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  1. I've also recently enjoyed MasterSystem, a band featuring Scott and Grant from Frightened Rabbit, Justin from Editors (and formerly yourcodenameis:milo) and James Lockey from Minor Victories. I think it's pretty beastin'. The album is on Spotify, and it's good balls-out indie-rock.
  2. This song has been a heavy indulgence of mine recently. I love the sparsity, and the meandering vocal melody hooks me every listen. Admittedly atrocious band name, though.
  3. Danny MacAskill being utterly impressive again.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment, comrades. I'm glad to be making noise again, and I'm off to roll in the Jesu and MBV comparisons like a corpulent pig in shit.
  5. I enjoyed listening to these songs, regularly finding myself enthusiastically nodding or swaying my head. There's a richness of sound you achieve in the production quality, of which I find myself quite envious. Good audio skills, chum. I felt quite nostalgic listening to the third track in particular; it reminded me of mid-to-late-nineties evenings, sat at my desk in my bedroom, listening to John Peel, ripping off my favourite abstract artists. He'd then follow something like that with some brutal black metal. What a time to be alive that was.
  6. Just don't go all Shutterspeed on me, please.
  7. Since the website appears to be undergoing a miniscule renaissance/nostalgia-fest, I thought I'd hark back to the days when people posted their music for critique. Here's a couple, if you're up for it. https://debutant.bandcamp.com/track/some-man-that-tesla https://debutant.bandcamp.com/track/thanatopsis
  8. On a less dramatic and more amusing note, this thread contains some great gags. And many more questionable ones as well, of course.
  9. And did we ever decipher who the fuck Cool Thinker actually was?
  10. In a similar vein to Shutterspeed, I enjoyed the Gordon Duthie era. I still enjoy the Wikipedia page he made for himself, too.
  11. My first gig in Aberdeen was Radiohead at the AECC on Thursday 20 November 1997, with Teenage Fanclub and DJ Shadow also on the bill. Radiohead’s setlist: 01 Airbag 02 Karma Police 03 The Bends 04 Exit Music (for a Film) 05 Talk Show Host 06 Subterranean Homesick Alien 07 Climbing Up the Walls 08 Creep 09 My Iron Lung 10 Lucky 11 Planet Telex 12 Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was 13 No Surprises 14 Bones 15 Just 16 Paranoid Android 17 Fake Plastic Trees 18 Electioneering 19 Banana Co. 20 (Nice Dream) 21 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  12. Pet hate: When an office colleague openly giggles with exaggeration whilst reading something clearly unrelated to work—giggling audibly in the hope that someone engages them about what is making them laugh. Y’know, because it’s so fucking funny. Pet hate antidote: When nobody in the office engages the giggling attention-seeker, leaving them to exponentially reduce the giggles until it’s clear nobody in the office gives two dick-socking fucks. My world is turned by the small victories.
  13. I recently curated a playlist featuring songs Steve Albini has either recorded; engineered; performed in; or all three. Some of it is pretty; some of it gnarly; most of it is pretty gnarly. I aimed to have no more than one song by any given artist, but Silkworm are so eminently stellar, that I included two of their ditties. I shared this on Facebook, but I thought one or two of you on here may also dig it. https://play.spotify.com/user/eupraxia80/playlist/0sZk0pzLMXuEhAraCJcfmD?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open
  14. Just dropped by to post about that! Excellent news. I trust McInnes to recruit intelligently, but still feel they will struggle to recruit to a standard equal or greater than what is departing. It's still brilliant to know they're staying put.
  15. These threads sometimes begin with pithy debates about what constitutes the end of one football season and the start of the next. My post is primarily regarding season 2017/18, so I think it's relevant to start this thread. Before I post anything about the English Premier League, which is usually the focus of these threads, I wanted to opine on, y'know, the most popular team local to this forum. I think Aberdeen are in for a relatively difficult season, with the management team looking very likely to move on to more fiscally rewarding pastures, along with several players. Not squad players: key players. The McInnes and Docherty team will be painfully missed. Two driven inividuals who complement one another effectively; McInnes, in particular, presents himself as very astute in terms of selecting teams and assessing opponents in accordance with the vicissitudes of the season (or individual match), and always seems to say pertinent and worthwhile things in the media. A talented football manager with lots of potential; I hope he does well wherever he manages...unless he winds up at Rangers at some point. Then he can get (royally) fucked. I think a move to Celtic will be great for Jonny Hayes. He deserves the opportunity to make some proper cash, as he's really developed his game over the past four years. He won't play very often for Celtic, which is the most frustrating part for me, but I think he'll register enough games for silverware. Fair play to him. Plus Celtic are weakening their most recent primary adversaries, an opinion which is as cynical as it is true. Niall McGinn will be a substantial loss. Putting Celtic to one side, Aberdeen are losing the most compelling and threatening wingers in the country. That is going to hurt. I can't see Aberdeen recruiting two equally consistent and effective wingers, let alone one. Ryan Jack. A very practical midfielder, excellent at receiving and retaining the ball in tight positions, and a good decision making leader. Another massive loss for Aberdeen, and again, I don't envision Aberdeen attracting a player of equal or higher calibre. I always quite liked Peter Pawlett, and feel he was used relatively sparingly by McInnes last season, but McGinn and Hayes were dominantly consistent. Ironically, the forthcoming season could have been an excellent opportunity for Pawlett to make a real impression at Aberdeen. He rarely changed matches, but he provided some good moments. Will be missed by me, if nobody else. Ash Taylor seemed to polarise the Aberdeen support, but I'm willing to bet that he has some of the best defensive statistics in the league last season. His technique is somewhat agricultural, but he is a courageous defender who will be difficult to replace. An option is to revert Considine to centre-back, and recruit a natural left-back, thus also keeping Graeme Shinnie in midfield, where he is usually outstanding at this level. A lot of really important recruitment is required at Aberdeen over the summer. I think the club and fanbase should realistically expect to see the club finish fourth or fifth this coming season. Rangers are already stronger, I think Hibernian will impress in the top six, Hearts will probably find a little more consistency, and I also think St Johnstone will continue to operate in the top six. Given the personnel losses Aberdeen are incurring, next season will be a slog.
  16. It sounds like you go to shit gigs.
  17. A little late to the party, but link us to your stuff if it's online, yeah? I always enjoy your contributions to the football threads.
  18. Admittedly, I gleaned some useful things from the book, but the interview process struck me as a bit of an ego trip for the managing director. I and two others got to final interview and presentation stage, and the director didn't appoint any of us, stating: "I must admit to not really knowing what it was I was looking for in the candidate." Habit number two of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is: Begin with the end in mind. Either irony is lost on him, or he's quite the enjoyer of elaborate trolling.
  19. I hear you, chum. I recently secured myself some decent employment, but before I did, a lot of my 2016 was applying and interviewing. One particular job I applied for required a three-stage interview process. For the final interview in front of the managing director, I was asked in advance to read Stephen R Covey's book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and apply my understanding of the seven habits to the role I was applying for, and create a PowerPoint presentation accordingly. The job was for an executive assistant for an independent property management firm. Which, in effect, means a jumped up PA. Three feckin' interviews and a PowerPoint presentation. Interviews can absolutely get to fuck.
  20. 01 Chelsea 02 Man Utd 03 Man City 04 Arsenal 05 Liverpool 06 Tottenham 07 West Ham 08 Leicester 09 Everton 10 Stoke 11 Southampton 12 Crystal Palace 13 West Brom 14 Bournemouth 15 Swansea 16 Watford 17 Sunderland 18 Middlesbrough 19 Burnley 20 Hull I think last season was definitely an anomaly for Chelsea, and they still have some ace players. Antonio Conte is a wonderful manager—he'll get Chelsea keeping clean sheets and they'll be very difficult to beat again. Man Utd will be as solid this season as they were last, but this time round they have a couple of players (Ibrahimovic and Pogba) who love the big matches and seem to base their game on moments, rather than impressing themselves upon the game throughout the ninety minutes. Ibrahimovic in particular is a player of moments, and the other major signing, Mkhitaryan, can create those moments (as can others already there). I think Pogba is vastly and almost hilariously over valued, but he arguably still improves the projected starting eleven, and theoretically that's the aim of any new signing, particularly at a club the size of Manchester United. There are all sorts of mitigating factors which added significantly to Pogba's transfer package, and I think people should always take that into consideration when judging him and the associated fee. Man City will probably score prolifically this season, but concede abundantly as well. There are so many question marks over their backline, and we'll probably see Guardiola deploy conventional central midfielders or full-backs in the central defensive positions, which just won't work as well in the Premier League as it did in Spain and Germany. He'll be given a few transfer windows at least to construct the defence he wants, though. Long term under Guardiola: City are title challengers. This season: I'm not convinced. I think I've said this before, but Arsenal are Arsenal, and I don't think any elaboration is necessary. Liverpool will be fun to watch, and much to my shame, I will probably find myself rooting for them (but mainly Klopp) again this year, but they're still some way off competing for the title. They might win a domestic cup, if Klopp decides to give a toss about them.
  21. Newcastle are adapting to a new league and some new players intended for the starting eleven have yet to bed in. They'll be absolutely fine this season. It's Aston Villa who'll find things toughest of the three who were relegated, in my opinion. They still look like they lack hunger across the board, and I don't have Roberto Di Matteo pegged as a particularly strong motivator. I really like the Championship, and I probably watch as much of it as I do the Premier League and the Scottish Premiership. It's so competitive (I know that's a cliche, but it's the easiest way to put it without needlessly elaborating), and if a side isn't hungry, then they'll be regularly picked apart. Several of the Aston Villa team don't appear to want to be there either, so I think they're a bit fucked. I'm really looking forward to this season's Premier League. Are we doing table predictions this year? I remember we used to do that, and I enjoyed reading everyone's forecasts. Fuck it, I'm off to devise mine now. Predicted league table(s—I may do Scottish Premiership too) to follow...
  22. I am listening to a lot of No Grace by Paws—it's an absolute stoater of an album! The song writing is brilliant, and fucking hell the production slays me. Paws are one righteous bastard of a band.
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