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  1. Also, the loft space is currently open to the neighbours attic space too. Any idea what sort of regulations there'd be for partitioning the open attic space?
  2. Does anyone know what sort of permission you need to install a Ramsay type ladder up to an attic in a tenement? It's not a conversion or anything, just access to use the attic for storage.
  3. I now know that it's potentially dark.
  4. A magnetic thing-ma-bob is the choice of a true adult.
  5. To be fair, I reckon you're too old to be getting that much presents altogether. If I can get by with 3 or 4, then so can everyone else. Secretly, I'm just envious of the linen spray.
  6. I think the dead pool should have its own, standalone, website.
  7. Totally the biggest bunch of cunts going.
  8. Torn up in disgust and carefully taped back together with regret and shame.
  9. Everyone can have an incredible sulk at his funeral.
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