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  1. I'm all about staying indoors and dossing around the house. Working from home is ace too, because commuting is a thief of energy and joy. Rolling out of bed and into 'the office' is just great. But it's hard to really enjoy any of that when everything is so bleak. Worrying about family, worrying about if either of us will have jobs in a months time, constantly distracted by the news of 1000+ dying everyday. It's grim. I'm immuno compromised too, so I'm just paranoid as hell. Yelled at a jogger the other day who was nowhere near 2m away as be brushed past me on a not particularly narrow path. Fucking joggers have always acted like they own the pavements though. My hands are a wreckage from all the washing. Remember that episode of the office where Andy's hands are blistered up from hitting golf balls all night? My hands don't look too dissimilar. Got some blisties. These are the end times.
  2. ca_gere is owed some cash too. We're both gonna be so moneyed.
  3. The bar for Weezer material to be deemed good gets lower by the year. People seem to be raving about this covers album, yet it's just so pointless, but because it doesn't make you recoil like "We are all on drugs", then it gets a pass. I wish Pat would bail on these hacks do more Special Goodness. The 'Land Air and Sea' album is far and away the best Weezer-related output since Maladroit.
  4. You can just about tell it's Rivers singing. The backing band could be anyone. Why cover if you're not going to make it sound like you? It's approaching 20 years since they last released something that didn't make me think "Urgh, what the hell?". Call it a day.
  5. The above breakbeat thing became an EP/double A-side whatever, and the excellent Sun Hole Records has released it. Its a cool pay-what-you-want digital release label, but there's a ton of great stuff on there, if horrible electronica noise is your bag. https://sunholerecords.bandcamp.com/album/shr048-hospitals-manufacturing
  6. Blockless knives, blades out in the drawer? I'm nowhere near adult enough for that.
  7. My Dad gave me money Christmas before last. It didn't feel right, especially as I earn more than he does. I bought a knife block with it, because I'm adult as fuck. I guess you could say it was my main present.
  8. Did another DnB thing. Sequenced a bunch of breaks on my Digitakt, sliced and mangled them up, and stuck them all together. Fed the track in to Mixcraft and made some bass noise over it with a Bass Station 2, Volca Kick and a harmonic percolator. Spammed those high pass filters. Deal with it.
  9. I'm normally horribly wrong with football predictions. NOT THIS TIME!
  10. new LP from The Dirty Nil. One of the best bands I've seen live, but they're just okay on record. Although, the first 3 tracks on this new album are so damn good. It's not as good after that, maybe it'll grow on me. Or maybe I'll just play those first 3 jams forever and ever.
  11. Sweet. You got any more vocal collaborations in the works on the album? Yeah, I've browsed the Samplescience site before. I'm always put off from taking the plunge on softsynths, I always find them unsatisfying when I play them. I've only ever tried free ones, but they always sound thin compared to my BS2. Is there any on there you'd recommend?
  12. Dig the new track. Trip hop is my jam right now, so this tickles my fancy. The singers voice is very nice, and the echo on the vocals really makes it all gel together. Being super critical, I'd probably have pushed the vocal volume down in the mix a little bit, but that's totally personal preference and vocals are generally my least favourite part of any recording. I prefer vocals to sort of sit with the mix, rather than on top, personally. I dig all the synth tones you're getting on this, assuming it's all you besides vocals?
  13. Lumisokea - Apophenia Odd-meter techno. Digging this hard. The most undanceable dance music you're likely to hear.
  14. "But Oliver was left in a state of shock..." The interview in that is incredible too: He nearly died! NEARLY. Imagine being the kind of person who, instead of going up and asking for more butter and jam, gets in touch with some tabloid rag to publicise his own sense of entitlement. Negative press for a little cafe for an issue that could have been sorted on the spot. Except for the price, but normally you check the menu, and if you don't like the price, you don't pay it... The only thing missing is a photograph of the customer himself, pointing at the receipt and looking angry.
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