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  1. I've also recently enjoyed MasterSystem, a band featuring Scott and Grant from Frightened Rabbit, Justin from Editors (and formerly yourcodenameis:milo) and James Lockey from Minor Victories. I think it's pretty beastin'. The album is on Spotify, and it's good balls-out indie-rock.
  2. This song has been a heavy indulgence of mine recently. I love the sparsity, and the meandering vocal melody hooks me every listen. Admittedly atrocious band name, though.
  3. Danny MacAskill being utterly impressive again.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment, comrades. I'm glad to be making noise again, and I'm off to roll in the Jesu and MBV comparisons like a corpulent pig in shit.
  5. I enjoyed listening to these songs, regularly finding myself enthusiastically nodding or swaying my head. There's a richness of sound you achieve in the production quality, of which I find myself quite envious. Good audio skills, chum. I felt quite nostalgic listening to the third track in particular; it reminded me of mid-to-late-nineties evenings, sat at my desk in my bedroom, listening to John Peel, ripping off my favourite abstract artists. He'd then follow something like that with some brutal black metal. What a time to be alive that was.
  6. Just don't go all Shutterspeed on me, please.
  7. Since the website appears to be undergoing a miniscule renaissance/nostalgia-fest, I thought I'd hark back to the days when people posted their music for critique. Here's a couple, if you're up for it. https://debutant.bandcamp.com/track/some-man-that-tesla https://debutant.bandcamp.com/track/thanatopsis
  8. On a less dramatic and more amusing note, this thread contains some great gags. And many more questionable ones as well, of course.
  9. And did we ever decipher who the fuck Cool Thinker actually was?
  10. In a similar vein to Shutterspeed, I enjoyed the Gordon Duthie era. I still enjoy the Wikipedia page he made for himself, too.
  11. My first gig in Aberdeen was Radiohead at the AECC on Thursday 20 November 1997, with Teenage Fanclub and DJ Shadow also on the bill. Radiohead’s setlist: 01 Airbag 02 Karma Police 03 The Bends 04 Exit Music (for a Film) 05 Talk Show Host 06 Subterranean Homesick Alien 07 Climbing Up the Walls 08 Creep 09 My Iron Lung 10 Lucky 11 Planet Telex 12 Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was 13 No Surprises 14 Bones 15 Just 16 Paranoid Android 17 Fake Plastic Trees 18 Electioneering 19 Banana Co. 20 (Nice Dream) 21 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  12. Pet hate: When an office colleague openly giggles with exaggeration whilst reading something clearly unrelated to work—giggling audibly in the hope that someone engages them about what is making them laugh. Y’know, because it’s so fucking funny. Pet hate antidote: When nobody in the office engages the giggling attention-seeker, leaving them to exponentially reduce the giggles until it’s clear nobody in the office gives two dick-socking fucks. My world is turned by the small victories.
  13. I recently curated a playlist featuring songs Steve Albini has either recorded; engineered; performed in; or all three. Some of it is pretty; some of it gnarly; most of it is pretty gnarly. I aimed to have no more than one song by any given artist, but Silkworm are so eminently stellar, that I included two of their ditties. I shared this on Facebook, but I thought one or two of you on here may also dig it. https://play.spotify.com/user/eupraxia80/playlist/0sZk0pzLMXuEhAraCJcfmD?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open
  14. Just dropped by to post about that! Excellent news. I trust McInnes to recruit intelligently, but still feel they will struggle to recruit to a standard equal or greater than what is departing. It's still brilliant to know they're staying put.
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