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  1. ca_gere

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/11/12/stan-lee-dead-at-95 A Marvel it took this long tbh
  2. ca_gere

    Quick Questions

    A friend of mine was a WWE writer for years and got let go last year along with a ton of others. He didn't have many good things to say about the organization - basically indicating that it's gonna be this kind of shit for many years to come I used to ask him sooo many questions about his job.
  3. ca_gere

    McKay's of Queen Street

    Shouldn't have closed the rubber shop, could've have that leak patched up by now!
  4. ca_gere


    Ace. Report back.
  5. ca_gere


    Not at all. I haven't seen an episode of The One Show in years and can't get enough of The The One Show Show. At minimum, just being familiar with the concept of the show and a vague knowledge of the lower strata of british celebrity is enough.
  6. ca_gere


    The The One Show Show is one of my new favourites. Weekly pod that breaks down the week's episodes of 'The One Show'. Absolutely hilarious.
  7. ca_gere

    Music! 2018!

    This is oddly poetic. A few things got me contemplating life. - An indefinite article used with 'music'. It's not simply 'music' or 'the music', it's 'a music'. One music out of many - The notion of 'sending' music. Not playing, listening or creating, but sending. - Perfect music - does it exist? Can it exist?
  8. ca_gere

    Has a song ever made you cry?

    Guns & Roses - Don't Cry
  9. ca_gere

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    It's hard to know how good a manager Zidane really is but at least you know he's bound to be less system-oriented when it comes to giving his best players a bit of freedom. He chopped and changed a lot at Real in terms of formation, seemingly based on who was in form at the time. A bit more difficult to do when your options don't extend much further than Scott McTominay and Ashley Young.
  10. ca_gere

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Charles Aznomore http://news.trust.org/item/20181001120841-m0ccs/
  11. ca_gere

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    I don’t understand how JWP doesn’t get a game for Sparky. He’s inconsistent but his delivery is deadly and they’ve got 3 of the most poachey strikers and the tallest player in the world now Crouch has retired. Hughes probably thinks he’s too good for balls into the box yet his reputation was forged by Roque Santa Cruz nodding pings from Morten Gamst Pederson
  12. ca_gere

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    To be fair, it's almost worth starting to watch Newcastle - they've gotten past their nightmare run of shut-up-shop fixtures. Cardiff and Huddersfield are honkin. Burnley are always a bore, even when they're flying.
  13. ca_gere

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    He had a purple patch where he looked great pretty good last season but effort has always been his main attribute - which for a top flight footballer, isn't ever going to be enough. Still, that's more than can be said for most of the Man Utd team at the moment. I've never been a fan but it used to be a treat to watch a Man Utd game, even for a large majority of the post-Fergie era. You'd at least get something out of it even when the team wasn't at its peak - a piece of individual brilliance or a good team goal or whatever - but now there are probably 15 or so teams in the PL I'd rather watch right now.
  14. ca_gere

    Worst gig you ever played.

    Zanres in Mintlaw was the best Zanres. Can’t believe we used to get a full fish supper for lunch. Was either that or chips and cheese from chalmers bakery. I wonder if kids are still as unhealthy as in my day? The amount of utter shite I’d shovel into my face at school. Mars and coke vending machine in the cafeteria - or Ribena if you fancied some fruit.
  15. ca_gere

    Worst gig you ever played.

    Smack and Grouse is divine