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  1. So I start HND Sound Production in August. Over the next two years I'm wanting to build up my home studio. What gear is best bang for the buck? What's an essential bit of kit that won't break the bank? Are there things I should save up for and just do without instead getting a cheap version? Let me know! So far I'm looking in to getting: Focusrite Scarlett KRK Rokits Headphones (?) I think I'll need: Pro Tools (not overly. but this is what I'll be using in college. Be good to get some practice at home.) I saw they do a subscription service. 30 quid a month seems not too bad. Considering some packages are a grand outright for a perpetual lisence. I tried to look in to it but I got confused. Is Pro Tools HD what I really need? Or can I get the vanilla version? A USB hub. Anyone know decent ones that won't cause too much lag? Macbooks only have 2 USB ports. Or should I look at getting thunderbolt stuff over USB? This will definitely be a slow process, and I've probably missed out some gear/software. But I'm just wanting to get shit in order so I can slowly but surely start acquiring gear/saving for gear.
  2. Being told "I'll pick up a mcdonalds breakfast on my way in. oh wait, just noticed the time. i won't get there in half an hour" morning ruined.
  3. Has anyone read Rollins' travel books/journals?
  4. Cheers. I've heard good things about Get In The Van but never been able to find a copy for a decent price. I'll have a look at getting the other ones you recommended.
  5. Been listening to a lot of Podcasts recently about Scientology. Going Clear and Ron Miscavaige's books the best ones to read? Any other books along the lines of going clear about other religions? Also, anyone got any recommendations for books on the following subjects: UK Punk US Punk (black flag etc) Hip-hop/gangster rap LAPD racism
  6. That sounds cool, gimme a message
  7. If you you like Fubar News on facebook you'll see Aberdeen is in the middle of a complete city-wide crime spree and also loads of dogs are going missing right now. And traffic is the most mental it's ever been. and everywhere's flooded.
  8. probably a Lights or Chvrches song or something. She's been hanging around with them lot lately.
  9. bassist who can do the skramz. you a fan of bands like dead swans/modern life is war also? Love me some defeater but I must admit I prefer the "rawer" sound of dead swans etc.
  10. That's Fucking Delicious? Him watching ancient aliens with Tyler the creator is pretty wacky.
  11. Vice has a program called Bong Appetite.
  12. Willing to do some pretty cheap deals if you take a chunk of them off my hands. Even willing to drop the price of Clone Conspiracy (which is already half the price of what they were retail)
  13. If this is anything to go by, I'm going to really enjoy the new Paramore album. And so begins falling in love with someone who I don't even know again. Fucking hell. I only just finished the office and haven't gotten over Jenna Fischer yet.
  14. Was watching a Joe Rogan podcast. He (and Joey Diaz) are all about edibles. He described the same experience but actually enjoys it. He said it's good to once in a while let yourself be vulnerable and get really introspective. You're all paranoid then when you come out the other side you realise it really was all in your head and all your anxieties and worries seem more abstract. Wouldn't like to have that feeling myself though, but I can see why someone would enjoy it. Plus, them being in california I guess the paranoia isn't exactly "shit i hope i don't get caught" kind of paranoia that I assume would plague most people over this side of the pond.
  15. That was probably the problem. It takes longer to kick in. You could be waiting an hour for a brownie to kick in. A lot of people tend to eat more in that time and end up far higher than they wanted to be. Also it reacts differently when cooked/eaten. A lot of people say it gets you higher.