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  1. TV Series!!

    Finished GoT - totally get the boner-fest around this show. Fucking ace. Mega late to the party but i'm on-board 100%. Thought the whole world had gone dungeon and dragons and I was the only non-nerd but I understand it now.
  2. Last film you watched?

    Get Out Probably the best film i've seen this year. I thought it was excellent. Very intricately put together - no throwaway lines or bits of action that don't contribute to something of value/relevance. If you haven't seen it you should put it at the top of your list to watch next. The last film I got so worked up about was probably Manchester By The Sea.
  3. Coffee Wankers

    Who's up for going next year?
  4. What game are you currently playing?

    Super Mario Odyssey - best game ever. I said that about Breath of the Wild too, but this game is even better. The Switch is ace
  5. What game are you currently playing?

    Are there any settlements that need your help defending them from raiders?
  6. Johnny Hallyday-of-reckoning ive had him every year except this one. Ugh
  7. Coffee Wankers

    might get one of those aeropress hingies. I've been using a single cup travel cafetiere thing which is shit coz i've got to scrape a layer of rogue grounds off the top of my coffee before i drink it. Must be a bad seal. It's a bodum so shouldn't be as shit as it is. Used to use a stovetop espresso maker but i've lost it (gave up drinking coffee for about a year). Is the aeropress better than that? if so, how?
  8. Last film you watched?

    Watched this too. Great doc. part of me was thinking the whole method thing is really pretentious and unnecessary, like just do the part and stop being an ass. On the other hand I know nothing and Jim Carrey is an amazing actor who knows what he’s doing. Either way, it’s worth a watch. Man on the Moon really is one of those underrated classics.
  9. I had Manson too! Nothing to add to the discussion, just didn't want to forget
  10. Your current read?

    It's definitely YA fiction. Loved it though. Read it in about 3 sittings. Not many books do that to me.
  11. I wish I was prevented from entering this thread
  12. Pet Hates!

    What TV you got? The interface differs from model to model. I quite like it on Samsung TVs. On Roku it's a bit annoyhing.
  13. Quick Questions

    That's kinda my point - i wanna ditch the laptop and go fully mobile. My phone/iPad has more processing power and portability than my mac and i'm not upgrading my laptop any time soon. Been investigating a little more - seems like that iRig duo does what I want it to. 2 XLR inputs to lighting connector with battery phantom power for the mics. Then I can use whatever app I want to record/mix. A focusrite can apparently be used with a phone/iPad with a few doohicky additions. I would have thought there'd be plenty of solutions for this given the popularity of podcasting but it still seems very limited.
  14. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    As I say, those great teams are better, absolutely no question. Although I would still argue two other good teams (real and athletico) doesn’t make for a fully competitive league. When you’re routinely whooping Leganes and deportivo 8-0 it’s easier to conserve some energy to face those good teams. I would still prefer to watch this City team over any of the ones mentioned. Maybe peak Ronaldo Utd would make me switch over for a half. Current Napoli are a joy to watch at the moment too.
  15. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Agreed on Modric. If there was ever one MOTM award to give out for all eternity it’d go to him. I think in general teams are better now - faster, stronger, more tactically aware than ever, more stats-driven, more globalized in terms of influence and playing styles. For City to be playing at the level they are, as attractive as they are, against such high caliber players is why I’m saying they’re playing the best football I’ve ever seen. Again, they’ve won nothing so as a team, this isn’t the best ever. But, the football I’m seeing is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s tiki-taka with a bit of a bite to it. As much as you’re not allowed to say it in these football hipster days, both pep’s Barca and Hyncke’s Bayern were hardly pushed domestically. They were bossing games at a canter, with ridiculous possession stats. You’d watch a game of theirs and go ‘oh that was a nice 70 pass move and goal’ but moments where they took the game by the scruff of the neck and ‘beat’ teams rather than outplaying them were few and far between. As a collective over-the-course-of-a-season-or-two of course they were better teams. The trophies and performances in late stages of cups will prove that. This city side though are just a pure joy to watch. It’s more the eye test I’m referring to I think. That Napoli game was at times like watching the Hurricanes.