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  1. Ray


    Hey, hoping someone here might know how I could get in touch with the Dundee band Hamper. Not sure if they're still on the go.. sent them a message through Youtube but their channel is pretty inactive. Thanks.
  2. I used to use Cubase (always been heavily reliant on vst instruments and effects) but not since discovering Reaper.. its (much) cheap(er), has solid vst support, is constantly updated and is easy to use. So pretty much echo-ing whats already been said. vive la reapolution! nah..that doesn't work
  3. Thanks for posting this, WWWwwwwooooooowww!
  4. nothing to add other than i like that ... If I walked into a bar and that was playing... i would stay
  5. woops Steam Community :: Group :: Aberdeen
  6. Apologies for the necromancy.. <plug> I setup an Aberdeen Steam group about a year ago.. for people from the area to to meet up and arrange games, I dunno how successful its been in that regard but its public - join if you like </plug>
  7. i use it to stream to the ps3, very good software
  8. Krull (for the first time since betamax) - shaky plot, shaky acting, shaky effects in places..but a fantastic score and (for all its flaws) still a brilliant movie
  9. the first half of that video (to the uninitiated of wrestling such as myself) looks like billy is playing emcee-red riding hood to a stalking lumberjack murderer/rapist/paedo no?
  10. Ray


    I used to take no notice of the Radio ... "wheres the pictures???" Radio Scotland's daytime stuff is pretty good - bit light on music right enough. DAB? Planet Rock .. yup For web radio it has to be Digitally Imported | We <3 Electronica or StreamingSoundtracks.com for me!
  11. I'd really like a copy of it, cos it was a great song and I can't find it anywhere but Youtube. I think it's called Lift Me Up or Hold Me Up, it seems to go by both names. YouTube - LIVE - "Hold Me Up" (from Zack and Miri Make a Porno) thanks for that awesome film
  12. annie mos have an additional (bigger) shop on union street too.. its near the castlegate end in that building that burned down a few years back. on the cheaper and less interesting side, theres always the british heart foundation shop on union street for "bargains"!
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