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  1. Fallout 4 is fucking shit
  2. The Guardian Force loves that RuPaul shit
  3. Got a finger in yet mate? I can tell you crave some Type 1 fanny
  4. Nae bawd m8 nae bawd
  5. I have a bunch of local band EPs I've thought about uploading. Are you wanting them for the Soundcloud account?
  6. Don't worry, a lot of people wanted to kill themselves after playing it.
  7. Dear Mr. Dow, Could you please make your font larger? I am finding it difficult to read. Your pal, Kernel L.
  9. I sense bad pussy
  10. I'm kind of relieved that the season's over. What a complete pile of wank most of it was. Dorne was so fucking awful! It's true that books 4 and 5 can be long winded and have plotlines which advance slowly, but there's still some great stuff in there that they just completely missed out as a means to simplify or streamline things for TV, the majority of which were failures. Do yourselves a favour and read the books. They aren't perfect, but there's significantly more depth/intrigue and less 'shirtless Ramsay beats Ironborn/Brienne leaves 5 seconds before candle gets lit' moments.
  11. Sorry if it's a repost. I tried to go back earlier in the thread to check, but all I saw were posts about Stayover.
  12. If you can afford a somewhat decent PC, then there's next to no reason for getting an Xbox or PS4 unless your mates have one and a handful of console exclusives which are unlikely to be worth purchasing a console to play them. Most games worth your time these days will be released on PC, and normally 10 quid cheaper if you don't want to wait for the sales. I just use Steam's Big Picture mode through my TV and an Xbox controller. Worked a treat for Dark Souls.