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  1. When was the last time a mod posted here? Or even logged in? This is the last lawless corner of the Internet. Yet somehow its all very civilised. Anarchy does work, and it's rather pleasant.
  2. What are you currently listening to?

    I certainly can't either, usually. I've heard a lot of chiptune stuff and it just sounds either gimmicky or awful. I don't know why Disasterpeace is different for me, but it doesn't seem as forced as most stuff I've heard. His body of work is very varied, the HLD soundtrack is much more droney and less midi-band, with lots of piano going on too. Guys got chops.
  3. What are you currently listening to?

    Disasterpeace - Atebite and the Warrning Nations I don't normally dig chiptune as it all seems a bit too gimmicky, but Disasterpeace is great, and since the majority of his musical output is actual video game soundtracks, it comes across as more authentic. This isn't a video game OST but it's presented as one. It's basically math-rock, but with bitcrushed synths acting as the guitars. It's great. His soundtracks for FEZ and Hyper Light Drifter are both awesome too.
  4. Ace-ic....

    Amazon, again. Great bunch etc Bought a lamp on Monday (I know, right? Life in the fast lane.) I'm a Prime customer, so it's same day dispatch, next day delivery. It didn't get dispatched Monday. Or Tuesday, or Wednesday... I got in touch each day, not even that bothered, just asking "hey, where's the lamp?". Each time they reply to me with enormous emails of a hundreds apologies, call my situation "harrowing" and each time they extend my Prime membership for 2 months and add £5 on my gift card balance. I'm up 6 months free Prime and £15 credit - plus an extra £5 that can only be used on items sold and fulfilled by Amazon, which is weird - so call it £20. I'm hoping by the end of the day I can make it a solid 8 months and £25. I hope they never send this lamp. It's on course to get me Prime for life and pay for Christmas.
  5. Weird thread got even weirder really quickly.
  6. If you truly think what you have put into words is considered "flirting" then your perception of that situation is completely warped. You would be absolutely certain that there is some sort mutual interest before ever reaching towards anything to do with the suggestion of bringing more women to your house and being undressed. But even then, that's a bit mental. The quotes that you said I "omitted" are just as crazy as what I did quote so I am not sure what your point is by including almost the whole thing. The fact you have published the emails publicly and that you believe you have acted as a "perfect gentleman" validates that you don't understand how creepy and weird they are. People don't communicate like that with people they don't know and have had no reciprocation from initially. You have not "behaved as a good man should". At all.
  7. Jesus. There's being a "hopeful suitor" and then there's 'please send women to my house and I will gladly be naked for them' (paraphrased). The route you've gone down is essentially a verbalised dick pic.
  8. TV Series!!

    Dyer is pretty good in it, aside from some genuine LOL lines. But you're right, the guys in it are often a bit embarrassing. I liked hearing from the guys who have genuine remorse for what they did, but the older guys who still do it seem a bit unhinged. I'd recommend the North West episode. It focuses on Manchester and Liverpool as you'd expect, but the bit where he goes up to Burnley is very good. A really grim area, and he goes in to a pub filled with their firm, one of which is an older hooligan still on the go. Total piece of shit. It also goes in to the origins of the fashion too more than any other episode.
  9. TV Series!!

    The Real Football Factories, with Danny Dyer. Put it on for a laugh. Ended up watching the whole season in one sitting. Dyer is excellent in it. "Na then. We're off into this boozer 'ere to talk to some pwopa naughty geezers. 'Ave it" Lots of cut scenes of him wearing his big parka, doing a cockney walk through run down housing estates. He uses the word "tear up" at least 10 times per episode. Pwopa naughty telly.
  10. Something I learned today

    I actually didn't know Grohl's AIDS denying went that far back. And they link to Christine Maggiore's "compelling personal story" on their site in 2003, a fellow AIDS denier and "activist", who was HIV positive and died of AIDS-related pneumonia in 2008 She sounded like a major league piece of shit: Eliza died of the same illness as her mother in 2005. The fuck you doing, Grohl?
  11. Something I learned today

    TIL that HIV/AIDS denial is a thing, and that Dave Grohl is a HIV/AIDS denier. Or "truther" as they apparently like to be called. Is everyone who is even slightly famous just a total shithouse now? Even Dave 'nicest guy in rock n roll' Grohl?
  12. What are you currently listening to?

    Igorrr are/is mental. When it's good, it's so good. When it's not, it's just totally stupid. Unfortunately it's only good in quite small doses. The glitchy heavy stuff is awesome, but I'm out when the polka and the flutes come in. It's like if Mike Patton and Buckethead had an argument about who could write the stupidest songs, and then compiled them together.
  13. What are you currently listening to?

    Yeah, New Model is grand too. You got any more heavy synth stuff you'd recommend? I'm pretty late on the darkwave fad, and I've only really heard whatever Youtube lined up next, and even there it was quite hard to come across full albums rather than 3 hour long mixes. The more I listen to Astronoid, the more undecided I am on it. It sounds like a Jesu/Dragonforce collaboration, which matches my original description of hideous and totally great.
  14. TV Series!!

    Needed a Black Mirror antidote, so carried on with Brooklyn 99. I only got midway through Season 2 the first time, and then abandoned it for a long time. I did like it, but it got a bit samey and stopped grabbing me, despite all the cast being pretty great. I thought it got quite a bit better in Season 3, as they introduce more rolling plotlines, rather than the more individual episodes in the first two seasons. Gina and Holt are the greatest. Bill Hader wasn't in it long enough.