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  1. Total Guitar!? (OK, it's the poppier, easiest - for instruction purposes - end of guitar mags; although I'd say that's more impressive, given the genre, than ending up in Guitar Techniques brief, tiny flirtation with anything but tuition), but still. I recall there being various incarnations of up-and-comerspieces, most/all of which (bands) got nowhere big AKAIK.... but still if I got in there I wouldn't have chucked it, no. I think Sikth got mentioned multiple times (readers writing in raving about them; non-plussing the staff) without ever getting a photo, let alone a tab.
  2. scottyboy

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    Someone tried to kill Nicholas Maduro the other day. I thought I'd had him on my team the last couple of years; seems he just stayed on the transfer target list. The sight of his bodyguard and military parade just fleeing past him on the podium and leaving him to fend for himself was pretty funny.
  3. OK. Morbid curiosity has overcome my horror: what is "snapping" exactly, medically speaking?
  4. scottyboy

    Pet Hates!

    You're literally describing toddlers in a classroom. One decides they're dying of thirst or going to piss themselves (and in this case, they really might piss themselves, so saying "no" is the greater evil), and as one goes out the rest all decide they need to go out, too. Pet hate.
  5. I have a cousin who apparently ruptured a testicle playing indoor 5-a-side. He was in goal and stopped a blasted shot with his crotch (doubt he had time to do much else). Sounds fun. I'd assume if you end up in hospital and under supervision, they'd just get you smashed on painkillers and/or sedatives if you can't actually lie still.
  6. Worst momentary pain... also bike-related (it was everyone's fault; third world FUBAR), someone clipped me at speed (I was stationary in an argument with someone), knocked the bike clean from under me, but also mashed my foot and leg against it in the process (it was hugely swollen for a bit; but the serious pain died pretty quickly; but couldn't see clearly while in the process of it doing so). I had a tooth abscess that flared up in Japan, and when the piss weak antibiotics didn't work she just slashed it open with a scalpel and sent me home, to come back in a couple of days. The anaesthetic wore off walking back, the pain pulsed with each step and I started seeing stars. They have a thing for kiddy-dose medication and "gambatte" (endure. No medication. No sleeping outside the office), but again it faded. I have an IBD and sometimes the inflammatory pain can be dizzying and puke-inducing. And the underrated classic of slipping on a wet tiled floor, going full Mr Bean horizontal and landing on a fan and then the on hard tiles. On my bony arse and funny bone. That really did hurt, whimpering and seeing stars like the above (I was also already pretty ill and on painkillers, hence why I managed that... so all that was what got through my painkiller haze). Those were all pretty much the same level, and none of them are even broken bone territory, and the thing is that they faded on their own. The really bad ones were pressure from infections, as above. Once was a (different) tooth abscess: eye tooth, face blew up to grapefruit size overnight, was crying and couldn't sit still. My mum was a cancer patient at the time and gave me some lightweight opoids. Which didn't do anything. But after about the third dose... Other two times were what turned out to be bile duct infections, for which I ended up in hospital and my gallbladder, ultimately in the bin. The thing with those types of pain is that they are (or start) on the verge of unbearable agony, and probably the right side, but they just get worse. I'd put up with that pain for 10 minutes no problem, or at least take it over being slammed against tiled flooring repeatedly for 10 minutes. But the above ones fade then go away, on their own; the others get worse as the pressure grows, while a doctor is telling you it sounds like bad indigestion; through a second time when you're puking bile in front of him (then in an ambulance and then in front of nurses) and being told that the more you vomit the more dehydrated you get, and the worse the pain will get. So keep drinking in between vomiting. Lovely. Best injury related funny anecdote I've heard was from AGFW and involved a ruptured bum-grape. I don't think I could retell it like he did, though...
  7. scottyboy

    Pet Hates!

    The Magic Numbers is the name of a book I teach to 6 year olds. No, wait. That's Number Magic.
  8. scottyboy

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    I don't think it is (or was) just parochial commentary, although I imagine that would get on any neutral's tits (I don't watch Premier League games, or non-English language World Cup football, so Scotland and England are about the only examples I have; and I'm not neutral there). The expectation (that we're been talking about here) that England were perennial favourites and the total bewilderment whenever they didn't win the World Cup was just asking for the schadenfreude, IMO. There's a quote on Wikipedia from a player talking about England's "God-given right to win the World Cup". I can't figure out whether he said that with a straight face or whether he was complaining about the fans' expectations: a casual reading of Wiki throws up quotes throughout World Cup history of players/managers being amazed they didn't win, angry at their fans for being amazed they didn't win, and the taunts that followed players around for the rest of their careers for having "lost the World Cup". There's also the fact that alongside all this, England fans were still smashing up foreign cities into the late '90s. The coverage may (may) have been over-sensationalised, but all else being equal, England were always the worst for this, in the 20th Century at least. Speaking of sensationalism: before the Internet really became a daily (hourly, minute..uh..ly) fixture of everyone's news and entertainment diet (so including the latter 90's and earlier noughties that I'm thinking about), aside from the few terrestrial TV channels if you didn't have sky, you at least had to walk past blaring tabloid headlines. So all the crap about each England team being the second coming and the manager/goalkeeper/Beckham being the antichrist after they went out, was probably amplified by them. Forget '66, those guys were bringing up World War II. (most of this comes from some legit academic bit I read: http://www.sirc.org/publik/fvexec.html (I don't think the '66 thing is a myth either, but turns out watching some highlights on Youtube won't give you much of a representative picture of media coverage, only heard one mention. I did see that 4-4-2 magazine thinks an England quarter final shootout exit is the best game in the history of the World Cup and that someone gave Frank Lampard an interview on why "England's Golden Generation failed"). And. Someone's gotta say it: there is a large slice of the Scottish population who have a genuine antipathy towards England. Some of it is rational(ised) by the (arguably legitimate) feeling that another the populace country decides in large part how their country is run, and in opposition to their own choices. Other cases it's just inherited "fuck the English basterts FREEDOM bs"; but if those idiots could read, they'd probably formulate the same arguments. Anyone like that is probably latently hoping England does badly at sports; and if there's bombastic media coverage about how great England is, how (not if) they're going to win, and some amazing butthurt when they don't - they're going to be bombastic in their opposition to the England team and gleeful in their shadenfreude.
  9. scottyboy

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    I've not been subjected to it for a few years, but yeah, I remember it being that bad. I expect the domestic punditry of every country is just as biased, but with the UK you have an unusual situation where the one state has a few different countries and teams, but the same language and broadcasters. Bazillion ethnicities in India, say, all of whom can play for or watch the India cricket team. If you're from Scotland and they didn't qualify, you don't want to hear biased commentary (probably every other country does the same, but media from England is what a Scot will hear). Soda Jerk also mentioned there was a hubris which dissipated in the last few years, so maybe there's something to that with regards to how I remember it.
  10. scottyboy

    Franz Ferdinand

    I think if Flash turned up and posted that now, we'd think he was a bot, promoting some unknown band. Franz Ferdinand were the epitome of meh.
  11. scottyboy

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    If the double negative was good enough for Ben Franklin it's good enough for you.
  12. scottyboy

    Your current read?

    I'd probably chuck a fiction book somewhere between 20-50% if it wasn't any good. Doesn't happen often though; must have great taste in choosing books. I think Norwegian Wood was the last one I wanted to set fire to, ended up finishing it (after first giving up at 50%) because of the 50 Book Challenge thing. A non-fiction book (for years I read little but; not so much now) I might persevere because I'm trying to learn something or hear an argument, even if it isn't stylistically great. If not it's more likely to sit on a shelf with a bookmark for months/years rather than actually tossed. I've only dunked 1 in the non-fiction column this year, because I've been on chapter 3 of a pop-economics/politics book, that the Baffler guy wrote, for about a year. Maybe I'll drop kick it now that's occurred to me.
  13. scottyboy

    Your current read?

    The 50-a-year-challenge thread was going strong for a couple of years... only fizzled out at the start of this one, as everyone seemed to fail last year. Your list will be catnip to Spoony if he happens to turn up though. I had a look and I'm only on 11.
  14. scottyboy

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    No World Cup thread this year? Everyone else boycotting it because it's held in Russia? Still... How am I going to pick my avatar for the next couple of years?