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  1. Ah nice - I’ve been out of the loop for so long I had no idea! Will have to give your stuff a listen!
  2. That would be wonderful, thank you.
  3. Really interesting stuff! I always wanted An SVT-CL but for the reasons you suggested I never splashed out. Without being able to ramp it up and thrash the fuck out of it, you miss out on that awesome tone. Are you still playing/gigging regularly?
  4. That’s nice!! I’ve been looking at Aguilar and EA stuff recently; the head and can I have are totally unwieldy and unmanageable for anything other than taking up space in the house, and I’ve heard lots of good things about the smaller stuff that these guys are making. A bass tutor I took a few lessons with used an EA head and cab which were tiny but awesome! Doesn’t come cheap tho! how did you end up with all the cabs? And what’s the TC electronic head like? I MC’d a battle of the bands last night where they were playing through one and the owner said it was nice but ‘painfully clean’
  5. Nice! I just moved from Leith back in April after eight years, so not too far from there
  6. Thanks dude, will do! Where in Edinburgh is it?
  7. Yeah. Things have spiralled a bit!
  8. Horrible, but probably memorable for everyone else around!
  9. Does anyone know of any decent recording facilities still operating in Scotland? I’ve been off the scene for years and have no idea how the growth in Home recording facilities have impacted on these places. I’m keen to get in at some stage next year and do some work, but just wondering what the options are or whether we need to look at the home recording option ourselves!
  10. Getting back into playing over the last year has been a fun but costly business! I’ve still got all my old kit and have cleaned and repaired and set it all up and added a few new basses too. Here’s what I have: l-r: 1997 ‘62 reissue Japanese Fender Precision with EMGs and a Badass II bridge 2001 Musicman Stingray 3EQ, translucent teal with Maple neck and matched headstock 2003 US Fender Precision, sunset orange transparent with S1 switching system 2007 Fender Japanese Aerodyne Precision with diMarzio humbucker, P and J pickups and serial/parallel switching and kill switch my first ever bass - a Legend P copy but upgraded with Wilkinson tuners, a high-mass bridge, Fender ‘62 pickups and the neck has been sanded and oiled and plays like a boss 2 1985 Fender Japanese Jazz Specials the red one is in getting a new control and pickup configuration; EMG P and Humbuckers and having a new neck built the Black one has EMGs and a Badass II bridge Teal Stingray (mentioned above) 2000 Musicman Stingray 3EQ in Translucent purple 2007 Musicman Stingray 3EQ in natural in terms of amps I have this Trace Elliot head and Gordon Allan 2x15 cab, but I generally practice through a Behringer 4 channel mixer amp with the source material in one channel and my bass in another and use headphones. I’ve a second board with some of my older pedals on it but the one I use is this one l-r, top-bottom there are: EHX bass clone (chorus) EHX The Mole (provides low mid boost the cut through of required) xvive Compressor boss TU-2 tuner Dunlop Bass Crybaby 105Q EHX Little Big Muff (fuzz) EHX Bass balls (envelope filter and drive) MXR 89 (Overdrive) TC Electronics Flasback mini (delay) TC Electronics Sun n Up mini (octave)
  11. My Minds Weapon EP launch in 2004 to a packed out Moshulu. I flew home from France to Glasgow, took the bus into town skelped two pints at the Vale, grabbed a 12-pack of Tennents and jumped on the train with my flatmates. All the beers went, as well as most of the litre of Jim Beam I had bought in duty free. Got to Aberdeen, went to Moshulu, tipped my luggage all over the floor repeatedly, had to have my bass tuned for me, made a right cunt of myself on stage, was also meant to me MCing that gig, then threw my bass on the floor and walked off about three songs in. Absolute shambles of a night and one of the biggest crowds we encountered were there to see it. We played the thick end of a hundred gigs with FeSTR and 90% of people who remember us only remember that one.
  12. Have enjoyed this thread! My time involved in the scene was 2000-06 probably, but especially the first couple of years of that spell when I still lived in Laurencekirk and the next two when I was in Glasgow for Uni. Playing and attending gigs in Aberdeen was a huge part of my formative years and I thought nothing of going up to watch a midweek gig in Aberdeen in my school days, catching up with a room full of people who all loved the same things, getting tanked up and going back to school the next day. The variety was massive as well; we played gigs with a load of bands who were totally different to us (from the many pop punk bands to some heavy bands like Bodies, Risactonia and of course Black Atom who we shared many stages with). There was an awesome cameraderie in that era. Bands helped each other out, stepped in to support irrespective of genre or perceived level of popularity and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. I dearly dearly miss those times. A lot of the things I went on to do (stand up comedy, after dinner speaking, MCing etc) were natural follow-ons from being in sage with FeSTR and while I never had another band where I captured the same feelings of togetherness and shared purpose, playing music continued to be a big part of my life for around ten years. Getting back into jamming with the boys Orr the last nine months has been a great catalyst to reminisce on this era and it’s been lovely. This website was massive for me too. It was a source of entertainment, friendship and handy for finding out in one place what was going on. My involvement in the scene pre-dates it too. I can’t explain the excitement of logging on via dialup and going to the Fudge and AUBL bravenet message boards (each board had the same url but with a long number at the end differentiating it and I knew these off by heart because I was on so often) to see what gigs were coming up and what people were saying about the gigs we’d played. Some of the banter on here was huge as well. The Thong Song had me in tears on the bus, the ‘not headlining, just playing last’ nonsense, the main present debacle (still being justified a decade in!) the Big Bastard posts, Ben winding everyone up. Jamesy vs Scorge. Some stuff that’s got me laughing even typing it! The Stripey era was a funny one because it let me really refine my trolling of him from a formerly impassioned place to a much more distant poking, and while he brought a different musical perspective, the fact is he was just a cock. The laughs, the friendship and the memories all add up to a lot. Thanks to everyone who kept this place alive and made it possible for all these years!
  13. Back in March 2000, my band FeSTR played our first gig in Aberdeen and played in the city pretty regularly until about 2006 with our last gig in the city in around 2008. This December is twenty years since our first gig as teenagers in Laurencekirk and we are in rehearsals for a gig at Krakatoa in December 15th with Deadloss Superstar and Rotu. As part of that, I’m looking to gather together everything I can from the things we’ve done over the years; photos, gig posters, recordings, etc. I’m creating an all-time list of gigs and have a fair few gaps so anything you have/can remember would be hugely appreciated!
  14. I’ve spent the last few months digging out my old gear and getting back into playing. Added a couple of extra bits and pieces too. currently looking at rebuilding my pedal board. Replacing my EHX pedals with nano versions and hopefully adding a tc electronics sub’n’up mini. Any other unusual bass effects I should be considering?
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