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    And all whilst recording the most consecutive appearances in the English Premier League. Impressive.
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    I read one of those clickbaity "things that will make you feel old" things yesterday. They're usually naff, but this one in particular is a good one: Remember Bebeto's 'rock the baby' celebration from USA 94? This is the baby, except not a baby, but a 24 year old man: Sheeeeeit.
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    Managed to get one of these for half RRP from a guy at work who bought it new and then didn't want it. No idea why he wouldn't want it. This might be the most fun musical instrument ever made.
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    FINE. league code: 1381890-313665
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    I have nearly finished Fear and Trembling by Kierkegaard. I find it really hard to read. Would anyone say his writing style is quite dense or is it infact I who is dense?
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    A triumphant return tae the Noose & Monkey....Friday 27th July...kickoff 9pm The place was stowed last time...let's do it again... Good-time, down-home, get-down music from Otis and the lads...
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    Has Kirk Hammett dressed up as The Big Yin?
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    St Anger is 14 years worth of shite.
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    I might be missing something in what you’re asking for, but surely to capture both mixer outs into one you’d just want a 2x mono > 1x stereo cable? https://www.vicsdrumshop.com/planet-waves-planet-waves-10-ft-stereo-1-4-to-dual.html You obviously wouldn’t get a stereo effect given what it is going to, but at least you wouldn’t lose one side altogether.
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    Just dug up these blasts from the pasts. http://www.haxed.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=48256.30
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    Stage 1: Gain their trust
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    Put Vegas to win in my bracket, against the Caps, but as soon as they both made the final all I wanted was to see Ovechkin finally get the ultimate prize. He fucking deserves it. Blocking shots at the end of the third period. Fully committed and honestly, the raw emotion on his face as he got his hands on it was fucking incredible. And aside from just Ovechkin, the final was peak hockey. Two incredible goalies, two incredible offenses, offense coming from 3rd/4th line guys and stay at home defensemen, and both teams going at 100 mph. Nothing new for Ovi, but putting up 15 goals while also running guys through the boards is why he's such a fucking good player. Best playoffs in a while. Here was my bracket, which was pretty fucking close... Now...to the drafting of Rasmus Dahlin and back to being a Sabres fan and getting my heart ripped out of my chest. He's fucking phenomenal. Generational talent. I just hope Edmonton manage to properly build around him or else it's all for nowt.
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    Last night I arrived late at Krakatoa's BBC Fringe night. The Inevitable Teaspoons were already on stage and after a few minutes I was thinking they had a really good drummer. Then I noticed it was Chris who used to be in the Malpaso Gang. The band were very well rehearsed with none of that annoying tuning up between numbers. They unusually featured a trombone player and together with a sax it made for a big sound from this five piece band. Their set went down very well with a large and appreciative audience. The last band featured in this BBC showcase was The Malpaso Gang who were featuring their new femme singer, Eilidh Connolly for the first time. Eilidh showed no sign of nerves and confidently sang great as if she had been with them for years. Well done Eilldh. The whole band are very tight and Abermusic- member Flaneur played some great some great guitar solos. Their 'hot number' Tabasco has benefited from great national publicity over the last couple of months and last night was no exception with the audience joining in the Tabasco chorus. I expect much more success for the Gang. Flashes' enterprising Krakatoa venue has another BBC Fringe night this Friday 25th May. Best not to miss it.
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    I have missed your avatar.
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    This is some staggeringly committed humouring. I am mind blown.
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    Did anyone mention Decipher yet? Tibetan Dave too, especially if you want to pack in the ladies.
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    Decent mix, none of the transitions were jarring and the beats matched. My flatmate really liked it.
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    Great, thanks for giving it a listen.
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    Something I'm working on, feedback appreciated:
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    Sounds like the Pet Shop Boys (when they were decent). I'd listen to a full song.
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    Interesting, was going for a Daft Punk vibe but it's definitely laden with 80s influence. Thanks.
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    Trap beat. buildups a bit hasty/rough but I'm happy with the flow after the drop at least. Thoughts/listens appreciated.
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    https://altrocktm.bandcamp.com/album/vine-of-the-dead gave up trying to embed link, but here's some learning-garageband electro cuts that I made with some collaborators. it's like a tired Godzilla Blues meets a bored seas,starry, or something.
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    It is Sell Out by the band Reel Big Fish also from FIFA 2000
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