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  1. Albums/Music 2017

    First song from it isn't anything special
  2. Albums/Music 2017

    Yeah, it's good. They seem to hate coming over here which makes my decision to go to Newcastle to catch them with Big Business in 2012 seem even wiser than it did at the time. Have you heard the OHHMS record from earlier in the year? It's good too, from the doomier side of sludge.
  3. Albums/Music 2017

    new Unsane song with an album coming out at the end of september
  4. Fantasy Football Thread 2016/17

    Yup, league is up. Code: 499007-205558
  5. Albums/Music 2017

    Posted in the wrong thread. Ummmm. New Rozwell Kid album is decent.
  6. Albums/Music 2017

  7. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    it's good, actually.
  8. 2017/18 Football Season Thread

    I can't believe they've ditched the uneven crop. It's taken away any sense of character from the design. Disgusting.
  9. Albums/Music 2017

    Mutoid Man have riffs:
  10. Albums/Music 2017

    Football etc have a new album called Corner that's out today. It's really good if you like mathy emo songs. A song from the new Municipal Waste album that's out next month.
  11. Albums/Music 2017

    New Gnarwolves album is good punx
  12. Aberdeen Comings and Goings

    Total shithead, I'm told.
  13. Albums/Music 2017

    The new Part Chimp album is amazing and you should listen to it if you like being trampled under a herd of stampeding riffs with what I think is a perfect guitar tone.
  14. Aberdeen Comings and Goings

    I'm allowed to talk about all your jobs.
  15. Albums/Music 2017

    That, about The Flatliners album, explains a lot. I'll let them off this time. Employed To Serve are mint. There are couple of moments on their first album where they go Full Converge and it's incredible so I'm excited to see where they go next. Mutoid Man have new riffs: