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  1. Zelda - Breath of the Wild on the Switch is probably the best game I've ever played. Holy shit it's good.
  2. I went on a Nardwaur interview binge recently, which caused me to look up a lot of old school hip hop. Big L - Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous Had never listened to this before. A few absolute bangers. Hip Hop without any pretenses. All about being great at stuff such as making money and getting women, sprinkled with some sincere moments centered around the struggles of the hood. Big Pun - Capital Punishment Revisiting Big Pun. A few bloopers on this but when his verses are good, they're really good. A really cringe-worthy interlude involving 2 minutes of sex noises. Do you still get those?
  3. Also, I just bought a switch. Delivered sat. Yas!
  4. I had the exact same reaction. I was convinced this wasn't gonna be for me. Aiming and shooting too complicated, couldn't work the thing on your arm, wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing, etc. Give it some time. I've never played Skyrim but I can't see how you won't get into the shootin shit mechanics. It gets very satisfying once you get into the weapons. The exp level set up is really cool too. You can really mold your player to how you like to play. I went through a period of about 4 months where i'd watch youtube videos about fallout 4 tactics and stuff. Probably the lowest point in my life but fuck me, I loved that game.
  5. That's me firmly on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. I watched the first few episodes back when it was first on and couldn't get into it but decided to stick it out this time. Totally won over now. Fantastic show. Only onto S02E08 so plenty episodes to go, which is ace. Gave an audible 'YASS!' when Joffrey took a turd to the coupon. It's unlike any show i've ever watched really - you've got to let it wash over you in a way, rather than look for characters or storylines to hook onto. The closest thing to a 'main' character is probably Arya so far but there's not really a main storyline, which I really like. Everything that happens is portrayed as both hugely significant and inconsequential in a weird way. Good shit like.
  6. What do you make of Fallout 4? It's probably the newer generation game (anything post ps2 I consider new) that i've gotten into the most. Took me far too long to realize the one guy will never stop giving you missions though. I spent maybe a month trying to complete the game not realizing this. Didn't bother going nuts with the settlements. I built too many rather than focussing on making a mega settlement but building things is a lot of fun. I will definitely play this game again from the start at some point.
  7. Knowing, as I do, exactly fuck all about NI politics even I can see aligning with the DUP is madness. Remaining impartial when it comes to Ireland is critical to the peace process surely. Also, if I was a Conservative supporter I'd be raging that my party was now aligned with such backwards beliefs. I mean, I just hate poor people, i'm not mental!
  8. You make this face, pay and walk out without saying a word:
  9. Simpsons, futurama and early family guy aside I used to hate 'adult' cartoons but since streaming services have become the norm and you can just tear through them as opposed to buying them season by season I've totally come around. Not really sure why that's the case. Maybe I notice each episode less and it kinda merges into one. Ive watched everything Netflix and Hulu has of American Dad, family guy and Bobs burgers. If there was a dip in any of them I didn't notice. I think I'm a lot more tolerant of them because it's pretty much ALL to do with the writing which doesn't vary too much season to season. It's not like a live action show where there are way more variables season to season (actors quitting, people aging, budget cuts, etc). Tried F is for family and Archer recently but didn't stick them out for long. Everyone seems to rate archer so il go back to it I reckon.
  10. sounds like something my granny would accidentally install
  11. I feel like Lisa is constantly joining clubs and cliques. How many episodes have there been where she gets accepted to a different school or invited to a camp/club/program or enlists in some cause? That trope is really tiring. Bart doesn't seem to have the same repetitious storylines. Perfect example of lazy writing in the last episode I watched. Homer wins $5000 from getting burning hot onion rings tossed in his face, decides completely out of the blue to invest the cash in an online poker site. Lisa gets addicted to gambling, loses her money, bart reveals he took the money and offers to give it back to her, money gets confiscated because they're too young to play online poker. In the old days that storyline would play out somewhat naturalistically. In this episode they literally say all the plot points out loud. like the ending is almost word for word 'I was playing as sideshow bob, I have all your money... but they confiscated it because miners can't play poker online. I did it because I kinda like you'
  12. The fame part isn't mentioned at all in the show until that moment. One minute they're talking about making Sunnyvale a all-you-can-smoke resort, the next Bubbles is on jimmy kimmel then Snoop and co show up. I'd understand if they mentioned the documentary more than a couple of times the entire 10 seasons up until that point but that episode is the first time they go full meta (Drew Carrey going on about the 'doc'). Still funny. Just weird how they did It
  13. American Gods is on my list. Anything with Gillian Anderson in it is worth watching these days. 2 TV-related things: 1) I've been watching the Simpsons off and on recently. Gotten up to about season 23. Came across this video the other day that really annoyed me: There's no question the early episodes were a lot more clever and original but to get so dramatic about it and suggest that there's nothing good after season 8 is a little much. The Lady Gaga episode aside (which was one of the worst episodes of any TV show ever), almost every episode still has a whole bunch of really well-written jokes/lines. Far more than most other TV shows anyway. I understand there's only so many storylines you can have the SImpsons play out but to suggest the writers ran out of ideas at that Skinner episode is just dumb. It's not like every single episode prior was ground-breaking. Yes, it's not as good as it was but it's still pretty good. 2) Also been watching Trailer Park Boys. I watched it years ago but not since the Netflix takeover. Up to season 10 now. On the whole I've really enjoyed it but... HOLY SHIT the Snoop Dogg/Doug Benson episodes! Possibly the biggest shark jump i've ever seen. There's no effort to even bother writing them into the show, they literally just turn up out of nowhere. Got to be one of the laziest bits of writing imaginable.
  14. Bloodline season 3... ooft. The intensity of the first 2 episodes, then the flash forward: it's quickly becoming a top 10 tv show for me. Chloe Sevigny needs to win something for her role. Even if it's just a place in my top 10 tv shows.
  15. Thought this was a really good movie. I can't remember what it was but there was a nice gimmick in it with the camera/editing? Maybe something when they're on the phone? Like they made it seem like the two characters were in the same room or something? I remember thinking at the time it was a fantastic way to keep your attention during what is pretty 'boring' stuff on paper (talking about sub prime mortgages and such).