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  1. Trikelops

    Musicians wanted

    Nice track, I like that easy feeling about it.
  2. Trikelops

    Your current read?

    What got me really intrigued and amazed at his writing on this series, was how he managed to work in the characters who disappeared in the book Black House! I also wondered if the places they encountered during their travels, like ruins of cities and the like were what had been left after the mass wipe-out of humanity in The Stand. Still my favourite author by a long way.
  3. Trikelops

    Your current read?

    A couple of them are a bit slow going to be honest, but the whole series is well worth a read IMO. Hah, I had to go through them twice because I had read the whole series, I thought. Then I discovered Song Of Susannah and read them all again to get that one in perspective. I suppose it's hit or miss if they appeal to you or not. I love everything Stephen King writes. Still searching vainly for a copy of The Colorado Kid.
  4. Trikelops


    So very sorry to read this Kevin, I knew your dad fairly well from back in the 60s when he played with The Strollers. Last saw him at a gig in The Lemon Tree a few years back, he still looked about forty even then, we remarked on how little he had changed. Yes, an extremely talented drummer and all round nice guy. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your sad loss.
  5. Ok, I'm probably a lot older than most of the musicians on this site, having been around since the 60s but Aberdeen used to have a great live music scene back in the day. Granted, most of it was cover bands or tribute bands, but practically every pub had live music of some sort. I don't know what killed it off, I don't live in the city any more. But a rough guess would be high booze prices in pubs versus shit poor wages for the average guy or girl in the street meaning that a lot of folks can't afford to go out drinking and listening to music any more. Hardly any of the pubs can pay bands a decent fee any more. Most of them are content to let someone run an open mic night, it's cheap music for the publican.
  6. Trikelops

    Aberdeen Celebrities!

    Maybe she has been mentioned already (haven't read the whole thread) but anyone remember Rosie who used to dance in the middle of the street just outside Lodge Walk? Rush hour, no-one hassled her as she was such a well-known face. She grooved away to music only she could hear. Now and then a bobby would come out and lead her on to the pavement. She passed away a few years back now. Other one from my youth (long time ago) was Henny from Woodside. Henny was a wee bit simple and used to hang around the mart on mart days to help farmers with loading and unloading cattle. They usually gave him a few shillings for helping them. I was told he had an amazing way with horses. Kids used to make a cunt of him, shouting 'Henny moke a pipe' at him. He had speech problems and knew everyone as 'Bob'. First thing you got was 'Hi Bob, you 'moke a pipe? Henny got a pipe but nae 'bacca.' His name was actually Henry Livingstone. I reckon he must be long gone now.
  7. Sunday afternoon blues session at The Noose and Monkey. Featuring the Dirt Road Blues Band. Starts 4.30 pm. Come early to grab a seat.
  8. Gordon Ross and Kevin Henderson played together in a few bands throughout the 60s, including The Triads and The Delinguents. I played with Gordon briefly in the late 70s in a short-lived band with young Mike Chalmers on drums and the late Yvonne Forbes on keys. Last time I saw Gordon was at my mate Billy Allardyce's funeral about five years ago. Graham Spry was a really good solid drummer but I canna remember for the life of me who he played with, maybe The Jive Bombers with Gordon?
  9. Catch Blind Summit, a blues duo, this Friday evening at The Noose and Monkey. Two of the elder statesmen of the Aberdeen blues scene, Stefan Kocemba and George Leiper. Stef is a legendary slide player and he and George have a long and colourful history together. You won't go home disappointed, I promise.
  10. Well worth the drive in to see these guys. Such a change to hear a trio of talented musicians that don't throw all their tricks into every song. Absolutely brilliant band.
  11. Trikelops

    2nd hand gear prices

    Makes me wonder what my '69 Ibanez bass would fetch now. Never seen another like it, can't even find it on Ibanez' site. Cost me 55 smackers in '69. Must be worth at least £60 by now?
  12. Trikelops

    Your current read?

    Pretty sure I read The House That Jack Built many years ago.
  13. Trikelops

    New Blues Jam.

    It was good jamming with you again. Great to see Charlie and company as well. Some really good tasty stuff played yesterday.
  14. Trikelops

    Your current read?

    Getting near the end of Stephen King and his son Owen's book 'Sleeping Beauties'. The usual twists from him, up to his usual standard.
  15. Trikelops


    I'm wondering if this is the same guy from the Blindman's Blues Forum. He goes by the name Jbone on there, but mentioned once that his name from an old band was Jawbone. He performs in a duo with his wife Jolene too, if it's the same guy.