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  1. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    It's that time, again. Show up at 3pm and join in. Sunday, November 25th.
  2. Flaneur

    Looking for a drummer for gigging blues band

    Come to the jam, on Sunday. There are a bunch of very capable drummers, who play regularly. You may meet a heap of folks that you know....and possibly the solution to your problem will emerge?
  3. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    Next. Sunday. 3pm.
  4. Flaneur

    Looking for a drummer for gigging blues band

    your PM box is still disabled........
  5. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    More Blues you seldom hear, at your mate's house. https://sundayblues.org/ http://jazz901.org/ From western New York State. Whaddya mean? You never heard of Son Thomas? Click on my first link and educate yersel.......
  6. Perth-based staples of the Blues scene, in Dundee/Edinburgh/Glasgow and surrounds, the DRBC make a return to the Noose and Monkey, following their well-received May Day gig. Friday, August the 31st, commencing around 9pm.
  7. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    Next Smiddy Blues Jam is on September 30th. In the meantime, did you realise that the most respected Blues forum was created here in Aberdeen, by the late Billy Allardyce? https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/blindmanfr/index.php Still a mine of information.......
  8. Flaneur

    Otis Green & The Blues Machine

    The Man, The Myth, .............the Monkey!
  9. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    July 29th at 3pm The Smiddy Jam is impending! P.M. me, for directions, or any other details. I still haven't got round to finishing the rule book, dress code guidelines, etiquette short-cuts.........
  10. I think the gist of the original post was a call for collective action. We can see that clubs and bars are stuggling to survive, that the Council has limited funds and that the public taste is changing, with endless distractions available, without leaving your couch. There are a bunch of self-contained scenes- with (seemingly) little cooperation, between them. The Jazz promotions at the Blue Lamp, have been carefully targeted at an older audience (who might not otherwise attend bar gigs) and have been well supported. The Folk Club at the Lampie remains a fixture. Captain Tom Simmonds continues to promote great opportunities like 'Full Metal Haggis' and 'Live at Captain Tom's', despite the costs and frustrations. The Blues-Rock guys have brought bands to Aberdeen, in various venues and with reasonable crowd support. Krakatoa puts on the most diverse bills and should be applauded, for nurturing grass roots artists. The Tunnels and Drummonds run hot and cold- great places to play, or to see a band, when the planets are aligned....... the Lemon Tree has filled the gap between the Music Hall and bar gigs, for a number of years, with again, a huge range of performers. Should we be trying to create an umbrella 'scene', which encompasses the wide range of local talent and welcomes the underpaid visiting acts? Do we have an extra responsibility, as performers and ex-performers? Lots of great musical achievements have been the result of geographically remote communities hothousing their talent, before releasing it, into a wider world. Should we be banding together, to generate a more mutually supportive and educational performance environment, for one another? Do we need the benevolence of a Flash, a Captain Tom- or a friendly Councillor, to make things happen? Are there DIY routes, for a new breed, of young promoter? There are things that we can all do. Start by putting your money into businesses that support local music- the bars, rehearsal spaces, music shops and others. If you like a local band, make the effort to show up at their shows, to buy merch and music from them, directly. If you pirate or buy their stuff online, they make next to nothing out of it- which can be demoralising. Perhaps we can compile a directory of unused or underused venues? Shocking though it may sound, a gig can be really wonderful, even on a wednesday, in a room without beer. You might like to approach your local publican, cafe manager- or someone less obvious? I've played and seen some interesting gigs in retail stores, village halls, school halls, malls and arcades- as well as in big sheds, in the (city centre) street and private gardens. More questions than answers, I'm afraid. Yes, we do need our exisiting music promoters and fosterers- and we owe Tom and Flash (amongst others) a great debt. As the original Dead Kennedy might have said...'ask not what the Aberdeen music community can do for you, ask (yourself) what you can do for the community'.
  11. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    I see Paul Jones has finally passed the baton of his Radio 2 Blues show to someone (much) younger....namely Cerys Matthews, best known for her Radio 6 Music sunday morning work- and previously, her singing, with Catatonia. Monday nights, starting at 8pm. A radical shift....probably a couple of decades later than it might have been. The Smiddy Jam will be next Sunday afternoon. Frosty will be bringing his drum kit. Trikelops will sing something by Howling Wolf and /or Sonny Boy Williamson 2. Guaranteed. The safest bet you'll find, this side of England exiting the World Cup, after the group stage......
  12. Flaneur

    Mayday blues at The Noose.

    Don't think they've ever played in Aberdeen before? Regulars, at Festivals all over Central Scotland........
  13. Tattered remnants of The Malpaso Gang, to the rescue...... maybe? I've p.m.'d you my number.....
  14. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    http://www.radiofreeamerica.com/station/knon Here's a bit of Internet Radio Blues, with a Dallas, Texas flavour. Half a dozen artists you've never heard of, every hour........
  15. Flaneur

    New Blues Jam.

    A busy and tuneful afternoon. A couple of our acoustic regulars were unable to make it- but this was offset by a healthier than usual contingent from the Granite City and points south. Thanks for making the extra effort, Ladies and Gents. We've had some of the North-East's finest bass players in attendance, recently....from the young to the ....errr... road worn. From Towering to Tiny, six strings, down to a humble four. (I will organise a Bass-Off, one of these days.) They're so good, they could share out the lead breaks and riffs, between them. Those who left early missed one of the day's highlights, namely the DRUM SOLO! Superb stuff, from that incognito AbMus stalwart. Keep supporting the Jam and we'll keep putting it on. Next one is on May 27th, starting at 3pm.