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    How ever long you go down for, it will be a life sentence for your cell mate.
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    MESSAGE STARTS A huge thanks to everyone who came along last night, all the bands who took part in Eruption, to the sponsors, and especially to the finalists who competed last night (in alphabetical order): Far Full Fat Sonic Bucker The Malpaso Gang It was a great gig, and only 2 points separated the 4 bands. Congratulations to Far, the overall winner. This city has a wonderful, diverse, vibrant, and thriving music scene. Let's each continue doing our bit to keep it that way! MESSAGE ENDS
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    Not an AGFW nor a pet hate but a funny comment in my office yesterday... One of the web devs was wearing a Jets T-Shirt (NFL team). I bump into her in the kitchen and say 'Go Jets!... didn't know you were a fan' her reply: "Well, i'm not really... i mean, I don't even know all the characters" CHARACTERS!!! She meant 'Players' but said 'Characters'!!! We both got a good chuckle out of it.
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    Ooh-ee-ooh now she's dead like Buddy Holly.
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    I don't have back pain
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    I was with Liz at Buckingham Palace on the morning she got those tweets. She was casually flicking through twitter while have a swan egg on toast, to say she was upset would be an understatement. I thought she showed great constraint by not tweeting back.
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    https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=751636781658356&id=117793225042718 another two songs I wrote
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    haha! can't a boy try something different?
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    John Hurt Age 77 7 points No bonuses apply (although he missed dying on his birthday by 3 days, dammit John). 7 points each for @Scubby and @ca_gere Joost van der Westhuizen Age 45 10 points No bonuses With Unique Pick bonus that's 13 points for @colb A month in, the leaderboard looks like this. Player - Points. / Number of picks / Average Age 1 . colb - 13 1 45 2 . Bigsby - 10 1 73 3 . ca_gere - 7 1 77 4 . Scubby - 7 1 77 5 . Delboy1969 - 0 0 0 6 . Gypsum Fantastic - 0 0 0 7 . Improved Thinker - 0 0 0 8 . James Broonbreed - 0 0 0 9 . Jim McGymersun - 0 0 0 10 . kirsten - 0 0 0 11 . Lemonade - 0 0 0 12 . Lucius - 0 0 0 13 . Mattjimf - 0 0 0 14 . NutleyMedicos - 0 0 0 15 . Scottyboy - 0 0 0 16 . Stroopy121 - 0 0 0
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    Maybe she wants Brendan Rodgers to be their coach.
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    I disagree. I thought they got the balance of nostalgia and creating a whole new storyline pretty much spot on. It was a lot less gritty than the original, much more fun and surprisingly funny, which I do agree affected Begbie a bit, but I think they mostly knocked it out of the park. 4.5/5 for me. I really did want to see Juice Terry on film though.
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    The Night Of. Excellent law/crime/forensic type eight parter. All the cast give excellent performances, but most notably John Turturro and Riz Ahmed Posthumously executively produced by James Gandolfini...
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    May I point out I've never said you were mentally ill - not on this forum anyway.
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    Beware the devil woman.
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    find a cold plate and put that on it.
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    I've been going through the back catalogue of Turned Out a Punk. It's great and nerdy as fuck. Damian from Fucked Up interviews people who are either involved in or grew up with Punk. He asks them how they got in to it, and they discuss their musical chronology in great detail. He's spoken with guests as obvious as Fat Mike and Frank Turner, but also some quite unexpected ones like David Cross from Arrested Development, and Fred Armisen from SNL and Portlandia. Fred is punk as fuck. Athletico Mince by Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson is also hilarious.
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    I thought the singer was Andy Samberg and it was a Lonely Island joke for the first 30 seconds........
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    What struck me most about this is that it's entirely pointless. it doesn't achieve anything,
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    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/kim-jong-un-assassination-female-agents-poisoned-needles-north-korea-killed-dead-death-malaysia-a7579336.html Amazing. This guy would've probably been the current leader of North Korea, but for getting caught visiting Tokyo Disneyland (anything more stereotypically capitalist?) with a fake/passport name. And now his (half, although I hadn't previously known that) brother has apparently had him assassinated in a foreign country.
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    facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/225079317915054/ facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/225079317915054/
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    I am looking for some musicians to play in our hotel bar on a regular Friday or Saturday nights. I am open to various styles and would be happy to hear from anyone perhaps with a link to a sample and prices.
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    Woods put me onto the new Code Orange and it definitely makes me want to punch things without thinking of the consequences. 4/5, would punch again.
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    My mrs has been watching Gilmore Girls. I forgot how much I hate the titular girls. I'm a fan of Archer and Sunny, yet Rory and Lorelai are the most selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant people I've seen on tv. I woke up this morning to my gf watching a scene where Lane pages Rory, who then asks for Lorelai's cell phone to go outside. Why not just use it in the diner? The owner has a no cell phone policy. But it's funny to wind him up. Lorelai is a cunt. Then Rory reenters the diner, shouts across the diner at her mum, interrupting other patron's meals, about how she's away to stand across the street from Lane and shout at her, probably annoying innocent bystanders. Rory's a cunt. They're just the worst people who thing talking fast and drinking coffee makes them good people. Also, what kind of shite mum is Lorelai letting someone of Rory's age binge on coffee all day, then she has a cheek to question Lane's mum's parenting. What an absolute cunt. I haven't seen A Year In The Life because I know it doesn't end with them both dying and I don't want to be sorely disappointed. I remember Gilmore Girls being good T4/E4 hangover tv. On rewatch, it absolutely boils my piss. What a pair of clowns. I shouldn't be too mad at Rory though (although I will because my rage knows no bounds), she's a product of her environment, her ma though. What an absolute fucking shitebag.
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    I was out with some people from work on Friday night, one girl is I think 20 or 21, we were talking about TV shows we like and specifically animations and she said "I never watch the Simpsons, it's so bad, though I've heard it used to be good". THERE ARE FULLY GROWN ADULTS IN THE WORLD WHO DO NOT REMEMBER THE SIMPSONS BEING GOOD.
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    Big Gus in centre mid? Bit old no?
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    It took me ages to get into a game, but finally have as Derby County. Promoted first season via the playoffs, beating Newcastle Utd in the final (lol). Created a very possession-based formation reliant on a roaming playmaker to make things happen. It's been great, very often have close to 70% possession and heaps of attempts. It was difficult in the Championship with no decent striker to actually finish the attempts off (Derby had a shit load of strikers but none very good - Vydra, Blackman, Russell, Martin, Wilson on loan from Man Utd). Went with Vydra as my main guy and he was okay. Anyway, I GOT PROMOTED, and only really made three signings - Martin Caceres on a free (in November once he realised no other cunt wanted him), James McClean on loan, Chung Yung-Lee on loan. First season in the Prem finished 10th, which is pretty great. Had signed Wilfried Bony on loan who is THE BOY in this formation, along with Leroy Fer (didn't get in the team, really), James McClean (WBA) and Chung Yung-Lee (C Palace) on permanent deals as well as Curtis Davies on a free and Patrick Roberts on loan. Will Hughes is just the best. Sign him if you can, he is incredible. THE LEGENDS THAT GOT ME 10th PLACE: Been handed my first WARCHEST of £50m, and having shipped out M'Vila, Vydra, Martin, Olsson and Fer my NET SPEND on the following was pretty low: Bony (permanent deal from Man City), Snodgrass, Antonio, Cresswell, Ings, Hector (Michael), Begovic Still need a solid DM and backup CB/long-term replacement for Davies, but it's looking good:
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    Yesterday, AGFW put his finger in the fan of a computer processor while it was on and said "OW! That bloody hurt." He then put his finger in the fan again. Also, after having a showerthought of "How the fuck did humans invent bread? Who was the first ground up wheat, added water and baked it?" AGFW chimed in with one of his own "Also, popcorn. How did they decided to eat it once it popped... ... ...they didn't even have cinemas back then"
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    Guy Garvey's voice is the equivalent of PVA glue.
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    Come to the Smiddy bar in Daviot (near Inverurie,) on Sunday, at 3. Bring a guitar....an amp if you like (backline will be in place). Meet some like minded souls and have fun. Get your teetotal mate to drive
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    Many mentally ill people have never been to a psychiatric hospital - the same way that many criminals have never been to prison.
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    It is farcical that his tweets were taken seriously and this made it to a court.
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    Tam Die-ell: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-38764220
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    Almost finished this, been taking it slowly because I'm really really enjoying it but fuck it's destroyed me. I am never having children.
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    Jon Ronson books are great. Psychopath test is maybe even better than publicly shamed. More interesting anyway if not as funny.
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    Really G'd up for some quality deaths this year.
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    My lunch break is the only time of the day where I really get a chance to sit down and read so I cherish it. It's one of my favourite times of the day. I have my favourite reading spot in the canteen (on the sofas in the loungey bit, maybe my favourite reading place of anywhere actually, it's so comfortable) and most people know to leave me alone but every now and again some dullard will decide to sit down next to me for a chat and ruin it. Today was particularly galling as the entire canteen was empty, there were hunners of places to sit.
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    just found out Peter Odemwingie plays for Rotherham now.
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    Witnessed a friend once pick up and squeeze a white dog turd to see what it was. Sure there must have been a better way to test it first.
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    If you all hate each other so much, just glass each other the next time you cross paths for fuck sake.
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    I want to reply, but I'm too busy gargling cocks.
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