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  1. colb

    New pop song: Leave A Light On - Tom Walker

    That's not the joke though.... http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/man-puts-big-light-on-again-20161012115195
  2. colb

    New pop song: Leave A Light On - Tom Walker

    The big light? At this time of year? Are you mental?
  3. colb

    Gibson are skint.

    I like the sound an SG makes but I think they look horrific, also I am big and they are tiny - it just looks silly when I play one
  4. colb

    Gibson are skint.

    Yeah - they're not going away though. Just an american way of restructuring the company and separating the bits that make money (guitars) from the bits that don't (not guitars). You'll still be getting gouged for a Les Paul for years to come...
  5. Oooops, turns out she told more lies than Theresa May, and to Parliament as well. What a baddie!!
  6. I have a feeling most people do what I do*, time is an issue. Plus if you take someone else's top 30 you're still having to make some cuts. Also I don't really know enough about anything to be informed about when people might die - except American Hardcore bands from the 80's, and they were mostly all too straight edge to be candidates for early deaths - or too obscure to be recognised as celebrities. *Although I have had a few unique picks, so maybe not.
  7. Every Dec/Jan I google death list 201-whatever, copy the top 30 of the first one that comes up and then pick 20 from that - takes 2 mins and i've been top 3 the last 2 years, only being beat by 2 ghouls that are actively trying. Plagiarising is so much easier than strategising...
  8. colb

    Pet Hates!

    Racist Gran would be a great band name.
  9. Brexit's going pretty well though...looks like all our fears and worries were just imaginary...
  10. I've got Mugabe as my joker, this coup has been a pile o shite, what happened to the good old days like Libya when a dictator got shot instead of this house arrest capers....
  11. Knowing people's real names tho...
  12. Nah - I've got him. also Tony Booth who died last month and I think forgot all about...
  13. Apart from all the complaints of sexual abuse?