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  1. Hello, welcome to the forum. I have not stayed in any of those unfortunately. Just wanted to welcome you as we haven't had anyone new in many years.
  2. A problem I seem to get a-lot is restaurants that are in so much of a rush that they forget parts of my order. Yes, I can get a refund through Deliveroo but it's frustrating because I was looking forward to it.
  3. Yeah, next time your in Aberdeen you should check out Fresh Mex. They are on Schoolhill and are really good. Started by two students from University of Aberdeen who started it as a stall but now have premises. The archival knowledge of nightclubs in this forum belongs in a museum.
  4. Do you like Mexican food? To be honest the decline of this forum has made me fear that if it goes offline we may lose the archives forever.
  5. Fuck Yeah! Ahead of my time. I was 15 when I posted that. Should have did it. Bet you they have all had McDonalds delivered. Bunch of cunts. I'm still pretty shit at grammar.
  6. I know there ain't much life left in this forum but I thought I would say it anyway. The Bon Accord centre has become a dead mall. There I said it. Proper Dan Bell style. What a turn up for the books. 20 years ago in this forums heyday this was the main shopping centre. Pretty full of shops a food court with tons of footfall. I went through the other day and honestly. Pretty much everything had 'permanently' closed. Lile gutted with empty windows. All 4 units behind Costa in the main circle closed. New Look closed, Menkind, Thorntons, Hawkins Bazaar all gone. Aberdeen's Wellgate!
  7. Been a while but here you go. Taco Bell are opening two restaurants in Aberdeen. The first will be next to Mcdonalds on Union Street in the former Clarks unit. The second will be at the Haudagain Retail Park in the former Maplin/Carphone Warehouse unit. This will be a drive through. Decathlon will be opening an Aberdeen store.
  8. I'm sorry but due to Covid 19 Spring and Summer has been cancelled and won't take place this year. You can't just assume that the world will keep spinning 365 days a year.
  9. Really hating this kind of Lockdown. Looking forward to it ending eventually. Hopefully I will survive but we will have to see. How are you all managing?
  10. Yes, it's still open for now. The way the roof is looking they might have to close. Aberdeen has changed alot in recent times even I could not keep up. The police are moving into Marischal (or however it's bloody spelt) College. I really do miss this forum. I'm coming up for 24 now.
  11. I joined the forum back in 2011 and fell in love with the back catalogue of threads. I found it fascinating learning about old clubs and pubs in Aberdeen. I think it was an aspergers thing.
  12. B&M are opening on Union Street where BHS used to be. Card Factory are opening at Dyce Shopping Centre. Home Bargains are opening at Berryden Retail Park where JJB used to be. Subway are opening at Dyce Shopping Centre. Greggs and Subway are opening concession stores at Shell Petrol Station, King Street.
  13. Emma Morano died the other day, she was 117 and was the last known person to have been alive in the 19th Century. Points please?
  14. No, I work at Asda and have never stepped foot in the place. I don't post about my work on here, I am not allowed too.
  15. Well from tomorrow you can also get milkshakes there including Cherry Bakewell and Nutella.
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