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  1. The newest series was a lot better. Not as good as the heyday but definitely a lot better than it's been recently. was the 10th season. snoop, doug benson and Tom arnold show up and are in it for a few episodes.
  2. Albums/Music 2017

    Robert Plant's new album is fantastic.
  3. Pet Hates!

    OMG you're obsessed!
  4. Pet Hates!

    AGFW pet hate again? You'll turn in to AGFW!
  5. Aberdeen-Music stalking.

  6. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    Fightstar at Moshulu in 2007.
  7. Pet Hates!

    Update: Chameleon got in the Twin Peaks records I was after. Got them plus Mogwai - Atomic. Also, looks like we'll get a replacement sent out for the Enter Shikari record. Only problem is, we ordered the limited signed mint vinyl. I'm afraid they'll only have the normal silver left (not fussed about getting it signed to be honest). My gf laid it on thick about it being a main present, and told them to send it tracked, or even next day. They replied saying they'll get back to us on Monday. New pet hate: Taking over a day to reply to an email at 5.25pm to tell me I'll get a proper reply on monday.
  8. Pet Hates!

    My meter was above my door. So I had to go get a ladder for him. I had to enter mine online every now and again. Then someone would come round. It's like, either trust the numbers I give you, or don't make me get the ladder out if you're going to send someone anyway.
  9. Pet Hates!

    Royal Mail. Absolute bunch of useless bastards. And I say that as someone with an uncle and a friend who works for them. My gf pre-ordered the Enter Shikari - The Spark bundle (limited mint record, bonus clear record, tape, cd, slipmats and a top) as my main present. Dispatch note was 20th September (the album was due to come out on the 22nd, so pretty decent time to post it out. 22nd came, nothing. monday the 25th came, nothing. It got closer and closer to my birthday (2nd October) and nothing arrived. It's now been 2 weeks since the album was released, and still nothing. the distributor has offered a replacement or refund. I'm just hoping the mint record wasn't as limited as they let on, and that they have some spares. Second pet hate: having records I want in my hand but not being able to buy them - waiting on chameleon to get in the twin peaks records, and waiting for the spark to turn up, i popped in HMV and picked all three up. had them in my hand. put them back, knowing I'd get them from elsewhere. That was 4 days ago. I still don't have any of them.
  10. aye i've only really realised all this stuff post-death. i'm pretty sure it was in an article he offered a girl a quaalude and called them "thigh openers"
  11. I'm seeing a lot about how he was, by all accounts, really good to the girls he lived with.
  12. Albums/Music 2017

    Enter Shikari's new album, The Spark, is out on Friday. And it's fucking amazing. Really loved it. It's very different. So those who didn't like them when they first started may actually enjoy the new stuff more. A lot more polished and mature. I got to hear it early to review it. (shameless plug) http://indulge-sound.com/2017/09/15/review-the-spark-enter-shikari/ But seriously, i can't really say too much right now about it, but it's my album of the year easy. Haven't enjoyed a full record this much in a good while.
  13. TV Series!!

  14. Plug-ins (VST, Audio Units etc)

    Makes sense, i meant to write ribbon mic. If it's all been set up, and used before, i'd say it sounds like a gain/input level problem.