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  1. Alkaline

    Ab-mus memories

    Fucking hell, I don’t remember half the stuff I posted on here. That Sparkles thread...Jesus.
  2. Being studded on the testicles during a football match and the following 4 days (including a 3 night hospital stay) with them being severely swollen and black and blue and the additional distress of being used as a show and tell for medical students during the consultants rounds. The pain was unreal. The nurses were golden though, one suggested a hammock like contraption to rest my balls in as I was in too much pain to sit/lie down with them touching my leg and the weight of the swollen mess. Sad times.
  3. Hilariously though Jamesy was the least likely of all the MMW guys to be able to give you a kicking, though the most inclined to try. His attitude sucked, and he had a massive ego, but ultimately he was a decent enough guy. I’ve got plenty of time for Ben, still mates with him, and always loved having a laugh or chat about Pantera or whatever with him and Dan especially.
  4. Hot Water Music (A Flight and A Crash, Fuel For the Hate Game) Rancid (...And Out Come the Wolves, Rancid) Green Day (Insomniac) NOFX (Pump Up the Valuum, Punk in Drublic, Heavy Petting Zoo) Strung Out (Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, Twisted by Design) Alkaline Trio (Goddamnit, Maybe I’ll Catch Fire) The Get Up Kids (Something To Write Home About) Jawbreaker (Unfun) Red City Radio (The Dangers of Standing Still) The Swellers (Good For Me) The Vandals (Hitler Bad, Vandals Good)
  5. Alkaline

    What are you currently listening to?

    I’ve been listening to Forest Swords a fair bit recently:
  6. Alkaline

    Aberdeen Celebrities!

    I’m pretty sure someone told me he works in Morrisons on King Street.
  7. Alkaline

    Burst ear drum...let's 'hear' it.

    My oldest daughter had a perforated eardrum caused by a cold. It took a few days (certainly less than a week) but she got the hearing back and there’s been no lasting damage. She is more susceptible to it happening again now though.
  8. Alkaline

    LadyWantsAudio - Frontiers

    Thanks guys I do think I’m evolving my sound into something more towards where I want it to be compared to my first EP. I’ve already started writing for my next release and I’m keen on doing remixes of tracks for folks as well.
  9. Alkaline

    Debutant Tracks

    I prefer ...Tesla out of the two but they’re both cool in totally different ways! The guitar on Tesla is awesome, totally dripping with reverb and builds and falls nicely with the rest of the track. The bass has a touch too much distortion for my tastes in a track like this but it still works well. I agree with Joe’s assessment of Thanatopsis re: the Jesu vibe, but would also add a dash of Smashing Pumpkins at their most orchestral and a wee dollop of MBV to the mix. Vocals sit well and pull the track together. The one thing I’m less keen on is the drum sound. It does work a bit in Tesla but I think it’s too sparse to have that small an amount of resonance on the kick and have it so high in the mix. I think as it’s a bit busier in Thanatopsis it works a little better but is still a bit disinvolved with the track as a whole as well. Please don’t take that as being overly negative though as it’s just my personal tastes and opinion when it comes to drums and if you like it that’s the most important thing. Certainly wouldn’t stop me from listening to it! Glad you’re still playing/recording music
  10. Alkaline

    Top Fives

    1. Demolition 2. Legion of Doom 3. The Bushwackers 4. Natural Disasters 5. Hart Foundation
  11. Alkaline

    LadyWantsAudio - Frontiers

    I released my new EP, Frontiers, a few weeks ago and given the mild renaissance on here I thought I’d link to it. Please have a listen and feedback, as always, is appreciated. https://ladywantsaudio.bandcamp.com
  12. Alkaline

    Ab-mus memories

    No, I was quite open about saying they were shit in the thread. There was no way I would’ve gone to their gig, the whole thing was cringeworthy. The puns went on for deys though...
  13. Alkaline

    Ab-mus memories

    It was actually really cruel.
  14. Alkaline

    Ab-mus memories

    I just read the whole thing again. Hated it as much the second time around.