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  1. 'Symbolic' by Death. Appropriately, for this site.
  2. If I joined the band and changed my name to Eric, would you consider capitalising the 'e' in FeSTR?
  3. If it helps I'm wearing camo shorts to work today and have done for about 4 months solid now.
  4. It wasn't quite this photo, but taken at the same time... from memory it looked kinda like this but taken from a higher angle, I recall, and probably without a filter. (I found it on our myspace page which apparently still exists hahaha) 100% accurate.
  5. Fair play - sorry for misinterpreting your post. My memory of the hilarious band photos were five years earlier, circa 2003-04 (i.e. emo-era). It was all 'moody against a wall in the ghetto-ist part of town'. Attempting to look hard/sad/serious with floppy fringes, girls jeans and studded belts. LOL. Incidentally when MMW did our first proper tour with Cry For Silence and Aconite Thrill in 2005, one of the roadies for CFS was Laurent Barnard AKA 'Lags'. He he'd just formed Gallows, but they were still basically a little local band. One year later they were absolutely massive and on the covers of everything from Kerrang to GQ! Three years later and we were in the up-and-coming section of total guitar
  6. 'comedy photo'. As far as I recall it was just a normal (if not somewhat generic) band photo, rather than being anything particularly cringe-worthy. I wasn't meaning to have a go btw - just seemed an unnecessary qualifying phrase. But then again I'm a 35-trapped-in-a-25-year-old's body, so 2008 feels neither hilariously dated or particularly far away to me!
  7. It's reassuring to see that ten years later people can't mention MMW on this forum without including a dig in there somewhere. I owned and binned that copy of Total Guitar many years ago, but thanks for the offer anyway.
  8. nice one - I might check this out later on, although some of their stuff was a bit too distorted for my liking. Carpenter Brut and Perturbator absolutely nailed that style of darksynth imho, but the odd Gost/Megadrive song is up my alley as well.
  9. (As both a Spurs and Terminator fan - this similarity has always amused me).
  10. A related story that is interesting (to me at least) is of Brad Fiedel was composing the Terminator theme... He wrote the melody by improvising over a percussion loop he'd recorded, but hadn't realised that he had stopped the end of the sequence a bit early. As a result, the bars are an awkward 13/16 time signature. But it's one of the best themes ever, so happy accidents and all that.
  11. What bothers me slightly is that St Anger and And Justice For All are closer together in age than St Anger and now.
  12. You could post pictures of yourself dressed as a sexy droid?
  13. Slight loss of points for rhyming 'outcome' with 'out come' On that note we need to flag 'Generals gather in their masses, just like black masses' from Sabbath's War Pigs. I wrote a letter to Ozzy asking him to change it to either: Generals gather in their masses, just like witches at spell classes. or Generals gather in their masses, just like poo on hairy asses. or Generals gather in their masses, just like family at Chrismasses. The last one technically rhymes masses with masses too, but at least it's not exactly the same word. Ozzy never got back to me.
  14. "I never listened to anything post Permission To Land" * quotes song released after Permission to Land * But yeah, that lyric - like most of them - was definitely a pisstake.
  15. I wish I could come up with lyrics that hilarious. I know the Darkness are a bit divisive to say the least, but they had some pretty funny stuff. Obvious one being 'growing on me', which is obviously about genital warts but portrayed as a love song. Fantastic.
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