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  1. Soda Jerk

    New Single - Martyr to Hope by LadyWantsAudio

    Sweet. You got any more vocal collaborations in the works on the album? Yeah, I've browsed the Samplescience site before. I'm always put off from taking the plunge on softsynths, I always find them unsatisfying when I play them. I've only ever tried free ones, but they always sound thin compared to my BS2. Is there any on there you'd recommend?
  2. What a truly bizarre sentence.
  3. Soda Jerk

    New Single - Martyr to Hope by LadyWantsAudio

    Dig the new track. Trip hop is my jam right now, so this tickles my fancy. The singers voice is very nice, and the echo on the vocals really makes it all gel together. Being super critical, I'd probably have pushed the vocal volume down in the mix a little bit, but that's totally personal preference and vocals are generally my least favourite part of any recording. I prefer vocals to sort of sit with the mix, rather than on top, personally. I dig all the synth tones you're getting on this, assuming it's all you besides vocals?
  4. Soda Jerk

    What are you currently listening to?

    Lumisokea - Apophenia Odd-meter techno. Digging this hard. The most undanceable dance music you're likely to hear.
  5. Soda Jerk

    Ridiculous News

    "But Oliver was left in a state of shock..." The interview in that is incredible too: He nearly died! NEARLY. Imagine being the kind of person who, instead of going up and asking for more butter and jam, gets in touch with some tabloid rag to publicise his own sense of entitlement. Negative press for a little cafe for an issue that could have been sorted on the spot. Except for the price, but normally you check the menu, and if you don't like the price, you don't pay it... The only thing missing is a photograph of the customer himself, pointing at the receipt and looking angry.
  6. Soda Jerk

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Man, that one's a shitter. RIP Stan. My missus works for a publishing company which holds Marvel licenses, and her boss was good friends with Stan Lee and his wife, and had known them for many years. Whenever she would speak to Stan, she said he would speak so glowingly of his wife almost constantly, and almost everything he did he credited to her driving him on. She said that when his wife sadly passed last year, she thought he wouldn't be too far behind. Not the boldest of predictions given his age, obviously, but still very sad to hear about both her passing and now his. Oh, I mean, er... superhero pun.
  7. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    Where does chat about gigs and bands in Aberdeen actually happen now? Is there an Aberdeen Gigs Facebook group? Or is it just pages for individual gigs? There's a couple of FB groups down here in Brizzle, but I still prefer the forum format. There's an Ab Mus-like forum too, which is as equally dead and riddled with bots.
  8. Soda Jerk

    your gear.

    In the post:
  9. Soda Jerk

    Your current read?

    Got that massive new Beastie Boys book. It's great.
  10. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    Urgh, another? That Rumble was garbage. No one in the audience even gave a shit. Shame its all about the money now over actual credibility of the brand. Is it still gonna be a woman free event? I read that Stephanie McMahon wasn't even allowed near the last one.
  11. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    They're only good for seeing how shit De Gea is for Spain. It's always 'very'.
  12. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    No inspections or anything? That's a good deal. Our last landlord in Aberdeen was really good (after the hell of living on King Street under the rule of shysters) but the letting agent were pretty on the ball with quarterly inspections. The woman that came around was nice and all, but it feels a bit invasive having someone looks around every room, checking furniture, doing a light inventory. Our landlords now only come round about twice a year, and they don't go looking in every room like a letting agent does, just a bit of a catch up and asks if anything needs doing. Good eggs.
  13. Soda Jerk

    Ridiculous News

  14. Soda Jerk

    Last film you watched?

    I agree, though I also think that is the case for about 90% of comedies. Hot Rod is #1
  15. Soda Jerk

    TV Series!!

    The League. It's so bad that it's good. But it's really bad. Taco gets way more annoying as the seasons go on. Rafi is incredible though. Also, One Punch Man. No idea how it compares to other anime as I don't watch it. OPM is silly as hell though. Great fun.