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  1. James Broonbreed

    Ridiculous News

    Torn up in disgust and carefully taped back together with regret and shame.
  2. James Broonbreed

    I want to buy an electric guitar

    I've got heaps of them for sale.
  3. James Broonbreed

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Everyone can have an incredible sulk at his funeral.
  4. James Broonbreed

    Quick Questions

    That's Glenn Danzig's bairn.
  5. James Broonbreed

    Quick Questions

    My tenant is spot on, it's just the neighbours landlord who is a huge cunt.
  6. James Broonbreed

    Last film you watched?

    Popstar was reasonably funny, but it's astronomically far away from being anywhere near as funny as Hot Rod.
  7. James Broonbreed

    Quick Questions

    I've only had dealings with the one. Numerous dealings with the same fucking one.
  8. James Broonbreed

    Quick Questions

    Cheers pal. Aye, I think Joe is still working there. I've been in touch with him a fair bit about the previous issue we were having. It's Stronach's who 'deal' with the property. The landlord has since been in touch with her usual bullshit attitude - so slowly getting somewhere now. Who the fuck ignores emails when their flat is leaking water?!
  9. James Broonbreed

    Quick Questions

    The flat above my Aberdeen flat has a leak somewhere that has been coming through the ceiling in my kitchen. My tenant has spoke to the tenants above and they are unable to spot any leak as the pipework is all enclosed. I've emailed the landlord of the flat but she's a fucking cow who never responds to emails when there's a problem and money will be involved. She also lives in Dubai. I've emailed her letting agent who say the flat is not managed by them so all they can do is email her... Presumably the tenants above can call out an emergency plumber and claim the costs back from the landlord or the agent, but what happens with getting the ceiling fixed in my flat? Do I have to claim from home insurance, or is this something that the other landlord would be responsible for paying for? Not such a quick question, but hey ho. Cheers
  10. James Broonbreed

    Ridiculous News

    Limp Bizkit Vs. ICP is good derts. Fascinating.
  11. James Broonbreed

    Has a song ever made you cry?

    These bots are actually pretty decent craic.
  12. James Broonbreed

    Has a song ever made you cry?

    Remember ringtones? Anyone rememba ringtones?
  13. James Broonbreed

    Has a song ever made you cry?

    I thought you were in charge...
  14. James Broonbreed

    Has a song ever made you cry?

    Pretty sure I cry every time I hear Snow Patrol, regardless of which song it is.