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  1. https://dogknightsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/dk069-raccoon-city-police-department-nightlife-12-lp
  2. If you're looking for someone to do some post-production audio work on the interviews let me know
  3. Hi Guys, I finished my HND and i'm trying to get my name out there as a mixing engineer. my fb page is: https://www.facebook.com/jakelawsonaudio/ I'm open to working on any and all genres, and I'm offering affordable rates and discounts. Cheers.
  4. Yeah I have more memories from the past year and a half years than the 4 years before. Stopping smoking has been the best decision i've made. Still, I worry that i've done some long lasting damage. Plus I've read depression can fuck your memories. I feel like quite a few times during my low moments have just been blocked out completely. Not that I want those memories back. But still, sucks to have gaps in your life.
  5. inb4 do u remember yr memories
  6. I've lost memories. I don't remember much of 2013. And 2015-2017 is mostly a blur. People bring up stuff that I did or stuff that happened and I can't remember. I get that you would only remember key points from childhood the older you get, but this is only a few years ago. And I can't remember much except big things that happened. Kind of worrying. But at the same time, I was drunk/not sober for most of that time.
  7. No 'cause santa doesn't give money and i'm too old for santa
  8. MAIN PRESENTS PartnerConverse x Carhartt WIP One Star (Black)ParentsMoneySibling/-In-LawKashidun WatchGrandparent(s)MoneyAunts/UnclesMoneyIn-LawsMoney
  9. Here's what I got, and from who, this Christmas: Partner Xmas Eve Johnnie Walker White Walker Whisky GoT "I Drink and I Know Things" Hipflask Xmas Converse x Carhartt WIP One Star (Black) GolfWang Camp Flog Gnaw Tee (Yellow) The Last Of Us OST 12" The Last of Us 2 7" Baby Driver OST 12" Jaffa Cake Scented Woodwick Candle Beard Buddy Shaving Bib Whisky Cooling Stones Calm Room/Linen Spray Parents Xmas Eve Framed Wolverine #47 (Oct 1991 - my birthday) PJ Bottoms Chocolates Xmas Adidas Handball (White/Orange/Gum) Adidas Future Hydro (Green) Carhartt Hoody (Grey) Obey Crewneck (Black) Kamasi Washington - The Epic 12" Boxset Twin Peaks The Return OST 12" Picture Disc Money Sibling/-In-Law Xmas Kashidun Watch Custom Designer Toy (Dunny) Amiibo Grandparent(s) Xmas Bulldog Ultimate Beard Care Kit Chocolate Money Aunts/Uncles Xmas The North Face T-Shirt (Green) Malt Whisky Tasting Selection Money In-Laws Xmas Kraken Rum Money What I bought on Boxing Day: Vans MTE UltraRange (Tan) Fred Perry Crewneck (Blue) Columbia Longsleeve (White) Fila Sports Socks Champion Beanie (Grey) Jeans (Black) Kanye West - Ye 12" Burial - Untrue 12" Vaping Kit (Mod, Coils, E-Liquids and CBD Liquid) Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your time, see you all on my Birthday. Jaaakkkeee (Formerly JakeBassist) xxx
  10. https://charlottelightanddark.bandcamp.com/ some good skramz
  11. RDR2. If you're not playing it you're missing out.
  12. Bump. Catwoman, JL vs SS & Secret Empire sold.
  13. bump. if there's anything that's not on my marketplace but in my collection you want to buy, just let me know https://www.discogs.com/user/flwr_boi/collection also, open to doing good deals if anyone wants to take a lot of comics off me.
  14. Selling some of my record/tape and comic collection. Records/tapes - https://www.discogs.com/seller/flwr_boi/profile?fbclid=IwAR0R6y6TUdPKqCeoxdcp7EjhijrTyNGvLPy5MuKDOpmN0Ozof6Q8MeIS7KM Comics £1 each - DC Catwoman 1 Justice League 1-3, 7-8, 15-16, 27, 34-35 Justice League vs Suicide Squad 1-6 Suicide Squad 1-25, 27-32 (5 Variant) Trinity 1, 3-5, 7, 9-18 + Annual 1 Marvel All-New Wolverine 26 Cage! 1-4 Power Man & Iron Fist 1-15 + Sweet Christmas Special Secret Empire 1-2 Spirits of Vengeance 1-5
  15. The Good Place is back. Hasn't been as great as previous seasons but it looks like it could go somewhere great. Killing Eve is fantastic. First episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty good.
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