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  1. Tropical aquarium for sale.

    It's now gone.
  2. Radioshop Pickups.

    Just learned about these guys, Radioshop Pickups in Bedwas, South Wales, from a friend in Wales. Rave reviews about their pickups. Just wondered if anyone here would be interested in them. Hand wound pickups with a killer tone, they say.
  3. Tropical aquarium for sale.

    125 litre Fluval aquarium for sale, comes with cabinet/stand and Fluval 306 filtration system. All related equipment like water treatment stuff, food, and around twenty various fish. £100.
  4. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    The Stones at The Capitol around 1964/5 ish. Couldna hear a thing for the lassies screaming. Millie Small and some others I can't recall were on the same bill.
  5. Bass gig bag.

    CNB padded bass gig bag for sale. As new condition, seen very little use. Shoulder straps and carry handle. Plenty storage pockets. £20.
  6. Two stroke generator.

    Selling on behalf of my niece, a West Power two stroke generator. She bought it last year to supply power to her caravan and only used it twice before some twat trashed her caravan. She's looking for £80 for it.
  7. New Blues Jam.

    Well yesterday was a blinder, best jam so far in my humble opinion. Some of the regulars were no-shows but despite that there was a lot of terrific music played and not a single ego was to be witnessed. Two other really good bass players turned up too, so at least I got a break this time. Looking forward to the next one already.
  8. New Blues Jam.

    It will be 3,482 times on the 28th Flanuer. Sadly, I doubt if I'll still be around in 76 years time, think I'm lucky to have made it this far. Looking forward to the 28th for sure. Hoping for another great day and plenty of good music.
  9. Post yr current rig / set up

    Just recently started using my Epiphone Rock Bass after some years of problems with it. Lovely old thing to play, nice neck and a good variety of sounds from it. Amp wise, it's still the Ashdown T15 180. Even it's too heavy to lug around at my age.... great amp though.
  10. I'm finding that if I'm reading through a thread, when I click on the next or previous page, I just get a blank page. Frustrating.
  11. New Blues Jam.

    This Sunday, 26th, come along and have a jam. Starts 3 pm. Well I have had my fun....
  12. INDYREF 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Well said. Scotland and even the north of England have never recovered from the Thatcher days. I read recently that Theresa May is just like Maggie, but without the warmth.
  13. Missed the boat?

    He's a good guitarist, Flaneur. Pity he didn't come over. Come to the next one Brian!
  14. Your current read?

    Just finished Stalingrad by Antony Beevor. A pretty chilling book about the siege and then the abandonment of the German armies by Hitler. I was always one of those 'baby boomers' who thought 'Oh yeah, the war, pretty scary stuff' but this book really shocked me by the sheer brutality it portrays and the waste of human life by a couple of ego maniacs, Hitler and Stalin. The Russians lost nearly 9 million with 18 million wounded from their armed forces plus civilian losses of an estimated 18 million war dead. The Germans lost around half that number. Cannon fodder?
  15. New Blues Jam.

    Yes, but she told my mother something before I was even born!