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  1. Ross G

    Ryan Adams VCR

    Probably one of the coolest pedals I've ever owned, I just don't ever use it in the band I'm in! Lush 80s chorus, insane reverb that goes from small room to the middle of an arena in the turn of a knob. The volume boost pushes virtually any amp in to grit but I used it for leads because of the DB jump. Insane pedal, gutted to see it go, but it needs to be used not left in a box! £180, no trades
  2. Ross G

    Fender Twin Reverb

    For sale, 65 reissue Twin Reverb. £600 No trades. Sad to see it go, but just don't require 2 amps at the moment and it's sitting doing nothing! DM me if interested and can arrange for you to try it out. Thanks
  3. Ross G

    Flynn Custom JTM45

    Awesome man, I live in Kemnay but am free quite a lot through the week in Aberdeen. Where abouts are you located?
  4. Ross G

    Flynn Custom JTM45

    Custom JTM 45 made by Flynn amps in Glasgow. Cream tolex with a master volume mod on the back. Completely handwired and probably one of the best amps I've ever played. Reluctant sale but I now run 2 amps and fancy another combo. Sorry these are the only pictures I have because I'm at work but if you want more photos just DM me. These retail at £1295 without mods - website here:http://www.flynnamps.com/brit-plexi-45/ Will swap for a fender 65 Twin reverb / deluxe reverb / something tweed/ potentially another AC30 / 15/ Marshall 1974x. Please note only the amp (cream head) is for sale. Thanks http://s1312.photobucket.com/user/ROSSCOE_88/media/28166739_174374730006780_2448280188741279329_n_zpsmzjleyqt.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  5. Ross G

    Post yr current rig / set up

    Guitars: LSL TBone / Gibson Les Paul Junior Single Cut/ Fender strat with a Seymour Duncan JB. Amps: Vox AC30 & Flynn Amps JTM45 (through Marshall 1960 4x12) run at the same time to the point of breakup. Pedals: Boss trem, boss DD7 delay, Boss CH-1 super chorus, Boss TU-3, Fulltone OCD.
  6. Ross G

    Looking For Shows

    Hey my band Cold Years are looking for shows at the moment. Any time anywhere! Hit up jamie@coldyears.com for bookings https://www.facebook.com/coldyearsband/
  7. Ross G

    Local Bands: Contact Details Thread?

    We are looking for shows at the moment! Cold Years https://www.facebook.com/coldyearsband/ email is jamie@coldyears.com for bookings Anywhere any time!
  8. Ross G

    JTM45 (Flynn) & Marshall Cab For Sale

    Also now considering ac30s with alnico Blues
  9. Ross G

    JTM45 (Flynn) & Marshall Cab For Sale

    Vans cost more than amps! haha
  10. Ross G

    JTM45 (Flynn) & Marshall Cab For Sale

    Still for sale!
  11. Hi! Due to an increased amount of touring scheduled for next year, I am going to make the change to a combo (to save space in our van). As a result I will be selling some gear to afford said combo. For sale: Flynn JTM 45. This amp is a custom build from Flynn amps in Glasgow. It's a handwired JTM 45 and is based on the original 60's JTMs. 45 watts, white tolex, 6L6 valves and a master volume mod. Here's a link to the amp on their site http://www.flynnamps.com/brit-plexi-45/#1447006714361-950e1c9b-d59c I really hate to see this amp go, because it's fucking awesome. But needs must. It's a perfect clean platform for pedals, and has a huge amount of clean headroom, but when dimed it absolutely wails. These retail for £1295, but I'm willing to let it go for £800. This amp was revalved and serviced by Dennis Marshall in Dunfermline, as I tend to do that every year (call that over kill if you wish!) Also for grabs is a marhsall 4x12 cab. Sell - £150. Or both are your for £900. Here's a picture of both (Tele obviosuly not included!) Any questions feel free to ask and if you wish to try the amp that's fine, although I will be in Edinburgh for the next couple of weeks as of Saturday. Sorry this is the only photo i have but i can add more if required. P.s. I will swap both for either '59 fender bassman reissue or a Marshall 1974x. thanks!
  12. Ross G

    Cold Years - Deathchasers

    Our new record came out on Fat Hippy on 13/08 and is available on CD / 12" Vinyl / Spotify / ITunes etc now. Contains 5 songs, the physicals have 2x acoustic tracks added. Here's a link to the record on Soundcloud. Thanks for taking the time to listen.
  13. Ross G

    Marshall 1974 x handwired combo

    is this sold?
  14. Ross G

    your gear.

    shitty picture, but here's my LSL T-Bone and Flynn JTM45. As you can tell, both get used frequently.
  15. Ross G

    your gear.