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  1. this is my reaction to video 1.
  2. Lots of Musical Instruments & Gear for Sale!

    It would be good if you put prices and photos against the things you’ve got there, might generate more interest.
  3. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

  4. Getting a right good "patina" on the screen...
  5. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    They sound like a shit Stuck Mojo.
  6. Quick Questions

    #hashthread #motorcock
  7. Quick Questions

    #cock #bellend #motorbikes
  8. Motorbikes

  9. Motorbikes

    Not true
  10. Motorbikes

    Firstly, I didn't. I actually told someone to stop. I did think it was funny that they were trying to double bluff him, but I did say stop. It was the double bluff I found funny. Secondly, it doesn't bother me enough to pick on someone. So I didn't. Thirdly, I offered that as a reason other people might be having a pop at him, I didn't have a pop at him so why are you getting all high and mighty with me. I don't care what he does on here no haven't spoken to him in ages. Fourthly, you might think I'm a bellend, that's ok, I can be at peace with that. I'm also not 40, and what has age got to do with it. You're still on here acting the billy big bollocks, and you're of a similar age to me, shouldn't you know better.
  11. Motorbikes

  12. Motorbikes

    Probably not, but it's definitely a product of how you conducted yourself on here initially. Doesn't make it right either way I guess but in this case we're talking about people picking you up on spelling which, in the grand scheme of things, is not worth Mac getting sand in his vagina over.
  13. Motorbikes

    I was meaning joking around, if you feel the guys are "abusing" you then we're on a different page here. Also, I don't visit this steaming pile of shit of a website much so forgive me for not knowing you haven't been on here much.
  14. Motorbikes

    Oh for fuck sake dry your fucking eyes. He gives as good as he takes. Motorbikes. WOOOOOOOOO.
  15. Motorbikes

    Lol, stop it, you'll just confuse him.