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  1. djb303

    Pedal steel

    Anyone out there play pedal steel. Or know someone who can
  2. Trevor Wilkinson les Paul. Vintage brand take on Peter green. Gary Moore out of phase middle position. Rare. PRS Korean strat. SE EG 13. Can't figure out how to post photos. Abdn FB. Music instruments for sale has photos. Cheers
  3. thanks for the replies ..have found something TOpic closed thanks again ..
  4. anyone selling small to medium sized P.a. 2 to 300 watts ???
  5. Hi. New band of old folks starting out would be an interesting experience. We are analogue. Digital ??
  6. My kid. Long story has three tickets for Glasgow show If interested let me know
  7. any females out there who play bass .. dad rock band ( bad co ,free , ac. dc. neil young etc ..don't wanna patronise .. BUT will help along anyone game for this ..just thought this would be a great twist to have a suzy q type bass player...Do not be shy .. age is no barrier .. neither is experience ,, we are willing to nurture talent ..AND two uf us have been checked by Police Scotland to make sure we are safe with kids.. No Seriously ......Failing that ..any guys out there who are not feeling in touch with their feminine side and want to try jump in dave
  8. not always check before you buy ..some combos don't allow you to bypass the amp ..if you have an amp / tech guy they can do you a bypass pretty cheaply
  9. fancy a swap for a mesa boogie F50 1 x 12 combo serviced and modded by dennis marshall 2 years ago ..gigged once and taken out for a walk every 6 months ..
  10. whats the double neck bass / 6 string or what ?? any pics ..
  11. djb303

    lead player

    looking for a lead guitarist some vocals would help be real good if you can play lots of genres .. we are 49 to 77 year old so age is not a barrier as long as you are old enough to get in to pubs
  12. whats your very bottom price ...P.M
  13. these are amazing amps . but the gear snobs who buy the made in China badge amps are missing out BIG time . i bought a bugerra .great sound but too loud for my small lounge gigs ..ended up giving it to cash convertors for tuppence just to make room in my small flat ...most of the big names make stuff in china nowadays ..and pass it off with their USA credentials .. bugerra are German ....think BMW MERCEDES Beer with no chemicals ( no i'm scottiish ) ...............but good luck anyway..
  14. it was oscar wilde !! but personally " i vary my wit to suit my company " ( youtube monty python ) .. want to trade for the gibby ??? and some dosh ?? suits you sir
  15. alan i will give you a bell fancy an over night in edinbourgh
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