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  1. It's only horrifying if you're not a white, straight, protestant terrorist with a literal belief in the old testament, a fear of catholics and a complete lack of understanding basic scientific principles....
  2. These don't have isolated outputs - so you're going to open yourself up to noise issues cos it's basically just a big ol daisy chain in a box. The smaller harley benton one does have isolated outputs though, so if you've only got 5 9v 120ma or less pedals you'd be ok with that - or if you love ground hum and noise get the big one..
  3. I'll just leave this here:
  4. This is a good one Dave - how we'd have laughed and had political fun as you twisted yourself into a knot of quotes and clarifications because she only said Scottish Nationalists and not the Scottish Nationalist Party.
  5. Then this page will become a shrine to his memory, and we will remember Dave by posting stories of the Tories in all of their glories. Or more realistically he's waiting until June the 9th to have a big ol' smug.
  6. Ol' Theresa's just not interested in legalities is she Dave?
  7. Bringing back Fox Hunting - You must be pretty fucking proud Dave...
  8. Strong and Stable - it's the future.
  9. I've never met an actual openly admitting to it Aberdeen based Tory voter in the ten years i've lived up here - where do they all hang out? Asking for a friend.
  10. Get a Falcon or an Eagle.
  11. Thunderbolt will have a lot less latency than standard USB - and if you're going mac you'd be as well cos you'll end up needing the usb's for keyboards and triggers/sample launchers. I'm not great at the recording but i do ok for samples beats to play live over, biggest things for me: 1. get really good drum samples, I don't think free samples and lops that come with DAW's aren't great - Addictive Drummer or EZDrummer as a minimum for me. 2. external hard drive, your DAW will break down and you will get read/write errors that'll wreck your projects, keep a backup, and back up at least once a week. 3. piano keyboard, you'll end up piano rolling so much stuff that having a wee keyboard will save you tons of time. That's what i'd be looking at anyway.
  12. Pelham Blue's a fairly standard colour for a Firebird.
  13. I'm thinking about selling this - same bodyshape, better pickups and paint job...
  14. Smoke in the toilets