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  1. With it being nearly August, thought it would be good to get other's suggestions for their favourite album/release of 2020. Looking for music I've maybe missed out on and the like.
  2. Ahead of our weekend tour next week and a THANK YOU for supporting us - we're dropping two previously unrealeased tracks to download free of charge! I HATE CATS and DEAD MOLE PARTY Hopefully you can catch us live this week as the following venues: Friday 17th Tooth & Claw Inverness: https://www.facebook.com/events/176168312875021/ Saturday 18th The Firefly Dundee: https://www.facebook.com/events/1074052586074157/ Sunday 19th Cafe Drummonds Aberdeen: https://www.facebook.com/events/265155040587795/ Hope to see you there and please Enjoy these tracks!
  3. DEPECHE CHOAD“Girth Rock” band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Our melodic, but often noisy sound takes in a number of influences including Butthole Surfers, The Fall, 10CC, Can, Why?, Eels, Husker Du amongst others with lyrics often about trivial subjects as dislike for cats, AFC Wimbledon FC and DIY.https://depeche-choad.bandcamp.com/THE MAMERTINESA trio of delinquents from the bleak north bringing their effervescent brand of lofi punk. Like if members of The Bronx and Queens of The Stone Age had sexual relations while Sonic Youth filmed in the corner.https://themamertines.bandcamp.com/BEFORE STORIESSoul melting duo combining ambient shoegaze soundscapes with poignant spoken word. Taking influence from the likes of La Dispute, Slint and Listener, this is music to contemplate our short existence to. http://wwww.soundcloud.com/beforestories KAPIL SESHASAYEE Self-styled "singer-sludgewriter" fingertaps through feedback-squall, baritone moans against metallic beats. FFO Scott Walker, Big Black, post-rock before "post-rock" was a thing https://www.facebook.com/pg/wetwetwetwetwetwet/ @ Cafe Drummonds, 1 Belmont St, Aberdeen Sunday 19th March 2017 doors 7.30pm, £5 entry
  4. Camie

    TV Series!!

    It's brilliant. I watched it treating it thinking it would turn out as trash tv but it is really well done.
  5. Definitely put my name in for this. EDIT: also agree facebook
  6. They are just an exhibition team. Looks like a heap of nonsense but it is interesting the way they are getting social media involved. Something I feel a lot of Football clubs are still lacking behind just a small bit. The name is terrible though. Did you mean to post in the old 2015/2016 thread?
  7. I definitely meant it sarcastically. Definitely didn't muck that up.
  8. Newcastle look like they've picked up where they left off.
  9. In fairness, the head of Russian FA said they deserved to get fined. Just the Russian Government that have responded poorly.
  10. Just finished watching the BBC documentary they had Alan Shearer do on the England team in Euro 96. Fantastic bit of tv. Terry Venables comes off so good in it as well. Comes across as very genuine, and of course it's great to hear Barry Davies' voice again.
  11. Did anyone go to 'Aberdeen Anarchy' at The Beach Ballroom? It was fun, but god do I hate seeing old timers that were in WWF/WWE appearing. Every match consists of time wasting at the start and limited move set. Was great to see Carlito though.
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