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  1. Any budding Angus out there to complete a tribute band?
  2. Any budding Angus out there to complete a tribute band?
  3. Still has paper top info on it, bought and never really used. True Valve Power version. £120
  4. No, we mean THE Angus Young. :-) ok ok, failing that, anybody wanna hook up with us to complete an AC/DC tribute act? PM if you're interested. Thanks people :-)
  5. Something small but decent quality and as cheap as poss. No Stagg 10W type things etc though please :-) Thanks
  6. Don't suppose anyone has one of these they want to sell? thanks
  7. Looking for a Beat Buddy or mini pedal. Thanks.
  8. Ronz

    Amps and guitars

    Hi Stevie, £170 to shift it, it's like new. Used maybe about 3 hours since new just for a bit of recording.
  9. Ronz

    Amps and guitars

    Marshall AVT275 combo Hughes and Kettner TM5 combo with built in Red Dog DI Gibbon Flying Vee Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird (Korean) Any info just ask, I need the space. :-)
  10. Should have said I got one and this thread can close. Thanks for the other offers guys :-)
  11. Ah, thanks, should have said not a studio or any of the really cheaper models. Thanks anyway though :-)
  12. Just testing the water to what's out there locally rather than get raped on Evilbay. Ronz
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