there is a facebook page but it doesn't look anywhere near ready to open. Was speaking to the guy who runs the Wig and he said they were looking at opening a pub there but because they turned it into offices which literally no one used it was going to cost about 100k to turn it back into a bar. No idea how accurate those figures are like.
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    The only Burger joint I'm interested in is Three Brothers in Bristol. Its a little pricey, but it's badass, and the place is on a MFing BOAT on the canal. They have the best selection of beers and ciders. A couple of years ago, we arrived late in to Bristol after delayed flights and trains. The place was supposed to close at half 10. We arrived at 10 and they said no problem. They were letting people in for food until near midnight. Food stopped at 12 but folk could come in for beers after that. Then we sat out on the deck of the boat and drank all of the cider until 2am, whilst watching the mad thunder that delayed our flight. They close when the party is over. 3 Bros aside, I'd rather make my own burgers, or go elsewhere. Most burger joints are weird and try too hard to deliver a gimmick nobody wants, and the burgers are often bang average at best. If you're ever in Bristol, go to 3 Brothers. And invite me.
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    If you routinely spend over £6 for a burger, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.
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    Anyone watching American Gods? It's a bit different - Gillian Anderson is in it and she's brilliant. To be fair, all the actors and characters are great.
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    He first appears in Age of Ultron.
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    Twin Peaks: The Return has been great TV. Thank god Lynch put his foot down and demanded 18 hours. The original 9 hours he was offered wouldn't be enough. We made home-made cherry pie and brewed some Death Wish Inc coffee and stayed up to watch the first two episodes at 2am. Well worth it. Episodes 3&4 were also amazing. (HELLOOOOOOOO) Can't wait for this week's episodes.
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    Almost exclusively Hank Williams for the last few days.
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    Hookers Green no1 they were really good weren't they? the answer is yes