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  1. Soda Jerk

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    The Football League wouldn't but I'd bet the Premier League wouldn't scoff at bringing both the old firm down, if there was a way to do it, for the £££. I hope not though.
  2. Soda Jerk

    Your electronic productions

    I got a Bass Station 2 recently. Still getting my head around everything it's capable of, but I knocked together this drum n bass/breakbeat thing with it, just to give it a bit of a test drive: It's a bit sloppy, because the BS2 isn't great at tracking external midi clock, so it's all live overdubs over drum samples, no programming or anything, cos I don't have the patience for that. I just need to get tighter at playing.
  3. Soda Jerk

    Ab-mus memories

    Do it. Barely anyone here lives in Aberdeen anymore anyway. We are all in various Polish territories.
  4. Soda Jerk

    TV Series!!

    I wish they'd have just left it at Season 3 though. The two most recent seasons aren't up to much. adult Michael Cera is weird to look at. I don't like it.
  5. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    Apparently James Wilson is still alive and has joined Aberdeen on loan. I'll wager that he'll score less goals than the amount of games he'll miss through injury. Guy's got knees made of biscuit. He's also not very good.
  6. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    Remember when Charlie Nicholas predicted Cameroon would win the 2010 World Cup? I bet he couldn't even name a player in that Cameroon squad. He just went for a lazy 'African soil' angle. Fanny. Mersons criticism of Marco Silva when he got the Hull job was hilarious too. He was adamant it should have been Dyche because he "knows the league" (he'd just gotten Burnley relegated a few months prior) . Downplayed Silva winning the title with Olympiacos, claiming "even I could do that". The two worst pundits on TV.
  7. Only the one pair of camo shorts in a metal promo shot? Posers.
  8. Soda Jerk

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    Twitter is a cesspit of dickheads. An accumulation of the worst people on earth all under one roof. Especially if they're posting about football. The thread of comments isn't too surprising. Bizarre how hundreds of people who weren't even there are just blindly saying "Nope. Didn't happen". One saying that it couldn't possibly happen because Stonehaven is some way off the A90. But it's like, 2 minutes, is it not?
  9. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    It was great seeing Rangers's piss 3 points up the wall after they were timewasting from the 20th minute mark. At one point in the 2nd half, the ball went over the byline, so I got up and went to the loo, when I came back, McGregor still hadn't taken the goal kick. Small time. Jon Flanagan is the exception to the the age old expression 'a face only a mother could love'. He is a nightmare creature.
  10. Soda Jerk

    Your electronic productions

    I made this glitchy beat using just a Pocket Operator KO sampler, and synced it with a Chali 2na acapella from Youtube, recorded via my mixer's line out into my phone, cuz if you ain't lo-fi, you no-fi. PO's are the business.
  11. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    Baggie Bird is dead. West Brom's new mascot is a combi boiler, called Boiler Man. Look at him, warming up the crowd.
  12. Soda Jerk

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    They didn't get dicked, and that penalty was incredibly harsh. No way was that deliberate, as the rule implies. Burnley had all the best chances however. Lewis made some great saves. That equaliser though.
  13. Soda Jerk

    What are you currently listening to?

    I prefer synthwave to be as distorted as possible. A lot of these acts seemed to have started quite mellow and have gradually gotten heavier. The GosT album certain follows that path, theres some blast beats and everything.
  14. Fuuuuuuuu I can handle reading tales of broken bones, scrapes, even studs to the danglers, but once toe webbing gets involved... NAH NO NO NOPE NO.
  15. Soda Jerk

    What are you currently listening to?

    new JESUS PIECE LP is going to be AOTY, no doubt. So heavy.