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  1. Give me a yell if you're interested in taking part ...
  2. The first few dates have been released, and the initial batch of bands have added their names to various line-ups... Let's replace these TBCs with kick-ass Aberdonian bands, shall we? Gimme a yell if you're up for it....
  3. Indeed there was. But as is now traditional, the 'winner' is unrecorded... You had to be there, man... Had to be there...
  4. PART 17: FUDGE AWARD WINNERS in 2017 at Krakatoa. Entertainment was provided by Gypsy Roots, Solquin and headliners The Smokin' Bugler Band. BEST BAND 2017 - UNF - Full Fat were runners-up. BEST LIVE ACT 2017 - THE SMOKIN' BUGLER BAND - Darth Elvis were runners-up. BEST NEWCOMER 2017 - ORYNTHIA - Gypsy Roots were runners-up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEST 'ROCK' ACT 2017 - THE RUCKUS - by a single vote! Dirty Trick were runners-up. BEST 'PUNK' ACT 2017 - DEPECHE CHOAD - Eaten By Crows were runners-up. MOST METAL OF METAL 2017 - DEATH WATCH - GoodHuman were runners-up. BEST 'ALTERNATIVE' ACT 2017 - THE SMOKIN' BUGLER BAND - ROTU were runners-up. BEST OF THE REST 2017 - FULL FAT - Flaxman were runners-up. BEST TRIBUTE BAND 2017 - DARTH ELVIS & THE IMPERIALS - Wish You Were Floyd were runners-up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEST ALBUM 2017 - ROTU: "RISE OF THE TARTAN UNICORN" - Full Fat were runners-up. BEST EP / SINGLE 2017 - DEPECHE CHOAD: "PAIN AFTER SEX" - Sonic Bucker were runners-up. BEST VIDEO 2017 - FOREST FIRES: "BORN SCREAMING" - The Little Kicks were runners-up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT 2017 - ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK - Diamond Head were runners-up. MOST MISSED 2017 - DOWNSTAIRS RIP - Roswell were runners-up. BEST VENUE 2017 - KRAKATOA - Music Vision were runners-up.
  6. FORMER 'WORST BAND' WINNERS: 2001 - Psycho A-Go-Go 2002 - Point Of Origin 2003 - Point Of Origin 2004 - Alyssa's Wish 2005 - My Minds Weapon 2006 - Stayover 2007 - My Minds Weapon 2008 - Johnny Skyscraper 2009 - Ascension 2010 - Ascension 2011 - Ascension 2012 - Ascension and Oath Of Kings (tied) 2013 - Guttergodz and Matanuska (tied) 2014 - Guttergodz 2015 - [name withheld - they weren't happy about it] 2016 - [name withheld - they weren't happy about it] 2017 - ???
  7. FORMER 'BEST BAND' WINNERS: 2001 - Maple 2002 - Nero 2003 - Liber8 2004 - Eric Euan 2005 - Black Atom 2006 - Stayover 2007 - Panda Eyes 2008 - Bloodnut 2009 - Bloodnut and Escape To Victory (tied) 2010 - Bloodnut 2011 - Which Way Now 2012 - Bison 2013 - Bisongrass 2014 - Korpse 2015 - Dear John 2016 - Dear John 2017 - ???
  8. THE FINAL POLL (but not here)... We invite you to join us at Krakatoa this Saturday (11th March), to celebrate... MUSIC! We'll be hosting the 17th instalment of the legendarily shambolic FUDGE MUSIC AWARDS - complete with tinfoil podium, and trophies for the winners. The triumphant victors, should they be in attendance, will be invited onstage to give thanks to their fans, and subjected to a brief 'red-carpet interview' by our co-host for the night, MAGENTA LUST. Three bands will play too, lest we forget in all this carefully planned chaos. The bouncy GYPSY ROOTS. The proggy SOLQUIN. The rip-roaring SMOKIN' BUGLER BAND. We'll even have some burlesque from Magenta Lust... Facebook Event - SO... Check out the final polls for BEST BAND 2017 and WORST BAND 2017 -
  9. We're now taking bookings for this years edition of ERUPTION, our battle-of-the-bands type competition. The first two heats (9th / 10th June) are both booked up already. You just have to all be 18+, and from the local area. So, if you fancy getting a foot in the door at Krakatoa, playing a Friday or Saturday night gig on a four-band line-up, and being potentially just three gigs away from a fine wedge of $$$, then please send me a message. In the 2016-2017 version, local indie rockers FAR overcame fellow finalists Full Fat, The Malpaso Gang, and Sonic Bucker, to win a slot at Enjoy Music Festival this summer, and a cool £2500 cash. It could've been you. Interested? Send me a PM!
  10. You can also vote here: All votes will be combined to find our glorious victor. Facebook Event -
  11. You can also vote here: All votes will be combined to find our glorious victor. Facebook Event -
  12. You can also vote here: All votes will be combined to find our glorious victor. Facebook Event -