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  1. MC Nice Andrew

    Terrafraid - Despondant

    We're playing Aberdeen with Algiers, Lenin Death Mask and Lord Leper on Friday in Cellar 35. This is Algiers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YB3Yh8hgxD4 This is us. Come chcheck it.
  2. MC Nice Andrew

    Terrafraid - Despondant

    Wee end of May tour with Algiers coming to Aberdeen. It'll be funno)))
  3. MC Nice Andrew

    Terrafraid - Despondant

    Not strictly Aberdeen Music news (we have a few shows in't 'deen soon - dates to follow), thought this may go down well amongst the indie/pop music lovers of Ye Olde Granite city. Long time coming, the album is finally finished. Physical release coming this summer following a Scandinavian jaunt. 'Featuring members of From The Tracks & Bonehouse, blending influence from 80's dream pop acts and 90's indie/emo. With ambient uplifting melodies and harmonies over jingle pop guitar sounds, delivering a melodic punk/pop element. Supported bands such as Cats and Cats and Cats, Frightened Rabbit, Brontide, We Were Promised Jetpacks & Arliss Nancy.' listen here http://terrafraid.bandcamp.com/ likey here https://www.facebook.com/Terrafraid fanx x
  4. MC Nice Andrew

    Dundee Blues weekend.

  5. MC Nice Andrew

    Grader - Swiss From Our New Release.

    Fuckin Rad. I never paid attention before for what ever reason, but this is great.
  6. MC Nice Andrew


    Soz lol
  7. MC Nice Andrew


    Thanks man, I had them in the studio over the weekend so there will be more in the next few weeks. Should have maybe made clear this thread was intended for recordings/productions you'd engineered/produced.
  8. MC Nice Andrew

    The Simpsons: Tapped Out (iOS)

  9. MC Nice Andrew

    Devin Townsend Playing Aberdeen.

    Whats the Garage like for gigs?
  10. MC Nice Andrew


  11. MC Nice Andrew


    For reals?
  12. MC Nice Andrew


    Also this soundcloud.com/shupostekud/menalan-reverb
  13. MC Nice Andrew


    Just a thread for posting your work for the critique of the ab music populous. Here's my most recent. Feedback plz. soundcloud.com/shupostekud/scenic-soundtrack-nothing soundcloud.com/shupostekud/introversion-1st-master soundcloud.com/shupostekud/iain-jarvie-the-futures-bright
  14. MC Nice Andrew

    Youtube humour thread

  15. MC Nice Andrew

    Last film you watched?

    The Adventures of Tin Tin. It was pretty goddam fantastic.