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    Sure. Perhaps a quick "Are you using mailers or jiffy bags?" would do. I still have the e-mail of the best one! Here it is: "Please send ASAP to *address*. You should not use a jiffy bag, and you should send by following these steps: Step one. take the record out of the sleeve. dust off any of your fingerprints, dust or residue present before sending. Step two. place 12x12 card between sleeve and LP still inside paper sleeve (this stops the sleeve from bending around the shape of the vinyl) with additional card on outside of sleeve and outside of LP. Step three. place in mailer (here is an example of a record mailer - *link* please use this kind) in the assembled order from step two. Step four. send to me via special delivery. I expect you to send as above as I do not wish to use negative feedback. thanks" He didn't even pay for Special Delivery postage, the cheeky shite! Nah. Fuck that. You're getting it in a bin bag, after I've pissed on it.
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    I ordered pair of sandals for the missus off tinterweb, and instead of a pair of sandals worth £20 arriving I received a North Face jacket for £150.
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    I take your point on accommodation/rider but I still think it pretty unlikely that any of the support acts are getting accommodation provision in their fee. They will have been offered a fee and then made the call themselves whether they can afford to take it on vs what it would cost to stay locally or travel home after the show. Of the support acts announced (that I can see) I have heard every one and seen Bdy_Prts, Indigo Velvet and Neon Waltz live. They are not all to my taste, but they are all doing something professional/polished, understand their live show, and (crucially for this festival) are active and relevant (recent recorded output, touring, radio airplay). [EDIT= I also know for a fact that many of the headline acts have been prescriptive in what kind of support acts will work for them - acoustic/solo acts so as not to disrupt stage set up etc etc., and some of the shows/performances won't require or suit having any support at all.] Yeah, sorry I wasn't clear, but I did mean that you have to be 'good enough' to suit the show/venue/requirements of any show. P.S. Finally a thread about music on aberdeen-music eh? Who'd have thought.
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    Is your dad Mr Bean?
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    Aye, but don't say anything until after Christmas.
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    Your mum isn't a NUS card.
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    Those wikipedia pages will be saying they're both alive as long as I have editing privileges...
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    Resignation handed in to job I hate so I can start a masters.
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    For local bands, it is often the case of "you don't ask, you don't get" and that generally means a hard slog of being ignored and/or rejection. I genuinely think the onus is on the bands to go out and push themselves to the right people. Saying that, TrueNorth awfully close to "PooNorth", make of that what you will.
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    I take date of birth, date of death and cause of death from Wikipedia, for everybody. It's kind of an unofficial rule. I know it's not the most reliable but it keeps everything uniform. Can't budge on this I'm afraid. I guess it's the risk of having people on your team who are at risk of being obliterated into parts so small it leaves them unidentifiable (and also in a war zone)
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    I hear Berlin can really take your breath away.
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    I hate it when you buy clarinet's on ebay only to find out they are fucked beyond repair!
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    new Rick & Morty is the best.
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    Yup, league is up. Code: 499007-205558
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    I just realised how cheap this christmas could be. Student loan and a student card? Main presents are on me lads.
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    Ah... 'seasoning' a new laptop, as I like to call it. Like a cast iron pan.
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    Goes without saying this will be after I win the Premiership with Aston Villa on Football Manager and watch a sickening amount of porn.
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    It is indeed the same guy! I just ran into him and had a long chat with him and his wife Karen at Crovie on the northeast coast of Scotland. He said he put out 6 albums with Island Records and Fairport Convention were his backing band . I'd never heard of him before but he is a very nice guy - currently writing a book about smuggling on the coasts of historic Scotland ..
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    I'm not going to read through this thread again but I remember voraciously supporting Trump and his golf course (and arguing with lepeep, who I still think is a cunt). Yeah I backed the wrong horse here.
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    Great game last night. I love a good comeback and I especially love a game where both teams forget how to defend. Agree on Kolasinac. He looks handy. He has the positioning of a drunk baby, but he recovers by being a mad, hard bastard who will just twat anyone in half. Decent on the ball too. Where is Cazorla? He's been injured for about 3 years now. Is Wilshere still a thing? Is he still at Arsenal? Is he still alive? Lacazette scored with his 2nd touch in Premier League football. First being the kick off. Cool stat is cool. if you're after a non serious podcast, Athletico Mince is a right laugh. They promise 7% football content, but it's mostly about Bob Mortimers health. Its the only sports podcast I keep up with, and it's not really a sports podcast. I'll give the James Richardson one a go though.
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    An NBA journalist once described Javale McGee's performances for the Golden State Warriors as 'a seven minute Godzilla stir-fry'. I feel this is an apt description of Felaini these days. He's gonna be a major part of Man Utd's season imo.
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    Clap-ometers should be the measuring standard of more competitions in general imo
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    I'll stick my neck out and say I'm pretty confident that one of last season's top six will win the league. I also think that four of last season's top six will finish in the top four. Bold stuff. I genuinely think the title is a 'six-horse race' though. All have very strong squads and if they work well as a team on the pitch over the course of the season they are all capable of winning it. I agree that City have the strongest squad but the same could be said about them for the past few seasons and they've not really threatened to win the league for three years. I also think Spurs have as good a chance as anyone. They haven't bought any new players but still have a young team that's improving simply through experience and growing up together. There's a lot to be said for that. Liverpool could easily threaten to win if they can get better at beating the likes of Bournemouth and Burnley. They might not do, but it's not necessarily the biggest challenge to overcome in football. Not sure who'll go down. Potentially anyone other than last season's top six, although I think Everton and Southampton probably don't have too much to worry about. The promoted sides could struggle, although in recent seasons promoted teams have often done a bit better than expected in the first season. I fancy the likes of Watford, Stoke and Burnley to struggle a bit.
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    This True North festival nonsense, another year with minimal Aberdeen representation - still banging on about celebrating the singer songwriter tradition of the North East though...
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    They make pretty good ones a couple of hours west of you - http://tregroeswaffles.co.uk/
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    Stroopwaffels. I now understand why all the young 'uns and staggers all go to Amsterdam in droves. It's definitely all for the stroopwaffels.
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    https://streamable.com/usxus Also, my dickhead of a mate was dead but still on Skype...and played the Optimus Prime death music when I got sniped.
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    tell her shite dad jokes till she fucks off
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    Jesus, that's some serious fuckery right there. Fuck that guy. I sold some records on eBay a while ago and got some right dicks too. Nothing like that sort of level thankfully. 99% of the time I have no problems with eBay, just every now and then you get an uppity arsehole that will do anything try and get a refund / dispute. I had one guy kick up a stink because the antique clarinet I sold him got damaged in transit. There's no way it was damaged in transit because I bubble wrapped the fuck out that thing. He sent me a pic with a tiny chip missing from the mouthpiece, which looked a lot like maybe someone had dropped it taking it out of the packaging, but how can you prove that? Unfortunately damage in transit still seems to be the sellers risk, even if it is genuine. I ended up having to give the cunt a full refund and letting him keep the clarinet (fuck Canada, Brazil and England). I didn't feel too bad though because I'd had it checked out by an expert and it was fucked beyond repair. Of course, he didn't know that.
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    Selling stuff on eBay, listed only as posting to Europe. Get a message. "Hi can you post to Brazil?" I don't really want to post to fucking Brazil but fine, I'll make an exception. Of course the cunt wins the auction. Then as soon as it closes: "Hi, can I pay you next week?" FUCK OFFFFFFFFF. Why bid for something you don't have the money for, cunt? Then he starts hassling me for an invoice. 3 messages in 3 hours. I absolutely 100% know for certain that if it doesn't reach Brazil within a couple of days he'll bombard me with "Hi, this hasn't arrived yet" messages. Fuck Brazil. Why does someone in Brazil even want a Bohemians 2011/2012 home jersey?
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    What a great video. The restraint of the man in the front passenger seat to not chin the cunt immediately is quite admirable, when he quite rightly should have been Chokeslamming that goober through his own windscreen.
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    My gf boaks really easily. I was laughing at her while the scabs were getting cut off. Then the shot cut to the pie and I had a little bit of a dry heave.
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    Game Of Thrones has been back and for two weeks running they've intercut disgusting stuff with food. I no longer eat soup or pies. Also, the guy that plays Hot Pie has started an online bakery called "You Know Nothing Jon Dough", which is only slightly cooler than Hodor's Rave of Thrones.
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    Green Wing is superb, and largely underappreciated. Folk really seemed to hate it when it was on telly. Dr Statham is just the greatest.
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    Netflix not having full seasons. Netflix doesn't have the last 7 episodes of Mad Men. Watched it from the beginning again. Got up to Season 7 episode 7 and it just ended. Thought it might have been a small season as episode 7 did wrap up some arcs while leaving somewhat of a cliffhanger. Felt like a good ending that just came too soon. Then I read that it got split in two halves, like the last season of Breaking Bad. So I've now got to watch the second half of the season on a dvd shop.
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    Holy fuck, it's like watching Basil Fawlty, but sadder. xx
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    Looks like he's taken too many eccies.
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    Anyone else genuinely concerned about jake's financial management?
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    Pretty certain I was given my student card after matriculating in 2001.
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    IIRC there's a good third party skin that does this for you, worth looking out for. I have been absolutely killing FM17 with my 'Derby' formation. Started a Dons game and won the league and league cup first season, league and Scottish cup second season. Now rolling in Champs' League money with £20m in the bank and a hefty transfer budget. If anyone is interested in THE JOURNEY, I might be convinced to supply details and screenshots.
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    I got a free trial to Amazon Prime Student just by using an "ac.uk" e-mail address. Didn't have to prove any acceptance on a course or even an NUS/student card. They didn't even send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address. So you might be able to get it by entering "fakename@bullshituniversity.ac.uk". Give it a go.
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    Amazon Prime accepts letters of acceptance.
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    When I was 15 I had a bus driver take my name and address so an inspector could visit my house before he'd let me on the bus for a half fare. The inspector never came. Also I was 16.
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    My world was OK today, it was mostly my ball bag that was clammy.
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    If by spicey you mean Morgans Spiced, then you deserve everything you get.
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    Too many "of the dead" puns. RIP George A Romero. Finally got a new laptop at the weekend so I'll do some points during the week.
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    Damn, just as I was coming round to quite liking ed sheeran. I've never willingly listened to his music beyond a really good live performance I saw on Reddit but he seems like a decent guy in interviews etc. He was talking about this song as if he was 'stealing Steve Earle's thunder' by making a track called 'Galway Girl'. I think Steve will sleep fine mate. Thats some grad A cringey cultural appropriation.