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  1. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    Urgh, another? That Rumble was garbage. No one in the audience even gave a shit. Shame its all about the money now over actual credibility of the brand. Is it still gonna be a woman free event? I read that Stephanie McMahon wasn't even allowed near the last one.
  2. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    They're only good for seeing how shit De Gea is for Spain. It's always 'very'.
  3. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    No inspections or anything? That's a good deal. Our last landlord in Aberdeen was really good (after the hell of living on King Street under the rule of shysters) but the letting agent were pretty on the ball with quarterly inspections. The woman that came around was nice and all, but it feels a bit invasive having someone looks around every room, checking furniture, doing a light inventory. Our landlords now only come round about twice a year, and they don't go looking in every room like a letting agent does, just a bit of a catch up and asks if anything needs doing. Good eggs.
  4. Soda Jerk

    Ridiculous News

  5. Soda Jerk

    Last film you watched?

    I agree, though I also think that is the case for about 90% of comedies. Hot Rod is #1
  6. Soda Jerk

    TV Series!!

    The League. It's so bad that it's good. But it's really bad. Taco gets way more annoying as the seasons go on. Rafi is incredible though. Also, One Punch Man. No idea how it compares to other anime as I don't watch it. OPM is silly as hell though. Great fun.
  7. Soda Jerk

    Last film you watched?

    Watched that new(ish?) Lonley Island film, Popstar. It's as silly as you'd expect it to be. Pretty shallow plot which is predictable from the off, but it makes up for it with all the silliness. Worth a watch if you are familiar with and like Andy Samberg. Game Night, starring Jason Bateman and whatshername from Mean Girls. Pretty good. Not many belly laughs for a comedy, but it's a pretty cool plot.
  8. Soda Jerk

    What are you currently listening to?

    Yep, that Conan LP is pretty wild. Perhaps I need to revisit the earlier stuff. Been spinning loads of 'IDM' Spotify playlists at work. I have no idea what IDM even is, but I dig a fair bit of it. This guy popped up on one. Checked out the rest of his stuff and it's ace. Turns out he's from Bristol n'all. https://iglooghost.bandcamp.com/music Check it if you dig glitchy electronica. Above LP is solid. He's put out a couple of EPs this year too.
  9. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    It's crazy isn't it. My experience of dealing with Aberdeen landlords is that a lot of them are so bewilderingly rich, they just don't give a shit, even if their property is getting damaged in the process. When I lived at King Street, we had frequent leaks from above because the knobhead tenant kept letting his bath overflow, or would point the shower directly at the tiles, and it would seep through the half arsed seal around the bath. I'd ring the landlord, who also lived in Dubai, and she'd just hang up mid conversation once she got the jist of what it was about, but her tone prior to hanging up was just like she didn't care one bit. I think it would be fair to say that there's no such thing as a good overseas landlord. They're all a bunch of pirates.
  10. Soda Jerk

    What are you currently listening to?

    I've never been crazy about Conan, but that track is pretty great.
  11. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    The landlord of the above property should be liable, but some will try to fob you off and tell you that it is you that needs to make a claim. That is bollocks IIRC. It's a tricky situation for the tenants above though, if the landlord is not playing ball. They might not be in a position to pay for an emergency plumber, and if they were, they'd need an agreement with the landlord to do that, otherwise they could be a few hundred quid in the hole with the landlord refusing to reimburse. They'd have to go down a small claims court route and jeopardise their tenancy etc. If the landlord keeps avoiding the issue, the tenants could claim for it via the Housing and Property Chamber, but that would be their prerogative, and if the leak isn't directly affecting them, they probably won't. Letting Agents claiming they don't manage a particular property when work/money is concerned tended to be a tactic that some of the shadier agents would use (like AM-PM, who should be avoided as a tenant or a landlord, proper shysters. APL are a load of bastards n'all). It was incredible how many times we'd contact agents when I worked at the council, they'd confirm that they managed a property, and when I'd mention leaks or repairs the tone immediately changed to "oh, actually, we no longer manager that one", like clockwork. Who is the letting agent in this instance? I believe you've spoken to my old colleague Joe Lamb before. He should be able to give you some advice (if he still works there, if not, someone else in Private Sector Housing will be able to help. Ally Thain is the manager and he's a super good chap, super helpful.). The council can step in and force works to go ahead and then bill the landlord in instances where the landlord isn't cooperating to essential works, and this should certainly qualify as such. They've changed the number on the ACC site to a single number which greets you with loads of confusing menus but 522299 is a direct line to PSHU.
  12. Soda Jerk

    Ridiculous News

    Ok, I'm interested again, and from those snippets, DJ Lethal sounds like a GBOL. Solid vocab. Love a good band feud. I hope they wrestle, and it is broadcast internet-wide.
  13. Soda Jerk

    Ridiculous News

    I just learned that DJ Lethal isn't even in that band anymore, so who even cares?
  14. Soda Jerk

    Ridiculous News

    Wow. I had no idea Limp Bizkit were still going. I mean, look at all those people who paid money, real cash money, to watch Limp Bizkit in 2018. The ICP guys used to have their own wrestling fed, which probably explains the air kick. He's so used to not actually kicking someone in the face.
  15. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    Many United fans are gutted they pulled it back too. They wanted it to be the death of Mourinho. I think it would have been. It buys him a bit of time, but they're going into a brutal run of games now starting with Chelsea away, back to back CL games against Juventus, City away shortly after. They pulled it back against a team who haven't won since last season, but they're likely going to lose all 4 of those.