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  1. Just Cause 3. Free this month through PS+. I didn't pick it up 'cause it seemed to repetitive. It is, but for free? It's one of my favourite games right now. Just flying about blowing stuff up.
  2. Who caused the raise in business rates for small businesses in Aberdeen, the council or Scottish government?
  3. Aye that's a few steps too far. Has he never bought a record from a shop online before? Not one goes to that much effort. Not amazon, not indie labels, not private sellers, not anyone. That's someone being a dick.
  4. You gotta do what you gotta do to make sure you don't get a jiffy job.
  5. Don't let this happen to someone else. Buy my records and comics directly through the threads I started in Trading Post.
  6. Didn't think much of the track they did with Big Narstie, but holy jesus, I'm absolutely loving this. New album coming out in September and the deluxe* version has been preordered. *deluxe preorder, which was £70, includes: Album on 12" vinyl (mint or silver, mint is ltd to 1000, with lyric book), 12" EP of non-album singles from the past couple of years (clear), album on cassette tape, album on cd, a t-shirt or longsleeve and slipmats.
  7. They stopped after Big Kiss Goodnight, but reformed late last year/early this year. The new album is decent but it's no BKG.
  8. Speaking of hardcore, TUI have released a new album. And I'm sure I saw somewhere Converge have too.
  9. Skyrim will be coming out for it if that's your bag.
  10. Mario Odyssey?
  11. My gf boaks really easily. I was laughing at her while the scabs were getting cut off. Then the shot cut to the pie and I had a little bit of a dry heave.
  12. Game Of Thrones has been back and for two weeks running they've intercut disgusting stuff with food. I no longer eat soup or pies. Also, the guy that plays Hot Pie has started an online bakery called "You Know Nothing Jon Dough", which is only slightly cooler than Hodor's Rave of Thrones.
  13. I'm really holding out hope for console release. If I could, I'd build a PC for this game alone. But alas, I can't. So I'm really holding out hope for a console release. Currently playing Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. On to the 3rd game, my gf bought it on Friday. Everyone was complaining it was too hard, but to be fair I've never completed any of the games when they came out on PS1. So it's obviously not a massive jump in difficulty. I think it's people just not playing the game for so long and not remembering how hard it was, and how easy it eventually becomes after playing it for 2 days straight.
  14. Just save yourself the hassle and don't go outside when it's sunny. If you've got a holiday booked, cancel it. Not worth it.