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  1. jester1470

    Your current read?

    Been reading a lot more this year than I have for a while, I started by re-reading most of the Shannara series after the TV series, some of them are excellent, some seem like Tolkein rip offs, I can see why they didn;t film Sword, they'd probably get sued, but it's enjoyable fluffy fantasy with some interesting characters. I then went on to finally reading the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch, I am a fan of Ben's Dr Who stuff and had heard good things about these, and in fact have had them all in hardback for ages, and been to see him talk twice at the Edinburgh Book Festival but still never read them. I really liked them and really looking forward tot the next one. I am also now reading Ben's Remembrance of the Daleks Target Adaptation as well which i'm really enjoying for the extra details he has put in. I have been buying a few of the new Sherlock Holmes books from Titan as they're written mostly by authors I really like from the Big Finish Dr Who and Torchwood audios, I've really enjoyed the George Mann ones so that lead me onto his Newbury and Hobbes books so I am also halfway through the first one of those.
  2. It's been ages since I posted here so why not As I am a huge Dr Who fan, my current favourites are: Tom Baker, Sylveter McCoy, Jenna Louise Coleman, Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi. I also have become good friends with Shane Rimmer, "Scott Tracey" from Thunderbirds and he turns up in pretty much everything ever.
  3. I ordered the signed copy of this yesterday but so far none of his solo stuff has grabbed me in the way his stuff with the BNL have, Other albums bought so far this year include the new Wendy James album - still unsure, she has done some crap (Racine 1 & 2) but the second Transvision Vamp Album Velveteen and Now Aint the Time for Your Tears (written by Elvis Costello) are both awesome albums, i do love her vocals, but I'm not convinced she can actually write too well, this new album was co-written with Glen Matlock but it hasn't grabbed me yet, though I quite like some of it. I have pledged on the new Marillion, and Tony Wright albums so far, but most of my purchases have been rebuying older stuff I either missed on release or lost through the years,
  4. Jo has been playing since she was a teenager, both solo and in various bands including Charlotte Says and Modern Uses for Velcro. She released her first album at 17, Nothing Whispered to Katy, and has been releasing albums sporadically ever since. For this rare show in aid of SAMH at the Lemon Tree on June 11th 2016 Jo has pulled together some "weel kent" faces from Aberdeen's music scene to reimagine songs from throughout her career, from some old favourites, to new material, as well as some rarely heard gems. It should be a great night with some great musicians. Please click here to buy tickets or for more information.
  5. Hog doesn't post here anymore as he has no reason to use the board to try and get laid He is one of the best Wedding photographers around by all accounts.
  6. Got the code through last night and started playing, really liking it do far, the changes seem quite logical and I really like the bar down the side. This could be the best upgrade in a while.
  7. My theory is if you can just up and quit you were never really into it in the first place
  8. Well the new one is meant to have a lot of differences you might like it more
  9. What are your general thoughts then, do you notice a big difference? Have you suffered from lots of own goals
  10. The new game is released in 3 days, has anyone else got their preorder in ? Apparently this one is another quite big change with a new interface. The biggest complaint I've seen so far is that there are a lot of own goals, I'm sure that'll be changed in the first update. Some Reviews http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/gaming/football-manager-2015-first-look-drastic-interface-changes-and-improved-scouting--but-watch-the-own-goals-9835008.html http://www.godisageek.com/reviews/football-manager-2015-review/ http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/review/a607002/football-manager-2015-review-pc-the-special-one-returns-for-another-year.html#~oUDUcKkXK23UPU http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2254945-football-manager-2015-review-continued-perfection I haven't played the beta but looking forward to it as always
  11. I would guess most people hae known about this for months but there wasn't athread there is now.
  12. Absolutely, just must be tough without a reputation to trade on, good luck to them, Glasgow Comic Comicon has done well so no reason this can't either, I don't know most of the guests they've announced so far but Shane Rimmer will be great, I'll look forward to hearing his talk etc, anyone have any particular guests they would like to see ? I'd like to see Mike Carey, Sean Phillips or Kieren Gillen, in an ideal world Ed Brubaker but I doubt he does anything in this country.
  13. I will be interested to see who they manage to get guest wise, I guess it won't be easy getting people to go to a first time con in the North of Scotland.
  14. Anyone planning on going to this, or has any thoughts ? http://www.granitecitycomiccon.co.uk It's nice to see Aberdeen attempting something like this.
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