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  2. it's good, actually.
  3. I can't believe they've ditched the uneven crop. It's taken away any sense of character from the design. Disgusting.
  4. Mutoid Man have riffs:
  5. Football etc have a new album called Corner that's out today. It's really good if you like mathy emo songs. A song from the new Municipal Waste album that's out next month.
  6. New Gnarwolves album is good punx
  7. Total shithead, I'm told.
  8. The new Part Chimp album is amazing and you should listen to it if you like being trampled under a herd of stampeding riffs with what I think is a perfect guitar tone.
  9. I'm allowed to talk about all your jobs.
  10. That, about The Flatliners album, explains a lot. I'll let them off this time. Employed To Serve are mint. There are couple of moments on their first album where they go Full Converge and it's incredible so I'm excited to see where they go next. Mutoid Man have new riffs:
  11. I'm listening to this now. I didn't like the last one much, it was too long (23 tracks?!?!?!?!?!) and not punx enough. This one's a more sensible length so maybe I won't get too bored by its lack of punx. On the other hand, I might just go back and listen to Dead Language and Cavalcades a whole lot instead. The new Employed To Serve song is a right laugh: The album's out next month. I think it'll be good.
  12. It's not a publicly traded company so there's no mechanism in place for routine buying/selling of the shares. The crowdfunding for equity thing was just a small scale version of what they've done with the VC folk in America where a portion of the company is bought based on a particular valuation. In the early case it was a portion being bought up by a thousand people (not an accurate number) rather than one person/company but it's the same principle.
  13. They said on saturday that people who have invested through the crowdfunding scheme will be able to sell 15% of their equity based on the valuation given during their partial sellout to corporate america. If you got in during the first or second phase your shares are worth 26 times more than they were when you bought them. I got in during phase 3 so mine are worth 6 times what I paid for them so I'll still be able to get out what I put in plus a little bit extra, which is about as good as I thought it'd ever get.
  14. Yes.
  15. NOT THRASH: I like the new Tricot song even if I don't know what they're singing about. I hope it's nothing untoward.