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  1. James Broonbreed

    Boxing tonight

    Total Sportek ended up working fine once the main event started, weirdly... I did also have a scan on Reddit, but couldn't find anything. I'll maybe investigate this avenue in advance next time. Cheers! Bloody good fecht though!
  2. James Broonbreed

    Boxing tonight

    Anyone know of a free live stream of the Joshua fight tonight?
  3. James Broonbreed


    That stretch of Paisley Road with the Nacho Lounge etc. is like the anus of Glasgow.
  4. James Broonbreed

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

  5. James Broonbreed

    2009 Fender American standard Strat

  6. James Broonbreed

    2009 Fender American standard Strat

    Selling this bad boy for £550 Beautiful, all original - as far as I know - US strat from 2009. There's a couple of minor cosmetic dings on the body, but otherwise in excellent condition. Sounds amazing and plays even better. Based in Glasgow Southside and not looking for any trades. Cheers!
  7. James Broonbreed

    Worst gig you ever played.

    Grouse & Irn Bru was a fairly popular tipple in The Broch.
  8. James Broonbreed

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Well Done to everyone sitting at zero points. We can do this!
  9. James Broonbreed

    What are you currently listening to?

    Finally got round to listening to IDLES properly. Buckets of attitude.
  10. James Broonbreed

    Quick Questions

    Askreddit's a pretty good shout.
  11. James Broonbreed

    Bands that have made mistakes on recordings

    That explains it all then.
  12. James Broonbreed

    Quick Questions

    Any decent reddit recommendations for general procrastination?
  13. James Broonbreed

    TV Series!!

    I found it pretty boring to start with too, but the trailers do make it look worth persevering with...
  14. James Broonbreed

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    And half time multi-ball.
  15. James Broonbreed

    Your current read?

    I finished 'The Evenings', by Gerard Reve, yesterday. Nice bit of Dutch, post war dark humour. Wouldn't mind reading it again in a year or so.