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  1. Could well be, a pal told it to me and I looked it up on Wikipedia
  2. Talking of sandwiches: in the 1880s, the IRA/IRB stole a sub from the US army to attack British ships from below. Problem was, they didn't know how it worked, and they couldn't exactly ask the Americans for instructions. So, to raise money, they toured it around Ireland and the US. One man, a baker called Dominic Conti, was so impressed with its shape, he called his sandwiches 'subs'. So when you hear about Subs and Subway sandwiches, it's because of the IRA. (I learned this recently)
  3. I have been listening to Chester Watson recently, he's pretty good. As for grime, D Double E is probably a good launching point if you're into yer lyrics.
  4. Can we return to the topic of the thread please? I just picked this up after saving for 5 years, what do you guys think?
  5. Celtic for the treble again. So ahead of the rest, especially with the - admittedly, cynical - signing of Jonny Hayes. Please don't @ me re: budgets, I just don't care. I'd like to see us get decent cover for Gordon as de Vries just isn't good enough and despite how good Gordon's been, I can't help but worry about him picking up injuries. I've become increasingly worried about Dembélé heading off so a decent striker is probably near the top of the list. I'm sad to see Roberts go, but that was inevitable. It'd be good to see Johnstone getting more first team action in his place. I'm pretty certain that Caixinha is currently doing what's known as "a Le Guen". It was obvious Rangers needed an overhaul but has the man not played FM? Too many players at once is bad, man! Still, getting shot of "we've got" Joey Garner was probably a master stroke and I don't know what'll happen to Waghorn but I genuinely hope he stays. He's hilarious. I think Aberdeen and Hearts are decent bets for 2nd. McInnes just gets the league. He recruits well and it'd be interesting to see if he'd go for a player like O'Halloran or Mackay-Steven to bolster the sparse midfield. As for Hearts, if they get players like Calum Paterson playing again and, I hate to say this, a goal scorer like Kyle Lafferty on board then it's hard to see them not chalking up points more often than they don't. Genuinely gutted that Accies didn't go down. As for non-Scottish stuff, the situation at Real Madrid is genuinely interesting. Does Mbappé's fee only become realistic if Ronaldo actually leaves? And if Ronaldo does go back to Man Utd, is the Mourinho-Ronny relationship likely to last? Are paragraphs constructed mostly of rhetorical questions annoying to read? Anyway, football: pretty good, imo
  6. If you routinely spend over £6 for a burger, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  7. Why did you negative rep me for asking that, Cool Thinker? It seemed an inoccuous enough question
  8. Can confirm that putting gigs on at Underdog was needlessly stressful. edit: never saw a penny from it, either.
  9. Ace-ic: we're going to war with Spain, you guys! Fuck you, Sergio Ramos!
  10. I live in Glasgow now but when I'm back I'll nip past Melt. Can't stand the decor but if someone is willing to serve me macaroni cheese in a toastie I'll forgive bad decor. Fuck, a place could have a wall painting of Pinochet and be playing Kasabian on a loop but if they served toasties that good I wouldn't care at all.
  11. If I win the lottery I'm going to pay you a handsome wage to make pop gems and play FM, because I love you very much.
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