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    Peter Dow's Standard Bearer 6: The fight for freedom (and your heart) 9.5/10 IGN Navigate legal minefields and proposition government officials as you play a hopeful suitor armed only with keyboard and a hard-on in this action-packed thrill-ride of a game from the makers of Tweetstorm Aberdonia: The Queen Must Die. Available exclusively on Windows 8.1
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    I don't want the serious nature of the conversation to deflect from how flipping hilarious this video is.
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    This feels like a total piley on but I must say it’s good to see some familiar names. how’s abdy? Good?
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    He's referencing the amount of effort you put into YOUR twitter trial and YOUR dismissal from University. Not that i'd speak for Adam but, I really don't think he's being ignorant or foolish, rather I think he's being... well, kinda nice. You could really be a huge asset to a lot of causes/campaigns with your energy, willingness and eye for detail. I'm currently volunteering for an organization that goes out into flippable Trump country districts (i'm in the US) and talks up the democratic agenda. Half the time I honestly just can't be arsed... I hate talking to stupid people, have no respect for anyone who voted Trump so end up pigeon-holing them as twats and am pretty much useless other than the fact I have a car. I really believe in the cause though. What they wouldn't give for someone as passionate and tenacious as you, rather than some half-arse like me. Point is, not a single person on here would fault your effort, it's highly commendable. It just seems to be tragically mis-directed.
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    I wouldn't worry about your scientific research being lost. I'm pretty sure the Fleshlight has been taken as far as it can go.
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    congratulations you found the ONE time that wouldnt be a totally innapropriate and creepy thing to do. Im pretty sure your idea of flirting is pretty much universally unacceptable but you feel free to continue to live in your own creepy little bubble. Your ability to comment on what I am fit to do is negated by the fact that you are clearly a sex pest, a lunatic or mentally disabled. possibly a combination of all three
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    Is there any better illustration of why the #metoo movement exists than a man defending his sexual advances by citing an article in the Human Rights act?
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    "I expect that meeting such an impressive young lady would no doubt be a great pleasure for me, if not for her." You sound like Buffalo Bill, you sick fuck.
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    Peter, fuck off. You're a fucking creepy pervert. Stop this "there was no crime" bollocks and admit, you are fucking disgusting. Cunt.
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    I see you've graduated from harmless but general nuisance to the sort of 'i know you are but what am I' logical cul de sac rhetoric favored by online 'trolls'. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Argue your moral and legal innocence whichever way you want, your credibility was utterly trashed the moment you typed your desperate little parenthetical 'disclosure'. There's no honorable suitor/suitee relationship here. That shit is over. It's one-sided 'sliding into ya dms' creepiness that is (thankfully) getting called out for what it is nowadays. Get your weak shit outta here! (oh wait... it's your thread... nvm)
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    Can a mod step in here and do something? By which I mean, just kill me.
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    Can't you see the problem here? I'm not saying I agree or disagree with your views on the queen. But when I bring up why your comments may be harmful, or when I bring up the damage that "political rhetoric" can do, you seem to miss the point in an effort to get your point across by any means. I will say, I think we should get rid of the Monarchy. But that doesn't stop me seeing the wood for the trees. Republicans should be allowed to tweet. Should republicans be allowed to tweet threatening rhetoric? No. Freedom of Speech stops when you impede the freedoms of others. (Yes, the queen should be given freedoms too.) Look at the recent sentencing of Britain First. Should they be allowed to freedom of speech? yes. Should they be allowed to shout threatening rhetoric at people? No. I'm not trying to equate you with something as extreme as BF, but surely you can see where the line should be drawn in the case of BF. A similar line was drawn for republicans. Get the queen out? yes. Kill the queen? no. Do we have a bias media? Definitely. Just look at the recent "russian-up" of Corbyn's hat. Should there be a more balanced media? Yes. But again, that has it's pitfalls. Everyone remembers the backlash Question Time received for giving Nick Griffin airtime - because, again, of the dangerous political rhetoric he was spouting. With the political climate we're in, even if something is rhetorical, it can have real world ramifications. I would definitely feel like you would get further in your arguments if you stopped arguing them at every corner. I think humility can go a long way. Also, You do only ever contribute to your own threads. Which relates to the point I made in the first paragraph of this comment.
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    Have you ever stopped to think for a second that the problem might be you Peter? I consider myself generally to be a politically and socially conscientious person. I'm fairly confident in speaking my mind or taking action when I perceive what I believe to be injustice occurring. I'm sure a lot of people are the same. BUT, i've never managed to land myself in court over any disputes involving these injustices. At what point did you decide to go full tilt into nuisance mode? Your position against the monarchy, Alex Salmond and whatever and whoever else I understand and support you in exercising your right as a citizen to free speech and opinion - a right that so many in the world aren't afforded. However, you routinely cross the line and land yourself in trouble. Almost as if it's a compulsion on your part. Now, not everyone is against you. It's clearly ridiculous to suggest there's some bias against you as an individual. Perhaps some bias creeps in based on your history, but your fundamental being no one in authority has issue with. I put it to you that these incidents you've actively seeked out and ultimately revel in. Thanks for your time
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    At least he'll have some assistance ascending the stairway to heaven.
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    It was a thread previous to this that actually led to us booking Estrella, I recall Laura and myself figuring that a band would have to be really good to inspire this much jealousy and derision on here, and we weren’t dissapponted. Yes the music was unfashionable, but fuck me even back then they were tight, had their sound figured out, and put on an excellent show. The diversity of, and depth of talent in, the local music scene back then was truly something to behold!
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    So would one expect a court summons if they were to suggest that Peter Dow is a fucking psycho rapist in waiting? (Asking for a friend)
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    ...And on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we chilled on Sunday
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    Quoting jesus is like saying "I am not a sex pest" when you cleary are one.
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    This guy is a school shooting waiting to happen.
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    When was the last time a mod posted here? Or even logged in? This is the last lawless corner of the Internet. Yet somehow its all very civilised. Anarchy does work, and it's rather pleasant.
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    Yeah, but the ringtones guy always post in the music sections. This website has nothing to do with music so I don't read them.
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    I think it's a Ben Weapon troll account. Or maybe Stripey? xx
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    I chucked my fb account a few months ago - is the fb group poppin? Please share, I feel left out. Real shame to have lost one of the greatest thinkers of our time. That fella in the wheelchair dying is sad too
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    Super, Smashing, Late - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-43403178
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    Yep - it is the very same one! Good to see it is still around! I have wished for it back from time to time. Not for more than it cost to get made right enough, so unfortunately I have to pass.
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    Are you allowed to record people in a public place without their permission?
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    Spot on, @ca_gere - you can speak for me any time.
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    Peter, you seem to be quite the tenacious campaigner. Have you ever considered campaigning for something (anything!) that isn't self-serving? Your diligence may be well received at one of many charities or socially conscious organisations who are genuinely trying to help vulnerable people (or animals).
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    If my office was a TV program it would be Extreme Bullshit: Racism Edition.
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    You might want to borrow someone's Mac and google what new means.
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    The tragic events of this weekend left me feeling nostalgic, so I started digging through some threads on here... All seems so petty now, doesn’t it? In the end I reckon that Estrella went on to achieve far more in the intervening decade than 10EW ever did, although both bands were great in their time. RIP Nathan/Tommy, hope you had a blast, you were an absolute joy to work with.
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    He's clearly just dropped Pro Evo 3, Crash Bandicoot and Snowboard Kids for the Playstation off at CeX. Hope they didn't shaft you on the values mate!
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    Sure. It uses the same "fire" as Alex Salmond held Westminster's feet to. It deploys the same "tanks" as Farage deployed on Miliband's lawn. That army, the metaphorical army that doesn't really exist but which is referred to in political figures of speech which are understood the world over except by Scottish police and lawyers who are retarded.
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    Amazon, again. Great bunch etc Bought a lamp on Monday (I know, right? Life in the fast lane.) I'm a Prime customer, so it's same day dispatch, next day delivery. It didn't get dispatched Monday. Or Tuesday, or Wednesday... I got in touch each day, not even that bothered, just asking "hey, where's the lamp?". Each time they reply to me with enormous emails of a hundreds apologies, call my situation "harrowing" and each time they extend my Prime membership for 2 months and add £5 on my gift card balance. I'm up 6 months free Prime and £15 credit - plus an extra £5 that can only be used on items sold and fulfilled by Amazon, which is weird - so call it £20. I'm hoping by the end of the day I can make it a solid 8 months and £25. I hope they never send this lamp. It's on course to get me Prime for life and pay for Christmas.
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    A little help please. I'm trying to think of a word that means fucking miles beyond tattered.
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    BILLY GRAHAM dies at 99. 5 points for age. No further bonuses. 5 points each for Bigsby, Flights, cold, Delboy1969 and Graham Knight. Current Leaderboard: Player Points Number of predictions Average Age 1 Lemonade 22 1 67 2 Kirsten 16 1 60 3 Adam Easy Wishes 13 1 36 4 cahinton1 8 1 60 5 Bigsby 5 1 99 6 colb 5 1 99 7 Delboy1969 5 1 99 8 Flights 5 1 99 9 Graham Knight 5 1 99 10 Alan Cynic 0 0 0 11 annewolves 0 0 0 12 AVB 0 0 0 13 Becca 0 0 0 14 ca_gere 0 0 0 15 Camie 0 0 0 16 Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI 0 0 0 17 FSDanmac33 0 0 0 18 iAmanda91 0 0 0 19 iron_odin 0 0 0 20 James Broonbreed 0 0 0 21 Jim McGymersun 0 0 0 22 Kai 0 0 0 23 Long Haired Mackem 0 0 0 24 Lucius 0 0 0 25 mezzosophano 0 0 0 26 Mr_Itch 0 0 0 27 Scottboy 0 0 0 28 Scubby 0 0 0
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    Ah yes, the Nazis and Gestapo, famous for fighting for women's rights and imprisoning men for "flirting." Does anyone know why he still posts here? Given that every user just lays in to him? Are we the only place that'll have him? What does that say about us? Peter Dow: political madman, creepy fucker, and cause of an existential crisis.
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    Love this attempt at legalese for 'no homo' Props for the use of 'taking my kit off' - haven't heard that phrase in years. Ok, i'm done.
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    So you recieve a mail-merged template inviting you to the local surgery of your MSP and local councillor and take that as a sign that said local councillor is interested in you? I bet that every other person that has contacted said MSP has recieved the same letter, albeit with local councillor and surgery details changed. The fact that you percieve this standard letter printed out multiple times changing local councillor name, surgery details and recipients details as an exclusive invite only to you, shows just how far removed from reality you really are.
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    I read the emails in question as posted on your website Peter. Honestly, if my wife or any woman in my family received those they would probably contact the police, they're pretty creepy. Whether it's a 'crime' or not I really hope you understand doesn't matter. Just don't be one of those guys.
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    Igorrr are/is mental. When it's good, it's so good. When it's not, it's just totally stupid. Unfortunately it's only good in quite small doses. The glitchy heavy stuff is awesome, but I'm out when the polka and the flutes come in. It's like if Mike Patton and Buckethead had an argument about who could write the stupidest songs, and then compiled them together.
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    Brexit's going pretty well though...looks like all our fears and worries were just imaginary...