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  1. Manic Street Preachers - Suicide Alley 7" 1988 SBS002 on eBay (end time 28-Feb-11 19:34:03 GMT) Expensive hobby.....
  2. Got a text saying exactly that. Was really pissed off until I noticed it was Colin, not Jimmy.
  3. I must say, that's rather brilliant, well done. Unfortunately my guitar skills are nowhere near enough to play manics lead stuff. Good luck though.
  4. Was a good goal to be fair. Thought the booking was idiotic too, though I don't think the ref wanted to.
  5. hibbytam

    Football Chants

    That's a good one. Although its "ten men couldnie carry" Hibs fans singing 'you're so fucking ugly', to Steve Fulton, who replies with a gesture. The ref books him for this. Cue 'booked for being ugly, you got booked for being ugly'
  6. Might as well. Can't hurt. Anyone remember a fan who applied for his teams managers job, putting down his championship manager achievements and things. I think it was for Middlesbrough. Got a reply too.
  7. oh yeah. Equal on points with the huns, 1/4 of the season in, and we're(apparently) playing shiite.
  8. By the way, i'm good. And i'm drunk.
  9. ho oh oh oh, I like the hives. I can't really sing well. To any standard. Probably. But I can drink lots.
  10. Bassist, mostly. Fairly good, if i do say so myself. . At the moment anyway, due to a lack of any other instrument, but I can also play guitar quite well. Can do a bit of singing also. Just looking for a laugh, with the glimmer of hope that something serious would come of it. Something loud and guitary. Along the lines of the clash, ramones, manics, other dirty 3 chord punk. Probably a mix of covers and writing own songs. Drop me a PM, would be best.
  11. Not a season to be relived, thankyouverymuch
  12. Bloody well hope not. I think what's needed is someone without emotional ties, because it doesn't seem to work well. That's 3 legends now. Someone separate, hoping for another Mowbray.
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