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  1. Think we're sorted but if you want to leave message I'll get back if we have to start looking again
  2. Playing classic Rock tunes 60's onwards. Looking for experienced mature, reliable individual to hit ground running. Helpful if you were alive when the classic albums debuted ......
  3. Hamilton Loomis Band supported by local band Full Fat... Return visit to Aberdeen, not to be missed ! http://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com/events/hamilton-loomis-band-316593 https://www.facebook.com/FunkyBluesAberdeen
  4. Jen, can't message you as your account is for some reason not accepting replies... Can you message me again with email or mobile and I'll contact you?
  5. Mature Guitarist testing the water for others interested in forming a feel good covers band. .
  6. .... I'd be up for rythm/2nd guitar
  7. oneway

    Hamilton Loomis Band

    Cafe Drummond
  8. I'm aware of at least five Keyboard players fighting each other to be a part of this project .....
  9. .... like just about everyone else here I'm looking for a keyboard player(s). Needed to complete last piece of the jigsaw for a 80's Disco / Funk band. .... Interested ?
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