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  1. 15 watchers though. 3 times more than my Schecter C1 Classic or my Ovation Celebrity. 6 days left too!
  2. Thing is I don't really know much tech specs about the guitar. I only bought it because I wanted a tele and its such a nice looking guitar. It is a Mexican telecaster I forgot to add that on!
  3. Selling my Fender telecaster, the same one that Murray from the Xcerts uses! Check it out: Fender Telecaster (Same as The Xcerts) on eBay (end time 08-Aug-10 22:48:02 BST) x
  4. Selling my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Phone is in good working condition (see photos) and it is a brilliant phone. Comes with all the features you'd expect from a high end phone and very similar to the apple Iphone 3gs. Comes with a charger, usb cable, 2 extra styluses and a 16gb memory card. I stay in city centre. Bargain @ 125.
  5. Yeah that's the place! It's massive!!! Rob Roy is here: google maps It's safe! Go with a friend and watch out for nails etc. The place is so strange!
  6. The top two were Blair's Museum. Pretty creepy. The bottom one is Rob Roy's caravan park.
  7. I've just recently bought a DSLR after years of playing around with point and shoots and I'm looking for good places around Aberdeen where I can go and get some nice shots? I was out at Blair's Museum last night and found it amazing! I've lived here all my life and never seen it. It's HUGE! Also went to Rob Roy Caravan park and that was pretty cool too! Anyway, I'm sure there's thousands of places around here but it would be nice to have a few suggestions! Thanks
  8. Simply quote "ADSPAD" to get a further 1 off student price at all shows at the Lemon Tree! Cheers x
  9. o2 broadband is awesome. I used to pay 17.99 for access. But I have just been upgraded to standard and it's only 7 a month. Amazing. Also it's unlimited, which means I can download as much as I want and not have to worry. I asked if they had a fair use policy and they said no. I then asked if I downloaded 100tb per month would they do anything and they also said no. I don't think any other broadband provider can come close. o2 is great value, consistantly fast, very reliable and the customer support is excellent (and free!). I have heard that the laptop deals are pretty rubbish over the longrun. Weight it up by finding how much it would be to buy them apart. You can get some decent second hand laptops on gumtree etc, especially if you aren't going to be using it for anything taxing.
  10. Sorry, think I'm going to get quite a bit more for it on ebay. It's a really nice laptop. Laptop's are great though, you should deff get one!
  11. Most of the CDs and DVDs are not actually mine... honest. They were my old flatmates who was going to put them on some site who would give him 30p for each one. So instead of him having to package them up, I offered to take them off his hands at a reasonable price and put them on ebay. Only the biffy albums, twilight sad, minus the bear, incubus, foo fighters, etc are mine. Wow that was embarrassing... Telecaster is the exact same one as Murray from the Xcerts. Really rare style and very nice guitar. Perfect condition too. Haven't thought of a price yet but will have a look at it tonight, take some photos and put it up.
  12. Also have 2 guitars away to go up tonight. An ovation celebrity and a Fender telecaster.
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