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  1. New Blues Jam.

    Banish the frozen, pre-Spring blues......come and listen to/play something from swampy Mississippi, arid Texas or balmy California. Of course, if your tastes run more to Hooker, Muddy or Wolf, frigid Detroit or Chicago grooves will be gratefully accepted. After another day of woolly bonnets and two pairs of socks.....I'd rather be in a bar in New Orleans, listening to Tab Benoit's band- but that's just me. March 25th at 3pm. It'll be warm, by then. Maybe.
  2. New Blues Jam.

    Ringtone spam?
  3. Great to see one of the City's older venues promoting music again.....and Full Fat are excellent, with a refreshing Southern Soul influence -NOT your usual Blues takes........ Starts at 9:30
  4. New Blues Jam.

    I have nothing to tell you about the jam. I just hate that Teenstar shyte, all over the front page........
  5. 2nd hand gear prices

    So you're objecting to paying £250, for a second hand Squier strat? Commies, the bunch of ya!
  6. Nina's last show with The Malpaso Gang

    La Pandilla de Malpaso?
  7. New Blues Jam.

    Great variety of material, yesterday- and a welcome influx of new (and new-old) faces. Thanks to everyone who attended- and especially, to all the performers. Next one coincides with the return of Daylight Saving Time- March 25th. It'll have to be good, to compare with this one.
  8. WTB: MXR Dyna-Comp

  9. Looking for a drummer for gigging blues band

    Enable your message thingy.......
  10. New Blues Jam.

    Next edition of the No-Longer-New Smiddy Jam is on Sunday, January 28th- starting at 3pm. Come early- and check out the Pictish Stone Circle, on the edge of the village. Puts your post-Christmas credit card statement into a wider perspective..........
  11. New Blues Jam.

    Thanks, Frosty. Come back often. And on that subject.......
  12. New Blues Jam.

    The Smiddy Jam is on Sunday, at 3pm. Don't tell me you'd rather be Christmas Shopping........... Always entertaining, sometimes exhilarating, usually educational- one way or another. Friendly, cosy, beer sodden......what more could you want?
  13. New Blues Jam.

    It's at the Smiddy bar, in Daviot, near Inverurie. The next one is on Sunday, November 26th and yes, if you come along, you will get a spot.
  14. New Blues Jam.

    Next Smiddy jam is on September the 24th. You may have heard the rumour that Buddy Guy will be making a brief guest appearance. George and I have had a good chuckle about that (I call him George). There are just no secrets in the modern world. Although I don't know whether or not you are coming along, to get a selfie with George......
  15. New Blues Jam.

    Strange and wondrous sighting at the last Smiddy bi-monthly doofer...... AbMus favourite, Country stalwart and unrecognised offspring of Mary Ford and Chet Atkins- Bigsby, was spotted in a spanky rendition of some North Texas blues. The well-known Shadovian (new word) wiggle stick enthusiast would clearly be welcome in any roadhouse between Fort Worth and El Paso, on this showing. Is this the way to Amarillo? Err, no, actually. You needed to throw a right at Abilene and take Highway 83.......