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  1. You can stream the whole thing over at Bad Copy: https://thebadcopy.com/news/stream/paper-rifles-premieres-new-album-traitors-hill/
  2. Hi folks, Our second full length album "Traitor's Hill" is coming out via Make That A Take Records and Anti-Manifesto on the 29th of June. Pre-order bundles are here, should you be so inclined: https://paper-rifles.bandcamp.com/album/traitors-hill
  3. I have just moved house and found a whole load of cds, so if anyone still has an ear for my old band, take it along to https://curators.bandcamp.com/album/poison-apples and hear our young selves batter through songs that would go on to make our first record.
  4. It's out today: https://paper-rifles.bandcamp.com/album/the-state-of-it-all
  5. Folks, New Noise are streaming the debut Paper Rifles full length at http://newnoisemagazine.com/stream-paper-rifles-the-state-of-it-all/ - give it a spin if you get a chance!
  6. And a third is streaming over in the old US of A: https://thebadcopy.com/news/stream/paper-rifles-premieres-new-song-bad-blood-off-debut-album/
  7. Another song from our new album is streaming over at Punk News: https://www.punknews.org/article/65764/streams-paper-rifles-ophelia
  8. Thanks man, that's really kind of you!
  9. Morning folks, Our new single is out via Anti-Manifesto with the album to come early next year. Here's the vid: Paper Rifles - "Faith Healer"
  10. https://youtu.be/nbgT1FNFFtQ Holy Moses, this is AWFUL.
  11. jon

    your gear.

    I used one of these in the studio last month and just bought my own. Really impressed. Doesn't fuck with your original tone but gives a really full boost. Well worth the bucks.
  12. Second by five points. FIVE POINTS. It was so nearly an AGUEROOOOOOOOOO finish too...
  13. This is going to the wire...
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