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  1. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Poor in front of goal, but that aside I thought he played the Swedish back line pretty flawlessly. Kept them stretched an on their toes which is more than any other player has done in the tournament.
  2. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    So does it all boil down to the biased coverage? If Scottish TV had Dougie Donnely and Hazel Irving covering every game instead of taking a feed from London would Scottish folk stop going on about how they're gonna buy a Sweden shirt like it's a totally normal, and not in the least bit pitifully lame thing to do? I suppose it just winds me up because I've ALWAYS supported England in tournaments but i've always felt i've had to do it quietly - and I really don't see why that's the case. It's like you're seen as less patriotic or something if you want England to do well. I grew up on English and Scottish football pretty much equally, it just seems natural to support players that you have a connection with.
  3. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Four more days of Scottish people yacking on about how much they hate the English media. no offense to you personally at all of course. I just find the Scottish ‘anyone but england’ and ‘they always have to mention 66’ stuff sooooo boring. Even my mum was giving it the ‘we’ll never hear the end of it if they win’ schtick yesterday. She doesn’t even watch TV or follow sport in any way yet because she’s Scottish there’s a weird obligation to go through the same ritual every tournament. Who are you encountering that won’t let you hear the end of it? Is the English punditry really all that bad?
  4. ca_gere

    Good things about Aberdeen

    Did Torry ever pan out as the creative hub of the north east?
  5. ca_gere

    What game are you currently playing?

    Cloudy Lemonade are both dicks for wrecking a golf course.
  6. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    I dunno how many UTD games I watched last season but it was approx ‘hunners’ and quite honestly I rarely saw anything from Lingard that suggested Mourinho wouldn’t think twice about replacing him in an instant were the transfer market to allow. Comparable players for other World Cup teams still in it... it’s not even a debate, he’s not in the same league as an Isco or a Mertens or an Mbappe I totally get that he has valuable qualities but imo he’s bound for no more greatness as an England player than say a Nick Barmby or a Darren Anderton. No doubt he’ll bang in the winner in the final now of course
  7. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    See what I mean?... Lingard totally anonymous against Belgium!
  8. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    He's hit his ceiling. Good for him and i'm happy he's thriving in the team at the moment but I would disagree he's better than Sterling in any facet other than finishing from distance. I would have him in over Dele at the moment by a mile but only on current form. Sterling has under-performed and Messi Lingaldo has over-performed. Not sure what games you've watched that would give you any idea his close control is any better than most other attacking players in the squad to be honest. He works hard and put away his only real chance and I hope for England's sake that continues but i'm just not convinced he's anything other than a decent player. If it came down to a death squad line up and I had to save only the players I think give England the best chance of winning the World Cup: Hendo and Dier would get bullets right away. Walker, Kane, Sterling, Trippier, Stones, Vardy, Ali would be safe and I'd have a long think about Rashford, Young and Lingard. If the fella running this diabolical exercise pushed me to pick one from that lot in the interests of time, i'd take Rashford's hood off and shake his hand before executing Jlingz and Ashley with a tear in my eye.
  9. ca_gere

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Quite honestly no, I still don’t rate him. That’s not to say I don’t ‘get’ why he’s in the team and he’s able to do a job. You look at the class oozing out of RLC when he cushions a fizzing pass and accelerates past a man, or the dogged determination and speed of Sterling going at a defender, or the assuredness with which Hazza Kane strikes the ball... you got no tangible quality with Lingard. But, he gets in the right space, knows when to drop, when to run as a decoy etc. He’s doing a solid job in a team of much better individual players. I suppose that’s a superficial way of looking at it - if he’s playing well surely he must be good. He just isn’t though. He simply comes with less risk than a Rashford or a Vardy.
  10. Just add ‘right’ before ‘fine’. Should clear things up. Top tip
  11. Unrelated to time of evening, here’s one I bet most north east folk don’t notice: when you say ‘go and pass us the [insert thing here] please’ or ‘go and change the channel please’ people not from the north east sometimes think it’s really rude. Even if your manners are spot on the ‘go and’ part is very abrasive to most people.
  12. It depends on whether your temporal logic is based on a relationist or an absolutist position. If you are to accept the notion that 'time does not exist without change' - as Aristotle argued - then 'evening' may be observed as starting only in relation to the end of 'afternoon'. In other words, one could not impose a pre-determined start time for 'evening' , instead only describe it as occurring when 'afternoon' has elapsed. On the other hand, a Newtonian analysis would dictate that time exists independently of the objects or actors within. That is to say '5 for 5:30'
  13. I always thought it was 'back of 5'
  14. i ‘made it’ too - I’ve got two lovely dogs and a wonderful wife.