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  1. I 'll play guitar and do a bit vocals if you want. Cheers.
  2. Cyrus

    FX for sale

    I have the following fx for sale:- Boss GT 6 with gig bag in excellent condition.... £100 Boss CE 5 Chorus.. £40 I also have a Yamaha FX900 effects processor with the midi foot controller which I've had since the early 90's in full working order - open to offers on this thanks for looking.
  3. Cyrus


    As I know who you are speaking about,I definetly agree with gaffa tape to the face.
  4. Hi, let me know what you've got for sale cheers
  5. I'll take it, Pm your contact number. Thanks.
  6. Moby + Mr Lucky, If you get this project up and running, would you be interested in adding another "mature" guitarist - quite happy with lead /rhythm and vocals. I have own gear, transport, teeth but struggling a bit with the hair...... PM me for phone number if you want to discuss
  7. how much for the rest of the stuff?
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