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  1. Ab-mus memories

    Forgot all about Crabcore and Colon Open Bracket. Jake's financial decisions have always amused me
  2. Ab-mus memories

    Best thing about Jake's main present meme was the fact you can tell he didn't even think twice about it, like it was totally normal for a grown adult to get one.
  3. Ab-mus memories

    Photos that make you actually laugh out loud (or something) was good fun. Enjoyed the 'om nomm nomm' thread too. DJ Jo D handiwork too.
  4. Ab-mus memories

    You sound like a truth asshole to me
  5. Ab-mus memories

    That's proper music discussion! I love how uncivil it gets. like "I'm not a fan of the lyrics to be honest. YOU FUCKING CUNT"
  6. Ab-mus memories

    Alkaline has calmed (neutralized?) in his old age I feel It's weird how Stripey was regarded as some sort of gatekeeper around here. Liked hip hop and electronic stuff when this site was heavily guitar-y, which was nice and clearly had some great ideas/insights about music but really he was mostly just purposefully antagonistic. To the point it became quickly pointless to engage with him. A troll with a thesaurus IMO
  7. Ab-mus memories

    It's funny how the classic ab-mus response to any criticism "Unlike you(s) who slag folk off on the internet, I have a life" has died out entirely because everyone is on the internet now slagging folk off. That equating of internet use to social skills has pretty much gone nowadays.
  8. Ab-mus memories

    So many long-gone members in there. Wonderful stuff
  9. Ab-mus memories

    That’s the one. Good forum member
  10. Ab-mus memories

    That’s gold! some highlights off the top of my head: - me : ‘the universe is actually shaped like a donut’ teabags : ‘so technically you could fuck it?’ - noid roid was a good poster. - tags (‘I’m kind of a big Jan Deal’) - kernel loaf popping up with an obscure reference just when you thought a thread was about to die - moon moon/cool thinker were the beginning of the ‘banter years’. Not in a fun way. - early John W - who was the ICT fan that posted a lot? - That photoshopped thumbs up pre-meme meme (can’t remember the story) - the girl who started the TV thread wading in for about 2 months with quality content and decent chat then disappearing without a trace. -telecaster Sam and his questionable politics at some point I lost track of who’s who. Folk changed names all of a sudden.
  11. Ab-mus memories

    Seeing as this site’s seemingly on its arse and about to die out any minute, thought it’d be nice to have one last (potentially) half-decent attempt at a thread. This site has been a staple for me for years. Check it maybe once a day still. It’s nice to have a place online to interact with folks with some common ground, without having to see pics of their kids and holidays like on fb. so, what are some of your favourite moments over the years? What was the site’s heyday? Which members do you miss? ill wade in with some of mine if anyone else joins in.
  12. Can a mod step in here and do something? By which I mean, just kill me.
  13. What are you currently listening to?

    This album on repeat for the last month. I've decided it's my favourite record ever - something i've never really thought about before to be honest, but yeah this is my favourite now after an extended reappraisal. I'm gonna have to get a copy that is better quality than what's on Spotify. This track is like the 6th best on it too.
  14. Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    fuck sake.
  15. Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Can someone stick a stannah on Roger Bannister for Stephen Hawking?