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  1. I was going to also ask why people are 'so much busier these days'. As for One Up, yes, I'm buying more vinyl now than I have done for years. To get a nice record and mp3 downloads from the card inside is a great thing. CDs though - nope...can't stand them any more.
  2. My favourite album of the year is Cian Ciaran's Outside In - just can't stop listening to it, and that's what being a best album is all about.
  3. Underground Bacon is a sizzling new night featuring some of the best of Scotland's bedroom producers past and present. The bill on the opening night (Sunday, 23rd September) features the video mash-up wizardry of Thriftshop XL (MTV (Europe), The Box, Smash Hits TV, Kerrang! TV, QTV, FHM TV, BBC and STV and resident of La Roche Rumba in Glasgow), Dunproofin' (DJ Hero producer), pomDeter (Aberdeen's top mash-up DJ) and Faither of E-Jitz (the bloke who stuck Jimmy Shand with 50 Cent). 10pm til Late at the Tunnels. Entry: £5 / £3. Freshers get in free and there's a free CD giveaway for the first 100 through the door. http://www.thriftshopxl.co.uk/ http://dunproofin.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/undergroundbacon
  4. That's what it's all about - the care and attention. Long may this continue, and thanks!
  5. Hi Stichman, check your inbox - sorry I didn't reply til yesterday.
  6. Picked up a ticket yesterday - and very nice it looks too. A nice change from the standard cardboard prints.
  7. Thanks everyone! I've updated the list with what's been grabbed so far taken out.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm selling my CD collection to fund a spoken word record release. My full list is below and it's pretty much £2 each or 6 for a tenner, but I'm willing to listen to offers as I know CDs are barely worth a jot these days. I can post out if need be, but it'd be better if you could come round and pick them up in person. Drop me a line if you fancy any of them. Cheers, Richie. Full list: http://www.whiffytidings.com/CDsForSale.txt
  9. Aye, Edgar Prais were really good I thought. Were Coast (mid-90s around Britpop time) not from up here? I thought they'd go somewhere.
  10. I bought a ticket to Daniel Sloss (upcoming comedian / wee Scottish chap) at the Lemon Tree next Saturday (26th) but I can't go to it now. It was about 13 including booking fee and the whole gig is sold out now so if anyone wants it for a tenner then let me know: richie@culturedeluxe.com Cheers, Richie.
  11. Dutch Uncles who were to be the main support are not playing as their van has broken down apparently! Anyone know what time Sky Larkin will be going on? Don't say in five minutes!
  12. Nice one - they were great last time they were up here.
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