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  1. Thunderbolt will have a lot less latency than standard USB - and if you're going mac you'd be as well cos you'll end up needing the usb's for keyboards and triggers/sample launchers. I'm not great at the recording but i do ok for samples beats to play live over, biggest things for me: 1. get really good drum samples, I don't think free samples and lops that come with DAW's aren't great - Addictive Drummer or EZDrummer as a minimum for me. 2. external hard drive, your DAW will break down and you will get read/write errors that'll wreck your projects, keep a backup, and back up at least once a week. 3. piano keyboard, you'll end up piano rolling so much stuff that having a wee keyboard will save you tons of time. That's what i'd be looking at anyway.
  2. Pelham Blue's a fairly standard colour for a Firebird.
  3. I'm thinking about selling this - same bodyshape, better pickups and paint job...
  4. Smoke in the toilets
  5. Here Dave - mind the 4 times in the last few months that Theresa May or her spokesperson said that there was no way she'd be calling an early General Election?
  6. There's a £12.50 fee for selling your shares - so if you've got 40 and sell 15% you'll effectively lose one share to someone else.
  7. - looks older than that to me...
  8. I've got 40 shares now, so I guess I can sell 6 when the selling time comes.
  9. You can sell 60% of one share. There's supposed to be an email out to shareholders this week detailing the process.
  10. Before Stories Rig, depending on setlist i'll use one or all of the guitars: Baritone Tele: Standard Tele Non-reverse Firebird Pedalboard: TC Polytune - Digitech Whammy Ricochet - Providence Chrono Delay - Turbo Rat - Eventide Space - Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe Amps: Usually ABY Vox Nightrain 50 + Cab with 2 x 12 eminence Swamp Thang Speakers and Ashdown 300w Bass Head (runs dry, no effects) with 15" cab - or whatever house amps there are... Laptop running Ableton and Addictive Drums for samples/beats.
  11. I don't think you can - some early investors can sell up to 20% of their stakes but not everyone, unless things have changed in the last couple of hours?
  12. New thread title - Tennents nom nom nom
  13. Brexit not going too well Theresa? Let's wade into a row about Cadbury's not commercialising the death of The Jeebus enough.......
  14. Meh - they've already tried hiring promoters, hiring sound equipment and using good soundmen - and then been too hard to work with for most of them from what i've heard. The problem in Aberdeen isn't places to play, it's getting people to come along.... As long as people would rather hear bad versions of Sex on Fire and Mustang Sally than listen to something they haven't heard before a new venue will make no difference.