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  1. I remember more since I stopped drinking a couple of years ago, and I remember things that were previously a blur, definitely much better with people's names and bands i've done gigs with - on the other hand I hate everyone and I don't ever want to go out.
  2. dinna get excited, there's only 7 or 8 of them.
  3. The aberdeen music promotion is just promoters telling each other about awful blues-rock gigs they're not going to go to - no one that actually goes to gigs is part of that group.
  4. Because only old men watch WWE now and they're going for that nostalgia dolla
  5. He rejoined them earlier this year, he's very upset with Shaggy2Dope... Now in a string of Instagram comments, Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal has stated that he was a “fan until now”, before telling Shaggy: “Bro step up!! Man to man. No suckerstage rushing ‘I’m gonna get on TMZ’.” He also called him a “bitchmade G,” a “wack bro” who “just got wack,” and a “bitch ass clout chaser.” He repeatedly asked Shaggy “Where you at?”
  6. Most of those acoustic nights in town pay you a beer or some food for playing.
  7. Aye - Curve Off is a fucking belter
  8. All band photos are comedy, this one was just a standard metal glower at the camera I think - not bad in any way, just the same generic poses we all use to lump a group of people together. made me laugh more cos of reading this thread than anything else.
  9. It's been the best bit of looking through these mags, apart from the ridiculously low prices of guitars 10-15 years ago and the awful tech we all thought was great. Obviously never heard of most of the up and coming bands but Gallows and FFAF were in the ones i've read so far. All the tabs are terrible obvs, just the same recycled tunes over and over again - so many Nirvana tunes that people shouldn't need help to play.
  10. How was that a dig? The page might actually have been called up and coming, and all band photos from 10+ years ago are comedy. Relax your balls and don't be silly, i'd never heard of your old band until this thread started.
  11. Councillor Sarah Dickinson, who represents the Stonehaven and Lower Deeside ward, admitted she was shocked when she heard of the incident. She said: “It’s just plain bad behaviour. I’m shocked anybody would behave in that way, especially a child. I hope it’s an isolated incident.” Good to see the Councillor is blaming Officer Jr. rather than the gers fans.
  12. Completely unrelated - but someone gave me a huge stack of guitar mags, i was going through them looking for riffs/chord progressions to steal and MMW was on an "up and coming bands" type page along with a comedy photo. If any of MMW want it I can make that shit happen..
  13. Broke my ankle playing 5-a-side in deepest Norfolk, didn't really know any of the guys I was playing with and had to drive 15 miles home so my Mrs could take me to hospital. Working the accelerator and brake on a broken bone was fucking horrendous.
  14. colb

    Pet Hates!

    yearly colb moan about True North. True North - features the contemporary music industry's most interesting, relevant and exciting artists. This year the line up includes: The Magic Numbers Glasvegas Mull Historical Society Vic Galloway on the wheels of steel Yeah... Still at least they're not pretending this has anything at all to do with the songwriting tradition of the North East this year. I'll probably go and see Mogwai mind you.
  15. not forgetting: "Tell the promoter we need more seats We just sold out all the floor seats"
  16. Unless "somewhere" is the name of a suburb in that town, the 3rd verse does say he's gonna bust out, which does indicate that he does know where the jail is, cos he's in it. Although that then contradicts the whole "don't you be around" bit, and the "boys getting up and going down". it's possible Phil Lynott was pissed when he wrote this, or really confused, or IDENTICAL TWINS - which would sort the whole thing out.
  17. No one is into Clocks by Coldplay, even Coldplay don't like Coldplay songs.
  18. That 80 includes bands, soundpeople, barstaff etc. On an average gig night the paying punter cap is about 60, lower when it's Emo capers as all the bands seem to have at least 5 members. How many of you does it take to play octaves and one finger power chords anyway? The issue with Exo is no PA and they want free entry gigs, unless they're providing a budget/split of the bar that's out of reach to most promoters unless they've got a 5k PA in their back pocket.
  19. I've got one less bass than you, not even a bass player - up your game fella xx
  20. Nah min, according to this thread it's a normal thing - https://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?t=34398
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