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  1. Second hand espresso machines. I had a krups machine only cost £25 s/h that lasted about a year, replaced the seal and got another 4 months, now I have a dualit espresso machine circa £250 new, got for £40 s/h unwanted wedding gift can't be done with anything else
  2. fatboy

    Pet Hates!

    I am also suffering from acute back pain, it tensed up a few month ago and was in the same situation as you Ryan, now and again I get a twinge from the same area,
  3. Nine Lives Home Alone Close Encounters of The Third Kind The Magnificent Seven
  4. fatboy

    Pet Hates!

    dick I spent the money you bought it off me for grass
  5. fatboy

    Pet Hates!

    please dont tell me that was the white squier strat
  6. Evans Cycles now open on great northern road, next to pizza hut and the majestic wine warehouse https://www.evanscycles.com/
  7. are you just using it for recording samples? i've used an rc-2 for this, one thing to note f, if you use the overdrive on your amp and you wish to play a sample like a voice clip, it will all distort (this may be intentional) I'm sure your orange will have an effects loop so put the the output of the rc-3 into the the return of the fxloop, this way the samples will play clean allowing you to keep riffing.
  8. also help you retain your original broch twang
  9. fatboy

    Pet Hates!

    the term cockwomble
  10. nah, I would keep it one dry and one wet, perhaps try swapping which amp handles each.
  11. fatboy

    Pet Hates!

    spooney get me your reg., am on it
  12. local tramp thread was always a favorite of mine still see braveheart guy from time to time, who else. sure the boy with crutches/gilcomstoun church is gone. who else? who are the new breed? apart from guitar wifey
  13. fatboy

    Pet Hates!

    when taking card payments over the phone and the customer does not stick to the standard "group of 4 digits" when reading out the long card number.
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