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  1. Thanks man, that's really kind of you!
  2. Morning folks, Our new single is out via Anti-Manifesto with the album to come early next year. Here's the vid: Paper Rifles - "Faith Healer"
  3. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    https://youtu.be/nbgT1FNFFtQ Holy Moses, this is AWFUL.
  4. your gear.

    I used one of these in the studio last month and just bought my own. Really impressed. Doesn't fuck with your original tone but gives a really full boost. Well worth the bucks.
  5. Fantasy Football Thread 2016/17

    Second by five points. FIVE POINTS. It was so nearly an AGUEROOOOOOOOOO finish too...
  6. Fantasy Football Thread 2016/17

    This is going to the wire...
  7. A handful of covers I recorded.

    I'm a big fan of recording covers to re-vitalise the old song writing. I've got a whole load hiding away on Soundcloud:
  8. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    Well, that's just incredible.
  9. Post yr current rig / set up

    Beat up Mexican tele through a Tiny Terror = deep joy.
  10. Here's another video from the night. We may have battered our guitars slightly out of tune by the end, due to a combination of heat and enthusiasm.
  11. Best of 2016

    The Murderburgers' "12 Habits of Highly Defective People" is a marvellous record. Really, really good.
  12. A really limited run of "Pennies For The Dead" t-shirts are now available - https://paper-rifles.bandcamp.com/merch/pennies-for-the-dead-t-shirt-free-download I reckon they're just what your family wants for Christmas...
  13. Here's a video from the night: Paper Rifles & Billy Liar - Four Hours (live)