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  1. I'd recommend the Zoom R16. Cracking piece of hardware for the money. xx
  2. That guitar is stunning but I do totally agree that gold hardware is the worst. xx
  3. Jazz bass gone, Danelectro still here. xx
  4. Bump. Will take £200 for the fender bass. It has a Dr Parts replacement neck which is glorious. it has also had all its stickers removed from the body and headstock (though there are still some on the scratch plate). xx
  5. I use a preamp pedal for those purposes. Hartke VXL is what I have and it's great for setups where I just need to plug and play into other amps/DI into PA etc. xx
  6. xx
  7. Need to sign in to read it - can you copy/paste? xx
  8. When is the thread name getting changed again? xx
  9. Yeah, they started trying that by borrowing all the sound gear from Downstairs after they closed and then refusing to pay for the hire. They're already starting to cut costs here and there after their initial phase of pumping money in to it. xx
  10. Ace-ic. Getting the fuck outta Aberdeen. Accepted a job in Livingston POLAND and moving to the central belt POLAND. xx
  11. Oh my god the comments are amazing! xx
  12. Is it too late to add an "undecided" option to the poll? xx
  13. Has this been posted already? xx
  14. Really like that article. It'll be interesting to see how this thread fills up. There was definitely a tendency last time around for Yes votes to vent their frustrations about the SNP's lack of clarity at No voters, rather than criticizing the campaign for fear of damaging it. I kept trying to remind myself that both "Yes voters" and the "fucking cunts" all want the same thing - the best possible future for Scotland xx
  15. Looks like May is gonna block a referendum. At least block one with any UK backing, which plays right in to Sturgeon's hands by playing up the "fuck you, Jock" mentality of Westminster. May can't stop an advisory referendum and then a unilateral declaration of independence from Scotland - messy, but an option. I was yes before and I'm yes now. All that "vow" pish that fucking evaporated, Brexit, etc. What is MOST frustrating to me right now is this "RESPECT THE REFERENDUM RESULTS" pish. Scotland voted to stay in the EU by 60/40 split. We voted to stay in the UK (with the promise of staying in the EU) with a 55/45 split. A straight-up choice between the UK or the EU is really the only democratic route here. All we'd need is an agreement from the Veto-holding countries to NOT block us from the EU in the event of independence and for the SNP to pick a fucking currency (which is almost definitely gonna be the Euro, which I for one would prefer to the GBP at this point..). xx