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  1. I have a feeling most people do what I do*, time is an issue. Plus if you take someone else's top 30 you're still having to make some cuts. Also I don't really know enough about anything to be informed about when people might die - except American Hardcore bands from the 80's, and they were mostly all too straight edge to be candidates for early deaths - or too obscure to be recognised as celebrities. *Although I have had a few unique picks, so maybe not.
  2. Every Dec/Jan I google death list 201-whatever, copy the top 30 of the first one that comes up and then pick 20 from that - takes 2 mins and i've been top 3 the last 2 years, only being beat by 2 ghouls that are actively trying. Plagiarising is so much easier than strategising...
  3. Pet Hates!

    Racist Gran would be a great band name.
  4. Brexit's going pretty well though...looks like all our fears and worries were just imaginary...
  5. I've got Mugabe as my joker, this coup has been a pile o shite, what happened to the good old days like Libya when a dictator got shot instead of this house arrest capers....
  6. Knowing people's real names tho...
  7. Nah - I've got him. also Tony Booth who died last month and I think forgot all about...
  8. Apart from all the complaints of sexual abuse?
  9. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    My first gig in Aberdeen was the Goo Goo Dolls in 2006 - also Buffalo Sabres fans, also meh.
  10. your gear.

    Final solution - Helix LT and Yamaha DXR 10. Doesn't sound 100% like the amps it's supposed to, but between 85 - 95% is enough for me. Does the valve amp thing where you turn down the volume on the guitar and the amp cleans up which is cool. Effects are good and you can route them whatever way you want. I can replicate my Eventide Space and huge delays and the fuzzes are well modelled too. Probably not for everyone but it definitely works.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41199128 Usually your Tories love hundreds of years of tradition...
  12. Ace-ic....

    The depot is in Dunfermline - it;s the big huge warehouse with Amazon written on it that you drive past just before the Forth Road Bridge...
  13. your gear.

    Any roller bridge should work fine - I used a roller with tusq saddles on my jazzy - the only thing I had to do was screw it right down so it didnt rock back and forwards like a jazzy bridge. Mastery are affa dear but they do work...