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  1. Teetotal too, so not even a hint of method acting. Seriously impressive drunk acting. It might even be better than Phil Mitchell's. Massive shame. Took me a while to get into TPB, but once it clicks, it's brilliant. It's really struggling without J-Roc, so I can't imagine how bad it could be without Lahey. Hopefully this puts an end to it.
  2. Albums/Music 2017

    Not heard this before. It is good. I am always interested to hear more grimy, dirty electronic music, but never know where to look for it. This is proper grimy.
  3. Albums/Music 2017

    Sci-fi Thrash, like Vektor, but more punk. And it was recorded at God City, so it sounds colossal, like you're being repeatedly kicked in the head. https://expander.bandcamp.com/album/endless-computer I've listened to the new Propagandhi LP repeatedly in the last 2 weeks. So good.
  4. Pet Hates!

    How is reading the meter still a job that a person has? You can submit readings by text message now. I can do mine through an app, because it's not the 80's. When I was with SSE, they were dead pushy about their men reading the meter, even though they'd send me text messages saying "You MUST submit your meter readings NOW" which I'd do, then a guy would still turn up a few days later. He always seemed to come in the evenings whilst I was cooking, and my gas meter was a pain in the arse to get to in the very small kitchen, so I'd tell him "I've already sent them in". "Yeah, but you are legally obligated to let us see them" and starts giving me some spiel about how the meter is their property, giving it large like he's a bailiff. Nah. Kitchen's occupied. Go get a warrant. You drive a van around to do a job that can be done by e-mail. Jog on.
  5. Pet Hates!

    Agreed with Royal Mail getting to fuck. Went to collect a parcel the other day, as the slip said it was too big for my letterbox. Got down there, gave him the slip, he handed over the parcel... It definitely could have fit through my letterbox (I was petty enough to even check when I got home, and it did). I eyed up the parcel's width, then I gave him the stink-eye and a passive aggressive exhalation. You know, not quite a deep sigh, not quite a huff, but an audible breath so he knows he's fucked me off. I might even tut next time, and roll my eyes so exaggeratedly that I give myself a migraine.
  6. He did a fair bit for LGBT rights, censorship and fought against Christian establishment in America. That's pretty cool. However, he was reportedly rather abusive, sexually, physically and emotionally, to a number of the girls. I was reading he used to give some of the girls a particular sedative which he referred to as "thigh openers". Wasn't he also - allegedly - involved in some of the nasty stuff Bill Cosby was up to?
  7. Albums/Music 2017

    Both out today: This is good. This is also good.
  8. Weird seeing all the "what a hero" "total legend" stuff bout Hefner today. From many accounts, the guy was a total piece of shit.
  9. Football Manager 2017

    I didn't know there was an editable injury database!
  10. Pet Hates!

    Cinemas are just a harrowing experience because everyone who goes to them is a bastard. Have you ever seen a film at the cinema where people didn't turn up late, loudly? There is no such thing. You could be watching the one and only screening of a completely unknown foreign film at midnight, and someone would still turn up late, post-trailers, and unzip the biggest, noisiest coat in the seat right next to you, and light up their face with their mobile phone on full brightness for the whole film. Keep the mates. Avoid cinemas forever.
  11. Pet Hates!

    Pushy people on eBay, again. I thought it was just record buyers, but it's everyone. I've listed my iPad, as I haven't used it in about a year. Within half an hour, I get 5 messages asking for the Buy It Now price. Not "Would you be willing to put a Buy it Now price up?". No. A straight "What is the buy it now price" from all 5 of these goobers, like I have one but haven't told them. I send them all a generic "Sorry, no BIN price. Auction only". One of them has been a persistent little shite though. He comes back and says "I will pay £220 including P&P to USA. Please e-mail me your Paypal address to my e-mail address below so I can pay you." Then he signs off with "God Bless America". I don't have time for this. I copy and paste him what I told him the first time. He again replies "£220 waiting. What is your address so I can make prompt payment". I'm going to ignore him. If he send me another message, I'll take his £220, and mail him a bag of cat shit.
  12. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    Everytime I Die at The Tunnels. Sometime in 2008. Was alright. I'm not particularly in to them, bar one or two songs. First ever gig was Less Than Jake in '99, Leeds Cockpit (RIP)
  13. DIRTY TRICK - Foul Play EP

    Awesome. I'll give it a download asap!
  14. DIRTY TRICK - Foul Play EP

    Unfortunately not, I'm darn sarf now. No plans to put it all up on Bandcamp for a few quid? If not, I'd be up for Paypalling a few quid your way for a digital copy (save on postage, and I also don't have a CD player anymore!)
  15. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Love a good near-post smash. You don't see them too often. Drogba and Torres were particularly good at them. That one is a good hit. Good to see Balotelli being less of an idiot and more of a footballer in France. There seems to be a highlight of something good he's done most weeks. He even does something resembling a smile in that celebration.