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  1. Pet Hates!

    I'm envisaging it as some sort of formulaic hardcore band, with lyrics made up entirely of things that racist grans say. Racist Gran needs to have some crew neck long sleeved tees made up, like all the old hardcore bands had, with xBACKxINxMYxDAYx printed down one of the sleeves.
  2. Albums/Music 2017

    Good Pop Punk is good. Here is two good 2017 Pop Punk records. Capitalist Kids - Brand Damage https://capitalistkids.bandcamp.com/album/brand-damage Their last album, At A Loss, is one of my favourite pop punk releases in a long time. Serious melodies. On first listen, this is just as good. Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here https://ironchic.bandcamp.com/album/you-cant-stay-here Gruff and fuzzy. Love everything they've done, this included. Pumped to see the next year.
  3. Pet Hates!

    I remember my Nan saying that when I was a kid. like, 25 years ago. My Nan's a bit racist, like most Nans. They were definitely just myths though, right? "Black board" was definitely used all through high school (do blackboards even exist anymore?) and my missus' niece is currently learning baa baa black sheep, in the 2017 state of Christian White oppression. You need to flush your time-travelling closet-racist colleague's head down the bog. I do love the annual War on Christmas rants though. Every year, like clockwork. Some prat I know was crying about how Christmas Crackers are only called "Crackers" now, because "THEY'RE BANNING CHRISTMAS!!". Nah fam. I've got a massive box of 50 crackers in the attic that I've had for a decade, because we only use a couple every year. They must be from about 2008, when I first moved to Aberdeen, they've moved to about 4 different houses now, and the extra space in the box we use for storing the tinsel. The box just says "Crackers" and that was nearly 10 years ago. Were they ever actually called Christmas Crackers? And who even gives a fuck? What have they even got to do with Christmas anyway? I'm going to need to have another squint at the nativity scene to see where it is exactly that the Baby Jesus and one of the shepherds pull on some cardboard banger with a mustache comb and a shit joke inside. If Christmas is being banned, they need to tell Bristol, because Bristol looks like it vomited Christmas everywhere. I've been to 3 Christmas markets in a week. The one in Cardiff had a stall where this old guy just bellowed "MIIIIIIIIIINCE PIIIIIIIIIES" in the most brazen of Welsh accents, repeatedly. He was wearing a Santa hat, so obviously didn't get the reminder about the nationwide Christmas ban. Off with his head!
  4. Albums/Music 2017

    They possibly were better. I just wasn't interested in that stuff, of which there was loads of at the time. I even had a quick revisit to early Glassjaw stuff after hearing this new one, and I still don't like it, and still reminds me of all those bands. The new one is better. It sounds less like that particular scene, whilst still sounding like Glassjaw. You're right too, the bass sounds mighty. It all sounds mighty. Great record, gets better with each listen. It might even creep in to my Top 10 of the year, which would be an unprecedented first for a band I thought I didn't like. You heard the new SECT record? It's a total rager. I slept on the last album, for some reason. Didn't even realise it's the drummer from Fall Out Boy until I heard the new album. Ballou recorded it too (which is what sparked my interest, as he tends to only do things that I like) so you already know what it sounds like. It sounds like ALL THE DRUMS.
  5. Albums/Music 2017

    new Glassjaw is surprisingly good. Surprising because I don't really like them. Their earlier stuff was the epitome of where "post hardcore" was in the early 00s. All that black haired emo bilge like Taking Back Sunday, Finch and Thursday. Yuck. New album sounds pretty cool though. Bit more mature, kind of has a Deftones thing going on.
  6. Coffee Wankers

    Them Aeropress contraptions, does it just make one cup? Every pic I see always seems to be just above one cup. Can you get a jumbo one that brews into a pot of some kind? Or can it make more than one cup itself? Tell me everything about how they work. Spare no detail. Diagrams and pie charts are also acceptable.
  7. TV Series!!

    PUNISHER. Spoiler: Everybody dies or gets gravely injured. Blood everywhere. Fuck loads of guns. Faces punched into a paste. Rinsed it all in 2 days, now I just want to fight everyone.
  8. Last film you watched?

    Welcome To Leith. A doc about that famous Nazi, Craig Cobb, trying to take over a small town in North Dakota and turn it into some sort of white separatist utopia. Tries to go about it via legal and proper channels. Ends up just being an antagonistic piece of shit (Nazi in being not very nice person shocker!), walking around the town with his massive guns in plain sight, to let everyone know that he's an antagonistic piece of shit with a massive gun. Pretty much the only time gun ownership has made me feel like "Yeah, right on!" was when some of the surrounding (anti-Nazi) families are putting their own guns on the table and saying "We need these to protect our families. This is my nine, I got it for my birthday". You go, girl. Ice those nazis. Well made doc, bleak as fuck. Spoiler: No nazis get shot.
  9. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Sunderland fan has a poo on his seat: http://www.sportbible.com/football/news-reactions-weird-a-sunderland-fan-has-gone-viral-after-taking-a-st-in-his-seat-20171203 Shit fans.
  10. Albums/Music 2017

    the Less Art link is wrong. Here it is: https://lessart.bandcamp.com/album/strangled-light
  11. Albums/Music 2017

    More 2017 bangers Friendship. Skullcrushing powerviolence from Japan. Totally brutal. https://friendshipsl.bandcamp.com/releases Less Art. Guys from Thrice, Curl Up & Die and Kowloon Walled City. Sounds like late 90's post-hardcore. Bleak stuff, yet totally rocking. https://friendshipsl.bandcamp.com/releases ONSIND. Acoustic ONSIND never did it for me that much. Full band ONSIND is pure joy. Really good record. Best thing they've done. https://onsind.bandcamp.com/album/we-wilt-we-bloom Jesus and his Judgemental Father. Power pop from Leeds. Super fun sounding songs about very much unfun things. https://specialistsubject.bandcamp.com/album/it-might-get-better
  12. Albums/Music 2017

    I had no idea these had been released (or were even due to be released) this year until this morning when I saw them on a Best of 2017 list on fucking Instagram of all places. My finger is far away from the pulse when new music is released. These are both great and both better than their previous albums which I liked both of, but they were also a little tame compared to earlier stuff.
  13. Coffee Wankers

    Krispy Kreme is pretty much the only chain coffee I get these days. It's rather good. And you can get a doughnut whilst you're in there. Costa is the worst of the coffee chains IMO. I'd rather have McDonalds coffee than Costa, though tbf McDonald's coffee is surprisingly not shit. I don't buy much coffee when I'm out these days anyway. I'd like to have a fuck-coffee-chains policy, but every indie place I go to around here is always pretty shite. Whilst Starbucks and Nero are probably tax-dodging zero-hour shysters, the coffee is reasonable and the service is usually quick even when it's busy.
  14. Pet Hates!

    No chance. It's like saying Frosties are the same as Corn Flakes with sugar. Very different. Not at all the same. Not a fan of adding sugar to cereal. The sugar just seems to sink to the bottom, and at the end you just have this sugar sludge in the milk. Ricicles make the milk sweet without the sugar gunge. And they're just better.
  15. Pet Hates!

    Kelloggs axing Ricicles, spouting some guff about helping kids cut down their sugar intake. Get fucked. If parents want their kids to reduce their sugar, stop giving them Ricicles. I'm an adult, I get to decide how much sugar I get. Give me the Ricicles. Outraged. I think I need to have a Daily Mail article done about me, with a photo of me pointing angrily at a box of Ricicles, where I blame it on lefties and call it a cereal nanny state. Bloody Kelloggs, those commie snowflakes, and them remoaners and their war on sugar. Rabble rabble rabble. Fucking love Ricicles.