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  1. For some reason, a lot of people keep telling me that my taste in music is very dreary/dull. I've listed some examples that I can think of below: *A boy at school said to me that "I have one of the strangest tastes in music" that he's ever come across *I once gave my dad a couple of CDs, and he refused to take them because he found the music all sounded the same *A lot of people have said that the Foo Fighters album "One By One" is one of their least memorable, but it's their only album that I can remember everything on *Someone here said that I listened to a lot of "mediocre bands" *My dad told me that there was no Coldplay or U2 song more memorable than Radiohead's "Creep". I could name several older Coldplay and U2 tracks, along with several Radiohead ones off of the same album (You, Lurgee, Prove Yourself) So these are some songs that I'm currently into: *Lurgee by Radiohead *Clocks by Coldplay *Bionic by Placebo *Porcelain by Moby *You Don't Have to Tell Me Now by Grant Hart *Untitled by Interpol *Vapour Trail by Ride *Pieces by Dinosaur Jr *Shining Light by Ash *If You're Thinking Of Me by Dodgy *Disorder by Joy Division Do you know why other people call this stuff dull but I find it far easier to remember than what they listen to? Is there any similarity between these songs?
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