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  1. Woodsinho

    What are you currently listening to?

    Yeah, they're a blast. Their new album is only 2 weeks away, which is nice. While I'm here, have you heard the Vein album that came out recently? It's only slightly less gnarly than those other bands.
  2. Woodsinho

    What are you currently listening to?

    This is good if you like the kind of aggro noises Car Bomb and Frontierer (who share at least one member with Sectioned) make. https://sectioned.bandcamp.com/album/annihilated
  3. Woodsinho

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    If they were really harking back they'd have delayed the broadcast of the second half to show the full dang game.
  4. Woodsinho

    What are you currently listening to?

    This morning I decided to listen to a noise rock band called Batpiss because they're called Batpiss and they have an album called Rest In Piss and this kind of juvenalia is appealing to me for some reason. I continued listening because they're 'not bad'
  5. Woodsinho

    Others call my musical taste boring, is this true?

    I often use the public transportation system also. We have much in common!
  6. The Bristol v Aberdeen thing probably goes back to what ca_gere was saying about demographics. Bristol, from what I can tell, has morphed in to a trendy artsy place to live if London is too expensive for you and that lends itself to having various thriving music scenes. Who has the money to be in a band these days? Jobs are mostly shit, gear is expensive and no one plays drums anyway so even if you had the money you're better off making music at home on your laptop instead, right?
  7. Woodsinho

    Punk Recommendations - Name some Bands/Albums

    Soda Jerk is right - Mush is best and those things are good but here are some more things anyway. War On Women are angry at us all and with good reason too. Gnarwolves say they're a gruff skate punk band and who am I to argue with that?
  8. I saw colonopenbracket at Download festival in 2006. They were in the same 3rd stage slot on the Saturday that Enter Shikari had on the Friday so there ya go.
  9. Woodsinho

    Ab-mus memories

    Fucking Guy, no offence. I think he is a decent fella but he just couldn't get it into his head that some people were trying their best and were legitimately in good through no fault of their own. When Nef C went for him it was glorious and fully deserved. I did end up playing a lot of games with him over the years as I was inducted into murrrrr's football playing group which he was part of after our games here petered out. There was a one off 11-a-side game a couple of years back that I played in too. It was surprisingly good but there was no Cattermoling from our Guy, he never pulled that shit on anyone he considered to be competent. Now the donuts in the carpark prick, he was a whole other level of shithead. I've honestly never been so close to starting a fight with anyone in my adult life as I was when he tried to break my leg. He'd have beaten me up, no doubt, but I was ready to try if Christy hadn't talked me down.
  10. Woodsinho

    What are you currently listening to?

    Fantastic. I've been listening to loads of Cave In/Old Man Gloom/Zozobra after Caleb Schofield died a few weeks ago. He was great at what he did - if I could shout like anyone, it'd be him.
  11. Woodsinho

    What are you currently listening to?

    Did you catch Venom Prison? They're a right laugh
  12. Woodsinho

    Ab-mus memories

    Tool still haven't released an album since that thread started. That The End album sounds like something I'd like so some good has come from this.
  13. Woodsinho

    Ab-mus memories

    the forum organised 5*-a-side football games of the summer of 2010 *2 to 7 a-side
  14. Woodsinho

    What are you currently listening to?

    Hardcore from 2004.
  15. Woodsinho

    What are you currently listening to?

    Conjurer are a rowdy bunch and I like them.