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  1. Pet Hates!

    The only reason I've ever pre-ordered records in the past is to make sure I don't forget to buy it when it comes out. It's a pretty dumb reason and I've only done it twice, I think. Pretty sure I had no problems with them getting delivered though.
  2. What are you currently listening to?

    Having found and listened to the song I was after, I can confirm it wasn't that one. Hope you have a rollicking 2018.
  3. What are you currently listening to?

    Nah, that ain't it, fam'. It was 'Hey you woman' By Michel Polneraff. It's not listed on the playlist, and the replay wasn't available last night. I'll try the internet next time though. Ta!
  4. What are you currently listening to?

    Did anyone happen to catch the name of the song/artist that concluded Steve Lamacq this evening? I realise it was a remix by one of Noel Gallagher's chummies, but the original's maybe worth a listen.
  5. Sludged up radiators

    Anyone got experience with badly sludged radiators? I've given my radiators a flush through for a week with Fernox F3 cleaner, then a day or so with the heavy duty F5 stuff... Not much difference... I've just flushed everything through with the mains pressure doing each radiator individually and then all at once until everything was running clear - agitating the radiators as much as possible externally... I'm going to install a magnetic filter to the return line next week as more of a preventative measure. I've fired everything back up now and I'm impatiently waiting for everything to heat up until the radiators can melt human flesh. I have a feeling this won't be the case though. Will I have to get some granny robbing plumber in to power flush everything? I got a quote today for £395 + the chemicals, so Ideally they can fuck off. Cheers.
  6. Coffee Wankers

    Will Deadmau5 and Skrillex be there?
  7. What game are you currently playing?

    I've been slogging away with the Cleansing the Commonwealth type missons for a while now, avoiding the storyline.... Trying to keep on top of all my settlements, bu tone day I'm just going to fucking burn them all down and murder everyone in their sleep for being such useless cunts.
  8. Coffee Wankers

    Once I pull my finger oot and get a grinder, I'm just going to go for one of these sorts of things; I used to like my moka pot but cleaning it was a total bag of dicks.
  9. Coffee Wankers

    No offence, but you're truly a coffee wanker.
  10. Your current read?

    And I'll bet she gave him a hoora good blowy right after. You thought of a career in literature?
  11. Your current read?

    Farewell to arms is pretty decent too. Worth a read.
  12. Your current read?

    You read much other Hemingway? He's provided me with some respite from sci-fact/sci-fi once or twice. Never Garden of Eden though. The al' manny and the sea is a pure fucking must.
  13. Your current read?

    Rereading the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, with the intention of reading the whole series. should be a doddle. Good fun and could easily read one a day - if I wanted to. the audiobooks read by Stephen Fry and Martin Freeman are also pretty good for when I canna sleep
  14. Coffee Wankers

    Thankfully, coffee seems to be taken fairly seriously in the indie cafes in glesgay - after a wee bit of trial and error. I do occasionally yearn for some of these hip indie places to get a big, fuck off wingback chesterfield to sit and read my book on though.
  15. Coffee Wankers

    Any great improvement on a coffee drip type setup?