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    sounds like Royal Mail did you a favour, ENter Shikari are gash.
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    Especially after a showing of a fuck-fest like Shrek! xx
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    pet peeve: Enter Shikari.
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    That last Paragraph made absolutely no sense to me. Am I now an old cunt?
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    Let's not get caught up in Petty details. He's deed.
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    In the first one I played (96/97ish when you could only manage in England or Italy) you could edit the commentary. I had a long standing two player game with my mate Wayne and he edited it all without telling me, one afternoon I went round to his house to play and suddenly it was saying "Roberto Baggio is through on goal, and he's MISSED BY MILES the useless fat cunt"
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    I worked in a cinema for a while, Have never set foot in one since. when you find a puddle of jizz after a showing of Shrek 3 you kinda get put off.
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    6 years since I moved to Ireland, and for the last year or so I'd say I have proper mates, not friends, not acquaintances, but real mates, the kind that you know they're real mates because you rip the piss out of each other all night, but you know if you rang them at 4am for any reason they'd have your back. Went to the cinema with two of them last week and they're the kind of people who talk all the way through the film. Time to find new mates.
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    Pushy people on eBay, again. I thought it was just record buyers, but it's everyone. I've listed my iPad, as I haven't used it in about a year. Within half an hour, I get 5 messages asking for the Buy It Now price. Not "Would you be willing to put a Buy it Now price up?". No. A straight "What is the buy it now price" from all 5 of these goobers, like I have one but haven't told them. I send them all a generic "Sorry, no BIN price. Auction only". One of them has been a persistent little shite though. He comes back and says "I will pay £220 including P&P to USA. Please e-mail me your Paypal address to my e-mail address below so I can pay you." Then he signs off with "God Bless America". I don't have time for this. I copy and paste him what I told him the first time. He again replies "£220 waiting. What is your address so I can make prompt payment". I'm going to ignore him. If he send me another message, I'll take his £220, and mail him a bag of cat shit.
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    yeeeeaaah, that Expander album is wild. Perturbator doesn't sound anything like that but it's just out today and I think it's neat:
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    Sci-fi Thrash, like Vektor, but more punk. And it was recorded at God City, so it sounds colossal, like you're being repeatedly kicked in the head. https://expander.bandcamp.com/album/endless-computer I've listened to the new Propagandhi LP repeatedly in the last 2 weeks. So good.
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    That really is a pain in the arse.
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    You thought correctly.
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    How is reading the meter still a job that a person has? You can submit readings by text message now. I can do mine through an app, because it's not the 80's. When I was with SSE, they were dead pushy about their men reading the meter, even though they'd send me text messages saying "You MUST submit your meter readings NOW" which I'd do, then a guy would still turn up a few days later. He always seemed to come in the evenings whilst I was cooking, and my gas meter was a pain in the arse to get to in the very small kitchen, so I'd tell him "I've already sent them in". "Yeah, but you are legally obligated to let us see them" and starts giving me some spiel about how the meter is their property, giving it large like he's a bailiff. Nah. Kitchen's occupied. Go get a warrant. You drive a van around to do a job that can be done by e-mail. Jog on.
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    Played alongside the needles with our band many a time in the 90s.. They were more 50s than the 50s at times. Cool band
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    Both out today: This is good. This is also good.
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    Weird seeing all the "what a hero" "total legend" stuff bout Hefner today. From many accounts, the guy was a total piece of shit.
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    Cinemas are just a harrowing experience because everyone who goes to them is a bastard. Have you ever seen a film at the cinema where people didn't turn up late, loudly? There is no such thing. You could be watching the one and only screening of a completely unknown foreign film at midnight, and someone would still turn up late, post-trailers, and unzip the biggest, noisiest coat in the seat right next to you, and light up their face with their mobile phone on full brightness for the whole film. Keep the mates. Avoid cinemas forever.
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    Awesome. I'll give it a download asap!
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    https://dirtytrick.bandcamp.com/album/foul-play-ep There you go man, let me know what you think!
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    I'm really liking the new album by Alvvays. It seems to have had pretty mixed reviews but it's just top tunes from start to finish. What else are people looking for?
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    Qualifying bands from the 16 heats:* 900 TNTAlternative psychedelic rock band.- www.facebook.com/Munstertnt/* AUDIOKICKSIndie/alternative rock.- www.facebook.com/Audiokicks/* BROADSEA Alternative post-rock with a dash of spice.- www.facebook.com/broadseaofficial/* CASPER HEYZEUS"Like a bad smell from the 80s", it says here.- www.facebook.com/Casper-heyzeus-447034045484631/* CROOKED LITTLE VEIN Risen from the dead!- www.facebook.com/crookedlittlevein/* DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR A shifting collective of dreamers and miscreants.- www.facebook.com/Deadloss-Superstar-373839512637574/* DIRTY TRICK Hard rock band.- www.facebook.com/DirtyTrickBand/* ECHOTHEFALLEN Dark Metal band from the North East of Scotland.- www.facebook.com/echothefallen/* FOR PONY Pop punk invaders.- www.facebook.com/ForPonyUK/* GYPSY ROOTS Reggae dub, ska, punk, gypsy funk.- www.facebook.com/GyspyRoots/* THE INEVITABLE TEASPOONS A five-piece R&B/rock band.- www.facebook.com/TheInevitableTeaspoons/* KILLER CLYDE Hard rock for your listening pleasure.- www.facebook.com/KillerClyde/* LOA Blending melodic punk with electric folk.- www.facebook.com/aberdeen.loa/* MICHAEL JAMES AND THE BEDHEADSDrinking jars and playing guitars.- www.facebook.com/MichaelJamesAndTheBedheads/* WOLVES IN LEGGINGSRock band on a mission to bring back REAL music!- www.facebook.com/WolvesinLeggings/* WORLDS APARTInfluenced by mod, old school new wave, and indie.- www.facebook.com/worldsapartscotland/* THE ZENITHRock band from Fraserburgh.- www.facebook.com/zenithMSR/
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    Showaddywaddy 17th May 1975 at the Capitol
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    How can you not love Garth Crooks?
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    Where could one get the full EP in digital format? Track is good! Riffs are cool, great production, not crazy about the vocals on first listen, but I'd like to hear it context with whole EP.
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    there are loads of acoustic night in town, I don't know the legality of having someone as young as you in the venues though? I'd suggest you contact Siberia or the Wig on facebook and they can probably give you some advice
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    More likely to get responses if you post photos and prices...