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  1. FS: Basses, Amp, Hardware, Misc

    Gone I'm afraid.
  2. Pet Hates!

    That's what I call getting my hoop fingered. xx
  3. Pet Hates!

    Especially after a showing of a fuck-fest like Shrek! xx
  4. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    Jeeeeesus that's grim. xx
  5. Ace-ic....

    I'm in the southside of Poland now so it's a pretty new thing to me but yeah I think it's just north of Glasgow. Though I had assumed there'd be one further south as well? xx
  6. Ace-ic....

    I honestly can't remember the last time I bought anything anywhere other than Amazon. Especially now that same day delivery is an option! Absolutely astounding. xx
  7. your gear.

    That's a pretty impressive level of shit craftsmanship! Xx
  8. Pet Hates!

    Yeah, I always assumed that was teabags in that photo. Wondered who he's stabbing in the mouth, though! xx
  9. I give it 2 months before we find out that Brucie was a diddler. xx
  10. Pet Hates!

    Perhaps the bands should contend in some form of battle to earn a spot? xx
  11. Quick Questions

    East side gallery and the Ramones museum were highlights for me. xx
  12. TV Series!!

    I never watched Green Wing when it was current. Wife made me watch it while she re-watched it a year or two ago and it is fucking spectacular. xx
  13. Ace-ic....

    Holy fuck, it's like watching Basil Fawlty, but sadder. xx
  14. Last film you watched?

    Ooooh, gotta link? xx
  15. FS: 2015 G&L Tribute SB-2 bass guitar

    Ooft. These G&L basses are MONSTERS. If I were in a position to buy, I'd back this in a heartbeat. xx