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  1. Enjoying the new stuff, looking forward to getting hold of the vinyl!
  2. I did notice this but haven't been in yet. I'm in town for lunch so may venture in past for a visit....
  3. Haha, of course min. I'm happy to see all these new places opening up. We need a crab shack restuarant next.
  4. We booked Mustang for our recent wedding dance and they were top notch.
  5. Stop moaning you fanny, anything is better than yet another Belhaven pub.
  6. I enjoy whisky but If I drink too much I feel mega spaced out the next day and generally awful. I don't get that with beer. Last Saturday was a good example, ugh.
  7. Too much guffy fitba chat in here. Looking forward to the Dons match tonight, hopefully it'll be a good atmosphere! Score first and its game on, otherwise tatties. Can't see us winning this but would be good to see a goal and have a go at them.
  8. The Dons are snapping up the players... Scott Brown and Ash Taylor. http://www.afc.co.uk/articles/20140528/dons-make-double-swoop_2212158_3863994
  9. Give Musa a phone, they'll sort you out and have HEAPS of whisky. I've been to a few tastings there and they can do you some matching grub too.
  10. Having just returned from my wedding / honeymoon in Poland (the USA) I would suggest doing it all abroad. We booked Vegas for our wedding and it was miles cheaper than doing it over here (cost not being our major concern mind you). We had an evening rooftop wedding overlooking the Vegas strip with 35 folks there and the hotel organised the majority of the evening including all the food / free bar / ceremony / music / flowers. It took a lot of pressure off us (despite still having loads of stuff to organise). We have an Aberdeen reception later this month for all those that couldn't make the trip overseas. I echo the sentiment about no stagger the night before. Luckily I had my stag do in Aberdeen a few weeks before we went. We had a vegas stag arranged too. Sadly I was up until 5am the night before it and Vegas broke me in style so I missed the stag. A blessing in disguise in the end as one of the LADZ ended up dropping about $2000 in some strippers before losing his phone and trying to asphyxy wank himself with his belt whilst getting a 'dance'. I also had to arrange my own stag here as my brother lives in Australia and the other friend tasked with this was absolutely useless. Organising the stag was probably the most stressful element for me. You don't realise how useless people are. The bonus of doing it all abroad is that we then went straight on honeymoon and made a cracking holiday of the whole event. The downside is I'm back to work this morning and feel like the world has ended.
  11. Pet Hate: Holiday blues... Big style. Ugh. I simply do not want to be back in work today.....
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