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  1. That album got me well into techno when it came out. Not really a fan of the stuff now, since I stopped taking eccies.
  2. My chum used to have one of those red head stocked Jap' re-issues. Lovely looking guitar (apart from the red head stock), but it had nothing going for it from a playability point of view. Shit neck, shit neck finish, shit wiring, weak ass pickups.
  3. I always forget if it's Jaguars or Jazzmasters that have balls switching. It really is balls and fucking pointless. Even the Mustang could be done with a simpler 3 way toggle - that out of phase option is a waste of everyones time.
  4. Probably a bit late to the party, but Silicon Valley is fucking yass. It seems to peter out a bit by season 4 though.
  5. Heaps of The Warlocks. Going to see them on Thursday to in fucking Sleazy's.
  6. I can vouch for Mustang's, but not Jag's. Excellent guitars - the Japanese ones anyway.
  7. I think the main point to consider when choosing a new bike is how practable it is. Also, can anyone tell me what these red dotted underlines mean?
  8. Have you checked your nostrils for onions?
  9. I almost forgot how bloody good Primer was, until I watched it a few nights ago. mad head fucks, yo.
  10. Simon & Garfunkel - just the classics, none of the album shite. They're on pot!
  11. Golden tales.
  12. No, because we never went to school together....
  13. Bodger; the thinking mans Basil Brush.
  14. Yon White Trash place in Berlin is a venue, night club, restaurant, pub and tattooist - a heady cocktail indeed. Thankfully the tattooist bit shuts at 11pm.....
  15. The undisputed, biggest fucking nut-bar Aberdeen's ever seen.