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  1. Anyone other than a doctor giving "advice" on back pain should just be ignored. Back pain can be the result of one of 1,000 possible things. My step dad's long term back pain turned out to be a benign tumour at the base of his spine which dislodged one of his discs. It was whilst he was out walking that the disc dislodged completely and he was practically paralyzed for the best part of a year. It was numerous operations and about 2 years before he was walking unaided again. Yeah, just walk it off, mate. Quick jog around the park and the tumour will sort itself out.
  2. It's been a disgruntled Louis van Gaal ever since the 2014 World Cup, when I switched allegiance from Chile to the Netherlands. Now it is not Louis van Gaal.
  3. I've been going through the back catalogue of Turned Out a Punk. It's great and nerdy as fuck. Damian from Fucked Up interviews people who are either involved in or grew up with Punk. He asks them how they got in to it, and they discuss their musical chronology in great detail. He's spoken with guests as obvious as Fat Mike and Frank Turner, but also some quite unexpected ones like David Cross from Arrested Development, and Fred Armisen from SNL and Portlandia. Fred is punk as fuck. Athletico Mince by Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson is also hilarious.
  4. Work jams. Mush. The best. Classic.
  5. Work soundtrack today: Good comp. A few shitters, but it's mostly hits. Not heard of a single band on here before. Righteous power pop. I don't think I've ever listened to this record from front to back before. Just songs in isolation. Pretty good.
  6. Does anyone even moderate this place anymore? Or is it totally lawless, like some sort of e-international waters?
  7. I forgot this existed. I was happier that way.
  8. It's this song in particular where it is done really badly IMO: The changes at 0:25 and again at 2:17. It's really rough splicing. There's a gap and they don't even round the edges of the splice. It sounds amateurish to me. I'd like it a lot more if they did it a bit slicker, as I'm all about that kind of thing. DO IT BETTER.
  9. I think Matt Groening would have the croak for it to be a remote possibility. Even then, they'd probably go on without him. They said they'd replace Harry Shearer if they had to. It will outlive us all.
  10. It just sounds badly spliced to me. I like jarring and abrupt changes. It's done really well on Anaal Nathrakh's later stuff. I just don't think they've done it well. The singy songs might grow on me.
  11. I'd like the record more if they binned the abrupt cuts in to the electronic bits. It's really poor done IMO. I don't like it anywhere as much as I am King. The songs with the 'singing' are weird.
  12. I have season 1 to 15 on DVD but I still complain when the shit ones are on TV. The old seasons are still incredible. 3-10 is gold. 11 and 12 have lots of good episodes, but it's definitely the start of the decline. The creators are pissing on their own legacy by continuing to make it. It's just 20 minutes of "How can we somehow shoehorn in this week's celebrity guest". Awful, awful writing.
  13. It's hard to blame them. With each passing year, the ratio of good Simpsons to bad Simpsons is lessened. There's more chance of them catching a bad episode than a good one. Seems every time I put it on, it's a bad episode.
  14. Started piecing together my team ready for the Premier League, but then I got offered the Celtic job. Rodgers has gone to Arsenal to replace the retired Wenger. I accepted out of curiosity, never done Celtic before. I had a great thing going at Wolves, so my plan was to take the Celtic job and save it as a new file, and go back to Wolves if it got boring. As I accepted, I skipped through the introduction, then it auto-saved. Bugger. No going back now. Celtic have got some atrocious players, and a GIGANTIC squad. I'm going to bin about 80% of it.
  15. Thrashtacular.