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  1. Perhaps the bands should contend in some form of battle to earn a spot? xx
  2. East side gallery and the Ramones museum were highlights for me. xx
  3. I never watched Green Wing when it was current. Wife made me watch it while she re-watched it a year or two ago and it is fucking spectacular. xx
  4. Holy fuck, it's like watching Basil Fawlty, but sadder. xx
  5. Ooooh, gotta link? xx
  6. Ooft. These G&L basses are MONSTERS. If I were in a position to buy, I'd back this in a heartbeat. xx
  7. The twitter thread/rant I read on the subject says they DO NOT use electric kettles?! Either pan-boiling water or stove top kettles like fucking cavemen. xx
  8. Americans also don't have egg cups. Fucking madness. xx
  9. DPD are fucking excellent. A perfect 5/7 from me. xx
  10. #threadtags #thread #tags xx
  11. I got this from CeX online for like £30 - figured if I hated it I'd flog it on and if I liked the idea but not this model specifically I'd part exchange against an orbweaver or something. It's definitely worth trying IMO. Saves keyboard space and the GOOD keys are amazingly ergonomic. The keypad on this one specifically is pretty big, so the keys at the edge aren't useful for fast, reactive commands but are ideal for more cosmetic stuff. I thought it'd take ages to get used to but after a few hours I'm loving it already and not feeling any major impingement. xx
  12. In the bin, with no bookmarks. xx
  13. Yeah, I feel a lot better about my buying habits now. Also I just bought one of these and I fucking love it! xx
  14. Guy's* xx
  15. There was an Overwatch pro player who got sacked from his team and banned for a similar (but objectively worse) outburst. The guy basically accepted his lumps but tried to make excuses about how he just wanted to say the nastiest thing he could - "I was extremely upset and I was trying to make the person I was angry with upset as well". Now, in a twisted kinda way, that makes sense. A conscious effort to say something you KNOW will upset and anger someone - you deliberately choose the "worst" word you can think of. But I very much doubt that's what Chevy was trying to pull. (Video below doesn't show the guy screaming the n-word btw, just talks about the incident and shows the context, apology etc.) xx