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  1. colb

    EU Referendum Result

    Brexit going really well.
  2. colb

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    Fixed that for you...
  3. colb

    Pet Hates!

    yearly colb moan about True North. True North - features the contemporary music industry's most interesting, relevant and exciting artists. This year the line up includes: The Magic Numbers Glasvegas Mull Historical Society Vic Galloway on the wheels of steel Yeah... Still at least they're not pretending this has anything at all to do with the songwriting tradition of the North East this year. I'll probably go and see Mogwai mind you.
  4. colb

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    not forgetting: "Tell the promoter we need more seats We just sold out all the floor seats"
  5. colb

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    Unless "somewhere" is the name of a suburb in that town, the 3rd verse does say he's gonna bust out, which does indicate that he does know where the jail is, cos he's in it. Although that then contradicts the whole "don't you be around" bit, and the "boys getting up and going down". it's possible Phil Lynott was pissed when he wrote this, or really confused, or IDENTICAL TWINS - which would sort the whole thing out.
  6. On a par with this:
  7. No one is into Clocks by Coldplay, even Coldplay don't like Coldplay songs.
  8. That 80 includes bands, soundpeople, barstaff etc. On an average gig night the paying punter cap is about 60, lower when it's Emo capers as all the bands seem to have at least 5 members. How many of you does it take to play octaves and one finger power chords anyway? The issue with Exo is no PA and they want free entry gigs, unless they're providing a budget/split of the bar that's out of reach to most promoters unless they've got a 5k PA in their back pocket.
  9. colb

    your gear.

    I've got one less bass than you, not even a bass player - up your game fella xx
  10. colb

    Fender serial numbers

    Nah min, according to this thread it's a normal thing - https://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?t=34398
  11. colb

    Fender serial numbers

    It's fake mate.
  12. Krakatoa and Drummonds/Tunnels have to all intents and purposes stopped being venues for anything that isn't a tribute act or battle of the bands. There are still promoters around - we put a show or two a month on, and we generally get enough people in to pay the bands and keep a float for the nights we run a lil bit short. My experience, the scene in Glasgow isn't any better than the scene up here, it's just bigger with more bastards in it. We're putting on gigs down there ourselves now to save dealing with said bastards. I'm too old to care about making it, so I'm quite happy that the big boys from London aren't cutting about Aberdeen. Would be nice to get a venue the size of Downstairs back on the go, we're kinda missing that more than 50 but smaller than Tunnels kinda room.
  13. colb

    Worst gig you ever played.

    Callahan got roped into playing a comedy night by Gav Downstairs once - after 2 hours of horrific unfunny worst student improv nonsense you've ever heard they all left and we played to Steve Bruce. Steve only stayed cos Geoff was on drums - and he was getting paid to do sound.
  14. colb

    Gibson are skint.

    I like the sound an SG makes but I think they look horrific, also I am big and they are tiny - it just looks silly when I play one
  15. colb

    Gibson are skint.

    Yeah - they're not going away though. Just an american way of restructuring the company and separating the bits that make money (guitars) from the bits that don't (not guitars). You'll still be getting gouged for a Les Paul for years to come...