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  1. ca_gere

    Worst gig you ever played.

    Smack and Grouse is divine
  2. ca_gere

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    I vividly remember watching that show as a little nipper in about 1993 thinking 'that guy is really old, he'll be dead soon'
  3. ca_gere

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Aye, Nordz bags me my first points too. I was sure I had someone else who carked it this year but just double checked - all still breathing.
  4. ca_gere

    Quick Questions

    r/theOcho r/mallninjashit r/earrumblersassemble r/artisanvideos r/findareddit r/isitbullshit r/obscuremedia r/perfectfit r/deepintoyoutube r/oldbritishtelly r/firstworldanarchists r/madlads r/accidentalrenaissance r/delusionalartists
  5. Post the photo and let the forum decide whether it's comedy
  6. ca_gere

    TV Series!!

    Aye it’s pretty good. The Turkmenistan one is interesting - place is mental.
  7. ca_gere

    Ab-mus memories

    Ace response. Glad to hear you’re still playing.
  8. ca_gere

    Pet Hates!

    If I don’t have an AGFW does that mean I am the AGFW? ...i think I need a minute to reevaluate my life
  9. Any kind of boaby-related injury freaks me the fuck out. It's a wonder there aren't more severed boab incidents in general. A flappy bit of skin and vein just hanging down waiting to be snagged.
  10. ca_gere

    TV Series!!

    Sacred Games on Netflix - it's ace. Totally not what you'd expect from an Indian TV show. Succession - Brain Cox is so good in this as an utter bastard you almost can't watch it coz you want to punch him in the mouth. Good Aaron Sorkin meets Wolf of Wall St type show. It seems like it'll have some legs too - in that there's no storyline that can't be easily taken up in the second season and expanded.
  11. ca_gere

    What's the most iconic FIFA song?

    dunno... probably one of these
  12. That leg picture is mingin... ouch! I've broken a few bones - my ankle 3 times playing football, cracked my knee once and broke my wrist a couple of times snowboarding - whilst the pain is intense it's never been what i'd call excruciating except for maybe one of the times i broke my ankle and I couldn't sleep without Percocet. The times that spring to mind for me are the more innocuous seeming accidents that fucking sting. I once jumped down a flight of stairs with my teeth inexplicably in the overbite position so when I landed the jolt made one of my teeth go straight through the skin between my lip and my chin. It felt like eating my own face. I'm wincing just thinking about it. Another time I was playing football in my lobby at home. A little France 98 ball, using two doorways as goals. Game was going well until I went to absolutely leather the ball and kicked the radiator instead. Not talking face-on either. I'm talking side on... a thin metal radiator between the big and second piggies. Gashed my 'toe webbing' a good inch or so.
  13. ca_gere

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    One of the guys in one of the weekly podcasts (I forget who and which) used to go on about Alisson at length just about every episode - How he’s a keeper with an attacking threat. Pretty much unheard of. He rarely ‘clears’ the ball, rather looks to play in someone. Not talking about hoofs into space either but smart angled balls, dinks into midfield, etc. He’s maybe the main reason Kolarov got so many assists last season. likes a lolipop too - if that’s not price tag justification I don’t know what is.
  14. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Poor in front of goal, but that aside I thought he played the Swedish back line pretty flawlessly. Kept them stretched an on their toes which is more than any other player has done in the tournament.
  15. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    So does it all boil down to the biased coverage? If Scottish TV had Dougie Donnely and Hazel Irving covering every game instead of taking a feed from London would Scottish folk stop going on about how they're gonna buy a Sweden shirt like it's a totally normal, and not in the least bit pitifully lame thing to do? I suppose it just winds me up because I've ALWAYS supported England in tournaments but i've always felt i've had to do it quietly - and I really don't see why that's the case. It's like you're seen as less patriotic or something if you want England to do well. I grew up on English and Scottish football pretty much equally, it just seems natural to support players that you have a connection with.