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  1. There's a weird smell of onions wafting about. I've just showered, put on clean clothes, got on clean trainers. I haven't done any cooking in the past couple of days so it's not my fingernails. I smelled my clothes and they're fine. I sprayed extra deodorant on myself. I'm not sweating. Still, onions.
  2. Watch Dogs 2. I absolutely hated the original. The new one is streets ahead. But it does make all other Ubisoft franchises look shit. If they can overhaul and make Watch Dogs better, then why have Far Cry and Assassins Creed basically became Call Of Duty. Same shit, different setting, every single time.
  3. Tempted to buy Rocksmith for ps4 if it ever goes on sale. Surprisingly really good for learning guitar. I can play, if making noise and power chords is playing. I find myself wanting to play "proper" chords when I've got my acoustic out and I just can't do it.
  4. It makes me sad that Chevy and Dan fell out. Some of my favourite moments included Pierce. But if you watch Harmontown it's quite obvious who was really to blame. Dan Harmon looks like an absolute bastard to work for. Especially when he has a network to answer to.
  5. Twin Peaks: The Return has been really good.
  6. It just seemed too generic, especially compared to the rest of the series. Which I understand, with a program like Community you've got to have a bit of bait and switch going on. Can't be bunging in full episodes dedicated to D&D from the off. But on rewatch I do tend to skip the pilot.
  7. I didn't like it when I first watched it. I try to never judge a show by it's first episode though. More often than not it's just the pilot and things inevitably change. Hell, even stuff like Community has a shaky first episode. The Office US has a shaky first season.
  8. I loved season 2 of F is for Family. A lot better than the first. I was laughing constantly and I'm not even a big Bill Burr fan.
  9. What's the protocol for a bad haircut? I've always awkwardly said it's fine then walked out with a hat on. I don't go to hairdressers/barbers anymore. My sister is a hairdresser so she just does it in the house. But can you walk out and not pay if they've fucked it up? Could you do the same with a manicure, or make-up artist, or even tattooist? I mean if youre food is shite you can refuse to pay (although I've never done that. and in fact a friend took me out for lunch. there was something wrong with both our dishes and they still went and paid. I said they shouldn't have, but if it was me paying, i wouldn't have had the gaul to refuse payment)
  10. 8th season just finished airing in the states. The setting and goal in the season has continuously changed since season 4. But Season 8 completely changed things up. Spoilers:
  11. yeah, the first couple of seasons of Family Guy have a completely different set of characters to be honest. I haven't actually seen any new American Dad, but I do agree once it found its footing it surpassed it. Bob's Burgers is great. But that hasn't been on as long as American Dad/Family Guy/Simpsons, so I didn't count it. I mean I also love Archer. But that too hasn't been around as long. A lot of Archer Fans say the series could never be as good as the original 4 seasons were, but the newest season really was a return to form. I think the idea of completely changing the structure for every season has worked in their favour. And if it weren't for that Adam Reed would probably have been burnt out and stopped writing it a while ago. I mean, it's went from Spy Agency for S1-4. 80's drug dealer for S5. Spies again (with certain aspects changed) for S6. 70's Private Eye for S7. Then Noir 20's(?) Private Eye for S8. It's really kept it fresh. You don't get repetitive storylines. Also the episode orders have went down as production costs have went up. So it never overstays its welcome. Why have 24 episodes of middle of the road cartoons (simpsons/fg) when you can have 8-10 episodes of well crafted cartoons?
  12. As if something like an international agreement could stop May from a power grab.
  13. I kind of feel like Brian from Family Guy was created (or at least changed) to make fun of characters like Lisa. But then again, Family Guy isn't exactly held up as a standard in excellence. Are there any long running cartoons that are still actually good? I liked the last couple of seasons of South Park. I know a lot of people didn't, but at least they're trying something new with the story telling. Simpsons/Family Guy seem to have been in a rut and instead of doing something to climb out, they just dug deeper and deeper. Makes me think of that "definition of insanity" quote.
  14. Oh yeah definitely. The newest season is a lot LOT better. Still not as good as the original run, but it's a lot better than the first few Netflix ones.
  15. Really cut it thin, but I managed to release this in time. JUST. 53 minutes, you better have voted ye bams.