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  1. My wife's reasoning for why she's always late: 'at least I know the other person will be there when I arrive' boils my piss
  2. Nfl

    I wish they sped up the process. I enjoyed the pomp and circumstance and all but waiting a whole hour to get to the 5th pick is too much. Browns drafted well too. I thought peppers would be gone by their 2nd pick
  3. Nfl

    I don't understand why the bears traded up. No other fucker wanted your qb guys! Jets drafted well for once.
  4. Was gonna say... was most likely jimmy 'the brocher' broonloaf
  5. Ugone Ehiogu
  6. They say if you feel you want to move to Montreal you should visit twice - once in summer and once in winter. I can totally see why. Absolutely Baltic. But, they totally embrace it which I think is ace. There's kids sledging, folks ice fishing, outdoor activities and shit going on and people generally making the most of the snow.
  7. Mont royal park is nice, old Montreal and the waterfront down there is ace for a walkie aboot. They had an ice rink and fire pits when I was there but it seems a spot for good public stuff all year round. Don't bother with the underground city, it's just a shopping mall. Spectacle district for gigs - stayed in a hotel there and there's tons of venues - Divan orange was cool. Mile end area for bars and cool young people stuff. Ate Poutine once a day for the week I was there. No regrets. i could list all the restaurants I went to but where's the fun in that?... didn't eat anything shite the whole time. Best thing we did was get lost in a neighborhood outside the center, found a dive bar and chatted with the locals. One guy had half a face from a shotgun incident hunting beavers and the barmaid I couldn't understand a single word she said - despite being completely fluent in French - coz her accent was mental. Proper quebecois folks. I'd heard they were supposed to be a bit cold but we didn't get that at all. they had an awesome thing going on throughout the city when I was there - I think it's still going - they have big projectors on buildings dotted about playing short films. You download an app and can listen along.
  8. Montreal - went there over new year and pretty much decided right away I wanted to live there at some point. Wife is going there for work this wknd so I'm tagging along. Chuffed I'm getting to go gain. Such a great city. Feels completely European and North American at the same time. Awesome munch (most restaurants per sq mile in North America after New York), friendly, interesting shit to see and do. Highly recommend visiting.
  9. I'm disliking the use of 'state of...' right now. A video of someone doing something stupid with the caption 'The state of this...' It's become a LADZ way of saying 'This is shit/stupid/funny'
  10. change 10k to 1k and my maths almost checks out. you get the point though
  11. If it's not a public company you're either buying a percentage ownership of the company (in which case you'd be owed a percentage of revenue) or you're buying share options. That's the part I'm not understanding - in the latter case you would be free to exercise your options whenever you want based on the valuation given when you bought vs the valuation now. If they go public do you as a 'share holder' have a buy price for your options? E.g. You have 100 options at a 100 million valuation which makes your options worth lets say 10 pounds. The company goes public at a 1 billion valuation, can you convert your options for 10k and sell them as shares for 1 million? Whenever anyone describes the brewdog share thing it just sounds like a membership badge or something.
  12. What's this 'shares with restrictions' nonsense? I've never understood the equity thing they do. Is there a legal name for such an implementation? Does it have documentation?
  13. Don Rickles was in my list last year... I think. zero recognition of who he was other than a) someone comedians talked about and b) a semi-celeb who might've died soon.
  14. When I was about 5 or 6 my dad was looking after my sisters and I one night. It was late at night, during a storm and there had been a power cut. We were huddled around a candle in one of the bedrooms. My dad left the room to go get a flashlight and whatnot. He had been away a good 10 minutes so we started shouting after him and were all getting a bit scared but he wasn't replying. We figured he'd gone out to the shed. A few minutes later we heard a sharp bang coming from one of the other bedrooms. We all freaked the fuck out. Then BANG... another one... then another one. Maybe 10 seconds apart, it just kept banging. It stopped after a while so I stuck my head out the door into the pitch dark and once again shouted for my dad. As soon as I did... BANG. I ran back into the bedroom. Silence for a while... then I decided I'd be the brave older brother and went out into the lobby and started tip toeing around the house shouting back to my sisters every few seconds saying there was nothing there. I get to the bedroom where the sound was coming from... slowly creaked open the door and saw two glowing eyes catching the moonlight. I immediately shrieked and legged it back to the bedroom, grabbed my sisters and we all tip toed back into the room to see what the fuck it was... We turned on the light without looking... It was my fucking dad playing a joke on us. He was lobbing marbles into a plastic laundry basket! Prick!
  15. Cairy Oot tax is a bitch