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  1. Any budding Angus out there to complete a tribute band?
  2. Any budding Angus out there to complete a tribute band?
  3. Still has paper top info on it, bought and never really used. True Valve Power version. £120
  4. No, we mean THE Angus Young. :-) ok ok, failing that, anybody wanna hook up with us to complete an AC/DC tribute act? PM if you're interested. Thanks people :-)
  5. Something small but decent quality and as cheap as poss. No Stagg 10W type things etc though please :-) Thanks
  6. Don't suppose anyone has one of these they want to sell? thanks
  7. Looking for a Beat Buddy or mini pedal. Thanks.
  8. Ronz

    Amps and guitars

    Hi Stevie, £170 to shift it, it's like new. Used maybe about 3 hours since new just for a bit of recording.
  9. Marshall AVT275 combo Hughes and Kettner TM5 combo with built in Red Dog DI Gibbon Flying Vee Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird (Korean) Any info just ask, I need the space. :-)
  10. Should have said I got one and this thread can close. Thanks for the other offers guys :-)
  11. Ah, thanks, should have said not a studio or any of the really cheaper models. Thanks anyway though :-)
  12. Just testing the water to what's out there locally rather than get raped on Evilbay. Ronz
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