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  1. Just had a quick look. There are scans and epub files of Get In The Van on Soulseek, if you're that way inclined.
  2. Our Band Could Be Your Life American Hardcore You probably won't be able to get one for a reasonable price anymore, but Henry Rollins' Get In The Van is great too. There might be an ebook/scan of it knocking about. If you have even the slightest interest in NOFX, I'd highly recommend their recent book, Hepatitis Bathtub. Some pretty brutal tales about what the early LA punk scene was like, among other stuff. When you finish it, you'll be amazed that somehow they're not all dead. For UK Punk, I've not ready any books about the more mainstream '77 stuff, but this is a good read about the 1980-84 Anarcho Punk scene:
  3. The cyclists and the bike-theives should definitely go to war with one another. It's the only way.
  4. Yeah, that Fubar page is just bike thefts and ruffians going around trying door handles in Northfield. I can't imagine other cities are much different. Everyone cycles down here in Bristol. Never seen such a busier city for cycling on these shores. Lots of huge lock-ups all over the city. You see a lot of folk walking to work carrying their saddle and front wheel. A handy tip for making your bike appear most unappealing to a potential bike thief. It inherently puts a bigger target on bikes that are unable to have their saddle and front wheel snapped off though. I'm sure the cyclists here manage to take sweet vengeance if they get their bike pinched. They're fucking animals around here, and pretty much own the place. You don't fuck with a Bristol cyclist. Walking to a gig on Friday night, a girl infront of me was walking with one foot in the cycle lane - the kind that is painted on the outer edge of the pavement. Cyclist zoomed by, stiff-armed her out of the way Road Rash style, and gave her a mouthful of expletives as he did it. It wasn't busy, there was room for the cyclist to go by without doing that. But that's not the point. It was the cyclist reminding the feeble pedestrian of the chain of command. She didn't even react. Probably realised the error of her ways for being anywhere near a cycle lane on foot. I've been screamed at for getting in the way of a cyclist who was bombing the wrong way down a one way hill, as if it was me in the wrong. I obviously was. What was I thinking? Anyone who has ever nicked a bike in Bristol is probably tied to a cinder block at the bottom of the canal.
  5. I saw The Dirty Nil open for Flatliners and Menziners last night. I'd not heard them before. They might just be the best punk rock band I've ever seen live. Blew the other two off the stage. They have a new album out next week.
  6. You're not too late. We're not there til August. Thanks for the info! Can you get travel passes at Amsterdam Airport? We get in at like 7am, but we can't check in til 3pm, so we were just going to get off the plane, head in to the city and start getting stuck in to all those hookers and drugs.
  7. I can't understand what these grinders that are over £100 can do that the £40 Krups one doesn't. If it grinds, and it has adjustable coarseness, what else do it need? Grinders can get silly expensive.
  8. He's NOT ALLOWED to say.
  9. I find that to be the case, yes. The moisture is inside the bean, and isn't really released until it is ground. Though will probably dry out naturally, but I'd guess it's over a much longer period of time. I've got beans I got for Christmas that are still excellent when ground now. I do keep them in an airtight canister as well, though I have no idea if that makes a difference.
  10. Ground coffee dries out super fast, even when air-tight. I hear about people putting coffee grounds in the freezer, to keep the moisture within the grounds. I've never done it before so I can't comments on how successful it is. Supermarket bought coffee grounds are already dried out, guaranteed. I grind with this, got it recently: It's great. Loud as fuck though, but I like being able to adjust the coarseness settings, then just press go. I can fill the kettle and clean out the cafetiere whilst it grinds. Before I got that, I used this for years:$ja=tsid:59157|cid:199888833|agid:17470845513|tid:aud-158518126633:pla-92280430713|crid:74692318713|nw:g|rnd:2564490505197945361|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=CPmXsYiorNMCFQmdGwodK90H-w Half the price, but you can't adjust the grind. You just grind for longer if you want it finer. The compartment was pretty much the perfect amount for a cafetiere to make two large mugs of coffee though. Built like a tank, and much quieter, but you have to stand and hold the button down. Stop thinking and start grinding.
  11. I've tried a few different contraptions in the last few years, and I still find just a regular cafetiere the best brew. Grind as you use. Always. The difference between freshly ground and pre-packed coffee grounds that have probably been ground for weeks before you use it is CRAZY. I've moved 500 miles south, but I still buy my beans mailorder from MacBeans. That place is the bomb.
  12. And just the general "I can't even" can do one. You "can't even" what? Are you so bad at "adulting" that you can't finish sentences? Working at a college, the amount of times I overhear yoofs using the word "literally" when what they're saying is definitely not literal. It's nearly every sentence. These young 'uns don't speak right good.
  13. Also, that Employed to Serve ditty is super. I've not heard them before. Now I'm going to go hear more.
  14. The 23 tracker wasn't a real album, just a collection of b-sides and demos. I've never listened to it one sitting cos it's too damn long, and it did have lots of songs where it was clear why they didn't use them (because they weren't very good!) It did have half a dozen or so rippers though. The opening track, Lifers, is one of my favourites. Certified ripper.