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  1. I hear they're getting a Tim Hortons in Tullos. Apparently this is my first post since 2018. Hiya. Cool Thinker, tell me what's been going on. In December, I'll be back in ABZ for the first time in three years and I can't fucking wait.
  2. I have listened to the new Superchunk record roughly 700 times in the last four days. It is good. Very good. A banger, one might conclude. Such an angry, uncharacteristically sweary record. I kinda ignored all of the other singles when the title track was released but they are amazing. Erasure is so lovely.
  3. This is Mark E Smith we're talking about, right?
  4. This is just a fad. It'll never last.
  5. New stuff coming in March from: -Yo La Tengo -Sunflower Bean -Hot Snakes Yes, mate.
  6. Well, no-one else seemed to be making a thread. What are you looking forward to this year? Superchunk have a new album coming out for the first time in five years in February. It will be my album of the year because I'm horribly predictable and I can't stop listening to the total banger of a title track. I even PAID for it as a SINGLE on ITUNES, which is the first time I can remember doing that in years. Titus Andronicus have a new song and an album due out in March. I hope it is good after their previous 90 minute epic. https://www.mergerecords.com/titus-andronicus-ready-a-productive-cough-lp-for-march-2-release
  7. I forgot about Goths by the Mountain Goats. V good.
  8. Are you able to send me an invite to join? Link isn't working.
  9. I've been so shit with new music this year. I'm gonna go through all of your lists and actually listen to something that isn't Lizzo or Superchunk. I did enjoy records by Sheer Mag, A Giant Dog and Allison Crutchfield. That's all I remember...
  10. Jesus. Seeing Guided By Voices on a UK festival bill makes me wanna weep.
  11. That's the guy! Gutter to have missed Skunk Anansie and Gay Dad.
  12. I thought a couple of others had him. JB: it's the only bit of forward thinking I ever convey. Sad, though, I definitely thought he'd maybe be around for longer as I think he said he'd been given six months last May.
  13. Oh, Gord... http://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/gord-downie-obit-1.4359906
  14. I THINK my first gig was some free thing at the beach in 1998 or so? Ocean Colour Scene played and so did Jamelia, before she had any HITS and anybody knew who she was. Does anyone else remember this or did I make it up? The only thing I can remember about it was Jamelia saying "do you want to hear my new single?" to an enthusiastic crowd, but we were at the back and everyone around us said in the same miserable monotone "no." Because I have no real memory of that concert and to retain STREET CRED, I always claim that my first proper gig was the very cool Barenaked Ladies at the Music Hall in 2001.
  15. If you like want to see some art, the Hamburger Bahnhof is probably the best gallery I've ever been to. It's huge, too, so softens the blow of paying to get in. Ew. Definitely give the jukebox at Das Gift a go, it's great.
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