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  1. Pet Hates!

    Pre-ordering records, only to have to wait longer than I would have if I just bought it when it came out. Pre-ordered Tyler, The Creator's Scum Fuck Flower Boy in JULY. People in America have only just started getting theirs. Sure, its apparently a nice pressing, but I could have the black one delivered tomorrow with Amazon Prime. Also ordered Listener's Being Empty Being Filled Vol 2. There was a delay and I could offered to order Vol 3 and combine postage. Did that. Was supposed to be sent out on 16th Nov. No record, no reply to emails.
  2. What game are you currently playing?

    My game broke. As in, I spent ages doing side quests, slogging away too, and I ended up collecting loads of connecting holotapes. Googled them, turns out they're part of a Nick Valentine quest. Cool. Go to get him, he's not at my main settlement. Okay, cool, he might be in his office. Nope. Oh, I was doing that mission with him a while ago, he might be there. No. So, I go to every settlement and build a bell to ring so they all come. Do it at every one, and he's not at any. I looked online, it can happen often, and only people that found him were people on PC or Xbox with a Mod. He is always in a random place, and sometimes stuck. I couldn't find the Mod on PS4, gave up. Really wanted to get the DLC, but he's a big part of it. So, just abandoned it. I don't want to start a new game because I'll never be as lucky as I was when I started my current save.
  3. Albums/Music 2017

    Shifty Swifty's new album is one of those i can't stop listening to but I'm not sure why. A lot of it is shite, but there are those moments that are pure bliss and just amazing pop.
  4. Last film you watched?

    Watched Jim and Andy, fantastic watch. Loved Man on The Moon, and this seems like a must watch for anyone else who does. Yeah but, lowered noise floor and anyone can have a studio. You can still record to tape, but a 20 min tape will set you back a few hunner.
  5. Last film you watched?

    I find that there's a lot of comedic actors who have real acting chops but take very "easy" roles and they never seem to understand the law of diminishing returns. Adam Sandler is another actor who does terrible comedies yet can do some really good dramatic acting when he needs to. Jim Carrey's last few films were dire, but Man On The Moon and Truman Show and even Cable Guy show how great an actor he really is.
  6. TV Series!!

    I think that it was supposed to be an homage to gangs in those 80s films like The Lost Boys etc. that turned out more like a parody. And not a good parody, a Wayans Bro's affair. It had some major points that needed exploring, but it was just so cringey and too close to a Heroes episode. A Heroes season 3 episode.
  7. But can you be detained from this thread?
  8. TV Series!!

    Episode 7 was absolutely dire tho.
  9. Comic Book Thread

    Aye so Legacy has made me buy more comics, not cull. So i've ended up just selling off runs and stuff I've never read. Easy 150 bucks tho.
  10. Quick Questions

    have you got a laptop? I'd ditch the phone idea and get a focusrite or something for cheaper.
  11. What are you currently listening to?

  12. TV Series!!

    Stranger Things 2 Episode 7 is terrible. Skip it.
  13. TV Series!!

    Binged this in 2 days. Really liked it. You can tell straight away it's a David Fincher project, which I love. Also, great to see the "His name is robert paulson" guy getting a meaty role. He was really great in it. As was the guy who played Ed Kemper. Fantastic. Also watched Big Mouth. That's something else like. Belly laughs throughout and really surreal. Great cast too. Stranger Things 2 is getting watched now. Been pretty good so far.
  14. TV Series!!

    Looking back, the season was actually okay. But the pacing was far too slow (we finally get negan then we have to sit through a bunch of bin-rakers talking like a stoned Yoda) and some of the script was just terrible - they kept doing the bate and switch as if it was the most fantastic story telling device ever created. I think both Negan, and Ezekiel haven't translated well from comic to screen. Negan seemed super cool and menacing at first, but basically all he is now is a shit eating grin, leaning. I blame the showrunners for that though. JDM is a great actor, but i feel like he has no control over the character, and is just told to lean every DAMN time. They've made a very complex character very one note, and I think that kind of stuck with Kirkman as he wrote Here's Negan, which was pretty poor tbh. And Ezekiel is very much a comic character. Hearing him do the theatre lines is just cringy at times. Looking back, the way S7E1 was presented was brilliant. Showing Rick's trauma and making you wait to see who got killed was fantastic story telling. But any brilliance was trumped by that shitty S6 cliffhanger.
  15. Comic Book Thread

    Marvel Legacy has started. Everything's going back to old numbering. Which is good, as I really need to do a cull, so if runs are jumping from issue 12 to issue 512, I won't pick up 512 and call it a day. Also, Dark Nights Metal has began over at DC. It's been really good. Looking forward to Doomsday Clock more though, for the same reasons as above, I hope Dr Manhattan resets the numbering, as I need to do a DC cull too, especially considering I still need to actually read New52 and Watchmen, and my two 300 issue longboxes are full up. Here's Negan was shit. Glad I didn't fall for the blind box. If I paid £150 and got that, I'd be fucking gutted. Royal City has started again, and as with everything Jeff Lemire does, it's brilliant. And all the cover variants are 90s album covers.