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  1. Home, usual Wednesday, your truckin' on then, good luck.
  2. You played in Kinell, delusional or Guitar George......
  3. I am the Bass Player from Kinell, our drummer has almost retired and we are looking at getting a new one, just for the odd gig, as before. Nothing too stressfull, I'll speak to Dave, we reduced to a trio, now a duo needin a sticks man..

  4. Iain, what is the band line up? How many gigs a month do you play? Are you ageist? Where can you be seen? I play Bass and Sing, I have no qualms about playing with phantom musicians as long as the Midi is good quality and not Karaoke!! Who triggers the Midi files?

    Moby 1

  5. I think the packing weighed more than the Cab, it has some punch. Enjoy. Speakon to Jack better option
  6. Used every bit of packing I had, odd shape.
  7. Done and dusted, couriered away yesterday
  8. Paul, I am available as a Bass Player if your interested ! Brian
  9. Sold to the man who recognises quality
  10. Aye, Pay Pal gift will be cool
  11. C'mon guys, this is the ideal starter cab and will work a treat in a two 8 Ohm cab (in parallel). Or on its own for earth shattering lows.
  12. Snaps available on request, I'll courier it for this price within the UK or for Aberdeen a £15.00 reduction on collection (Banchoryshire)
  13. Tech Soundsystems 1 x 15, 300 Watt Bass Cab, 29.5" tall x 15.75" deep x 21.25 Width about 60 lb's in weight. This cab will produce your Low B with impunity, the lowest not it will reproduce is 25Hz (Low B is 30Hz . Grey carpet covering in good condition perfect as the bottom cab in a two cab rig. This is a bargain at £135.00 buyer collect. PM me for further details.
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