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  1. Cannot wait to get home from Berlin and play Just Cause and Slotty Vegas.
  2. Halfords is top of the list obviously.... Das Gift is also, genuinely, very high up the list - along with the rest of Kreuzberg. That Raddison aquarium looks pretty rad. If it's en route to somewhere else we'll maybe swing in past for a cheeky dook. The secret tunnels also look cool, but I'd need to ensure I'm not hungover otherwise I'll probably freak out and piss myself.
  3. Already on the shortlist, my friend. Cheers though. Is there any sort of defector simulator, where you can get liberated to the West in a skip hoisted over the wall by a crane? That'd be cool.
  4. Any Berlin recommendations? Not too interested in mega touristy things like the Reichstag & Checkpoint Charlie. Also not interested in nightclubs really so not aiming to queue outside Berghain for 3 hours to be told to fuck off by that mental bouncer chap. Cheers folks
  5. I ordered pair of sandals for the missus off tinterweb, and instead of a pair of sandals worth £20 arriving I received a North Face jacket for £150.
  6. ACC are some of the biggest bastards going.
  7. Does anyone want a £5 discount code for deliveroo? First come first served.... 8H4M7QV6XH
  8. I recently bought a Meters LP off Ebay and the condition was way off the 'good' description in the details. I'm not too bothered as it wasn't majorly expensive, but for fuck sake - there are rules!
  9. Today I'm mostly listening to all of the Thomas the Tank hip hop remixes. Old & gold.
  10. Technically I learned this yesterday... Seventeen fucking G's for an open uni' bachelors in England!
  11. Listened to 100 Broken Windaes for the first time in about a decade. Bloody good.
  12. Sound. Thanks for the succinct and informative advice.
  13. It's aright... Green Wing is fucking magic though.
  14. Fuck that shit, I like being able to see properly.
  15. What's the best one to get? Thinking of getting Dirt Rally.... Are Dirt 4 or WRC6 any good?