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  1. I said "the back of (hour)" at work shortly after moving down south, and my boss looked at me like I'd just pissed on his kids. Thanks, Aberdeen. Thaberdeen.
  2. 2 can work, if you're the Melvins, or GVSB. I am neither of those. I want 1, and I want them to be felt, but not necessarily heard. We have zero, and haven't jammed in about 6 months. I think it's dead. I just play synth in my bedroom in the dark now. It's cool.
  3. I moved to Somerset and also just had one band. We had 3 bass players quit in the space of about 2 months, one just completely disappeared. Deleted Facebook, never to be heard from again. He reminded me of Taco from The League. Aloof, but, too aloof. He's probably somewhere hugging a toilet seat right now. Bands are stupid, and way too much hard work to get 3/4/5 humans in a room together all at the same time, and to continue doing that until you are un-shit enough to play a gig. Also, maintaining interest in playing the same songs repeatedly is tough. By the time you're anywhere near gig-ready, you're sick of them and playing them is joyless. Bands are dumb.
  4. Soda Jerk

    Last film you watched?

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople is great. Not enough Rhys Darby in it. Took me ages to realise where I knew the kid from Deadpool from, and it was that.
  5. Soda Jerk

    Last film you watched?

    Ghostbusters. The 2016 one. Nowhere near as bad as all those precious boys crying about it supposedly ruining their childhood made it out to be. It was fun and silly. Kate McKinnon is great in it. I thought the cameos started to get a bit too cheap as it went on, but overall its a good watch. I hope there's a sequel less reliant on throwbacks.
  6. Soda Jerk

    Quick Questions

    Is 'Barbaris' the weirdest bot so far? They're like one of the neutrals in Futurama. Beige alert.
  7. Soda Jerk

    your gear.

    I bought a Synth. I've never had one before. So I got one.
  8. Soda Jerk

    Punk Recommendations - Name some Bands/Albums

    I too came out of mosh retirement for Propagandhi. Got kicked in the head by crowd surfers, one meathead tried some slam shit and got knocked over, never came back. Great times.
  9. Soda Jerk


    I do. Final has been great to far. Don't really care for either team in it, but there just seems like there'd be something a bit iffy about an expansion team winning it in the first season with a bunch of rejects. That's a bit irrational, but I don't like the idea of it. They acquired a whole lot of bandwagon fans this year. The internet will be a bit unbearable if they win it, so I guess I'm sort of rooting for the Capitals, but I'm not really that bothered.
  10. Soda Jerk

    Last film you watched?

    Brad Pitt was Vanisher: He becomes momentarily un-invisible just before:
  11. Soda Jerk

    Punk Recommendations - Name some Bands/Albums

    Agreed, they definitely got better when they went to a 4 piece. I saw them in April, and the new guitarist Sulynn totally shreds. She does some of the lead vocals on Fuck The Border now too. It's awesome.
  12. Soda Jerk

    Last film you watched?

    Same. Did they not wonder they the lights hadn't come back on, or why 90% of people weren't leaving? It was great fun though. I preferred it slightly to the first. Loved the parachute scene. I hate the cinema though. It reminds me why I usually wait for a film to come out on Bluray (last film I saw at a cinema was the first Deadpool). Film started at 2:45, and two lads come in late at 3:30! And obviously they sit two seats away from me, rustling of jackets, popcorn, bags, TALKING TO EACH OTHER. Die. Once the trailers are done, that should be it, you've missed it and you're not coming in, rather than disturb everyone else who has paid £12-odd to be there.
  13. Soda Jerk

    Punk Recommendations - Name some Bands/Albums

    I skip a lot of Potemkin City Limits too (usually to the end, to Iteration. Probably my favourite if I was to choose just one individual Propagandhi track out of everything they've done.). I love Todays Empires front to back. I just wish it was recorded better. The guitar is so dry and the levels on the drums are so wobbly. The snare is smacking you in the face one second, then inaudible the next. I'm not normally a fan of remasters, but I'd love to hear them sort out Todays Empires. First few songs of Victory Lap were instant for me. Then it got to the middle, and there's that song with the CLEAN GUITARS WTF?! And then it ends super strong again. But like you, after a few listens, it all just clicked, and now I love that song about the hunting trip, clean guitars and all. Great record.
  14. Soda Jerk

    Punk Recommendations - Name some Bands/Albums

    I can take or leave Failed States. I'd swap it with Today's Empires, and that'd be their 3 essential records IMO. Supporting Caste is just ridiculous though.
  15. Sounds like I need to update my music library's genre tags from "Grind & Powerviolence" to "Teabagsy". The former is too wordy anyway.