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  1. I'm not suggesting that Salmond and Sturgeon aren't evil. I'm not even suggesting that Salmond and Sturgeon aren't the world's first fish-named duo heading a political party. But what I am suggesting is that standing up to terrorism DOESN'T work. Exhibit a) - John Smeaton. In 2007 terrorists attacked Glasgow airport. Smeaton single handedly hunted a terrorist down and kicked him in the balls when he was on fire (the terrorist, not John Smeaton)* and then BANG! 11 years later Nikolas Cruz shoots up a school in Florida. Terrorism is impossible to stop - the only thing we can do is let it happen and hope for the best. Exhibit b) - See exhibit a). It's all the evidence you need. *if that isn't standing up to terrorism, I don't know what is
  2. Ab-mus memories

    I've been re-living the past slightly and trawled through a bunch of old threads (mostly MMW related ones, purely because that's what my memories are tied to). Man, Ben (bladeola/highroller) was hilarious. It's a shame there wasn't much intentional irony or self-awareness in his posts, because they were utterly hysterical. He certainly knew how to rile everyone up, and equally his detractors knew how to push his buttons. What I would say is at least everyone was pretty passionate about what they were doing back then...sure it could quickly disintegrate to mud-slinging, but I think it mostly came from a place of defending something you'd worked hard at and genuinely believed in - even if it was case of the slightest insult shattering some clearly very fragile egos! I'd post some highlights, but it's probably only really of interest to me.
  3. Ab-mus memories

    (thanks It was a good friend of Mrs G who passed - didn't mean to derail this thread with that though, and I'm only really mentioning it as driving out that way via the Mill brought up all sorts of great memories and certainly made me think about all the good memories I have of life, given you never know when it might come to an end). You're spot on regarding facebook groups as well - and it's not just ab-music that is in this situation. After this forum became a less significant part of my life I started posting in the Andy Sneap music production forum and a Tottenham one, both were insanely popular and a huge part of my life between 2008-2013 (ish), but both are currently dying a slow death. As much as I loved those sites, this place was different as you ultimately got to put a face to an avatar/handle and meet people in real life, so it was more than just an internet forum. Also fully agree about the age thing. Everyone from that 2002-2008 halcyon era must now be in their 30s with families and full-time jobs, so playing in bands and attending gigs has become far less of a priority (apart from a very very select few like the X-certs who actually made it). I know I've not attended a 'local' bands gig in as many years as I can remember, and generally became less involved attending gigs and this place once my own and friends bands ultimately split up.
  4. Ab-mus memories

    I'm similar - I've been married for over ten years and met my wife on here/through the music scene. I think you're right in that there is an element of rose-tinted glasses - but at the same time it definitely was a scene where all types of bands could share a bill and it would work. Despite the flamewars on here, there was a genuine sense of camaraderie amongst the scene and it was great knowing so many people. Thinking about all this made me dig out our (MMW) first proper EP to listen to in the car this morning. Still remember having an amazing 4 or 5 days in the sunny summer of 2003 recording it with Niall at the Mill. (I only mention that as the whole reason I stumbled across ab-mus again was googling the Mill as it's near the crematorium in Crathes - which I sadly had to attend yesterday - and this site came up). Despite my inactivity for the best part of a decade it makes me truly sad that it isn't the place it once was.
  5. Ab-mus memories

    Man reading this has made me properly nostalgic. I think my early 20s, (i.e. 2002-2007) was the most enjoyable period of my life - mostly as a result of the aberdeen music scene and this site. Particular highlights were the 2 Balmedie wasteland BBQs (well I went to 2, there may have been more), and the wasteland Paintballing day out organised by Jason. Love the fact that you could just turn up to any gig, or Moshulu on a friday on your own knowing full well you'd know everyone when you got there. Myspace somewhat ruined things, and started to make this place a little redundant, or at least less apperciated - because having random kids from USA like your band photo became more important than writing the best songs you could and playing Lava/Kef ("4 local bands... £8 please") 400 times until you were actually not a totally shit band anymore. 'Real' bands music was less pro-tooled* as well so everything sounded a bit more unique back then, with all its imperfections and individual production/performances. As much as I still absolutely love listening to, writing and playing music these days - it meant so much more back then, and you could attach it to real memories and experiences. I'm happy with how my life turned out, but even when a great new album comes out it's not the same when the event I attach it is driving to my work place of 11 years, doing the weekly shop, watching something on netflix, and then going to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. Memories. * And I say this as a massive fan and avid (arf) user of pro tools for ten years now.
  6. Ab-mus memories

    Ah - the memories. I have to be honest I haven't posted on here in probably a good 8 years or so, but stumbled upon the site again by chance this morning and thought I'd have a quick browse. That Tool thread was gold. Phil's "wizened anal sage" and Maxi's "Do you still work in the cafe bit in Morrisons" comments always had me in tears. In retrospect I feel a little bit guilty, as I'm not entirely sure Rune was the full picnic - but either way...memories. I remember having a good few flame wars on here over the years - usually initiated or provoked by Scorge/Jake, which was in turn often a result of Ben or Jamesy saying something that wound people up the wrong way. The one time I really got done though was when Neil Ex trolled me/black atom royally in the Atom sub-forum. Hats off mate, couldn't see it at the time but he played me like a fiddle.
  7. Dear Grammar, I don't mean to sound pedantic, but when addressing a group of unknown people in the form of a letter the correct valediction would be 'Yours faithfully'. Yours sincerely, Dan G
  8. Best place to buy Guitar Leads

    strings direct for sure. They are well priced and do free next day delivery. Best company I have ever bought anything from ever (honestly).
  9. EMG Pickups...would you recommend them?

    What model is your les paul? Gibson/Epiphone... standard, custom etc? The absolute ideal guitar for you would be my brother's Gibson Les Paul Custom (with stock pickups). Cost 1700 or 1800 about 10-12 years ago though, so I imagine a new one would be a fair few bob more. I'd love one to bits, but reeeeally couldn't afford or justify one. Might ask if I can borrow his purely for recording one day, it's such a stunning guitar.
  10. FS: Fender Telecaster W/ EMG 81+85

    As far as teles go, that looks ace.
  11. EMG Pickups...would you recommend them?

    yeah man, I'll be emailing you tomorrow night anyway with various stuff. But you can borrow a guitar when I next see you which I'm sure will be soon. I haven't heard much of the bareknuckle stuff myself unfortunately - but most of my favourite guitar tones from metallica to KSE have used 81s. Although they're not that suited to the VH4 compared to other pickups.
  12. EMG Pickups...would you recommend them?

    all four of my guitars have 81s in the bridge scott, 3 have 85s in the neck and one has a 60 in the neck. I think they are ace, especially with the 5150/6505. But they are quite unforgiving - make an error and you know about it.
  13. yeah that stormtrooper pic was a good one.
  14. Well if I was gay or black I'd far rather some pointed that out to me rather than called me ugly. I'd say that was far more likely to hurt someone's feelings or make them feel self-conscious.
  15. I'd say that highlighting the fact that black people and darkness are the both dark is way less offensive and morale-damaging to the recipient compared to highlighting how goddamn pig-ugly some of their features are - which is essentially what he has done with the rest of those pictures.