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  1. Blair Witch A sequel to the original film from way back. The brother of one of the original casts goes back to the forest to try and find out what happened. It's the same hand held camera action, with some good jump scares. Overall it is mediocre, but not without it's merits. Frustrating as there are some good ideas and plot points but the execution lets it down. Rating: Meh
  2. Sheer Mag album is out now, and it is dead good. Power pop, 70's rock, Stooges, all the best sounds.
  3. How dare you.
  4. Your mum isn't a NUS card.
  5. Pretty certain I was given my student card after matriculating in 2001.
  6. Jaguar single coils do have a particular sound. The jaws around the pickups are meant to reduce noise, but they have a big influence on the tone too. In terms of feel, A Jazzmaster has a 25.5" scale length neck, which makes a huge difference to feel when compared to the Jaguar's 24" scale length.
  7. Laika Come Home Music Promotions present: CHRIS SNELGROVE (Can) As part of his summer European tour with Tragical History Tour, ex-Prevenge man Chris Snelgrove brings his raucous acoustic punk all the way from Montreal to the Granite City. Last year's full-length "The Distance Between" with full band and rotating cast of characters-The Last Mile, is an uplifting sonic experience- a whirlwind journey covering longing, introspection, sobriety and reflection. His live show promises to be just as affirming and we're stoked to welcome him to Aberdeen. FFO: Social Distortion, Bob Mould, Laura Stevenson and the Cans TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR (Dundee) Hot off the back of a European tour with Tim Holehouse, cowpunk's very own Roaster-In-Chief Tragical History Tour hits the road again, bringing his honest, blood, sweat and tears brand of acoustic punk ever so slightly further to the North and East. Articulate, thought-provoking, melodic and melancholy, THT's catalogue is a rad delight of gravelly punk and a staple of North-East Scotland's DIY scene. FFO: Ghost Mice, Against Me!, Mike Park KITCHEN CYNICS After a bit of a live absence, we are very pleased to welcome back longtime LCH favourite Kitchen Cynics. Hugely prolific wyrd-folk hero Alan once more treats us to an experimental sonic treat of local folklore and history in his own brilliant and distinctive style. FFO: Ivor Cutler, Sonic Youth, Thomas Truax We are delighted to be hosting this event at The Anatomy Rooms. Doors 7:30//Curfew 11:00//Vegan Bakesale//Donation Bar As always, please respect the space, the performers and each other. See y'all in July!
  8. Jazzmasters have the balls rhythm circuit, but Jaguars go full balls with 4 switches (including the completely useless strangle) and two roller knobs. It's an abscessed bumhole of a design.
  9. I don't know if you mean that it is good or bad.
  10. I've got a Mustang bridge in my Jazzmaster and it works fine. They're a good bit cheaper than a Staytrem. One thing I'll add about Jaguars is that the switching system is total balls. The rhythm circuit is muffled balls and having to turn off one switch and then turn on another switch just to change between pickups is utter balls, especially live. I removed the tone pot on my Mustang and replaced it with a 3 way.
  11. I've had a bunch of Jags, but never really bonded with them. I much prefer a Mustang, if you are after a short scale. The VMs are great, but there is a lot of lacquer on the necks. Pickups are good, but the bridge is hopeless.
  12. I'm going to set up one of my guitars in "New Standard Tuning", after watching a couple of videos about it. It sounds really interesting, and I'm finding myself in a bit of a rut at the moment. Since I don't have much in the way of technique, something like a different tuning will hopefully get the whole creative vibes going. As long as I can pinch and pick scrape, it should all be good.
  13. Love Explosion is a beezer.
  14. Just crushing my Friday morning listening to the latest Mount Eerie album. Amazing and brutal at the same time.