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  1. Iron Sky which was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Really quite fun, actually.
  2. https://register.perfectworld.com/blad2 Blacklight: Retribution. New freetoplay/micropayment FPS game. get it from steam. Hard to get a low-ping server right now, I'm getting my arse handed to me, but it's pretty tight.
  3. Le Stu


    yeah same here, I got it just about running on a Q6600 with a Radeon 6870 but it's so sluggish it's unreal. So funny watching noobs running around with 20 zombies chasing them.
  4. Le Stu


    I should really have posted some info on the game. http://dayzmod.com/ it's awesome but very, very alpha and it runs on ARMA2 CO which has serious requirements.
  5. The U.S. Air Force – Run to Cadence With the U.S. Air Force You won't be able to get C-130 Rolling Down The Strip out of your head.
  6. yeah I like it, building up drums and bassline pattrerns is so easy with redrum and matrix. step programming in a MIDI editor is not much fun. I think the plug ins make sense when you have a lot of gate/CV options. the ABL2 has a CV input for every parameter. that's what reasons all about. apart from sunths and pattern programming/processing I doubt I'd bother since I have Reaper and all its plugins.
  7. Le Stu

    TV Series!!

    New aussie comedy thing: Danger 5 very real-life adult-swim type business.
  8. Amazing old school dungeon crawler RPG, very much Dungeon Master influenced if any of you are salty dogs and remember the old Atari ST game.
  9. According to their availability checker, this is coming this month to my postcode/number. Is anyone going to early adopt? I'm tempted but I worry that the performance is going to be disappointing.
  10. http://www.geekinheels.com/2012/02/28/cool-tool-tuesdays-harmys-star-wars-despecialized-editions.html Won't post up the torrent for obvious reasons. google cache doesn't think much of court orders though lol.
  11. nw. the Korg Polysix is out now also. two new synths in reason, and they're both pretty ace.
  12. Le Stu


    poor writing/mad eyecandy. had lots of drinks before so didn't care lol.
  13. they've opened up reason to 3rd party developers. lots of new rack extensions, it's pretty awesome. I downloaded the ABL2 303 emulator demo, it sounds dank. plug that into matrix and you're basically back in 2002 but sounding a lot better. time for another gander my lovelies.
  14. Even the latest CoD still doesn't support the xbox controller, which is a shame as dedicated servers piss on ranked p2p. Of course, if you ever query this glaring omission the response is invariably 'console n00bs would get pwned anyway lol' I think that's what I like about the Xbox and consoles in general, they're completely standardised.
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