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  1. Post yr current rig / set up

    Guitars: LSL TBone / Gibson Les Paul Junior Single Cut/ Fender strat with a Seymour Duncan JB. Amps: Vox AC30 & Flynn Amps JTM45 (through Marshall 1960 4x12) run at the same time to the point of breakup. Pedals: Boss trem, boss DD7 delay, Boss CH-1 super chorus, Boss TU-3, Fulltone OCD.
  2. Looking For Shows

    Hey my band Cold Years are looking for shows at the moment. Any time anywhere! Hit up jamie@coldyears.com for bookings https://www.facebook.com/coldyearsband/
  3. Local Bands: Contact Details Thread?

    We are looking for shows at the moment! Cold Years https://www.facebook.com/coldyearsband/ email is jamie@coldyears.com for bookings Anywhere any time!
  4. JTM45 (Flynn) & Marshall Cab For Sale

    Also now considering ac30s with alnico Blues
  5. JTM45 (Flynn) & Marshall Cab For Sale

    Vans cost more than amps! haha
  6. JTM45 (Flynn) & Marshall Cab For Sale

    Still for sale!
  7. Hi! Due to an increased amount of touring scheduled for next year, I am going to make the change to a combo (to save space in our van). As a result I will be selling some gear to afford said combo. For sale: Flynn JTM 45. This amp is a custom build from Flynn amps in Glasgow. It's a handwired JTM 45 and is based on the original 60's JTMs. 45 watts, white tolex, 6L6 valves and a master volume mod. Here's a link to the amp on their site http://www.flynnamps.com/brit-plexi-45/#1447006714361-950e1c9b-d59c I really hate to see this amp go, because it's fucking awesome. But needs must. It's a perfect clean platform for pedals, and has a huge amount of clean headroom, but when dimed it absolutely wails. These retail for £1295, but I'm willing to let it go for £800. This amp was revalved and serviced by Dennis Marshall in Dunfermline, as I tend to do that every year (call that over kill if you wish!) Also for grabs is a marhsall 4x12 cab. Sell - £150. Or both are your for £900. Here's a picture of both (Tele obviosuly not included!) Any questions feel free to ask and if you wish to try the amp that's fine, although I will be in Edinburgh for the next couple of weeks as of Saturday. Sorry this is the only photo i have but i can add more if required. P.s. I will swap both for either '59 fender bassman reissue or a Marshall 1974x. thanks!
  8. Cold Years - Deathchasers

    Our new record came out on Fat Hippy on 13/08 and is available on CD / 12" Vinyl / Spotify / ITunes etc now. Contains 5 songs, the physicals have 2x acoustic tracks added. Here's a link to the record on Soundcloud. Thanks for taking the time to listen.
  9. Marshall 1974 x handwired combo

    is this sold?
  10. your gear.

    shitty picture, but here's my LSL T-Bone and Flynn JTM45. As you can tell, both get used frequently.
  11. your gear.

  12. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    The wee ned busker that sings opera in a monotone voice outside Bon-Accord. Also seen him with a pal who is rather emo in attire, and he plays a bass, while the other plays a guitar and they cover NOFX songs. Although the bassist wears gloves, which obviously mutes the strings. Weird. They haven't got a patch on guitar wifie.
  13. Cold Years

    Yeah it was tracked by Robin Wynn Evans at Teapot studio in Perthshire. It's a really basic setup (it's pretty much a cottage with a live room and a really old desk), but he's a traditionalist when it comes to it. We wanted that sort of minimal production and simple process to track this. Yeah loads, we have a bunch of shows 27th Feb - Downstairs 1st March - Sunday Sessions @ Korova 13th March - Moorings
  14. Cold Years

    Yeah, everything was tracked live barr the vocals and organ at the start. (apart from the last song which was just guitar and vocal recorded completely live). Vocals were done in one take per track for the other 5 songs, as we didn't really care about getting it perfect. We had been up drinking all night previously, so didn't have much of a voice left by the time it came to tracking them, so didn't really have much of a choice, other than just belting it and hoping for the best ha. We tried tracking vocals at the same time as the instrument recording on the electric songs, but just couldn't get a clean enough track because of the volume everything else was (everything was cranked). After recording like this I don't think I'll ever record anything else bit by bit ever again, as it was just so much fun to do.
  15. Cold Years

    Thanks man, much appreciated