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  1. Holy piss, someone has to post something this year. And I have a new profile pic... not of a football fan. Of a player. That won something!
  2. Zombie thread, but... I concur with Blur.
  3. It was mentioned in that December post up there but easy to miss, esp. among/next to the rest of the rules posted below. I had to triple check I hadn't dreamt the extra ten additions (like, that's not "slightly tweaked", didn't he bold it, my memory is going the way of Jake's. Oh no, it's got it's own post up there.). I'll have seen it on the FBIbook page at some point, too. ca_gere's in another timezone, too, no? I least I hope he's got an ocean between him and Mr Knight after picking Jerry Lee Lewis (I see he was picked twice last year, too. Still.)
  4. You can have 30 picks for this year, so says Lemonade. A lot of mine are just people who piss me off and I shoe-horned in.
  5. Here's what I got done. 18 it seems. I thought I was on track for 19 mind. Maybe I forgot to add one or I miscounted (a bunch of times...) Heavily lop-sided towards fiction, which is a break in how I usually read. Some great books there, though: Jules Verne and Amitav Ghosh are my new favourite writers. Tab-ed formatting hasn't carried over, blergh. . Fiction Steven Sherrill The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break Roberto Bolano Woes of the True Policeman Jonas Jonasson Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All Various Selected Poetry of the First World War Jules Verne Journey to the Center of the Earth Amitav Ghosh Flood of Fire Rudyard Kipling The Man Who would be King & Other Stories Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea James Hogg Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner Cormac McCarthy Blood Meridian Jeff Kinney Diary of a Wimpy Kid Roald Dahl Matilda Leo Tolstoy The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories Bao Ninh The Sorrow of War Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Non-Fiction Thomas Paine Rights of Man Thomas Frank One Market Under God Robert F. Scott Scott’s Last Expedition
  6. I just counted 17 for me. I'm confident of finishing a couple more this month; but I'm thinking I've got to read one more from the stack to at least get a piss-poor 20. I finally broke my non-fiction duck (that One Market Under God that I mentioned in this or the other thread; eventually got into once I forced myself to read a chapter a day or ditch it for good), though; work has become sane of late and next year I'm betting on not spending months half-dying from dengue and consequent pneumonia. Ahem. So I'm determined to make next year another 50+ one, come hell or high water (though another fucking mosquito just could still be my undoing, I fear) and think I've got the pace going now. I also want to make War and Peace one of those 50 next year (read some of his short stories this year and have decided he's indeed the real deal). Can't actually find a copy though. Never thought I'd A. be in an despotic Asian bookshop and NOT see War and Peace, and B. be bummed about it. Might even go nuts and get another Kindle.
  7. I'd still prefer it to be duplicated here, even if it's just updates and no banter. I'm on FB and in the group but I detest the former, and only log in probably about once a week. I actually deactivated mine around the same time as I think ca_gere, but eventually cracked (and "reactivating" pretty much was just logging in) because it seems getting hold of some (esp. old) friends is only possibly via FB. It even seems the main medium for job hunting how. Sigh. But if it's too much hassle, fair enough.
  8. Points finally. and for quite a few people; Bush sr...
  9. scottyboy

    Your current read?

    Blitzed is also on my huge to-read list.
  10. In the same, but less flippant, vein of my post above: I'd be surprised if this didn't have some blowback for WWE, if the event's going ahead soon. (If anyone's not been reading the news: a Saudi hit squad -not even going to say allegedly - tortured and murdered an exiled Saudi dissident in their Turkish consulate; the Turks had better espionage/surveillance than the Saudis were presumably expecting and allegedly - more warranted here - have audio of the whole thing). Even the McMahon family's beloved Republicans are going apeshit (in Congress; White House is trying to find a way to say they don't give a fuck, not very successfully). A tangent, but also a quick question. edit: I just noticed Lemonade mentioned this above. Ahem.
  11. Not the only list he's got with half the people on it dead...
  12. Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe. It's yet another 2-guys-explain-stuff podcast from How Stuff Works, but thus far pretty good (and better than the other presumed SYSK variations I ignored). One is a particle physicist at CERN and the other is the PHD comics cartoonist. So a bit like StarTalk (astrophysicist and comedian) but thus far it never deviates from physics (unlike StarTalk or Stuff to Blow Your Mind etc.), while staying light and accessible. Bet your enthralled already.
  13. Nah, it was a James something (my handle is actually my middle name).
  14. Ah, the Broch. Told (bitched about) this story on here before I'm sure, but: when I was a student a couple of police detectives (so no uniforms; my massive flatmate, who was playing playstation in the wee hours like a regular student, damn near attacked them) climbed through our window in the middle of the night (they rang the bell, but no sane person answers a doorbell in student accommodation in the dead of night). I was woken up by the whole thing, and the guy they were looking for shared a first name with me (and the first name was all I got). After several minutes of very confusing (to me) questions about abandoned cars and gods know what else, and them getting "uh, no" from me, they double checked the full name. Which wasn't me. (they then angrily told me to "wake up"; I replied "I just did", at a ludicrous time of their choosing). Anyway, the /coolstory is that the guy they were looking for (who previously lived there) was from the Broch. So I for one hold the place in high esteem.
  15. Forgot all about Biz too, until I saw that. Seemed to know a few things about drums I recall, but, yeah, that final quoted post (I couldn't stomach more than the bookends...talking about the Sparkles thread; not the Smith hoax thread, which I do vaguely remember) was a yet a bit more weird (leaving aside the bit about the teenage girls, and their imagined mums, and if they'd been a bit older.... uh, yeah, "weird" doesn't quite cover that) than I recall. No idea who the man behind the avatar is /was though.Which I guess is a good thing.
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