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  1. Jaaakkkeee

    Breaking Bad final episodes (contains spoilers)

    Didn't even realise new episode had dropped. I watched new Preacher today so I'm AMC'd out for tonight.
  2. Jaaakkkeee

    What are you currently listening to?

    jamming this again this morning.
  3. Jaaakkkeee

    Pet Hates!

    Never trust technology. When the world banks collapse and computers rise up to kill us, we'll all have to use our hands to check if the water's boiled.
  4. Jaaakkkeee

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    both Ye and Kids See Ghosts are incredible albums.
  5. Jaaakkkeee

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    only reason Ye isn't AOTY is 'cause of Deafheaven. fact.
  6. Jaaakkkeee

    Good things about Aberdeen

  7. Jaaakkkeee

    What are you currently listening to?

    https://www.npr.org/2018/07/05/625292101/first-listen-deafheaven-ordinary-corrupt-human-love?t=1530880153577 The two singles have been ace. And this first track is piano ballad with trv cvlt skramz. Just beautiful.
  8. Jaaakkkeee

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    People don't realise that a lot of Kanye's stuff is tongue-in-cheek. And the spunk on the mink, it's meant to be like a dirty love song. He's rapping about his wife, but in a over-the-top dirty way. His lyricism on Ye has been fantastic. Hilarious standouts for me: "I love your titties 'cause they prove I can focus on two things at once" and "Hit that pussy raw like fuck the outcome. None of us would be here without cum."
  9. Jaaakkkeee

    What are you currently listening to?

    This is magnificent. And that switch up at 2.30 is just fantastic.
  10. Jaaakkkeee

    Hi everyone

  11. It's like a cross between the outlandish story telling toddlers come away with, mixed with the daftness of a Limmy story.
  12. Jaaakkkeee

    What game are you currently playing?

    Bought the witcher season pass. a few years too late but i'm excited to get in to it.
  13. Jaaakkkeee

    Last film you watched?

    I think the found footage thing blew up biggest around the time of Rec, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity etc, and kind of died when the new Blair Witch film didn't do too well. Haven't seen much hype around found footage in ages. Seems to be more mood and atmospheric driven horror, like Hereditary and Quiet Place etc that's having the upswing right now.
  14. Ransom FA is making some waves and recently released his album, which is great by the way. and Cheeens has recently had a bit of a comeback. But there isn't the scene up here. There's the artists, just no scene, which sees most of them going to the central belt to perform with the likes of Shogun and SWVN. That Shogun gig at tunnels, I heard it was something to do with one of the acts, but the promotion left a lot to be desired. I feel like it was a promoter trying to make money doing it, not realising that breaking even is considered a success up here. £13 a ticket for a wednesday night grime gig at Tunnels. Just not doable. Never liked Shy & DRS if I'm honest.
  15. Cellar is ~80 cap. We definitely need a Malt Mill/Downstairs sized place again though. I'm happy Exo has been used a lot recently for gigs. Has there been any gigs recently at Crash? There were a few a few years ago. But haven't really seen much recently.