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  1. Catch Blind Summit, a blues duo, this Friday evening at The Noose and Monkey. Two of the elder statesmen of the Aberdeen blues scene, Stefan Kocemba and George Leiper. Stef is a legendary slide player and he and George have a long and colourful history together. You won't go home disappointed, I promise.
  2. Well worth the drive in to see these guys. Such a change to hear a trio of talented musicians that don't throw all their tricks into every song. Absolutely brilliant band.
  3. 2nd hand gear prices

    Makes me wonder what my '69 Ibanez bass would fetch now. Never seen another like it, can't even find it on Ibanez' site. Cost me 55 smackers in '69. Must be worth at least £60 by now?
  4. Your current read?

    Pretty sure I read The House That Jack Built many years ago.
  5. New Blues Jam.

    It was good jamming with you again. Great to see Charlie and company as well. Some really good tasty stuff played yesterday.
  6. Your current read?

    Getting near the end of Stephen King and his son Owen's book 'Sleeping Beauties'. The usual twists from him, up to his usual standard.
  7. Jawbone

    I'm wondering if this is the same guy from the Blindman's Blues Forum. He goes by the name Jbone on there, but mentioned once that his name from an old band was Jawbone. He performs in a duo with his wife Jolene too, if it's the same guy.
  8. New Blues Jam.

    This Sunday, 3 PM. Full backline. Come out and blow away the New Year cobwebs.
  9. It's good, believe me.
  10. New Blues Jam.

    Stone circle? I must check that out. I didn't even know one existed over there. Might find my initials carved in one of the stones, who knows?
  11. Radioshop Pickups.

    No, sorry. But here's their website. Some pics and reviews on there. http://www.radioshoppickups.com/
  12. Quick Questions

    I dodged it a few years ago. Simply told them the truth...well most of the truth... " I think it would be problematical for me to be in a jury as I have osteo-arthritis and cannot sit still for very long as it causes pain and discomfort. I fear this may cause distraction amongst the other jury members." Worked a treat.
  13. Last film you watched?

    Last night I watched Dark Tower and was prepared to be disappointed going by the reviews I have read so far. Having read the Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King, it bears not a lot of resemblance to the original story but in my opinion a good stand-alone film. Could be a good starter for a follow up or three I reckon.
  14. Tropical aquarium for sale.

    It's now gone.
  15. Radioshop Pickups.

    Just learned about these guys, Radioshop Pickups in Bedwas, South Wales, from a friend in Wales. Rave reviews about their pickups. Just wondered if anyone here would be interested in them. Hand wound pickups with a killer tone, they say.