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  1. Youtube humour thread

  2. Ridiculous News

    BRasseye is real!
  3. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

  4. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

    Frank Vincent - This makes me sad.
  5. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

  6. Celebrity Dead Pool 2017 - "Surprise! You're Dead!"

    Bastard, you have to be fast eh!
  7. Ace-ic....

    Resignation handed in to job I hate so I can start a masters.
  8. Pet Hates!

    Pretty good line up though!
  9. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Catro sacked by Hearts.
  10. Something I learned today

  11. Quick Questions

    Glasses Direct. Cheap and cheerful. Used them a few times now. Fuck paying optician's prices for glasses anymore.
  12. Ace-ic....

    Threatening an eleven year old kid as well. Classy. Though I did read a comment saying the man has recently gone bankrupt or something, breakdown maybe?
  13. Ace-ic....

    RGU, went to apply for an NUS card and it tried to make me sign into the RGU portal and I don't have any log in details yet. Oh well just hope it all somes together before my spoitify is due for renewal.
  14. Ace-ic....

    Yaldi, don't start until mid sept but have the letter etc. What card is this for the NUS one?