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  1. Ah, good old fashioned Swedeath! No one else is in the office this afternoon so time to plop on some Entombed and Dismember.
  2. I think that largely stopped around 2006-07, either coincidentally or ironically after we had owt to do with the Deen.
  3. Yeah you're right on Ghost - I can't believe how massive they are, mostly because everything I've heard from them musically has been a bit meh. Some cracking album covers and a great logo mind you.
  4. It's funny you mention them - Periphery are essentially (one of) the godfathers of djent, arguable the last trend in metal. Yet those guys don't even make money off the band, which is why they do stuff like GetGoodDrums etc. They are a leading artist in a genre, have influenced millions of kids, yet can't make money off the band because 10,000,000 streams isn't remotely the same as selling 10,000,000 records.
  5. I'll be honest having re-read a lot of them recently I just found it funny. It did occasionally cross over the line which is when it became a bit cringe - but nothing ever came of it outside of this site, like you say, and it never would have because I think we are all reasonable enough people away from a keyboard. (I can't speak for everyone else involved, but I haven't had an altercation in person since primary school, and certainly wouldn't have over silly stuff said on the internet). This thread - in particular Cloud's ridiculous comment below - has made me realise a certain irony about the Aberdeen scene. "Thinking back, Jamesy didn't do himself or MMW any favours at times" In textbook Mood-hoovering fashion, it is both opinion-presented-as-fact and completely baseless/incorrect: 13-15 years ago, platitudes of this nature were repeatedly hurled in our direction on here - often by people who I'm sure were well-meaning. Having re-read much of the content of this site from that era, it was interesting to see how many posts there were saying that Jamesy's ego/Ben's arrogance-and-on-line twattery/my bickering with SPD would hinder the band in some way... as if A&R reps would be reading this site, and/or the perception of you in Aberdeen would affect your potential for 'success'. Given what actually happened, I can categorically state that our antics on ab-music didn't affect things one iota. Despite being perceived as being a bunch of pillocks on here by people who didn't know us (and probably by many who did!), we were hard-working and professional away from teh interwebz, and got on great with everybody we ever met through the band. Like I said earlier in the thread, it was never my ambition to make it, and I doubt MMW were ever good enough anyway - but the only thing really holding us back from doing a lot more with the band was being based in Aberdeen. Regarding Jamesy 'not doing himself any favours' - he moved to London and got his dream job booking/managing some huge bands and mixing in circles with many of his idols, including the Movielife - literally his favourite band who he got the phrase My Mind's Weapon from. Fortunately no one ever halted his career by bringing up the time that Cloud heard from a friend of a friend that Jamesy may or may not have said he'd kick his head in. I only mention all that to highlight that no-one gives a fuck about Aberdeen outside of Aberdeen, and Aberdeen itself is largely the reason why bands from here don't 'make it'. The likes of the X-Certs and Jamesy perfectly demonstrate that if you move, you can do.
  6. As someone who knows the Jamesy and Ben of 2003-08 era as well as/better than anybody, I can categorically state that most people who only had occasional run ins with them don't know the full extent of their personality traits and attributes. Especially when anything to do with this site is concerned. This is why phrases that state absolutes such as "he was the worst example of taking the internet too seriously" and "Ben on the other hand never got involved in that stuff offline" are beyond wildly inaccurate, and I'm not going to go any further than that. We're all flawed humans - and some people just happen to be better at concealing their flaws than others. Don't get me wrong - I fully appreciate that how we perceive others almost entirely comes down to our personal experience with them but you literally stated yourself you didn't know the guy. So with that in mind, I can tell you that in regards to 'kicking your head in' Jamesy often was more-talk-than-walk and would have never actually done that... but if my memory serves me correctly, half the people on this site threatened to do similar at some point.
  7. Music is just fun really innit. I always found it odd that people are surprised if you listen to your own music (in the car or whatever)... I've always viewed it as the whole reason you'd write music is it is stuff you'd most want to listen to yourself! It's funny you mention rock (metal) star though... and this I guess is more back on track with what the OP was asking. I'm not sure it's possible to be a 'rockstar' if you play metal these days, especially if it's a little more progressive or niche. It's a different case for the Metallicas and Iron Maidens of this world who made it big back when people bought music - but how many boda fide rock stars have come out in the last decade, who could live comfortably purely of releasing an album every few years and touring every now and again... Mastodon at a push? But I guess they've been established for the best part of 20 years now. If you play commerical sounding rock, then sure you might get on the radio 1 A-list, headline the festivals, and live sustainably from music - but I can't think of many artists that play vaguely heavy/complex metal that you'd call a rockstar these days...and it hasn't really been that way post-nu-metal, where the likes of korn/limp bizkit/linkin park would sell millions of albums and tickets.
  8. Nick (scholey) was our drummer, jamesy the orginal guitarist/formed the band. Nah, there was no real internal drama so don’t mind sharing what happened...put simply we never went full time because I refused to. In 2007/08 when things were going pretty well, the band discussed going full time. However I said no because; a) I was just married, b) had just bought our first flat (so had a mortgage), and c) was a year or so into a career job (that I really enjoyed) after spending 5 years in uni... I would undoubtedly have lost all 3 of those going full time, and I really wasn't prepared to. The other guys weren't in serious relationships, didn't have jobs that they were bothered about, and either rented or lived with their folks - so taking a couple of years out of their lives to tour wouldn't have had such a big impact or been such a risk. I'm still happily married and have the same job 12 years later, so in hindsight it was 101% the correct decision - which is one of the many reasons it doesn't bother me thinking 'what might have been' if we actually went for it. As far as other guys leaving the band - Alex, our original bass player (and still one of my best friends today) quit the band shortly after the above as I think to him the band had run it's course if we weren't going to make more of it... touring/playing live was always of more interest to him than writing/recording etc. We had another couple of guitarists (Niall and Mark) who were with the band for a year or two each, but there's no interesting stories or drama as to why we parted ways. Despite what might externally have seemed like a revolving cast over the years, we were actually extremely stable with all line-ups, and got on really well. No bad blood or grudges held or whatever. Plus the core of the band was the same as it was me, ben, nick and alex who played on 99% of the recordings and gigs we did. Sorry for derailing this thread - didn't mean to turn the clocks back to 2004 and make the site all about MMW! (or mmW or MMw, or whatever stupid abbreviation someone-that-wasn't-me came up with...)
  9. Hey man, thanks (I think!?) for all that - not quite sure if it was questions or statements, but I'll do my best to clear up as much as I can - and hopefully in a manner that is constructive to this thread rather than just banging on about myself. And yes, Dan G/Dan Weapon/Dan Atom are all one and the same...although I'm sure the even older residents of this board will more fondly remember me as Dan Loaded (my first band)! And Cloud I presume? And yes, I still reside in Aberdeen many years later. I'll give you the horse's mouth abridged history of the band throughout my reply if you were interested (or even if you weren't haha). Firstly, thanks man, and in hindsight I'm super glad we did those videos - a fantastic keepsake as much as anything! I'm also not hugely embarrassed by them, which is nice 10 years later. Also the Kokura video was shown on MTV2's headbanger's ball which although means nothing in the scheme of things was awesome for me and Ben on a personal level as we'd grown up with that show. I slightly disagree in that no one gives a fuck about music videos though...whilst that's true as far as TV channels, streaming on youtube (and spotify etc) is valuable these days. Anyone can knock up lyric videos, but I'd always far rather watch a professional performance/concept video. Streaming wasn't a consideration back in 2008 when we did our videos though - we just wanted to look as pro as we could, get our music out there in a different medium, and do what bands we respected were doing! Hahaha "Discourse and indecision", but yes it did sounds like 'Tescos' . Not sure which guitarist you were referring to, but assuming you meant Jamesy? He sort of left on mutual terms, but in fairness was more ‘persuaded to leave’ rather than decided to leave himself. Jamesy started the band and was absolutely the driving force behind MMW in the early days - he got us so many quality support slots, tours and was generally the fire behind it. I never had any intentions of ‘making it’ and all that – I just liked playing guitar and hanging around with mates – but Jamesy had real drive and point to prove. However he’d be the first to admit he wasn’t the most gifted/technical guitarist. He also wasn’t that into metal and his initial vision was more of an emo/screamo/punk band, but Nick and I were far more into progressive metal, which is what it eventually became musically. By 2005 Jamesy was far more interested with his work at Moshulu putting on gigs (he entirely stopped playing guitar in that Summer) and we realised we weren’t going to get any better if this continued, so parted ways. He often wound people up (both inside and outside the band!) but I believe his heart was always in the right place, and he had ambitions far beyond what anyone else in the Aberdeen music scene had. Or at least he tried harder to make them come to fruition. Ben leaving was an entirely different matter. It’s unfair to air it in full in public, but essentially he quit after having a minor disagreement with Nick that was completely unrelated to the band. They made up a couple of days later, but I think Ben was too proud to ask to rejoin, and we figured this was our opportunity to replace him with someone better. I remained good friends with him at the time, but like you say our biggest criticism was the vocals so we saw it as the opportunity to improve with our second album. At this stage Scott Bowden was playing bass, and we were the tightest we’d been...me, Nick and Scott had some real chemistry. I was writing some really tech prog-thrash at the time and believe we could have done a killer second album if we found the right singer. That was not to be however, as we couldn’t find (or didn’t try hard enough) to find a replacement, and I was taking way too long to write new material. If Ben had never quit, I reckon we’d have continued the band for another 5-10 years, though I doubt we’d have gone on to ‘achieve’ that much more than we did. Ah, good old Ben - AKA Ben Quik, Bladeola, Highroller, Wolf.biker and a few other guest accounts after his various bans. Ben was never the best singer/screamer in the world, but I think at the same time he got the most amount of abuse on accounts of his online antics. And to be fair he really was an arse on here – but goddamn it was hilarious. I’ve re-read so many of his 12-15 year old, uh, ‘discussions’ and every facet and flaw of his personality is laid bare on this site in some form. You don’t need a degree in psychology to see that he just needs to be loved; he’s got a very fragile ego, insecurity issues that rear their head as arrogance, he struggles with criticism and has a startling lack of self-awareness. The latter was especially transparent when he’d come on here using an anonymous account pretending not to be Ben and getting busted by everyone 2 posts in. He was a good friend though. He did so much for the band, and was a hard worker… he bought his own mic(s), drove the band everywhere, put in a shift loading gear, was great at helping out and getting on with other bands – and in reality/on tour/offstage he almost never displayed any of the prima donna bullshit that singers often do. Given his on-stage and online persona, I’m sure people who never met him imagined him to be an absolute twunt, but that wasn’t the case at all. My view on the whole Scorge/Jake arguments is this: I've never really been one to attack other people unless provoked or attacked myself. Ben used to wind up Scorge/Jake and vice versa, which would lead to those two slagging off MMW and therefore me - so I'd jump in and take the piss/argue back (although I only went for personal insults... I don't think I ever ripped on Spike Pile Driver as a band even once, as for one I always liked Hog). Essentially they constantly called the music I'd written fake, image-based rinky dink pop music, with no credibility or integrity etc. I took that pretty personally given anybody that knows me is aware that a) I've spent 1000s of hours of my life practicing the guitar/writing songs, and b) I never had any desire to achieve anything in music beyond having fun. It just so happened that the music I wrote for MMW ('Metalcore' if reduced to its simplest form) became popular, and as such we got lumped in with a trend. But I'd been writing In Flames and Killswitch style modern metal stuff in Loaded circa 2001-2002 before it became the fashionable thing, and many years later the music I write and listen to is much as it was during the height of metalcore's popularity. One of the reasons I'm still proud of our album is because ten years on I don't think the majority of it has dated badly... sure there are metalcore breakdowns, but there are also loads of proggy time signature/key/tempo changes, guitar solos, synths, pre-djent meshuggah style grooves etc. Not just drop-C open riffs with a floppy fringe bollocks. Regardless of whether it was good or shit, it was a real honest bunch of songs that featured all our influences chucked in a blender! John Browne you mean? I know him well-ish... we toured with Fell Silent (his pre-monuments band) circa 2008 as both bands were signed to Basick records and had just put out an album. He spent most of the tour in our van, and stayed at my folk's house with us rather than the rest of his band. Funny-ish story - we gave him a bit of a metal schooling by playing Dream Theater's 'Metropolis pt 2' and Pantera's 'Far Beyond Driven'. He'd never really heard DT, and in tour van chat he said he didn't think Pantera were good... naturally we told him how incorrect he was, and got him to rescind his comment playing him 5 minutes Alone, I'm Broken etc. I'm pretty sure these days you'd hear him say how Petrucci and Dimebag are legends/big influences haha. Incredible rhythm guitarist these days to be fair. If I said it like that, then I regret it if I was mocking him... I can't really remember it but I totally stand by it! In fact I bought my first 7-string a year or 2 back. It's currently got the normal 6 string tuned down 3 semitiones to C# standard, with the 7th string tuned to F# (so it's like a drop-D relationship between bottom 2 strings). That's as low as an 8 string, but without the hassle of an extra string and hardly sacrificing any high end. You could get far better value for money on 7s rather than 8s back then, so unless you were a total virtuoso I reckon 8 strings are highligh unnecessary. Can't remember that Meshuggah quote but I've always really liked the band - especially Destroy Erase Improve and Chaosphere (I was ripping off that album for my own band Loaded back in 1999! Albeit artistically rather than musically...). If I was making a point about them, I imagine it was more that their riffs aren't necessarily finger gymnastics but complex in other ways. If you are genuinely interested I can tell you more about exactly why we didn't go full time and why there were further line-up changes... I've already gone on for so long though so will only continue if requested to do so! I honestly don't think I was ever really one to run my mouth or be an arrogant twat about the band (happy to be disproven with evidence if anyone cares enough) apart from the aforementioned flamewars with various members of Spike Pile Driver and Ascension. Funnily enough that mostly all stopped once we did that charity show for Hog and certain people were found to only be able to talk the talk, but not walk the walk... but let's not go there And don't worry - wondering what might have been really doesn't torture me at all! I picked up a guitar purely to play my favourite bands riffs, and I joined bands to hang out with my friends. I never, ever set out to do anything more than that.... but even by achieving very little (by other people's standards) MMW achieved things on a personal level that I could never have dreamed of! We had a vid shown on MTV, played the SECC twice, supported numerous of my all time favourite bands, were signed to a great label and released an album that you could buy from any shop... to name just a few. But far more importantly, had an amazing time with good friends, plus making so many more good friends/memories.
  10. YES! Well found! I was looking for that the other day to share on the ab-music memories thread (somewhat hubristically given it was my doodle)
  11. Dan G


    The playoffs have been great - so many upsets. Despite Vegas doing amazingly well all year I keep expecting them to lose and it never happens. I honestly can't believe how well they've done all season and how a bunch of just-above-average (not meant as an insult) players like Karlsson, Haula and Marchessault have become point-per-game stars. I guess having a point to prove can really affect your motivation. It's not why I started this thread, but as an aside I actually happen to be a Caps fan and this is the first time since 1991 (which I can barely remember) a team I support has reached a major final of any tournament. Having watched them crush the regular season but choke to the Penguins in round 2 of the last two campaigns, this year has been a pleasant surprise! It's potentially the final of the final tonight, so a 4am bedtime and feeling like dogshit tomorrow at work awaits...
  12. Dan G


    Anyone watch hockey apart from me and teabags? Currently half way through the Stanley cup final between the Washington Capitals (who have only ever made the final once and got swept) and the Vegas Golden Knights, who are in their first season of existence. It is very good.
  13. Awesome glad to hear it! I was gutted I didn't go to that one - had all intentions of going when it was announced but my first child was born in February, so priorities and all that. I did see them the last time they played in glasgow on the failed states tour (with comeback kid who I also love). That was amazing - I was up in the front row screaming all the words and generally pretending to be half my age for one of the first times I can remember since I was actually half my age*. *Misery Signals at king tuts in 2005 was probably the last time I did that, but being 22 back then I guess it was acceptable.
  14. Drummonds and Tunnels were my favourite venues to play between 2006-08 - might have been as much to do with the promoter, sound engineers and crowds that were there at that time as much as the venues themselves though. Played Lava/Kef tonnes of times with various bands between 2002-2005... good memories, although never thought the sound was great on or off stage, it was overly dark, sticky and creaky floor, and my overriding memory of that is Paul Lava's "Four local bands...£8 please" door policy. Still had some great times there and is probably the venue, along with (Dr) Drakes that I am most to thank for giving me live experience with bands in formative years. I'm turning this back to the ab-music memories thread aren't I...
  15. I'm 100% with you on both Iteration (great song) and the production of TETA - I've read a good couple of interviews with Chris where he's said he tried to be too controlling yet didn't know what he was doing, and retrospectively hates the likes of the guitar sound on that album. Although one of the reasons I enjoy the more recent albums is the duel guitars...coming more from a background of prog and metal, I'm a fan of layered recordings, complex arrangements etc and Supporting Caste onwards naturally fits towards my personal tastes. And yeah I was also exactly the same regarding 'Lower Order'... on first few runs through of an album I normally focus on the music as it's far easier to take in the riffs and melodies, rather than concentrating on every word. And when it got to that song, much like you, I'm thinking "oh great, a major key, clean, happy song". But on about play 4 or 5 I start listening to the words, and I remember driving in my car - eyes glazing over, lump in throat about how palpably heartbreaking it was. From that, the lyrics made the music make sense and now I think it's actually my favourite song on the album! Crazy. There are hardly any other songs in the world that can make me shed a tear, and in fact the only other one that comes to my head is Potemkin City Limits; Chris paints such an amazingly vivid story about Frances the pig running away from the slaughterhouse... like a darker Disney movie (although having said that, Lion King and Bambi etc were pretty savage).