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  1. It means good. But I'm still only about half way through, so if it ends up being shite overall then I'll change that answer. The overall theme/concept for it is fantastic though! xx
  2. New series of Archer is on Netflix and it's some fucking bomb-ass shit. xx
  3. Steam Sale. Fuck. xx
  4. Secretly? I think it's fucking awesome! xx
  5. I tried to rewatch Family Guy and just thought it was fucking garbage. I used to absolutely love it, too. F is for Family I didn't rate - I like Bill Burr's standup but nothing in Family season 1 made me laugh so I'm not gonna bother with season 2. xx
  6. Looks like an official coalition with the DUP would be in breach of the Good Friday agreement...? Xx
  7. Tory and DUP alliance. Fuck me that's a horrifying thought. xx
  8. I'd forgive the shops selling that shit to idiots if it weren't for the fact that so many fucking morons that I know harp on about how GREAT it is to spend £20 on a burger. Fucking chumps. xx
  9. It's not for real at all. xx
  10. I'm just excited at the prospect of these boutique burger joints fucking off again. HAVE A CHEESE BURGER WITH LUCKY CHARMS ON IT! Cunts. xx
  11. I got the Powerplant JR and it's been pretty solid in my experience with 5 pedals on board. Hartke VXL, SFX MicroThumpinator, Muff Pi, TU2 and MXR Compressor. xx
  12. Also John Lewis is being replace by Poundland and Debenhams is being replaced by a really fucking big Cash4Gold. xx
  13. I liked Spidey in Civil War - excited to see him in Homecoming! xx
  14. Can't be - Michael Cera hasn't kacked it yet and he is DEFINITELY going this year. THIS IS MY YEAR! xx
  15. Roger Ailes. Gutted I didn't have this piece of shit in my team as the only thing that could make me happier than seeing him die is getting points from it. xx