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    Established Aberdeen rock covers band looking for a singer. We are two guitars, bass and drums that play music from AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi and Metallica. Gigs booked into 2018.
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    Every time I see one of your window-banging vids I think about this house I walk past every morning when I walk my dogs. A totally unassuming, normal house except there's a sign in the front window that says 'You are being recorded'. Now, I've never banged on a window or pestered anyone in any way but fuck me it's so tempting to put a rock right through that window, pull a moonie and run off cackling. There's just something passive-aggressively authoritarian about it. It just doesn't sit right. I imagine your window triggers the same part of the brain for many people.
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    Support your neighbourhood Bar- or, in this case, my neighbourhood Bar. You know, half of 'em are on the verge of going bust, don't you? …..and then where will we get to play? Smiddy, Daviot, 3pm. January 27th. It's always good- especially compared to backing tracks, YouTube, and books of Tab, which don't quite make sense.