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  1. Jaaakkkeee

    What game are you currently playing?

    Bought the witcher season pass. a few years too late but i'm excited to get in to it.
  2. Jaaakkkeee

    Last film you watched?

    I think the found footage thing blew up biggest around the time of Rec, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity etc, and kind of died when the new Blair Witch film didn't do too well. Haven't seen much hype around found footage in ages. Seems to be more mood and atmospheric driven horror, like Hereditary and Quiet Place etc that's having the upswing right now.
  3. Ransom FA is making some waves and recently released his album, which is great by the way. and Cheeens has recently had a bit of a comeback. But there isn't the scene up here. There's the artists, just no scene, which sees most of them going to the central belt to perform with the likes of Shogun and SWVN. That Shogun gig at tunnels, I heard it was something to do with one of the acts, but the promotion left a lot to be desired. I feel like it was a promoter trying to make money doing it, not realising that breaking even is considered a success up here. £13 a ticket for a wednesday night grime gig at Tunnels. Just not doable. Never liked Shy & DRS if I'm honest.
  4. Cellar is ~80 cap. We definitely need a Malt Mill/Downstairs sized place again though. I'm happy Exo has been used a lot recently for gigs. Has there been any gigs recently at Crash? There were a few a few years ago. But haven't really seen much recently.
  5. Jaaakkkeee

    What are you currently listening to?

    This is also great.
  6. Jaaakkkeee

    What are you currently listening to?

    This is surprisingly amazing. Kanye's most introspective and open record in a while. He goes in deep about his mental health, his sex addiction, and about his worries and fears of his daughters growing up and being put through what he's put women through. He also manages to put in lyrics like "I love your titties 'cause they prove I can focus on two things at once." which is just absolutely brilliant. The beats & switches, the sample choices, and his delivery is the best he's done is his best since MBDTF.
  7. Jaaakkkeee

    Last film you watched?

    Deadpool 2 was good fun. Proper belly laughs. I think it's definitely missing it's anarchistic edge that came with being so low-budgeted in the first film. Took a little longer to get in to it but once it did it was proper good. Cable was great, Domino was great. Brad Pitt was fantastic. I waited until the end of the credits for any other post-credit scenes and was a bit disappointed. But the mid-credit scenes were absolutely brilliant.
  8. Apparently Tunnels needs a load of work done to it. Apart from Musical Vision, there's Punch Face, Laika Come Home, and Captain Tom. Without Tom aberdeen would be even worse off than it already is.
  9. We need to local government to realise Oil is a shitshow and to put more money in to the creative arts.
  10. Jaaakkkeee

    What game are you currently playing?

    I started playing Rocket League again and I"m not as good as I used to be.
  11. Jaaakkkeee

    What game are you currently playing?

    Beat The Lamb on Binding of Isaac. Then another 4 times. Then once more. Then i googled how to unlock the D6 and it was so much more simple.
  12. Jaaakkkeee

    What game are you currently playing?

    There are obviously some folk that go over the score. But I find it hard to judge people on spending money on games, when I've spent hundreds if not thousands on band stuff over the years. Golf though - about a tenner a week, if it's summer you do two rounds a week. that was back over 10 years ago like. but right away that's easy like £700 a year. then you've got either your packed lunch for the course or your meal at the clubhouse after. Lost balls? I'd say buy a new pack of 3 a week. And didn't go for the cheapos. I was young enough that my feet were still growing. That's a new pair of Adidas golf shoes a year. New golf slacks/shorts/waterproofs for playing rainy days per year. hats. maybe a new putter or driver once in a while. I stopped playing once I left school. But if I had continued, the costs would just be stupidly high at this point. all for a hobby. let the kids have their stupid emotes/skins. Obviously some kids will put all their money in to it, or worse, all their parents money. But that's more on the parents. On PS4 you can have a parent account that has the credit card details, and you have to manually put money in the sub accounts' wallets. If the parents are too technologically inept (which is their own fault for not taking the time to learn how to use it) and they don't teach their kids the value of money, then that's on the parents. Of course a young kid is gonna want the cool new outfit for his player so he looks cool for his pals online. But back before the internet you had to get your mum to come to a shop with you and buy you stuff that you couldn't afford. If they parents are letting kids hyped up on mountain due run riot with their bank details. that's on the parents.
  13. Jaaakkkeee

    Worst gig you ever played.

    It was really to support Yashin that we took it. But jesus. No access the Warehouse's backstage. And got told we can't talk about Kerrang around them (Kerrang had absolutely destroyed them for weeks 'cause they're trash). Also, I was allowed to use Yashin's bass rig. I came on to set up and realised the first support had just knocked over his Ashdown bass head and left it on the floor. Oh, and then when BrokenCYDE took to the stage, they would go "we ain't playing the next song till the girls take their tops off!" they said that to a crowd mostly made up of people under 16, accompanied by parents.. Absolute trash.
  14. Jaaakkkeee

    Worst gig you ever played.

    I once supported Brokencyde. That's a gig I wish was empty.
  15. Jaaakkkeee

    What game are you currently playing?

    I mean, if you compare it to someone who says, goes golfing once a week, and buys all the stuff. Or hey, how much do bands spend on equipment and practice time and travel, and to a lot of people that's just a hobbie, like video games.