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  1. New Blues Jam.

    The Smiddy Jam is on Sunday, at 3pm. Don't tell me you'd rather be Christmas Shopping........... Always entertaining, sometimes exhilarating, usually educational- one way or another. Friendly, cosy, beer sodden......what more could you want?
  2. New Blues Jam.

    It's at the Smiddy bar, in Daviot, near Inverurie. The next one is on Sunday, November 26th and yes, if you come along, you will get a spot.
  3. New Blues Jam.

    Next Smiddy jam is on September the 24th. You may have heard the rumour that Buddy Guy will be making a brief guest appearance. George and I have had a good chuckle about that (I call him George). There are just no secrets in the modern world. Although I don't know whether or not you are coming along, to get a selfie with George......
  4. New Blues Jam.

    Strange and wondrous sighting at the last Smiddy bi-monthly doofer...... AbMus favourite, Country stalwart and unrecognised offspring of Mary Ford and Chet Atkins- Bigsby, was spotted in a spanky rendition of some North Texas blues. The well-known Shadovian (new word) wiggle stick enthusiast would clearly be welcome in any roadhouse between Fort Worth and El Paso, on this showing. Is this the way to Amarillo? Err, no, actually. You needed to throw a right at Abilene and take Highway 83.......
  5. New Blues Jam.

    Nah, it's still every two months....but yes, you should come out. Now what I need is a driver. If could drink the Taylor's, whilst organising the running order, it would be a perfect way to spend an afternoon.
  6. New Blues Jam.

    Oh yeah..... this isn't a New Jam, any more. It's a bi-monthly Participatory Event. Or something......
  7. WTB: MXR Dyna-Comp

    Anyone got one lying around, doing nothing?
  8. New Blues Jam.

    Things I have learned from organising a musical event, volume 4........ 1. Good things are worth waiting for. You can stop looking at your watch, now...... 2. All those buttons, sliders and knobs on a mixing desk have functions, apparently. 3. Many of life's questions can be answered with a loud amp and a wah-wah pedal. 4. When you sing in a different key to the usual ones, strange and unpleasant things can happen.
  9. New Blues Jam.

    The jam is on Sunday. The more of you show up to play, the less the audience have to listen to me. It's called a win-win.......
  10. New Blues Jam.

    The next Smiddy Blues jam will be held on July 30th, at 2pm. Please note that this is an hour earlier than the previous start time. Every performer who shows up will play....and we need the extra hour, to fit you all in.
  11. Are there any good cheap power supplys

    https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_powerplant.htm Tough and cheap! The prices of some of the top end stuff are comical. They also do a smaller version......
  12. New Blues Jam.

    http://www.kffa.com/2015/11/11/king-biscuit-time-show-audio/ The first lunchtime radio show for field workers in the American south, was broadcast on November 21st, 1941. Sonny Boy Williamson 2 and Robert Lockwood Junior were the hosts. Now it's the longest-running daily radio show in US history.......... Yesterday's show started with a Sonny Boy tune- 'Fattening frogs for snakes'- which is a favourite of Ab-Mus correspondent Trikelops. At the last count, he had performed this song in public on 3,481 occasions. It would be nice if the Smiddy Blues Jam became a 76 year fixture in the local music scene. The next edition begins at 3pm on May 28th. Come along and have some fun. You'll be able to tell your grandkids you were in at the start.
  13. Missed the boat?

    28th of May is the next one.
  14. RIP Chuck Berry

    Morally scrupulous Rock and Rollers are available, of course......but how many of us count Pat Boone, as an influence?
  15. New Blues Jam.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goin'_Down_Slow I always thought the Wolf wrote that one.......