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  1. What are you currently listening to?

    Fantastic. I've been listening to loads of Cave In/Old Man Gloom/Zozobra after Caleb Schofield died a few weeks ago. He was great at what he did - if I could shout like anyone, it'd be him.
  2. What are you currently listening to?

    Did you catch Venom Prison? They're a right laugh
  3. Ab-mus memories

    Tool still haven't released an album since that thread started. That The End album sounds like something I'd like so some good has come from this.
  4. Ab-mus memories

    the forum organised 5*-a-side football games of the summer of 2010 *2 to 7 a-side
  5. What are you currently listening to?

    Hardcore from 2004.
  6. What are you currently listening to?

    Conjurer are a rowdy bunch and I like them.
  7. What are you currently listening to?

    I'm in the same boat as you. I know the bare bones of it but that's all. On the 'I can't decide if it's hideous or totally great' theme, this is a thing that exists:
  8. What are you currently listening to?

    The Astronoid album is totally great. So are the Gost and Perturbator ones. Perturbator's latest, New Model, is even better. Good lad. I've been enjoying the album Abandoned by sludge/crust-punk band Pillars a lot lately, it's a bit rough around the edges in places but I'm into it: https://pillrs.bandcamp.com
  9. Music! 2018!

    Jeff Rosenstock snuck out a new album on New Years Day and it's great so listen to it.
  10. Albums/Music 2017

    1. I'm not having that. Glassjaw were always better than those bands. 2. You're right about the new album. It's very good, I love the bass on it in particular.
  11. Ace-ic....

    I was also there in 2002, that was my first full weekender though I'd been in 2001 for the Saturday to see Green Day. Only Green Day. Any other decent bands on show that day were a happy accident. I saw everyone except nofx and Prodigy on the Friday main stage. I think I missed nofx to see Hell Is For Heroes and popped over to see Alpinestars and The Music while Prodigy were on/while Guns 'n' Roses were hanging around not going on. Saturday's line-up was very much Not For Me. I spent a lot of time milling around the comedy tent that day. I remember it pissing down while The Soundtrack Of Our Lives were on so I went for shelter to watch This Girl, who were better than the bigger band. Obviously saw Weezer, I'm not an idiot. Full Beard Rivers was good. I definitely saw Fenix TX and The Electric Soft Parade too, I was young enough at the time to be impressed with the members of the latter band changing instruments between songs. The Polyphonic Spree barely fit on the Carling Tent's stage and played that one song I knew so that was fine. Sunday I was camped out at the main stage from Andrew WK onwards. It was "good". Then were those riots in the campsite with people burning up the toilet blocks and blowing up a generator so my pals and I retreated to the safety of the nearby Sainsbury's car park and waited for our ride home. Cool Story Ends.
  12. Albums/Music 2017

    There's a new HI-STANDARD album. RIYL: punk rock bands from the 90s, such as HI-STANDARD.
  13. Albums/Music 2017

    I'm just dipping my toes in the water with that kind of thing but I like Gost too so listen to that if you haven't already. There's a new Puppy song. Puppy rule.
  14. Albums/Music 2017

    yeeeeaaah, that Expander album is wild. Perturbator doesn't sound anything like that but it's just out today and I think it's neat:
  15. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    I always feel like Every Time I Die are a band I should be well into and I can't put my finger on what it is that's stopping them from clicking with me. First ever gig was Fenix TX at Northumbria Uni in '02.