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  1. Guys & Gals..I've just moved up to Aberdeen from London and I am completely blown away from the lack of any kind of local music scene here in Aberdeen. I've worked all my life in music in a&r and marketing (for the majors and indies) & I'm shocked at how a city like Aberdeen is not local artist friendly. It is one of the major cities in Scotland and yet I don't know of any local bands who have made it recently - please educate me if I am completely off the mark here..!! So how do WE (& I mean collectively) change this..?? How do we make Aberdeen vibrant musically..?? How can we take a little of the shine away from Glasgow..?? If WE can create a scene I can get the big boys from London to take note..!!! Give me some suggestion guys..!!! I am not a local but I know there must be a lot of hidden talent out there. So help me bring that to the fore and lets start creating something here in Aberdeen..!!! Lordie
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