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  1. ca_gere

    Gibson are skint.

    Those neon ones are cool
  2. ca_gere

    New pop song: Leave A Light On - Tom Walker

    Really can't fault your reasoning here
  3. ca_gere

    New pop song: Leave A Light On - Tom Walker

    The big light?
  4. ca_gere

    Aberdeen Celebrities!

    I was always disappointed that I never once got propositioned in Aberdeen despite spending plenty of time in and around prime prostitution areas. I always heard stories and saw a good number of ladies of the night in various stages of emaciation. I'm back in town next week though so maybe that's something to look forward to!
  5. ca_gere

    Ab-mus memories

    Couldn’t agree with Jake more. did I just say that?! I’ve ditched a few folk from my life for shitty views/behaviour. One guy I stopped speaking to because I found out he was deeply homophobic. Would casually drop into conversation how it was ‘just nae right’ and how mingin the thought of two guys being together was. My football team collectively ditched a trump supporter recently. Every time we’d get drinks after a game he’d manage to wind everyone up - the type of trump guy who thought it was all very funny and he’s ‘just speaking his mind’ - meanwhile there’s a guy at the table who’s family is being deported. Fuck that guy and fuck the twat he supports. Got him the fuck off the email thread. I try to always call out shitty behaviour but it’s a dangerous game to play. I’ve picked up someone’s trash they dropped on the ground and handed it back to them a few times. It just winds me up so much and I get annoyed at myself if I don’t do anything. On the train a while back some guy called another guy a ‘faggot’ and looked at me in a ‘right on brother’ type of way, as if I was gonna smile or something. I really wanted to say something but he was scary looking and I wussed out. It still bugs me that he just got away with it unchecked. /CSB
  6. ca_gere


    The Beef and Dairy Network - hands down one of the funniest things i've listened to in absolutely ages. Totally original and a bit surreal. Can't recommend this podcast enough. It's like Chris Morris/Armando Ianucci mixed with Countryfile.
  7. ca_gere

    Last film you watched?

    Fuck sake that was good! Misty eyed through the whole thing. Its cool to see all these guys later in life. Back in the day their stories just ended after they were off TV. Easy to forget how big a part of the average 80s/90s kid’s life wrestlers were. DDP = GBOL
  8. ca_gere

    Last film you watched?

    I might give that one a watch tonight - I assumed this was Beyond the Mat when folks talked about a JTSR documentary - didn't realize there was a new one. I watched the Andre the Giant HBO doc the other night. I pretty much knew his entire story but it was good seeing a bunch of footage I hadn't seen before.
  9. ca_gere

    Ab-mus memories

    In NYC a beer costs about $6 (4.30 GBP) + $1 for tip. Most i've paid is probably about $13 (9.33 GBP) in wankier establishments. Parts of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx you'll find $3 pints. ... see, it's like a national compulsion. I HAD to tell you.
  10. ca_gere

    Aberdeen Celebrities!

    Used to see that guy EVERYWHERE I remember a few celebs from Pittodrie. Guy who sat right in the bottom corner of the main stand, next to the merkland. Had the biggest watch you've ever seen. It was weird - to this day i've never seen a watch so big. Kids used to hassle him to show them his watch and gave him a cheer every time he did. He seemed to love it. Think he was a bit slow. A few guys who used to hang about outside the players entrance before and after games were characters. Way too old to be hunting autographs and getting excited about seeing Billy Dodds step off a bus.
  11. ca_gere

    What game are you currently playing?

    It took me faaaarrr too long to figure out that those ‘settlement needs your help’ missions never end. I probably spent 50 hours trying to complete them.
  12. ca_gere

    Ab-mus memories

    I love how the natural measurement of cost of living to Scottish people is the cost of a pint. Never fails. "Went to Namibia on safari... saw lions and elephants... water buffalo quenching their thirst at an oasis as the sun caressed the horizon" "good aye?" "fucking magic... 50p a pint!!"
  13. ca_gere

    Ab-mus memories

    Anyone know what the braveheart guy is up to these days?
  14. ca_gere

    Ab-mus memories

    Is it just me or has that kind of light-hearted view towards alcoholism all but disappeared nowadays? There was another well-known heavy drinker that got talked about on here a lot - Shambles or something?
  15. ca_gere

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Verne Troyer is now 3ft under