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  1. Watching Eugene and Duglas trying to hit those Fleetwood Mac harmonies will be entertaining if nothing else... Sorry - no matter who's doing it it's just another tribute act for me. McFleetwood played Newmachar in July, I wasn't interested in that either.
  2. I'm aware
  3. It's been a while innit, and all it took was me sabotaging any chance of ever getting a gig off APA...
  4. I wish riders were a negligible cost. We're putting on a decent sized band in a couple of weeks* and when you count in accommodation and food costs the rider is nearly 50% on top of the performance fee. Now there are different levels and scopes for performance fees and riders - but the bands aren't paying for accommodation and food because it's either in the rider or it's built into their fee - but it costs more to bring a band in than put a local band on, it just does. I'm not sure how you can say that there aren't any relevant or good enough bands to fill these slots though - unless you've listened to every support band that's been booked you're taking a fair old swing in the dark there - they could all be terrible? *shameless plug - come and see this gig and help me pay for it, also it'll be fucking great!!
  5. APA is a charity, and this festival relies on sponsorship - it absolutely is charitable cause. Also, part of APA's mission is to support the arts in the North East. Part of that involves bringing art in, and part involves encouraging local art. This festival does not fit their mission (in my opinion). I've not heard of all the support acts, but I bet they're not all better than bands in Aberdeen. And I agree that bands should be great, but there are different degrees of great, and it's hard to get great without playing the odd gig that's out of your depth isn't it? - plus for me i'll take keen over polished any time. Using local support instead of bringing acts in would save money more in terms of rider/equipment transport and costs rather than performance fees, although I would be interested to find out what APA are paying the supports for this compared with what they pay local supports (when they use them). I agree that local bands do need to promote themselves a bit more - but in this case i'm not sure it would make a difference.
  6. A band playing a full record from start to finish isn't unique either - without even going out of my way i've seen Teenage Fanclub, The Breeders, Roger Waters and Television do it. I'm willing to bet a quick internet search would turn up a load of tribute bands doing it too. I'd have to have a proper look at the line-ups to match bands to gigs - but off the top of my head I could see Seas, Starry supporting PSB or Wild Beasts, Rich Wyness on a bill with Kathryn, Audiokicks playing with Start to End. These are good Aberdeen based bands/artists - but you don't have to be great to play a support slot, just keen - very few people buy a ticket based on who's supporting and no one leaves because of a support band. Plus it would save a ton of money, and given ACC is sponsoring this shindig, and we're allegedly skint - this can only be a good thing....
  7. The Facebook page still definitely mentions the singer/songwriter North East thing - that's where I saw it. And a band playing someone else's songs isn't unique - they're on a Krakatoa/Drummonds most weekends. There are loads of local bands that could play support to these bigger bands - that would have covered both bases, and it would have justified Aberdeen City Council sponsoring it. Anyway, some people are happy with the line-up and supports, i'm not - each to their own.
  8. This True North festival nonsense, another year with minimal Aberdeen representation - still banging on about celebrating the singer songwriter tradition of the North East though...
  9. If you're there on a Sunday, you can go to this - - and then sneak into West Berlin, that's reasonably close.
  10. Second vote for Ramones museum. Das Gift is a nice boozer owned by one of Mogwai. Holocaust memorial is worth seeing (apart from all the cunts taking selfies on it). Radisson Blu has a seventy foot tall aquarium in the middle of it, its a decent place to have a drink and watch fish if you need a relax. This is touristy but also pretty cool - underground tour of bomb shelters and secret tunnels -
  11. They make pretty good ones a couple of hours west of you -
  12. Kinda both - the overall rates increase was brought in by the Scottish Government, but the local councils do have the ability to change those rates by way of tax relief schemes - all revenue from rates goes back tot he local councils so it's theirs to do with as they want (sort of). As always in Aberdeen, the local council have decided to do less helping local businesses and more making a lot of noise about the bad government raising taxes, while also voting against tax relief schemes and chasing the Scottish government for their share of the money. Short version - the Scottish Government raised the rates, Aberdeen Council kinda made it worse. Everyone's a bastard.
  13. Move back to Aberdeen from Poland - it's been fucking grey and awful for a fortnight...Sunglasses not required.
  14. Looking for something with more of a story innit - Arkham Horror is supposed to be good?
  15. Splice and MusicRadar will do regular lists with links. I don't really use any except Addictive Drums/Keys and the Focusrite Compressor, the ones that come with Ableton work fine for me.