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  1. Hey there, I am just wondering what does everyone thnk of dacne music? Are there any good club nights in aberdeen?
  2. What were your top three gigs you've been to aberdeen?
  3. HOW long have you been a member of this website and why did you join?
  4. When you were a wee bairn what did u want to be? I always wanted to be a nurse.
  5. What record have you got most use of? aka value for money. Mine is Franz Ferdinand's first album, which i bought for a fiver. I listen to it everyday in my car to work.
  6. seems you lot like talking aboot love. So describe you prefect parter. here is mine: taller than me likes to drink italian got some brains and maybe a degree listens to the beatles
  7. alright.. just joined to forums so i thot id check for any romances! Whom do you fancy most?
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