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  1. Aberdeen Local Music Scene Survey

  2. Can't you see the problem here? I'm not saying I agree or disagree with your views on the queen. But when I bring up why your comments may be harmful, or when I bring up the damage that "political rhetoric" can do, you seem to miss the point in an effort to get your point across by any means. I will say, I think we should get rid of the Monarchy. But that doesn't stop me seeing the wood for the trees. Republicans should be allowed to tweet. Should republicans be allowed to tweet threatening rhetoric? No. Freedom of Speech stops when you impede the freedoms of others. (Yes, the queen should be given freedoms too.) Look at the recent sentencing of Britain First. Should they be allowed to freedom of speech? yes. Should they be allowed to shout threatening rhetoric at people? No. I'm not trying to equate you with something as extreme as BF, but surely you can see where the line should be drawn in the case of BF. A similar line was drawn for republicans. Get the queen out? yes. Kill the queen? no. Do we have a bias media? Definitely. Just look at the recent "russian-up" of Corbyn's hat. Should there be a more balanced media? Yes. But again, that has it's pitfalls. Everyone remembers the backlash Question Time received for giving Nick Griffin airtime - because, again, of the dangerous political rhetoric he was spouting. With the political climate we're in, even if something is rhetorical, it can have real world ramifications. I would definitely feel like you would get further in your arguments if you stopped arguing them at every corner. I think humility can go a long way. Also, You do only ever contribute to your own threads. Which relates to the point I made in the first paragraph of this comment.
  3. That was a hard read. I'm still not finished. You tend to repeat yourself to the point of diminishing returns, and seem to confuse sentences with paragraphs. surely when a tweet like your own is made, the queen's interest and the public interest is one and the same? there is a public interest in nipping behaviour/attitudes like these in the bud, before they fester? You say that it was political rhetoric, but as we've seen recently, political rhetoric can and has influenced people in committing much more serious crimes. I have wondered the same.
  4. What are you currently listening to?

  5. Music! 2018!

  6. Thread in a nutshell.
  7. Music! 2018!

    Got excited that someone thought my content was wonderful. Turns out their only other post is about ringtones.
  8. What are you currently listening to?

    This all day every day.
  9. That wall really needs a new lick of paint.
  10. I wonder if he prefers FPS online so he can "flirt" with folk's mums via voice chat
  11. Music! 2018!

    Completely slept on the new PBTT album. It's fantastic. Also, new code orange is fucking weird.
  12. Ah yes, the Nazis and Gestapo, famous for fighting for women's rights and imprisoning men for "flirting." Does anyone know why he still posts here? Given that every user just lays in to him? Are we the only place that'll have him? What does that say about us? Peter Dow: political madman, creepy fucker, and cause of an existential crisis.
  13. TV Series!!

    Watched this too. Well, the first episode, and the scotland one. Was actually pretty good. I was a lot more interested in the Fashion, and hearing from folk who have "retired". The people who are 50+ and still like "i'll still fight for no reason after a football game cuz i'm a hard man" made me cringe. More than Dyer did. And he's NAUGHTY.
  14. TV Series!!

    I like how easy viewing it is, without stooping to the lows of quite a few shit sitcoms. *cough* big bang *cough* Season 4 is great. Especially "Moo-Moo".
  15. TV Series!!

    I can't go back. I really want to, but the Christmas Special fucked me up. The Good Place - what a wonderful show. Ted Danson being cool older Ted Danson in hip new show a la Bored to Death. Kristen Bell being cute saying "Chidi". The whole package. Oh, also the story is pretty cool, and is strangely a more continuous story than other sitcoms. Loads of cool ethics stuff too. Comes from Michael Schur and I think that Fremulon has something to do with it (they make Brooklyn 99). Third season has been confirmed. I binged this in 3 days. All 2 seasons.