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  1. You missed the joke.
  2. Man, I was hovering over the "buy it now or best offer" on this one this morning on Ebay: The guy has switched out the bridge, pickups and put on a black plate, with £130 off the new price. I moved some money around (i.e. decided to put off paying my electric bill for a month), came back to it this afternoon, and it's been had. BOLLOCKS.
  3. The bridges really are spectacularly hopeless. The one on my Bass VI, the saddle screws vibrated out as I was playing it, the bottom 2 strings just flapped on to the neck, and the tiny screws became part of my carpet. Never seen again. StayTrem bridges are awesome though.
  4. Gassing for a Jaguar of some kind. I don't have high standards, so even the Squier VM would probably do. Anyone had any experience with the Squier Jags? I have a Squier VM Bass VI, and the build quality is solid, except for the godawful bridge. It's excellent since popping a StayTrem on it. I assume the Jaguar wouldn't be too far off?
  5. I'd never listened to Justice before, as I often saw their name lumped in with commercial dance music, assuming it was just cookie-cutter nightclub dance pop. The 1st album, Cross, is nasty as fuck. All chewed up, grimy bass, an auditory headache, but also so damn catchy. Also, loads of Har Mar. He who is tired of Har Mar is tired of life. Definitely in the Top 5 of Greatest Human Beings.
  6. I don't know much about Dan Harmon, but Chevy Chase sounds like a bit of a wanker, just in general. From reading about Chevy, it sounds like he's as racist and sexist as Pierce Hawthorne. I like to think they didn't even need to script him.
  7. I'm in. I guess just use the "What are you listening to" thread? There's so many listening threads. We probably don't need another.
  8. I guess us all listening to the same albums would result in several reviews of the same album, which would be no fun to read. Perhaps just picking an album from our own collections that we've not paid much attention to in a while and give a week of non stop attention sounds cool, and certainly combats the anxiety caused by the overwhelming selection you have available on Spotify, YouTube etc. But it will still die, because there's only about 5 of us left. I dig the idea though. I've got 130gb of music on my Mp3 player, and I find myself listening to 2 or 3 songs on the way to work, and then putting something else on, again and again. I get annoyed with myself just constantly scrolling through, picking something and then quickly losing interest.
  9. Rain, grey clouds and a cool breeze after five consecutive days of a sticky and uncomfortable 33 degrees. It's been gruesome. Fuck the south.
  10. That shred in the middle is totally triumphant.
  11. Make like a GCSE exam and show your work. Here's mine. Blue has no bad songs, that's not even up for debate. Pinkerton has a few - Butterfly and El Scorcho namely, and if you disagree on El Scorcho, can you really listen to a song that has "I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon" as a lyric and think "Yeah, this is a good jam"? Naaaah. Awful. It was the beginning of Rivers' sing/rap thing, though it's quite subtle, and that fast punk bit in the middle is totally weird, and bad. Mostly bad. Pinkerton is supposedly Rivers' total breakdown of an album, but no song on that album comes close to the genuine sadness that comes through on the Blue Album. It just comes off as creepy. First 3 tracks - solid and as good as anything on Blue. Why Bother, Good Life, average. Across The Sea, really creepy and weird. El Scorcho, awful. Pink Triangle similarly weird as Across The Sea. Falling For You, not bad. Butterfly, acoustic closers are wack. If they did it as a full band, it could be good. But they didn't. The drums sounding like cereal boxes gives it all a massive thumbs down. I listen to those first 3 and rock out, then get a little bored, skip over El Scorcho and to avoid the cringing, realise that I've only got 3 songs left and there's only 1 worth listening to, and it's not even that good. It got totally panned when it was released. Opinions seemed to change years after. Those gut instincts were the right ones, not the romantic revisionism. Pinkerton stinks. Stinkerton.
  12. That's a pretty cool idea. And listening to Maladroit every day for a week sounds like a great week. Slave, Slob and Love Explosion are probably my 3 favourites from Maladroit. The latter especially. I'd be surprised if you don't dig those after a week of repeated listens. They are poptastic. If we had more people actually posting on here, your one album a week idea would be a pretty cool thing to chatter about. Alas, it would just be me and you, arguing about Maladroit.
  13. Though I did think me not putting Pinkerton in the top 2 would be controversial, but apparently not. I did used to love Pinkerton, in my teens (which should be no barometer of quality, as I also liked ska-punk in my teens). Then I went through a long period of not listening to any Weezer. Coming back to them, I find Pinkerton hard to sit through. First 3 tracks are glorious. It goes downhill quick after those 3. There's some pretty awful lyrics on that thing, and everything just sounds so... bad. Even on the good songs. I've never listened to False Metal, Raditude and Hurley all the way through. I've heard most of the songs, and usually turned it off at somepoint. I don't feel so bad about it now knowing they're at the bottom of your table.
  14. Maladroit 7th? FAKE NEWS.
  15. I don't think they've ever come close to returning to form after the 1st 4 albums. Plenty of good tracks scattered across each one, but so much crap surrounding it.