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  1. Bonus: it's good
  2. Why did you negative rep me for asking that, Cool Thinker? It seemed an inoccuous enough question
  3. Oh, that's good. Do you work there?
  4. Can confirm that putting gigs on at Underdog was needlessly stressful. edit: never saw a penny from it, either.
  5. Ace-ic: we're going to war with Spain, you guys! Fuck you, Sergio Ramos!
  6. I live in Glasgow now but when I'm back I'll nip past Melt. Can't stand the decor but if someone is willing to serve me macaroni cheese in a toastie I'll forgive bad decor. Fuck, a place could have a wall painting of Pinochet and be playing Kasabian on a loop but if they served toasties that good I wouldn't care at all.
  7. I miss EARL so much
  8. If I win the lottery I'm going to pay you a handsome wage to make pop gems and play FM, because I love you very much.
  9. Alright, no bother
  10. Mike Love can fuck off, big Bri Bri all day, baby
  11. Please update me on your current saves, I'm living vicariously through the lot of you.
  12. I don't have back pain
  13. I am excited about the new Dirty Projectors album even though Amber Coffman isn't involved
  14. Ryan Christie is a good footballer, imo
  15. I love BBC 6music, but do the members of Elbow have compromising photos of the station's producers? That band are on at least once an hour or something, and they're fucking dull.