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  1. Knowing how much of an issue shirt numbers are on this thread, I was recently made aware that this happened and thought I'd share. Neymar at santos
  2. The Game with Gab Marcotti is good. He's one of the few journalists who eschews that snearing 'I hate football' attitude that is so fashionable these days and shows genuine enthusiasm for the game. The first ep of jimbo's pod was ace. He's the best.
  3. I didn't realise they were all 'injured'. That's laughable. It's crazy the window isn't shut before the season starts. What possible advantage is there to extending the window beyond the start of the season? It's also crazy how much drama there is in football in general but particularly around transfers. But, if you think about the type of person involved in football it's kinda not surprising - people in their 20s who dab, who eat at Nandos and who carry luis vuitton toilet bags. They're basically still kids, just throwing strops about lots of money.
  4. Rojo is an excellent footballer without being that good at any position. He's such a weird player. Totally forgot about Ashley young. He'll go on a run of 3 games where he scores multiple far post curlers as he does most seasons. Here's my prediction for City's lineup first game: -------------------------Ederson--------------------- Walker----Kompany----Otamendi----Stones---Danilo -------------------------Toure------------------------ ---------------KDB----------Silva---------------- ---------------Aguero---------Jesus-------------- I know Pep has played them both in pre-season, but I don't see how it'll work consistently having both Aguero and Jesus on the pitch given the fact they are essentially the same player. 3 attacking midfielders and one finisher always seems more effective to me. But then again, i know fuck all compared to Guardiola.
  5. An NBA journalist once described Javale McGee's performances for the Golden State Warriors as 'a seven minute Godzilla stir-fry'. I feel this is an apt description of Felaini these days. He's gonna be a major part of Man Utd's season imo.
  6. I'm not convinced they need a winger. Valencia bombing it down the line, toe-blasting it into the hoardings and jogging back like he did nothing wrong worked a treat last season. Seriously though, Rashford, Lingard and Martial when they played seemed to get pulled further and further wide each game when Ibra was up top. In pre-season they've all been put on the wing too (from the few games I saw). Lukaku is a much better target in the middle than Ibra-'stick it chest high behind me, I wanna try a scorpion volley'-himovic so I can't see much need for a swashbuckler with a pin-pointer of a cross on him. It'll be interesting to see how they line up next season. Is this way off (assuming lindelof is the hoofer he seems to be so far)? ------------De Gea---------------- Valencia -- Baily--- Blind --- Rojo ------Matic----------------------- ----------------Herrera------------ Rashford-----Pogba------Mkhitarian -----------Lukaku------------- Off the bench you've got the barnstorming Felaini to fuck things up when needs be, Mata for when mkhtarian his having an off one, Lingard to make regular people think they could make it in the premier league, 3 fall-back wing-backs in shaw, darmian and the other one i've forgotten and Martial when Rashford runs himself into the ground. That's a solid solid team that should be right up there imo. Potentially a big season for Mkh I think. As much as I love Mata, I think mkh has more talent.
  7. Clap-ometers should be the measuring standard of more competitions in general imo
  8. I think you're spot on there. That's why this season is so appetite-inducing. The deficiencies in the top 6 or so sides are so minor that any one of them could take it. Even the prospect of the new-look Everton hitting the ground running is exciting. Fuck, even Arsenal seem non lol-worthy this year. Salah is another player i'm looking forward to seeing. Him and Mané going full tilt will be a sight.
  9. It's hard to see past City for the title. Pep's had his year to acclimatize, they've bought well, etc. Their squad is absolutely frightening. I think the hype around United is due to a few factors: 1) Matic and Herrera allowing Pogba to push on and become the playmaker he truly is. Pressure on him will be enormous this season. 2) Lukaku being Lukaku, but at united 3) Mourinho's second year is generally the one he kicks on and wins everything 4) The Rooney shackles being lifted 5) The fabled Mourinho effect potentially working on a few supporting cast members (Rashford in particular looks like a new player right now) I think they'll finish second. I still just don't 'get' Jesse Lingard. What does he bring to the table other than a good attitude? Talk of Barcelona wanting him? wtf?! It's surprising to me that Spurs aren't being talked about much as favourites. Absolutely fuck all wrong with that team. I'm perhaps most excited about Chicharito at West Ham and Iheanacho at Leicester. Two deadly goal poachers at teams who threaten the opposing box more than most.
  10. Is your dad Mr Bean?
  11. Slow day at work, read this in its entirety: good shit. A lot of these 'best moments' I've got really vivid memories of. Fab Rav's hattrick, Viduka's four goals, Albert's chip... all replay in my mind like they happened yesterday.
  12. Same again?
  13. It's not out yet. October I believe. I've only got Zelda and Mario Kart. Can't wait to get more games because the console itself is amazing. I'll probably play it exclusively pretty soon just for the fact it's so easy to switch between portable and docked. Most of the games out just now are quite niche. Waiting for FIFA and Mario at least, and i'm sure there are a few hidden gems on the way too.
  14. That game looks fucking ace. Meanwhile, i'm still loving the Nintendo Switch. Took it on holiday and it was perfect for airports/planes and such. Gagging for some new games to come out but still only cracking the surface of BOTW.
  15. Anyone else genuinely concerned about jake's financial management?