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  1. Podcasts

    The 90s Football Show is ace-ic. Lots of good guests - unsurprisingly mostly 90s football people. Matt le Tiss, Darren Anderton, etc. I'm up to 5 football pods now: Totally Football, Guardian, The Game, Football Ramble and this one. It's leaving very little time for anything else but i'm also currently listening to Dirty John which is great so far.
  2. What happened to J-Roc? I gave up after the Snoop Dogg episode. Quite possibly the worst bit of TV ever. I feel compelled to finish it but that episode put me right off.
  3. Mr Lahey from Trailer Park Boys has been kicked out of Sunnyvale for good. Best drunk-acting actor ever hands down.
  4. Pet Hates!

    Touching the void? I’m talking about the film of course, not the moment of post-ejaculatory introspection
  5. Lights out for William G Stewart http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/william-g-stewart-fifteen-one-host-dies-84/
  6. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    Less than jake and fenix tx were among my first gigs too. There’s a black hole in my memory where my very first gig should be. No idea what it was. i never did a chaperoned AECC pop concert. My family were too poor for that back in the day. So it must have been a proper gig when I was a bit older. I think I might have been here if that counts:
  7. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Anyone see Balotelli's goal this wknd? What a skelp! https://twitter.com/btsportfootball/status/909463093025132544
  8. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    He absolutely has a point. How long have Arsenal been bemoaning the fact they don't have a central striker in the RVP mold? Then they bring in Lacazette, bench him for Danny fucking Wellbeck - who lacks confidence and talent, as well as never having been a main striker - then stick him out wide when he does come on. Then they have, as you say, a natural left-sided defender who has looked solid since coming in AND has shown capabilities at set pieces - this being an obvious mismatch against one of the worst set-piece defenses in the league. Normally I'm not one to jump on the Arsenlol bandwagon - most of the time I just think they're beaten fairly by better teams on the day and there's little Arsene could do to change that - but that truly was a disaster that stems directly from the manager.
  9. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Auclair is ace as well. I kinda like Sid Lowe too, even though he errs slightly on the side of cheeky Englishman abroad. I picture him sipping a stella wearing loafers with no socks and a polo shirt with a popped collar. He knows Spanish fitba through and through. I was surprised how insightful David Preece was on totally football or guardian weekly... can't remember which. Made some very interesting observations about goalkeeping. At first I kinda dismissed him due to him having the vocabulary of someone who kicks a ball for a living but he clearly knows the GK position very well. How good are Milan this season btw?! Incredible transfer activity and they're clicking right away. Serie A could be well juicy this year.
  10. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    If you're still looking for a good football podcast, a couple of the guys from The Football Ramble (which I like) have just released the first episode of a new one called 'on the continent' - focusing on European football obvs. James horncastle on the first episode - always worth a listen.
  11. The Hip Hop Thread

    Revoke thee and practice on the q train highlights if you're skimming. My wife cried at this gig, it was so good. One of her tracks was about her brother who got shot and she stood in the crowd doing it, crying and everything. One of those gigs you just can't describe how good it was.
  12. The Hip Hop Thread

    Just got back from one of the best hip hop gigs I've ever been to. Holy shit this girl is everything! Latasha Alcindor Her show was just incredible. Straight into my top 5 best shows ever. It was part cinema, part dancey thheater and most part straight rap. Incredible. Her stuff that's available on Spotify might not do her justice, haven't listened to it all but this girl is gonna be huge I reckon. Wow!
  13. Support Trump

    That's pretty hilarious. Hindsight is 20/20 of course. Most of us knew fuck all about Trump back then. He was fairly liberal back then anyway. I always hated his whole vibe and thought he was pretty lame in all those meetings they showed on STV and such. Outside of that, all I really knew was he owned real estate and casinos and was a bit of a laughing stock. I remember being pro-golf course initially, just because I like golf. As soon as the story started to unravel and the weird promises started coming out I flip flopped but I still didn't have much of an opinion of the guy other than he looks and sounds like a tool. now, I never knew I could harbour so much hate for a single person. I hope he gets thrown in jail somehow (Russia, dodgy finances, etc - I'll take anything) then suffers a massive coronary once everyone has forgotten about him so he doesn't become some alt-right martyr.
  14. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Knowing how much of an issue shirt numbers are on this thread, I was recently made aware that this happened and thought I'd share. Neymar at santos