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  1. Yeh what size is it and any chance of a picture?colour etc? I could be interested
  2. sounds rad to me keep me updated on other memebers
  3. id be up for vocals.any influences or certain sound you want to be going for?
  4. thank you sir ill defs look into it probs gonna have to get a hour a week i would think
  5. thank you very much folks for the info! great help anyone know how much these lessons will cost me?
  6. does anyone know of anyone who is skilled in the 4string banjo? surely around the aberdeen area there is alot of folk or country bands with banjo players i wanna learn bluegrass and the blues i had a 5string banjo before and sold it on here but im wantin to get back into it and take it seriously
  7. its dans brother who in proceed not his cousin come down on the fri for some uncalm banter you know me n tbags jumpin about like idiots is always fun and i will be doin my debut with dundee's to catch a predator and it be great to have a warm welcome for my first home show with them
  8. the guy shoutin shite banter the other night is it just me or did he look like the guitarist from mastodon abit hahaha i had so much fun at this gig and love playin a good mid week bill like that sorry if my stage banter was poor
  9. we had to pull crammond cause im working a stock take n got no way out of it but sunday night we are free haha
  10. awesome this looks well good i second tbags on that even tho ill be comin off a weekend of stock taking still be good to show off all the new uncalm stuff to a crowd that would def love it im sure but either way ill be at this show
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