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  1. The second album from Seas, Starry is now available to stream and to download: https://seasstarry.bandcamp.com/album/triangle-teeth
  2. Memory Toy - £55 Proco RAT - £40 TC Electronic Mojo Mojo - £30 BOSS DD-6 - £55 North Effects Tremolo - £40 Rak Flanger - £30 Switcher - £5 All pedals have been gigged.
  3. Tusq saddles and electrical tape on the bridge posts are all you need. I always lube my nut with a pencil after each string change too
  4. There is a new album from Grizzly Bear. It is good.
  5. When was the last time they released something that wasn't lolbad?
  6. For local bands, it is often the case of "you don't ask, you don't get" and that generally means a hard slog of being ignored and/or rejection. I genuinely think the onus is on the bands to go out and push themselves to the right people. Saying that, TrueNorth awfully close to "PooNorth", make of that what you will.
  7. Aberdeen bands will just need to up their game. Good on Kathryn though!
  8. Bloody Sheffield Wednesday and their monstrous use of squad numbers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_Wednesday_F.C.#First_team
  9. Blair Witch A sequel to the original film from way back. The brother of one of the original casts goes back to the forest to try and find out what happened. It's the same hand held camera action, with some good jump scares. Overall it is mediocre, but not without it's merits. Frustrating as there are some good ideas and plot points but the execution lets it down. Rating: Meh
  10. https://sheermag.bandcamp.com/ Sheer Mag album is out now, and it is dead good. Power pop, 70's rock, Stooges, all the best sounds.
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