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    I've been slogging away with the Cleansing the Commonwealth type missons for a while now, avoiding the storyline.... Trying to keep on top of all my settlements, bu tone day I'm just going to fucking burn them all down and murder everyone in their sleep for being such useless cunts.
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    Another total fucking banger. "Men with millions and hearts as dark as the skin they fear and the cars they park" is one of the best lines I've heard in a good while too. Fuuuuuuuck aye. xx
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    Pet hate: cereal killers.
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    The missus just said to me 'oh that fucking Charles Manson is dead thank god' I replied 'thank god indeed, he was on my celebrity death list' before doing a mini fist pump.
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    A Farewell to Arms; For Whom the Bell Tolls; and The Old Man and the Sea were my favourite Hemingway books back in the day. I reread the Old Man and the Sea a year or two ago and it was still great. The guy is known for his (really influential) ultra-plain style and The Old Man and the Sea is the apex of that (one of his last books; and it reflects the thoughts of a fisherman who probably can't even read). For Whom the Bell Tolls might be more to your liking: simple style, again, but I think the syntax is supposed to reflect the Spanish the characters would really be speaking, which makes the prose a bit quirkier than other Hemingway novels. Plus it's about fighting fascists. A Farewell to Arms is about being a stretcher bearer to Italians fighting German imperialists. I didn't like all his stuff (normal for a novelist, though). Didn't like Fiesta; can't even remember the basic premise.
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    Nae worries, I'll put something up if we are doing any gigs
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    Fucking foreigners. Who the fuck do they think they are?! Coming here and telling us to enjoy Christmas?! MADNESS! xx
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    Morning folks, Our new single is out via Anti-Manifesto with the album to come early next year. Here's the vid: Paper Rifles - "Faith Healer"
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    The gobby cow in my office who repeats things like "they've been told they can't put up Christmas decorations any more in case they offend non-Christians" and it's "CHRISTmas, the clue is in the name" and "its merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays" on a stupid loop for the past month. She has also said more than once that you can't say blackboard any more or sing baa baa black sheep, and I got caught in the crossfire of an anti abortion rant recently too. She talks shit, all day, very loudly.
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    Finished GoT - totally get the boner-fest around this show. Fucking ace. Mega late to the party but i'm on-board 100%. Thought the whole world had gone dungeon and dragons and I was the only non-nerd but I understand it now.
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    I've never used a stove top so can't compare, but I am a fan of Aeropress. It makes a really tasty, super smooth cup of coffee, and in under 2 minutes. No spitting out coffee grounds. It's excellent for bringing out the flavours in coffee and cuts out a lot of the bitter flavours. Super easy to clean too, just a rinse under the tap. Cons are inconsistency (though that might just be me) and it only makes one cup at a time.
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    Just a guy who really likes flan casing.
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    It was great to have you out there Frosty! We'll get some more drumming out of you next time! I'll blend in to the back and play a few chords for once!!! It was a really good jam last month, some really fancy playing on some classic songs! You just now there will be some real rocking when Mr. Wah-Wah hits the stage! Always great to see. Everyone should come along and sit in for a bit, we could have the next super group somewhere in the mix! ha ha! See you in January!
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    A good rule of thumb for coffee shops - in my experience - is the comfier the seating, the worse the coffee. Chains can just go and fuck themselves.
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    To clarify, the staff at starbucks are lovely - the coffee is as expected.
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    Thanks pal. I'll check that ASAP.
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    Yeah, I was totally gonna call you out on your major Lavazza fuck up there. What a pure roaster, mate.
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    Whatever happened to the likely deads: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42067506
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    Hi where is the blues jam held and I am 14 would I be able to play ?